Halloween Stereotypes

Dude Perfect
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Love 'em or Hate 'em, we all know 'em! Check out all the Halloween Stereotypes!
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Oct 26, 2020




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Comments 100
Dude Perfect
Dude Perfect 2 months ago
Which one was your fave???? Love you all 👊🏼🙇🏻‍♂️🎃 DP
Drew Cronan
Drew Cronan 3 days ago
the rage monster by far
Dogpower436 and Asherdude5 Playz
The hayride was awesome
The black dragon
Pls take one
No idea 444
No idea 444 Month ago
Rage monster
ItsNathan ;-;
ItsNathan ;-; 3 hours ago
Bruh the rage monster on this my guy I loved it
jackson's pokemon
jackson's pokemon 4 hours ago
You guys should make either a school stereotypes or birthday party
Anthony Castillo
Anthony Castillo 5 hours ago
It was funny when you were fighting darth vader
Kamal Ratna
Kamal Ratna 5 hours ago
Missing stereotypes
ksls 21
ksls 21 7 hours ago
Christian Marioles
Christian Marioles 16 hours ago
I liked the rage monster it was really funny🙂😃
Sean Jay Cortes
Sean Jay Cortes 16 hours ago
the rage monster
Mr. Buffalo
Mr. Buffalo 17 hours ago
Rage Monster: *Fights all foes* Also Rage Monster: *Literally screaming and yelling*
Cheese curl
Cheese curl 17 hours ago
When rage monster was fighting those monsters i was like "he has reached his true potential."
Cheese curl
Cheese curl 17 hours ago
In the next stereotypes video can Cody be rage monster? Whenever there is the rage monster cody always gets bullied :(
Cyro Zion
Cyro Zion 18 hours ago
Plzz tell me I’m not the only person who came back to watch this for ty vs darth Vader
Matt H
Matt H 18 hours ago
Dang I really want some sour patch kids rn
Ansleigh Furlan
Ansleigh Furlan 19 hours ago
I love the rage monster
LPG Gaming
LPG Gaming 20 hours ago
Wow, they managed to pull off better lightsaber battles in a minute than the whole 9 hours of the sequel trilogy.
Dylan Mashmann
Dylan Mashmann 21 hour ago
The Darth Vader one was 😂
Mr. Xavier
Mr. Xavier 22 hours ago
I think every person that disliked is a Karen
kermitt keen
kermitt keen 22 hours ago
A wwe stereotypes one
Maniac 23 hours ago
I like how they legit wanted rage monster
The lightsaber fight was still better than the sequels
Westley Jaegle
Love your videos
Bruh Lombruhdi
This is e greatest stereotype they have ever made ❌🧢
My fave was when the kids mestup the hole place with pumkins
PM22 Day ago
And Kylo Ren's lightsaber is designed differently
mark scott
mark scott Day ago
Scary movie night
Ollie Patterson
Take one buctet
jabez immanuel tatoy
ty is legend bro
Cris Acosta
Cris Acosta Day ago
The rage monster scene was amazing, but like if you felt sorry for the clown when his balloon popped.
Bailey Gamer
Bailey Gamer Day ago
My favorite was THE RAGE MONSTER LOL
Nathan Reed
Nathan Reed Day ago
The dinosaur one is by far the funniest.
Shitty YouTuber
The rage monster is so accurate
Terry Scott
Terry Scott Day ago
If the avengers really wanted to defeat thanos all they had to do was call Tyler
tony lee
tony lee Day ago
I like Cody
Do subway stereotypes Mr excuses The always late guy The confused guy The guy on the wrong station The snoozer Texting timmy The card that ran out of balance The rule breaker Mr attracted to the phone Rush hour Mr AirPods The are we there yet guy The long ride The rage monster (for missing the train) The confusing train map The subway confusion ( this means that they get confused with the subway restraunt)
definetly not ahmed abdullah
When the rage monster was on i just almost died like litterly. I was laughing so hard i wouldn't be able to breathe lol almost died
Sarah Maxton
Sarah Maxton Day ago
Windspirit_wav theAudioFile
Best rage monster scene yet.
Lim Jun Jie Sebastian
This rage monster is the way better than other stereotypes videos! Less arrogant, more courage.
Noah Husted
Noah Husted Day ago
Noah Husted
Noah Husted Day ago
The it gut dard
Noah Husted
Noah Husted Day ago
Slayer Cake
Slayer Cake Day ago
Imagine your mom being candy cop mom, and your dad being Mr Anti-Halloween.
Ghisi Genser
Ghisi Genser Day ago
R. S. Mitter
R. S. Mitter Day ago
Hey dude perfect:" why don't you guys do cool not cool stereotypes once. I hope you ser this ! ( like if you like the idea and ofcourse sub to dude perfect )
Iain Cronen
Iain Cronen Day ago
Candy: has 0.0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000001 mg of sugar mom: THAT'S SO MUCH YOU UNHEALTHY CHILDREN
Archie Peace
Archie Peace Day ago
0:08 they sound like an alien
Roxy Bojorquez
Flexyl Day ago
I have been watching dude perfect for 5 years now they are by far the best youtuber
Timmieboy 2 days ago
The end of this is beter Thank episode 7,8,9
jo emery
jo emery 2 days ago
This is the only time I loved rage monster
Jake Weaver
Jake Weaver 2 days ago
In others he destroys something and the Cody,garret,coby, cory are frustrated. But in this he is helpful
Best part is the rage monster
Your Name
Your Name 2 days ago
The dude perfect is a idiot thing of the past.
brennen imus
brennen imus 2 days ago
little girl has a arm 😭
havok12788 2 days ago
Dalek Sec
Dalek Sec 2 days ago
rage monster may beat Darth Vader, but he'll never beat a Dalek, even the Doctor could beat him
Dave Skywalker
Dave Skywalker 2 days ago
Dude!! The "no one's home" stereotype is totally relatable. We didn't celebrate Halloween growing up and we would always hide in the living room terrified. Looking back it was kinda funny, but it was scary as a 5 year old hiding from zombies knocking on their door, and two older brothers don't help.
Press xdyt
Press xdyt 2 days ago
bro i loved when ty got his light saber he was screaming🤣🤣🤣
Caligula The Sock
Imagine hacksmith with his actual lightsaber in the vader costume.
JD Tuna fish
JD Tuna fish 17 hours ago
That was kylo
Caycee Hess
Caycee Hess 18 hours ago
YESSS I would love to see that
Lucas Allan
Lucas Allan 2 days ago
That rage monster was epic tho
Elizabeth Hospes
Elizabeth Hospes 2 days ago
The headless horse man:to old & to classic
joseph garza
joseph garza 2 days ago
ty in the cant see costume he is in love with the big crunch bar
Jordan miles
Jordan miles 3 days ago
OG Velocity
OG Velocity 3 days ago
7:20 wouldn't he be a Sith since he is using rage and anger? 😳
Jose Muniz Silva
Jose Muniz Silva 3 days ago
the best rage monster so far
Xavi The Man
Xavi The Man 3 days ago
2:20 how dinosaurs went extinct lol
Nissi Lopez
Nissi Lopez 3 days ago
Allen G.
Allen G. 3 days ago
Tore Gerstenberger
The faded police methodically peep because leo literally repair near a slimy paper. unhealthy, remarkable selection
Мадияр Сабитов
Please do more stereotypes
Michael Behr
Michael Behr 3 days ago
He is ob one Canobie
Ranveer Singh
Ranveer Singh 3 days ago
The rage monster was the best Who is watching in 2021 👇
DLW0207 3 days ago
The rage monster screaming is basically me whenever I play RPG games
CoJack 3 days ago
Nice jersey TY for the candy cop mom!!
Nolan VanHouten
Nolan VanHouten 3 days ago
Star Wars
Christie Tracy Prentice
normal people: "go rage monster!!!" Cody: " this is unbelievable! he's a jedadi!!" I believe it's "Jedi"
Ravi Agmon
Ravi Agmon 3 days ago
Super Doge
Super Doge 3 days ago
Did anyone realize that the Halloween party was in another youtubers house? It was unspeakable s houses XD It was the “I can’t see coustum, with the dinosaur”. That was unspeakable s house.
epic episode nicecream
TXLPhantomus YT
TXLPhantomus YT 3 days ago
8:54 I would at least take a banana. A banana isn’t that bad.
Ben Hodge
Ben Hodge 3 days ago
Ok like not to be nitpicky, but wouldn't it make more sense for The Rage Monster's lightsaber to be red since the whole point of the sith was rage and evil? The fight was awesome regardless though
Imposter-Fire Obeyer
When you never thought rage monster could be epic: 6:09
Christopher Marrow
Tyler, Lucasfilms would be so proud of you right now. And James Earl Jones! 👊
Eanna Sherry
Eanna Sherry 3 days ago
Alan Rickman
Michael Behr
Michael Behr 3 days ago
Let’s goooooooo!!!!!! rage monster!!!!!!
williamm thomas
williamm thomas 4 days ago
Jesus Christ for rage monster was the lightsaber edit or real?
Gaming with Dan
Gaming with Dan 4 days ago
Let's React!
Let's React! 4 days ago
Rage monster o was like uhhhhhh Tyler has to get the rage monster on...AWESOME!!
Let's React!
Let's React! 4 days ago
R a ge monster waxmy fav
Pigeon Head
Pigeon Head 4 days ago
this is all of the sequels but better
Andres Biaggi Pérez
I love the Jedi rage monster
Sledge hammer
Sledge hammer 4 days ago
Who else saw the colossal titan 👀👀
Vibes 4 days ago
the one with the clown and vader are poggers
ram dylan enriquez
I think the rage monster save people
Abraham Bob
Abraham Bob 4 days ago
My favorite was the rage monster
BryceBoomz 4 days ago
I’m the “take one” then when everyone’s gone me and my friends ride our bikes around the neighborhood getting the rest of the candy that was left in buckets
Emelyne E. Apdua
Emelyne E. Apdua 4 days ago
Rage monster vs dark vator star wars movie
Izzy _
Izzy _ 4 days ago
This is the best stereotype on the channel, in front of the grocery one
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