Hand Grenade Compilation (M67, RGD-5, DM51, etc.)

zetto one
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Real grenades thrown by amateurs, militias and trained soldiers.
➥ Messing with Hand Grenades: ruvid.net/video/video-byfeRhBW70w.html
This video is supposed to illustrate the effect, function and damage of hand grenades.

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Jul 31, 2019




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Comments 80
Guest Playz
Guest Playz 20 hours ago
Why u even do dat
JPrieto1396 Day ago
what´s the point of yelling "GRANADA" when trhowing it?
ilija delija
ilija delija Day ago
I've never understood the joy of destroy!
Raxes !
Raxes ! 7 days ago
0:32 No, you dont have to
American Bushman
American Bushman 8 days ago
1:26 holy fuck that's not a sound you want to hear
KEYI KUSH 8 days ago
its not the blast kills you. its the grenade shield, just like the bullets
Валентос Валентинович
2:33 У Руссо граната от перегара отказалась взрывается.
ألمـعڈݪ KG
6:30 عبد الوهاب الساعدي، 😕
John Q.
John Q. 12 days ago
Bored American
Bored American 14 days ago
polski gopnik władysław
Remember this when you see a hollywood grenade make an explosion like crazy with big fire that can blow up a damn house
Cheeky Monkey
Cheeky Monkey 15 days ago
If you can't throw a baseball, keep your stupid hands off a grenade.
Mitch Levy
Mitch Levy 16 days ago
The video does not capture the sound of these. They are extremely loud in person.
rayo toxi
rayo toxi 17 days ago
Russian granades have a very good system for leting you now that you armed the granade Is a Small poow You now your fucked up when you hear that small poow in your pocket
BATTLE GROUDS 18 days ago
Ребят я малой но не тупой если граната после отскока скобы не щёлкает это пранк но лучше опасатся олды тут
TUBE JAPAN 18 days ago
In Japan, just sounding a firecracker makes you angry
Bobylein 18 days ago
6:14 what the hell, is this kind of test of courage idiot edition?
Szabi B
Szabi B 18 days ago
I bet a bunch of dead /stunded fish washed up on the beach shore. lol
FastanIndo202 20 days ago
Nice Bro Almost all vid copyright reported!
Mr. Cool Indian
Mr. Cool Indian 20 days ago
That 'Granada' of IGI 2.😃😃
احمد العتابي
اخر واحد البطل الساعدي 💪💪💪💪🇮🇶🇮🇶🇮🇶🇮🇶🇮🇶
Lor Bliccy
Lor Bliccy 22 days ago
Some these dudes can’t throw for shit 😂🤦🏼‍♂️
BoiDank89 23 days ago
"its a flashbang" blows up
Quis-Custodiet Ipsos-Custodes
"Ballerina!"... :D
Игорь Розенер
Как то не стал прятаться при взрыве осколочной гранаты, молодость - понты, в нескольких сантиметров перед лицом, прожужжал осколок.
rivers 25 days ago
Dude you can hear the shrapnel whiz by 1:27 😅
Juan Manuel Martinez
Brotherhood 0:55
Baller Boys
Baller Boys 27 days ago
My dad was a Sargent in the marines and the shrapnel is deadly because of it hits it rips through flesh because it is like a bullet almost. The blast can kill but only if it is underneath u or less than 5 meters away
Baller Boys
Baller Boys 13 days ago
Ouch that’s brutal 🤕
Nøch 13 days ago
Yeah, my cousin served in the 101st Airborne division in the Army, and while in combat with the Taliban, he threw a M67 Frag too short and he had to get the shrapnel removed from his neck.
Quentiamus Month ago
1 Bad Jesus
1 Bad Jesus Month ago
1:11 ...ya know his name is Larry ..dressed like a Larry and looks like a Larry ..
Nøch 13 days ago
1 Bad Jesus lmao
Nuclear Icecream
6:06 im no expert, but that guy tosses that grenade at a pretty impressive distance, with almost no effort
He looked like a mercenary or a insurgent.
godzeke 25 days ago
if you look closely you can actually see that its like 15 meters at most. its just the angle i believe
JaceFN 26 days ago
Nuclear Icecream yeah that shit went flying
GTR r34 Twin turbo
There is an ancient grenade in Korea (material ruvid.net/video/video-4Nt07nFKhS4.html)
Luxurious Exotic Driving
Shrapnel: *am i a joke to you?*
Thibault Bruyere
Offensive grenades exists and don't have any shrapnels or very small and harmless ones
Arthur Møller
Arthur Møller Month ago
0:33 no fish were harmed during this first grade reunion
Mr Bluey
Mr Bluey Month ago
So u challenge me to a game of wackamole? 0:44
Cyronjames David
2:46 looks like broken.
Ari Jappendi
Ari Jappendi Month ago
No fallout new vega holy hand grenade ? That thing is so rare.
Bobylein 18 days ago
Funfact: The holy hand grenade from New Vegas is also "just" a reference to the holy hand grenade from Monty Python and the Holy Grail. TBH Worms did it better, there is looked exactly like the ones in the movie.
Gino Foogle
Gino Foogle Month ago
So many pinheads in this vid
General Electric
3:22 The fuck he was expecting? A fucking unicorn?
Herculean Month ago
Wouldn't it be a cool little touch when they put basketball rings in grenade throwing ranges?
Kyle Harmse
Kyle Harmse Month ago
Once the pin has been pulled, Mr Hand Grenade is not your friend.
Jash U
Jash U Month ago
The grenade in movies and in real life is very different
SEO Month ago
6:36 General Abd Whap Sadde 🇮🇶🇮🇶🇮🇶
pumkinchu Month ago
The whole video i was waiting for the mushroom cloud and the nuke
Robert Gift
Robert Gift Month ago
No mention of the man who tripped and the grenadexploded 5 seconds later and killed him? No mention of the grenade's fuse which burned almost instantaneously and killed the thrower? Some of these dummies were out in the open where a freak piece of shrapnel could have killed them. Will today's grenades havelectronic fuses to prevent early bursts? Idiotapes one grenade to another so when the first bursts, it blows the 2nd grenade to the observers and kills them?
Døūbłę ægłę]ł[ጠҿҹǿʍ ū 山ѣūmøʍ
0:10 || The soldier says: "Got it? And at the other end, a mole screams! "You bitch! You damaged my house! Солдат говорит: - Попал? А на другом конце кричит крот! - Ах ты сука! Ты повредил мой дом!
Bert M
Bert M Month ago
Ok....these fuckers in Russia have access to grenades....why don't we?!
Steven De Pauw
Steven De Pauw Month ago
When i see soldiers throwing a grenade, im like Cool! When i see a random civilian with a grenade, im just worried for them xD
Arthur Nogood
Arthur Nogood Month ago
5:55 strong Russian female soldier in sight..
Arthur Nogood
Arthur Nogood Month ago
4:44 doesn't it ever come up to your mind that the guy might turn around and throw the grenade at you guys?
Sasha Karachun
Sasha Karachun 5 days ago
One of them actually says this. BTW this instructor is so cool that he dont watch the explosion.
vijesh kumar
vijesh kumar Month ago
Samuel Prower
Samuel Prower Month ago
Bring forth the holy hand grenade
Try_Me Month ago
Cool guys dont look at explosions wannabe 04:58
Bill Kelsoe
Bill Kelsoe Month ago
When the pin is pulled, Mr. Grenade is no longer our friend?
Bill Kelsoe
Bill Kelsoe 14 days ago
MICHAEL WRAY I guess there is honesty in knowing and declaring also that the grenades pin has been pulled. Maybe mark it with red paint or dip it in red for E O D guys !
MICHAEL WRAY 15 days ago
The grenade is still safe until you release the handle,when you release the handle it rotates to the 12 O Clock position,the handle ejects and a spring within the housing of the grenade with a hammer mechanism is driven down onto a percussion cap,this then sets a fuse running,the fuse then sets off a detonator housed in the plastic explosive and well bang, long as you have the handle in your grasp and you don't let it go then you can replace the pin,however when you have replaced the pin make sure you re -bend the protruding pins over otherwise the pin could possibly become detached again from the grenade,if your returning unused ordnance to an ammo bunker its not really the sort of place you want it to happen.
my name is my name
gotta understand training grenades have little shrapnel
my name is my name
rrussians be like, dont worry comrade strong mother russian grass will protekt us
So, apparently those people lied to us. Hand grenade can't blow up an entire building.
jestness j
jestness j Month ago
Proper Grip, Thumb to Clip, Twist Pull Pin, SET!!THROW!! DUCK!!!!!!! BOOOM!!
Melissa Barocio
Melissa Barocio Month ago
1:40 demolition Ranch
Nøch 13 days ago
VAMOS CONHECER OS ACESSORIOS ( óculos , relogio , colar , bolsas , coroa , anéis , etc... ) DOS RICOS , FAMOSOS e POLIGLOTAS da PRISSAO AMERICAN , opssss queria dizer DA REDE DE TELEVISÃO.
иоан иоанович
RGD-5 no Bumerang! M67,DM51- in the bumerang!
SnowBall 2 months ago
6:14 that guy is mad lad
44sythe _
44sythe _ 2 months ago
The Russians are terrible at throwing some 'nades
mironboss65 Month ago
We are.
장비JangBee 2 months ago
when I was in ROK marine boot camp. I throw a grenade. It was very different from what i saw in media lol.
Ali AL-iraqi
Ali AL-iraqi 2 months ago
تحية للبطل عبد الوهاب الساعدي
Стась Дмухоўскі
как то не очень понимаю смысл таких подборок
SomeFreshDude YT
SomeFreshDude YT 2 months ago
No teddy bears were harmed during this compilation
Love istheanswer
Love istheanswer 2 months ago
This should be a granate? I thought they are much much stronger!
Harry Peterson
Harry Peterson 19 days ago
The effective blast radius is quite small (only 5m or less), but the potential kill radius is quite far. What limits the effective blast radius is not the lack of power/penetration of the shrapnel at range, but rather the spread of that shrapnel and the exponential reduction in hit probability as distance from the blast increases. It's really a matter of inverse square law.
unnamed boi
unnamed boi 19 days ago
@Dominic Foster i mean, the shrapnel can go real far (But not the 'kill zone' or whatever).
Dominic Foster
Dominic Foster 19 days ago
Harry Peterson I said “kill zone” not range
Harry Peterson
Harry Peterson 19 days ago
@Dominic Foster Fragmentation can travel much farther than 30 meters. For example, the M67 creates steel fragments of about 4.5mm in diameter and they are travelling about 4,000 feet per second. A childs BB gun shoots a 4.5mm projectile at 300 feet per second and can easily travel 30 meters.
Dominic Foster
Dominic Foster Month ago
unnamed boi not even close. 20-30 meters kill zone
Marek Pająk
Marek Pająk 2 months ago
Well it demonstrates that grenades don't explode like massive napalm bombs, catapulting people into the air like in Schwarzenegger films. Basically it's a small puff of smoke, lots of fragments. The violence of the blast is most deadly inside enclosed spaces like a room. Being inside a small room when a grenade detonates is usually fatal.
demented bowine
demented bowine 2 months ago
2:25 stupido thats how kids get missing limbs
The Composer
The Composer 2 months ago
Grenade explosions are loud AFFFF.
Edward Shaffer
Edward Shaffer 2 months ago
Kinda thought the blast would of been bigger for a grenade
Nøch 13 days ago
Because Hollywood has nuclear grenades to make the action seem more watchable.
J D 2 months ago
What about the mushroom cloud and flames like in the movies?! Hahaha
مِــح ـمِــدُ آلَـ ـح ـمِـ ـدُآنـ ـيـے ّ
هلا بالذيب عبد الوهاب الساعدي بآخر الفيديو رئيس جهاز مكافحة الارهاب في العراق
Tarf Tatf
Tarf Tatf 2 months ago
على أنسالك
Tarf Tatf
Tarf Tatf 2 months ago
على أنسالك وعلى أموالك وعلى بيتك العتيق
jojolafrite90 3 months ago
None of these grenades are real. All training grenades, that send no shrapnel everywhere like a real one. Some of these dudes would be dead, otherwise.
구름기둥 3 months ago
하나님이 세상을 이처럼 사랑하사 독생자 예수님을 주셨으니 이는 그를 믿는 사람은 멸망치 않고 영생을 얻게 하려 하심이라, (요한복음 3:16 )
Mr John
Mr John 3 months ago
Hello from Sweden🙋‍♂️🇸🇪
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