Halo: Emotional and Relaxing Music

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An emotional and relaxing 75 minutes mix from the games: Halo 1, 2, 3, 3 ODST, 4, Reach and Halo Wars. I wanted to make this compilation because I consider Halo as my favorite shooter serie. Bungies Halo can also be considered as "legendary" in the game industry.
This video includes pictures and art who illustrates sceneries, memorable moments and characters from the game. These pictures/art are also fitting to the music and can let you relive the story of Master Chief.
Some pictures can have a reduced quality, due to the age of some of the games. Pictures from both the orginal and the remastered version's (Master chief collection) are used.
The music is composed by Martin O'Donnell.
All the songs and pictures belong to their rightful owners Bungie and 343 Studios the creators of the Halo franchise.
The art belongs to their rightful owners.
Song list:
00:00 Mombasa Streets (Neon night) (Halo 3: ODST)
04:48 The Lost Muse (Halo: Combat Evolved)
07:12 Epilogue (Halo 2)
10:28 Another Walk (Halo 3)
12:23 Theme song (Halo 4)
15:35 Ghost and Glass Piano Version (Halo: Reach)
18:12 Delta Halo Suite (Halo 2)
22:56 Cloaked in Blackness (Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary)
26:37 Bits and Pieces (Halo 3: ODST)
31:12 High Charity Suite (Halo 2)
35:01 Keep What You Steal & No More Dead Heroes (Halo 3)
37:45 Yawning Chasm (Halo: Combat Evolved)
38:46 Action Figure Hands (Halo: Wars)
41:45 Asphalt and Ablution (Halo 3: ODST)
45:10 Wreckage (Halo 4)
48:33 Crow's Nest - Brutes (Halo 3)
50:03 Cairo Suite (Halo 2)
56:03 Deference for Darkness (Halo 3: ODST)
59:11 Halo Reborn (Halo 3)
1:01:03 Heavy Price Paid (Halo 2)
1:03:36 Ambient Wonder (Halo: Combat Evolved)
1:05:33 More Than His Share (Halo 3: ODST)
1:07:48 High Charity (Halo 2)
1:09:47 Wake Me When You Need Me (Halo 3)
1:12:03 Finale (Halo 2)
1:15:13 Never Forget (Halo 3)


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Jun 23, 2017




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Comments 80
Rogue kangaroo robb
bungies halo themes were masterpieces if they ever came back to give us another halo with 343 (cause i reckon both of them together could make the perfect halo game) i would be really excited for the soundtrack
Crabst 20 hours ago
brandon gonzalez
brandon gonzalez 23 hours ago
2020 ?
James Paguip
James Paguip Day ago
Spartans never die they're just missing in action.
D Vice
D Vice 2 days ago
thank you so much
Daniel Bohl
Daniel Bohl 3 days ago
24:42 I love the tone change, then at 25:05 when it rises MHM music to my ears very underrated Halo song IMO
Warson Yt
Warson Yt 3 days ago
Richard Wright
Richard Wright 4 days ago
I still get goose bumps while listening to these soundtracks.
Cosmic Owl
Cosmic Owl 5 days ago
Joe mama?
sebastian fernandez
your mix really bring me good memories and also, chills me a lot in this quarantine.. i can't stop playing CE since quarantine started. btw thanks for this!
Dark Souls1
Dark Souls1 6 days ago
Action Figure Hands is pure ear sex
Sayan Biswas
Sayan Biswas 8 days ago
This game has very mediocre, generic music. Thank god I never played Halo. Back to Skyrim, Witcher and Dark Souls, for me.
Ac!dRain ;o;
Ac!dRain ;o; 9 days ago
No joke, the first song from Halo 3:ODST, literally sounds like the main title from Finding Dory. No joke. But the main title for Finding Dory has a more high pitch than Halo 3:ODST
The Halo sondtrack
Carlos Castillo Torres
35:01 Cortana's Buttocks 😏
Grace Weaver
Grace Weaver 11 days ago
Never Forget is my all time favorite piece of Halo music. Learned how to play it on the piano and everything. Never could recreate that magic tho.
TheKingOfMe13 13 days ago
No no halo dosent work like this
AMUSIC BNJ 14 days ago
Amazing video bro
Noble Ace
Noble Ace 14 days ago
I am blown away by the impact these beautiful games have had on so many people. Every Halo-related comment section feels like home or family in a way. Everyone seems to be touched on even an emotional level with this franchise, and it's absolutely wonderful. Just like so many people here, Halo means a great deal to me, and has a special place in my heart. I'm glad to be part of such an incredible, tight-knit community.
DarkHellEmpire 14 days ago
Sorry, I love Halo but without music.
Golden Galaxy
Golden Galaxy 15 days ago
Am I the only one who listens to this when I go to sleep?
jarrett ankney
jarrett ankney 17 days ago
I've beaten evey Halo song exept Halo 3 ODST because I CAN'T FIND IT ANY WHERE
jarrett ankney
jarrett ankney 16 days ago
@emiliano bustamante nah I used to have xbox.
emiliano bustamante
It's in the mcc xd if u got an xbox 360 I guess you could find it in a store where you can sell old games; maybe someone sold it and you can buy it, it's generally way cheaper:)
Ninja boy in town
Ninja boy in town 17 days ago
Mombasa streets theme sounds like something that you would hear in Mario Galaxy. For the piano part.
Khatirana 18 days ago
Exactly as it said in the tin, emotional and relaxing... thanks!
HaRRis O'bRieN
HaRRis O'bRieN 18 days ago
I think by the number of views and comments this video has helps you appreciate just how loved the music from Bunjie's era is:))
GimmeAllUrMoney 18 days ago
Opening the video with Mombasa streets as the first song... bold move. I'll stick around to see what's what.
fleperd 18 days ago
Ghosts and glass>>>>>>>>>>>
Al Liu
Al Liu 19 days ago
why does the first track sound like Jenovas Theme from FFVII. =)
Guardsman Miku
Guardsman Miku 19 days ago
54:40 damn the music is really great from the legendary halo game... *checks screenshot* ....space engineers?
emiliano bustamante
omg I never noticed that HAHAHA and holy shit i'm playing it right now ;-;
Mike Wagner
Mike Wagner 20 days ago
Huw Follant
Huw Follant 20 days ago
You are doing the gods work my friend...may the forerunners smile upon you
Zen Graham
Zen Graham 21 day ago
never forget gets me every time
Dctrb Ez
Dctrb Ez 21 day ago
Swat pistols.... man the feels
Moises 22 days ago
Halo 2 has the best soundtrack imo
Moises 16 days ago
emiliano bustamante 😐
emiliano bustamante
Halo [insert any title because literally every game has godly music] would like to have a word-
Qurly_Q 23 days ago
yo, those screenshots at 54:05 had me confused for a second, then I realized it was from space engineers and I need the workshop link for that build right this instant
emiliano bustamante
after some searching, I found it :) steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=886499390
speedguy20 24 days ago
This comment will probably be buried in the sea of others, but...These songs bring me back....to a better time... a more simple time that I wish I could regrasp, but at the same time am happy to be able to remember....thank you Bungi.
Indy Made It
Indy Made It 26 days ago
No Siege of madrigal?
LaPalabraDeDios777 26 days ago
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Rowan Gallagher
Rowan Gallagher 27 days ago
You ever do halo music again, a few of the H2A tracks are bangers too.
Matías Ezequiel Corrales Perez
LoL i didnt know that u can dicid a video on youtbe like taht
Brando Smid
Brando Smid 28 days ago
I’m not crying you are );
Jack Preacher
Jack Preacher 28 days ago
The music of the first 4 halo games probably amounts to 20% of my total enjoyment when playing them. Its ICONIC
- 29 days ago
Solo jugué al primer halo pero por lo que oigo la saga tiene una banda sonora hermosa, es... te llega muy adentro, me hace sentir una paz junto con melancolía que es difícil describir :, )
Scooby Doo
Scooby Doo 29 days ago
The story alone is amazing but I don't think the series would be the same without these soundtracks.
Halo 3 was the best halo I ever played
Comment yes if u played halo1-5 including the other halo games🙃🙃🙃
Code Tk
Code Tk Month ago
I miss playing ODST 😭
Learn English Vocabulary
Bonjour, Prestigious_Gaming. it's absolutely funny video. thanks. :)
Jakob Hawkins
Jakob Hawkins Month ago
ODST has music that put a chill in my spine. Those night missions freaked me out while playing at night, though great job by Bungie for the atmosphere of such msisions
Chronorust Month ago
Didn't matter what console you loved most. Halo was the bomb.
Laydi Riveroll
Laydi Riveroll Month ago
SeaThruLens Month ago
When I played Halo Reach as a kid, the soundtrack really got me. Ghost and Glass is so somber and emotional
Davide Di Pinto
Davide Di Pinto Month ago
32:48 damn, it gets me every single time.
Aiden Heck
Aiden Heck Month ago
In my opinion reach had the saddest songs😭
Carin Proboy
Carin Proboy Month ago
I fell asleep to the second soundtrack :)
CFreecss Month ago
It's funny how these compilations if I may call them always end with "Never Forget". I love it.
ultris07 Month ago
why the hell does this start off with a rip off of a resident evil safe room theme?
#NewBlakeStone #NewBlakeStone
Halo ODST = halo jazz
Rick Forbus
Rick Forbus Month ago
Halo ce, reach,2 and 3 have made my experiance with halo awesome. Now with h4 ive never really enjoyed it, thats just my opinion.
Daniel Pedraza
Daniel Pedraza Month ago
Halo 5?
DFireWind008 Month ago
Never forget the days when everybody used to play around the world together, we where brothers in arms, so... remember the days of joy between us, remeber... Halo.
whyFreezer Month ago
Halo 2 - High Charity. Back when I was younger and playing with my brother. I miss those days.
Megan Vineyard
Megan Vineyard Month ago
bombomos Month ago
ODST has a very similar guitar to Trigun. So that lonely, wander, Desperado type feel really sticks out in some of the tracks and I LOVE IT
fuckyoutoads Month ago
Rip halo 2007
shawn boyce
shawn boyce Month ago
The only problem I had with the video is the audio volume being very low to loud back and forth
Kernal Month ago
I'm a simple man, I see a halo ring, I click.
Tiago Pereira
Tiago Pereira Month ago
Also I think 343 needs to listen to Never Forget 1:15:13 while working on Halo Infinite...
ftwjoseph Month ago
Bungie, 343.. I don’t care, I wish I could replay all of them the way I did when I was younger
David Gonzalez
David Gonzalez Month ago
I can never ever get through Never Forget without crying
Mike Wagner
Mike Wagner Month ago
All Game No Life
We're old now guys and gals. Who played this as a teenager, now reliving these memories as adults?
Master Chief
Master Chief Month ago
9/10 too many halo 4
Tiago Pereira
Tiago Pereira Month ago
22:58 not gonna lie...prefer the normal version.
Serenity TheWildHeart
The first one hit hard. Takes me back many years, me and my brother on our old Xbox, wandering the dark mysterious streets of New mombasa, finding those hidden messages and braving the darkness together.
Swift Month ago
You know its a good community when you see essays in the comments
[Defunct Spunk]
[Defunct Spunk] Month ago
*Epilogue (Halo 2): Starts playing* Me: try not to cry, try not to cry, try not to cry, try not to cry, try not to cry... Cry a lot, goddammit.
Christian Méndez
and another rain?
Ahlikx Month ago
I miss you Halo
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