HARD TALK! Putin On Opposition MPs Driving BMWs: Do You Think That US Senators Ride A Goat To Work?

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The 20 Questions with Vladimir Putin project is an interview with the President of Russia on the most topical subjects of social and political life in Russia and the world. The first part of the interview is about the tasks of the new Russian government. Putin talks in an interview with TASS.
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Credit to Kremlin kremlin.ru/
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Mar 18, 2020




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Comments 80
Jsroslav Hus
Jsroslav Hus 3 days ago
Seems that Putin had hard time discussing with that poisonous judobolshevik provocator. Yes! Russia will be THEN and only THEN when bloody Red judobolshevik star gets removed from each and every Russian building or post as that monster Bolshevik red star just simbolises the most atrocious holocaust over any nation and it is holocaust over enslaved Russians performed from 1917 till 1978 by monster Judobolsheviks on by votka debilitated Russian masses.
Courtney Wong
Courtney Wong 11 days ago
Hate that when people keep interrupting Putin!!!!! Love that Putin never avoids the questions asked or takes people to nowhere like so many politicians do, rather always putting people in their place and still addressing their questions with facts and specific contents!!!! I have so much respect and admiration for President Putin!!!! Such a gemstone not found anywhere else!! Long live Putin; God bless Russia!!! Love from Hong Kong!!!!!
BRIAN MUHORO 16 days ago
spoken like a true leader
Joe Salta
Joe Salta Month ago
O as my favorite band Metallica master of puppets
Joe Salta
Joe Salta Month ago
Last note people might hate pres Trump whatever not dictator like this dude making rules. Example Kim Joung un ass don't obey 20 years slave labor. Wake up people doing good USA ultimate freedom
Joe Salta
Joe Salta Month ago
Last note bow down God Putin and govt really not free..babaha
Joe Salta
Joe Salta Month ago
Living in USA allways scared of country 50 years ago never go. Cold dead place with brainwashed people like North Korea...babahaha
Joe Salta
Joe Salta Month ago
As oil drops and communist. Better be like China make cheap toys survive..lol
Paulline Cooper
Paulline Cooper Month ago
You're simply the Best, Intelligent, Compassionate, Ethically Structured PRESIDENT King Leadership. Long live Motherland Russia and it's Provencal habitation. I love President Putin.
Pack WowAN
Pack WowAN Month ago
Russia is now totally different from its Soviet Union ancestor. I have much respect for Putin and Russia, both give very good example for the rest of the world. Greeting from Indonesia.
James Hughes
James Hughes Month ago
Lana Tormaš
Lana Tormaš Month ago
Great statesman! ❤️
Kaela Creighton
Kaela Creighton 2 months ago
As far as the officials go, you have to pay them to prevent them from being traitors to other interests.
Kaela Creighton
Kaela Creighton 2 months ago
I get into a government vehicle once a week, and I get looks. Please don't kill me. You're brave to ride in a BMW, Putin, not a nuclear bomb safe tank. This guy is going after the golden toilet argument. All toilets eat shit.
Kaela Creighton
Kaela Creighton 2 months ago
The biggest problem Putin has is that he reacts too easily about things. It's like with "Pussy Riot," he gave them power. Look at me. I'm not seen really. They don't give me power. If I did become seen, I would cause a lot of problems. If you don't know me, and you obviously don't, you don't know I enjoy civilization and soda. It was my way of surviving and protesting.
Kaela Creighton
Kaela Creighton 2 months ago
They destroy our protests unless it's something allowed. They aren't in the news. It's all emotion. Our news helped make me paranoid and crazy. The world is ending! Ratings and cash. It's like, these are normal events in the world. I'm not quite as strict as Putin, and I think he controls too much at times (not that I understand his culture) but I enjoy how he has a reasoning process with things. I'm still annoyed with him. You did it, too, buddy, and they just laughed at you.
sonja k
sonja k 2 months ago
Putin did not answer the question why MPs are driving BMWs to work. They should be driving Russian made cars. But the Russian industry was destroyed by the democrats.
Donald's America is a police State
Btw the only opposition Putin will allow in his country is the one who which he controls in secret. Keep that in mind.
Donald's America is a police State
So many fake user comments on this channel. President Putin is so great, he sends his trolls to praise him on his own personnal youtube channel. 😂😂 So sad!
Davide Deblasio
Davide Deblasio 2 months ago
Kron Staro
Kron Staro 2 months ago
SOrry ass propaganda aimed at foreigners who have no idea of the real life in Russia. Putin wants great Russia, yet for the past 20 years of his rule, only him and those who listen to his every word have become great, meanwhile the rest of the population lives in dirt-poor conditions. Putin controls all elections, all courts and all the municipal governments through his subordinates, who get paid insane salaries plus get paid under the table with even bigger pieces of a pie. Rest of the population pays for this kleptocracy, Meanwhile cluess, foreigners, who are somehow unsatisfied with the US and their world order, prey to this scum bag in order to satisfy their opposition to America. America may not be great in many things, and dictates its policies because it has the power to do so, but Puten only cares about himself and how he and Russia, that is personified in his image, looks like. He gives no fucks about ordinary Russians.
Epafrodito Nollora
Epafrodito Nollora 2 months ago
Viva Rusia God had given you brelliant and humble President. LIKE Our President Duterte we love him because he has save us from offing perdition of illegal drugs due to collaborative acts of the Aquino administration. Like President Putin he is God given as prayer supplication's reply by the Almighty God.
Epafrodito Nollora
Epafrodito Nollora 2 months ago
I hope Rusia and the Philippines could arrive a conclusive military alliance so, the Philippines could back out as members of the United Nations, whose interest and purpose could serve the Oligachies and United States interest.
Truckngirl 2 months ago
Love you Vova...
Edgar Brun
Edgar Brun 2 months ago
Convictions, not rubbish babbles.
John Wayne
John Wayne 2 months ago
i hate interviewers who do not let people speak.
P Surge
P Surge 2 months ago
It is all about Putin , he makes all the money , he is a dictator , if you speak against him , you vanish
Алексей Стрельцов
who has already disappeared? probably someone in London or Kiev? who ceased to be interesting to the west .. right?) you know nothing about Russia, stupid propagandists)
Charchit Kumawat
Charchit Kumawat 2 months ago
Putin is my role model since childhood he inspired me to join my country's defense
Vanessa Fausta
Vanessa Fausta 2 months ago
My love
Anthony Lopez
Anthony Lopez 2 months ago
Their you have it in his own words “ I want a great Russia” lol... We know how far he will go, remember he took people’s faith their bibles their place of worship, and properties a bully taking from the peaceful people, is that a great man or a tyrant? How’s them oil prices thief? Lol....
N Mori
N Mori 2 months ago
Western politicians don’t know how to speak or deliver a coherent message any more. They use Marx’s double speak and the masses are deluded into thinking it’s normal. Putin shines a light on their ineptitude.
Kizo Mi
Kizo Mi 2 months ago
😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 Original Putin 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 Yeah 😂😂😂, the US senators or European politicians on goats and donkeys 😂😂😂 No wonder that even the Asian Countries who are not looking Russia as best friends, the people have almost everywhere the same opinion about Putin! And it's one of the most respected IN Asia, it's wisdom, I would put his fun and Jokes he suddenly and surprised slamms out 😂😂. His Patriotism and his stand! His calmness is very great, and Deep respect for that, I don't know if would have the nerve to listen over years the exact same lies and questions by the MSMedia, word for word, day after day for years! I don't know! I think I would smack him, but this is exactly what makes him who he is! 👍🏼 ✊🏼
Claude Poisson
Claude Poisson 2 months ago
This look at 6:55
Marsi 2 months ago
God bless pres.Putin! We love you Russia from Serbia! Brothers forever! Bog blagoslovio predsednika Putina! Rusijo volimo te svi u Srbiji! Braca zauvek! Zivela majka Rusija i Srbija!
René Eleveld
René Eleveld 2 months ago
English subtitles missing unfortunately.
ißrahm bnl
ißrahm bnl 2 months ago
Paul Kenny
Paul Kenny 2 months ago
Where do you think Putin got all his wealth lol!
Nicola Sardella
Nicola Sardella 2 months ago
If the opposition is this one in Russia I hope for Russia 50years more of Putin..for Russia wellness
deep sense
deep sense 2 months ago
Do u think US senators ride a goat to work? 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Ragnar Norman
Ragnar Norman 2 months ago
Hahaha. It was a funny moment. 😂
Amy Murphy
Amy Murphy 2 months ago
Karman Bassi
Karman Bassi 2 months ago
Nice staged interview
CBM 215
CBM 215 2 months ago
So Putin is getting the Constitution of Russia changed so he can be President for life or well into his 80s. Even Stalin never had it so good.
Alex Ebra
Alex Ebra 2 months ago
Pootie! Do it with your own money and not with Iranian lives and resources. Great RUSSIA for what? What have you given to humanity that is so grand that you need to have Great RUSSIA? What products do you have for the world?
Alex Ebra
Alex Ebra 2 months ago
Pootie! Do it with your own money and not with Iranian lives and resources. Great RUSSIA for what? What have you given to humanity that is so grand that you need to have Great RUSSIA? What products do you have for the world that you are so proud of?
BeauBeau Kitty
BeauBeau Kitty 2 months ago
So Long as his people remain ignorant and deaf and dumb and blind of the ways in which their Leaders rob them financially. And fail them in education and health. Yes their doing a wonderful and ideal and noble effort at their Job.
Anyway Uncle Santa
Anyway Uncle Santa 2 months ago
in my opinion isn’t president Putin, issue if the opposition parties in Russia are weak? They have to offer something different and better for Russian people, and stop criticism doing anything, Russian people are not stupid to give power to anyone who doesn’t offer them something better as united Russia leading by Putin, in Russia they are full of intruder and traitors, if they got power they will associate with westerners to broken down Russia again, I’m not Russian and I never have any connection with that wonderful country, but I support the new change by construction to don’t let any Russian as resident or have been living outside of the Russia for almost 25 years, to be elected or to running for politic position in Russia that is very great strategic steps to defeat the traitors and criminal oligarchs like in the 90’S, good job president Putin 👍🏻
Anyway Uncle Santa
Anyway Uncle Santa 2 months ago
Stupid question about government staff driving BMW? That’s happen even in Africa, USA, Europe, Japan, China, etc.etc.
Hardi Shwan
Hardi Shwan 2 months ago
6 months later this interview view will die of a car accident in the woods
Aaron Gray
Aaron Gray 2 months ago
Look how he starts losing it when questioned about the oppression of opposition, he knows he can't justify it haha
Watching the Hawks
Watching the Hawks 2 months ago
In think Putin is wrong on Parliamentarians driving limos, same thing Happening in Nigeria those parliamentarians lives styles shouldn't had been paid by (state) Russian wealth and tax money but Putin should encourage them to live their lives according to their means and income.
edgardo zerbini
edgardo zerbini 2 months ago
TheKnightsOfCamelot 2 months ago
Well I built my own house and owe almost nothing. I drive the same old truck for 21 years and I am proud. I don't have an I-phone either and my greatest identity is that I have a huge garden and am a musician and spiritual philosopher. If I would identify with materialism it would be an embarrassment for me. I think I belong in Russia.
Cray Fish
Cray Fish 2 months ago
Try having a conversation with Trump like this and all he talks about is how great he is and how smart he is. 😂😂😂
singh Putin Negi
singh Putin Negi 2 months ago
I think the interviewer is rich 💰enough u should talk for financial conditions he will gives u right direction in my point of view
Cray Fish
Cray Fish 2 months ago
Putin and Xi are two Statesman who fights for it's people. It shows. Not like US who their leaders fights for their own gains and the wealthy.
Jason Mills
Jason Mills 2 months ago
The whole world should get behind this man. This is what a leader looks like..!
Yen River
Yen River 2 months ago
I am sure Putin knocked out that interviewer after the camera is off hehehehehehehehehehe
Jacey Lataire
Jacey Lataire 2 months ago
I LOVE ❤️ PUTIN... I ❤️ his intelligence!!!!
Robert Sterner
Robert Sterner 2 months ago
Ich nehme an das der typ der Lord Putin interviews nicht versteht das man vorsichtig sein muss ..und schutz braucht it not 1920... 2020... anyway gut talk with humuor....and witty on Putin's part ..trabanten verein.
NIZAK O 2 months ago
молодец всех переговорит професионал
American exceptionazism 卐
Но с Путиным не получилось
Jeff84455 2 months ago
Putin is a dictator just like how Trump would like to be. 240 billion he stole from his own country for his own family hiding it aborad in muliple names ect.. cypress > UAE > elsewhere Panama Papers etc..
American exceptionazism 卐
You want him to be a dictator that stole our money,but youre mad because its not true,abd this pain makes you bark even louder lol)We dont belive you since your fuhrer shot himself
Jeff84455 2 months ago
Putin is a dictator just like how Trump would like to be. 240 billion he stole from his own country for his own family hiding it aborad in muliple names ect.. cypress > UAE > elsewhere Panama Papers etc..
Jeff84455 2 months ago
Putin is a dictator just like how Trump would like to be. 240 billion he stole from his own country for his own family hiding it aborad in muliple names ect.. cypress > UAE > elsewhere Panama Papers etc..
Stacy Mackenzie
Stacy Mackenzie 2 months ago
I want to mind my own damn business; maybe the rest of you should give that a whirl?
Oldtimer 2 months ago
He loves his country Russia.
Lai May
Lai May 2 months ago
"I believe we need a great Russia" sounds better than "Make America great again". Also, I like it that Putin is so eloquent in answering questions and calm in delivering his logical answers.
sonja k
sonja k 2 months ago
Yes, he is extremely eloquent.
Arnold St.
Arnold St. 2 months ago
That is the real Russia insight! ruvid.net/video/video-MY9OhrMPn8U.html
t 2 months ago
Putin is a well polished leader. (not a "politician"=sells man, (low life) like the rest of them... )
Reinier Jacobus
Reinier Jacobus 2 months ago
Roman kudlata, Putin is the exact man for Russia, I agree,....especially to look after people like YOU ! Please explain !....what is so bad about Trump ! Are you one of those shit, who want Obama or George bush for a president ? Do not show us, how little you know about the truth ! I am glad that YOU!...will never become a president !....wake up !!!.....old clever !
misha 2.0
misha 2.0 2 months ago
Vladimirovich..n.please stand up and smash this journalist like Khabib did Connor. Tell him stop interrupting when a boss speaks and take notes instead like they do in North Korea when Kim speaks
Paolo Pischedda
Paolo Pischedda 2 months ago
Conquest Europe
Pierre Simon
Pierre Simon 2 months ago
Some people think Putin is exhausted after 20 years at the top, well, it sure doesn't look like it at all. He's good for another 20 years now that he knows the job inside out, I don't foresee any problem!
Ram Sree
Ram Sree 2 months ago
You only can do USSR again Mr putin, the history you can create
Ram Sree
Ram Sree 2 months ago
Love you Putin
Karelski94 2 months ago
Слава великий Россия!!
Nathalie Rosenblum
Nathalie Rosenblum 2 months ago
In every peoples ruling system - there is opposition. A natural movement based on people input about the ruling parties ... nowadays the opposition became about the opposition; not the nourishment of people. A company owner consulted me once about a trouble maker in his company ..,i met the guy .. he was authentically criticizing the company management of growth and resources .. he had an analytical eye for whats not working .. i met the owner afterwards and gave him an honest feedback. “ you stated your guy is an asshole and critical. Your guy is a human with brain 🧠 great for Auditing. Every company needs the guy that is not singing their tune! But authentically cares about the company. He is your guy to find out the other line of company existence. He sees risks, fake people controlling certain issues, money, growth .. his gift not in singing your tune. His gift is his authentically caring about your company and his ability is in realizing reality check against vision. .. few weeks past.. the owner was robbed gravely by a conman promised growth.. the asshole guy that the owner did not like earlier .. was the only real mirror to what went on .. they shook hands and this guy was appointed by the owner as the company President ... opposition is healthy as long as peaceful honest driven by the same passion and commitment for life, growth of the system .. that is the only Right face of all oppositions.
Its grim Up north
Its grim Up north 2 months ago
God bless putin from England ♥️
vlad 2 months ago
The interviewer is so annoying and keep talikng while president putin answering the question.
Dan The car guy
Dan The car guy 2 months ago
Russia’s poor and weak still using conscripts and outdated Cold War junk the so called military is a joke 😂🤣🖕🇷🇺💩
MR BOSTON 2 months ago
Vladimir Putin's has driven another nail into the liberal Coffin Well done Mr. President of the world Sir I Salute you!
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