Hannah Montana was pretty dumb...

Alex Meyers
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Jul 14, 2020




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Comments 100
Aww, little Miley was adorable! But why does Lily have to scream half her lines? Was her being half deaf a thing on the show?
Hitzayanna Terrazas
The day that you posted this video it was my birthday
Ylondes 2 days ago
Thats why i switch to CN back in the day
Freya Rickman
Freya Rickman 3 days ago
can you do the movie please
I’m a Disney fan. In the show she was 14 I thought she was older
Why 3 days ago
tfw you were just a fetus in 2006
TheGrandRevo 4 days ago
6:50 this whole bit made me laugh
Lucy Caro
Lucy Caro 4 days ago
He totally forgot to mention that everyone in school mistreats her and calls her ugly when she clearly looks just like Hannah Montana! Like ummm, is everyone blind? Did no one see the resemblance?
Major Chris
Major Chris 4 days ago
I honestly like this series. XD Was it stupid? Heck yeah. And cheesy. But I still enjoy it. It's a guilty pleasure of mine. And I also enjoy the songs. I know, I'm weird.
Mia Holland
Mia Holland 4 days ago
Disneys best show is wowp
Vimbainashe Machando
Everybody singing kumbayah🤣🤣🤣🤣
Reiming 5 days ago
Oliver? more like young Messi
Susan Ackermann
Susan Ackermann 5 days ago
throwback when teenagers looked like teenagers, not bodybuilders
Mariam Almarar
Mariam Almarar 6 days ago
React to feel the beat
Quick Shadow
Quick Shadow 6 days ago
Just don't do a video essay with the title 'Phineas and Ferb was kinda dumb/makes no sense/is a weird show,etc' i will be genuinely disappointed.
JMB 7 days ago
Money printing robot! Lol! So good!
Pedophile Vampire
Watch asian drama kid ;)
Aliye Marquez
Aliye Marquez 8 days ago
at 4:14 omg so me!!🤣
EMMA Aly 8 days ago
Can you do it about Keeping Up With The Kardashians
McKayla P
McKayla P 8 days ago
Do a Gravity Falls video please!
Cory Brown
Cory Brown 10 days ago
god the worst thing about the oldish shows is they’re fetus voices
Cory Brown
Cory Brown 10 days ago
is it just me or is his backpack comically big?
a z a l e a
a z a l e a 12 days ago
I havent even watched Hannah Montana yet i have loads of school supplies of Hannah Montana
Jana al jandan
Jana al jandan 14 days ago
I never realized how loud lily is until now
Honey Bee
Honey Bee 14 days ago
3:56 Me: cHaD iS ThAt YoU
Leah 15 days ago
Quick Shadow
Quick Shadow 6 days ago
Isolation Animations
Hello, I was wondering how you make your videos and what software you use
hujshdbh hjshdhdiu
hujshdbh hjshdhdiu 16 days ago
So ,if he graduated from highschool in 2006 he is like 32 now? Dude I thought you were a teenager.
Serenity Cole
Serenity Cole 17 days ago
1:57 this is where the ad ends your welcome
Tanya Earley
Tanya Earley 17 days ago
Shut up
Khadra Abeeb
Khadra Abeeb 18 days ago
Omg I love Phil of future so much
TuT _
TuT _ 18 days ago
I still have my Hannah Montana from when I was 4or5
yup 19 days ago
That end part was kinda creepy lmao
H.P. Edits
H.P. Edits 19 days ago
Dare you criticize Hannah Montana 😠😠😠
Quick Shadow
Quick Shadow 6 days ago
well our opinion is we like Hannah Montana, and he should respect THAT
Amaan Hassan Aziz
Amaan Hassan Aziz 18 days ago
Thats his opinion respect it
Primeire 19 days ago
Alex: i was a Disney channel kid growing up. Also alex: *what is camp rock*
No You
No You 19 days ago
No one under 20 has heard of Phil of the future lol
Music Nerd
Music Nerd 19 days ago
Um I completely disagree with the title of this video
Alison Joseph
Alison Joseph 19 days ago
I don't agree with this video I enjoyed Hannah Montana alot
Camille Thomas
Camille Thomas 19 days ago
You are very good in the fact you are about 32! You do not seem 32 you seem like your like 24
Designation 19 days ago
1:56 Here’s your skip ad button folks.
Ashesh Dubey
Ashesh Dubey 20 days ago
I'm sorry but I legit never recognized Miley with a wig on... Until in the later seasons when she changed her hairstyle and then the whole point looked super dumb to me.
Jenny Martin
Jenny Martin 20 days ago
The kids just shout everything
Sugawara's wife
Sugawara's wife 20 days ago
I used to watch HM because English is not the first language in my homeland, so I would watch it and try to learn English. As an elementary/high school kid, I could not understand most of the conversations because of the pace lol.
maximumrisk2004 20 days ago
Lol, noticing that Alex grew up in the kind of akward agerange as me makes me feel good. That he was 2 Years younger not so much. :D Edit: "Digimon Season 2 is actually like really underrated" Okay, feeling awesome again. :D
Dr. Ankita Pandya
Dr. Ankita Pandya 20 days ago
I rediscovered this show during the lockdown recently and I still find something to love about it! :)
alex 20 days ago
Emily Osment is an iconn
Selma H
Selma H 21 day ago
You kinda look like my friend,talk like my friend,have same face features as my best friend, sam accent as my best friend,but you are blonde so you're not her! Yes your kids will grow up dumb
anne dla
anne dla 21 day ago
Baby Miley & Baby Emily were sooo cute 😂😍💓 I miss HM sooo much 💓💓💓
Samantha Etchison
Samantha Etchison 22 days ago
How old were they when they made this?
Shelly Hooks
Shelly Hooks 23 days ago
You need to do Total Drama Island!!!!
Abhi 23 days ago
'Hanna Montana is a goddess, I worship at her feet.' simp. SIMP. SIMP.
Novoks 23 days ago
hey mark ich freute mich über dein neues mitglied alex meyers hat einen schönen tag, david nice day
Novoks 23 days ago
Lost my paper be right back
Tip Of The Iceberg
Tip Of The Iceberg 23 days ago
4:47 I lost my mind 😂
Tip Of The Iceberg
Tip Of The Iceberg 23 days ago
Look up the cast of this show. None of those people look happy now they look mentally broken
Tip Of The Iceberg
Tip Of The Iceberg 23 days ago
Miley Cyrus is basically Sarah Lynn.... Kinda like my ex girlfriend too only no money and even LESS self esteem
Jaelyn Diaz
Jaelyn Diaz 24 days ago
i watch old disney shows tbh. i think its better then new disney. i just finished hannah monntana lol (sorry if i spelled it wrong XD)
Zuraini Tajudin
Zuraini Tajudin 24 days ago
Hannah:**acting like what disney want** Alex Meyers: "hannah montana kinda dumb"
Nia G
Nia G 24 days ago
I remember seeing Jason Earls in a 2000’s movie and he was in high school and I was like wtf? It’s 2007 and he’s still in high school? Then I looked up his age 😭
Thackery Binx
Thackery Binx 24 days ago
the end of the eppisode you sound drunk. do you do these videos drunk or am i just drunk watching these videos?
Depressed spaghetti noodle
Oh my god the shade to Tati-
Can't be Waifu
Can't be Waifu 24 days ago
When she was talking with one on her face she kinds sounded like Jojo siwa lol Nvm she sounds like a country version of Jojo shows lmao
Leslie Luu
Leslie Luu 25 days ago
Doesn’t Miley have a pixie cut?
Well. Okay. Then
Well. Okay. Then 25 days ago
I bet Miley looks back at this show like🙈😳"thats not me, I don't claim her."
andrew batist
andrew batist 25 days ago
please do an episode about so little time and two of a kind. mary kate and ashley
Music4 Life
Music4 Life 25 days ago
Well all of hannahs fans were really just kind of dumb its a wig hahah
Luna Oogami
Luna Oogami 26 days ago
digimon season 2 is my favourite of all time and davis my fave character
Kassandra Flores
Kassandra Flores 26 days ago
At least it made miley Cyrus famous, Looks where she is now Lol
Ashanti Shurat
Ashanti Shurat 26 days ago
This show held up pretty well. Loved Hannah Montana growing up. Lily is the best 🥰
Karina Isabella Ardhanareswari
My daily dose of STUPID like ke if you too 👇👁️👄👁️
Handsome Squidward
Handsome Squidward 27 days ago
One precious memory I have from this show is that time when I was 6 years old and I was sleeping over at my grandparents' house with my little sister and older cousin and she (the cousin) was watching this before we went to sleep and there was a joke that 6 year old me really didn't like and I just started crying or something and my poor cousin had to calm me down 😂
Abeera Roza
Abeera Roza 27 days ago
Tell me what show isn’t weird or dumb for you?😒😒😒😒😒
leecyyroo msp
leecyyroo msp 27 days ago
what got me was when lily asked about her pet pig Luanne (idk how to spell it) and previous episodes she already knew that lmao
Sesina Goitom
Sesina Goitom 27 days ago
You should do good luck Charlie, Jessie, and Austin and ally
poketall2 27 days ago
How about the disney crossovers? That's so sweet life of Hannah Montana, Wizards on Deck with Hannah Montana, and Raven about Bunk'd.
•lil_bxnny• 27 days ago
me whO loved to watch it at age thReE anD evEn hAs a MeRchAndIsE whIch i gReW oUt oF cuz i'M fAt: *silent*
nesrine sahraoui
nesrine sahraoui 28 days ago
even if it's dumb, it still makes me happy to watch !
Jojo 210204
Jojo 210204 28 days ago
Can you Do a Video to lost and found?
SherbART 28 days ago
To skip the paid promotion go to 1:58
Blender Dumbass
Blender Dumbass 28 days ago
When I was was a kid I was in love with Emily Osment. Weirdly my favorite movie is AI with Haley Joel Osment. And even tho he is a fat dude now. I LOVE THIS DUDE. He is amazing. And she is too. I think I love both of them.
Melissa Alberto
Melissa Alberto 28 days ago
I pity you 😂
Laura Page
Laura Page 29 days ago
hannah montana was part of the elite era of disney
Tanvi Kejriwal
Tanvi Kejriwal 29 days ago
I used to love this show when I was 9 and....I remember them looking a lot older 😂
Melisa Asadi
Melisa Asadi Month ago
harry styles poster???:)))))))))
Tech Aesthetic
Tech Aesthetic Month ago
Just a normal dude
Am I the only one or did Lilly seem a lot like jojo siwa?
Tom nook is a loan shark
And Ca- I mean idk from Jessie?!?!?
Tom nook is a loan shark
Kid from hsm and jump in I think?!?!
Tom nook is a loan shark
Rudy from that one karate show?
danielle dicaprio
Shut up this is my childhood
Nour Karim
Nour Karim Month ago
Did anyone feel the spit on them after he said *BeTtHh FrIeNtThHh*
Rebecca Batey
Rebecca Batey Month ago
it is realy anoying when you say wut this is kinda dumb on every vid you make
Donna Bajaj
Donna Bajaj Month ago
Him: I graduated in 2006 Me: uhhhh I was born in 2006 wut ;-;
leo !
leo ! Month ago
bruh it's so insane how young they look , they looked so old to me when I was younger n now I'm still only 16 n they look like babies 😭 omfg back when they didn't cast 40yos to play high schoolers
Dreamberry lover Go
The reasons I always hated this movie 1. It’s a *living* stereotype that Barnett’s are not as popular or cool as blonds (I have brown hair) 2. everybody was bad at acting except for Lily 3. The people were stupid (like the script was bad not the actors)
Berta Dellasala
Berta Dellasala Month ago
jackson was the best part of the whole show lol
Berta Dellasala
Berta Dellasala Month ago
hannah montana was pretty stupid, but i loved it regardless xD
ssk1ps Month ago
Can we talk about the fact that there was an episode where Hannah and Jackson were “dating”? Like wouldn’t Jackson’s friend from his school be all over him with that info?!?!?! How did they NOT get caught? 😩😩
Devil Darling
Devil Darling Month ago
I shipped Miley with Johnny Colins more than I did with Jake or jesse =v=
Kate Irene
Kate Irene Month ago
I don't know if it's just me but did Alex just shade Tati (not trying to spew tea I'm just talking about the breaking my silence and the photoshoped texts thing)
Tatertot Pitcher
*a blond b e s t f r i e n d?*
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