Halloween (2018) ENDING EXPLAINED + Sequel Theory

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The shocking ending to Halloween (2018) and twist explained, plus Michael Myers mask & Allyson connection theory and Halloween franchise easter eggs you missed!
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Jamie Lee Curtis returns to her iconic role as Laurie Strode, who comes to her final confrontation with Michael Myers, the masked figure who has haunted her since she narrowly escaped his killing spree on Halloween night four decades ago.

Master of horror John Carpenter will executive produce and serve as creative consultant on this film, joining forces with cinema’s current leading producer of horror, Jason Blum (Get Out, Split, The Purge, Paranormal Activity). Inspired by Carpenter’s classic, filmmakers David Gordon Green and Danny McBride crafted a story that carves a new path from the events in the landmark 1978 film, and Green also directs.
Halloween will also be produced by Malek Akkad, whose Trancas International Films has produced the Halloween series since its inception, and Bill Block (Elysium, District 9). In addition to Carpenter and Curtis, Green and McBride will executive produce under their Rough House Pictures banner.
Cast: Jamie Lee Curtis, Judy Greer, Will Patton, Nick Castle, Andi Matichak, Omar J. Dorsey
Director: David Gordon Green
Writers: David Gordon Green & Danny McBride & Jeff Fradley
Based on Characters Created by: John Carpenter and Debra Hill
Produced by: Jason Blum, Malek Akkad, Bill Block
Executive Producers: John Carpenter, Jamie Lee Curtis, David Gordon Green, Danny McBride
Halloween will be distributed worldwide by Universal Pictures. Universal Pictures will release Trancas International Films, Blumhouse Productions and Miramax’s Halloween on Friday, October 19, 2018.
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Oct 20, 2018




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Flicks And The City
Do you think Michael is still alive? And what do you think Allyson holding the knife at the end means? *MORE Halloween (2018) videos HERE* *Secrets & Things You Missed* ► ruvid.net/video/video-EMeAM6iFB4I.html *Halloween Deleted Scenes* ► ruvid.net/video/video-HGB59xsBv44.html Giveaway winners announced on new video here ► ruvid.net/video/video-7edRD1-_Oqs.html
Samuel ridlon ,2
Her holding the knife Is a reference to Halloween 4 At the end of 4 Jamie was holding a bloody knife Like in Halloween 2018
Samuel ridlon ,2
Junior Anaya
Junior Anaya Year ago
Bullets can't kill him he walks right out of fire and there is typically nothing no one can do to stop him Michael Myers is a devil as Samuel Loomis claimed
Dustin Allen
Dustin Allen Year ago
I think he's still alive
Dustin Allen
Dustin Allen Year ago
Yes I do think he's still alive because he was he caught on fire on that movie that you just said he still alive so yes I think they're going to make another one I don't know when it might be I don't know but you still alive
Sugar ray
Sugar ray 19 days ago
I'm not going to lie I miss the fact that Michael and Laurie where siblings.
Rags Rocco
Rags Rocco 20 days ago
Love the halloween jacket and the t shirt
Akane S
Akane S 24 days ago
Waitttt... wait.. JLC won't be Laurie in the next movie??? ;-;
Danne Smith
Danne Smith 27 days ago
I thought this was the finale. One last movie to close the circle. Now you're telling me Michael didn't die? He was trapped in a burning basement...
K 29 days ago
3:35 I agree.
Dany Velarde
Dany Velarde 3 months ago
I dont get luries children
Jessica Lizarraga
Jessica Lizarraga 3 months ago
So... i thought that this movie was going to be a sequel to H20. I'm so confused
Hannibal Lecter
Hannibal Lecter 3 months ago
When he kill the sister
Bing Bong Productions
When are they going to stop this slasher remake shit. The only good Halloween movie is the original all these sequels are so stupid
94D 3 months ago
Mostly agree with you. But i don't balieve that Michael Myers is the mask and not the person. We see Michael kill without his mask quite a few times during The 2009 Halloween Michael was unmasked for the most part of the movie.+ He does have emotions in Haloween 4 he even drops a tear. Idk i don't think people will like Michael duying and someone replacing him.
Derrick Hobbs
Derrick Hobbs 4 months ago
I just hope alysson can deliver like laurie if she is the new face of Halloween kills and end
the bean
the bean 4 months ago
i like the new mask it looks different
Harlie Strausbaugh
Harlie Strausbaugh 4 months ago
I think Michael wasn't completely a monster because that little boy who played Michael was shocked and he had some feelings and a conscious but they treated like he was pure evil so that's what he became. idk that's just my opinion.
Jedi Master Bender And-Ru Kryze
Lol You seriously presume much. There is a connection. We have yet to find out what it is.
tracy l
tracy l 7 months ago
I hate the word merch
Billy Wehrenberg
Billy Wehrenberg 7 months ago
And Of Course Michael is alive.. The only way you can stop him would be to be like Laurie in H2O and chop off his head
Billy Wehrenberg
Billy Wehrenberg 7 months ago
I honestly think that they should have left the sibling thing alone.. I don’t think it takes anything away from Michael being a sick sadistic killer.. It just explains why he is so obsessed with Laurie and how he knows where to find her and her family.. I think that Allison is still holding onto the knife as a security measure and nothing else.. I think that they only way you could make that connection like with Jamie in Halloween 4 then it would have to come out that they are related.. And like Laurie in the Original Allison too believes that they didn’t stop him in the fire or in Laurie’s case him being shot and going over the balcony
Brian Cherry
Brian Cherry 8 months ago
Overall I liked it. I like that they kept teasing that Micheal was hiding in the closets - I thought that would be great role reversal. But in the end she disappears after a fall, which was a less obvious reversal. I loved the trap ending. But, I do have complaints. Mostly, Micheal's rampage before finding Allyson... it didn't make sense. Why does he kill the woman just to get the knife? I thought maybe the house was important. Why does he kill Allyson's friend? Is it just coincidence that he went there? Or was he waiting for Allyson? As far as the future goes, the filmaker's seem to be giving some thought about what a female killer could do. It's not something that's been common through the years.
LAMLM24/7/365 8 months ago
Who is Karen's Father?
Spinner_boy04 Gamer
Spinner_boy04 Gamer 8 months ago
So they're remakes of the sequels that doesn't make sense why just make a remake or a reboot and call it good oh wait they want MONEY
James Jensen
James Jensen 9 months ago
New Dr. Lumas. Is very bad Donald pleasant was the best lumas
Anita Iagulli
Anita Iagulli 9 months ago
Yes I think hes still alive but I think the twist might b that the granddaughter will suffer a form of PTSD and join Michael n a killing spree
April Browning
April Browning 9 months ago
there is going to be 2 more HALLOWEEN 2020 then 2021 after that HALLOWEEN is OVER
Karlee Valentino
Karlee Valentino 9 months ago
Maybe Michael isn't coming back.. maybe we will see the first female version of Michael. Since we've had female Ghostbusters and Oceans Eleven all female cast.. Jamie Lee Curtis has kinda been mentioning that women are arising now over and over again in her interviews and given how the roles have switched from predator and prey could be a foreshadowing of a female being the next Michael Myers.
Smiths Grove
Smiths Grove 9 months ago
michael hyde
michael hyde 9 months ago
My favorite scene was the ending credits! No my favorite science was Michael chasing Laurie in the clinic, and Michael killing the hospital staff!
Neil Goldring
Neil Goldring 10 months ago
He burned to "Death?" In Halloween 2 in the hospital. I know there had to be more. Fire isn't strong enough.
steve henrichs
steve henrichs 10 months ago
Logan Rith
Logan Rith 10 months ago
Question why didnt michael go for allyson when she ran into the woods?
Edward Feeney
Edward Feeney 10 months ago
They screwed up the whole franchise story wise now it sucks
good music Man
good music Man 10 months ago
If Michael Myers was gone then nobody would watch the sequel
villen 11 months ago
Stop asking me to subscribe at the beginning of every video, present me with a good video and then I'll decide if I wanna sub
Nevan Slone
Nevan Slone 11 months ago
Didn’t care for it.
Callum Tall
Callum Tall 11 months ago
Awesome video 😍😍😍😆😆😆
Lalo Munoz
Lalo Munoz 11 months ago
i don't think you can replace dr loomis. with thee new dr.
Mr. Entringer
Mr. Entringer Year ago
Danielle Harris should have played Curtis daughter not Judy Greer.
There wasn’t a twist. Why are you being weird? This movie was pretty straightforward, hate to break it to you.
freakylilg Year ago
This was the worst Halloween movie (somehow worse than Rob zombies) and possibly the worst horror movie ever.
DialM4 Masala
DialM4 Masala Year ago
of course Donald Pleasence couldnt return, if he was still alive he'd be 100 years old
sheila Me
sheila Me Year ago
I think the granddaughter somehow is new killer because she was holding the knife
Nate Shawcross
The idea of alison becoming the next "Michael" No! Just No!
jay h
jay h Year ago
i went to the cinema to watch this dressed as the original 1978 michael , dont know who was more freaked out the people watching the film around me or the weather spoons staff in the pub befor hahah, love this franchise the best of the best in horror slashers, long live michael whhop whoop
Robert Holmes
Robert Holmes Year ago
The Original Halloween will always be the Best and 2018 Halloween is definitely the second Best.
Oh God PLEASE dont go with the supernatural, "Michael passes on his powers and now you're a killer" bullshit. Please don't go down that road again
andre bredell
andre bredell Year ago
Why have all that weaponry only not to use it properly? Those handguns are for a closed fight! Having a knife and not know how to use it is pathetic! Why not have .44 all around the house instead? A long barrel is not designed for conducting closed in fighting! Michele is a devil-filled being, thus, NO Wrestling! You will lose! Headshots only! Why burn down your fortress? Stand at top of the stairs and again, deliver mutiple head shots! I get it, it is only a movie, but she asked!
Maximus Prime
Maximus Prime Year ago
Must EVERYTHING have a twist ending?!
Headless Horseman
The sibling angle is still so very much a winner. I believe it should be explored again.
Zerowing 321
Zerowing 321 Year ago
If you look at the end the person in the mask has 2 eyes and isn't blinde in one eye
Giovanna Veteri
It was awesome
Dean Barrett
Dean Barrett Year ago
If you look closely at the pumpkin bit when the camera zoom in on it look closely at the eye it's the shape of Michaels marsk
Your local idiot 0948
I think he is alive because if they kill him and make another one they would be just repeating season of the witch and that got bad reviews soooooo
sam clemens
sam clemens Year ago
I am sure everyone has noticed that Michael never bleeds. Yes Niece has the knife has been touched Michael. But the Dr wore the mask. We saw what the mask did by the patients in the Sanatorium ( cue up Metallica)! Could his niece's scene been a distraction from the Doc wearing mask. In Halloween are you ever really dead? Great video I wish I had found this earlier. Truly well done
SageofSorrow Year ago
I never understood this fascination and question of “why” Michael does what he does. He’s insane, that’s the only explanation you need. He just....does. And what he does is Kill.
Laura James
Laura James Year ago
How about a Michael vs Jason
Reynaldo Corredor
I new Michael myers were not dead
M.R. Heppener
M.R. Heppener Year ago
3 generations of screamers 🎃
Eduardo Plasencia
I’d say the best scene was when he was walking around the neighborhood killing off some neighbors.
dhlhthriwdhs kissos
If they make a sequel, they better make clear if laurie is indeed his sister in this timeline
LAMLM24/7/365 Year ago
they should end it..part deuce, and deuces for good. Sartain is OTT and part 2 is first and first is last. with inverted roles maybe? but no female should take over the franchise, franchise should die.
Carolyn Sutterfield
What about the son? Why don't they bring him up??
Adrian Preston
Of course Michael will be back because you can't kill the boogeyman.
antmagor Year ago
I was disappointed in this movie, I was hoping we might actually get to see Michael unmasked. Or at the very least get to hear him say one word, maybe hear him Bello Lori’s name right before she says goodbye Michael. It also didn’t really feel like a role reversal, at least not in a way I could appreciate. It felt slightly more reminiscent of Ridley and the alien.
Harrison Ford Universe
I think that Michael is still alive and I think that Allyson holding the knife is her realizing that her grandma is right and I think that they should make a sequel
Carrie Year ago
This new Halloween was so shit i forgot it as soon as the credits came up.
P.j. W
P.j. W Year ago
To the max Bitches ⁉✴😢
samantha diaz
samantha diaz Year ago
Wow, this is incredible. The connection to the original films makes it that much more appealing.. Go STRODES...LOL
That movie 👎👎👎👎👎
XxXdeadly sniperXxX 99
Its obviously not another loon from the loony bin because only michael possess the kind of strength to literally curb stomp without a curb and squish somebody's head in like an egg and even rip jaws apart and even pick sombody up with one hand, also i dont think hes dead and will most likely make another appearance
elizabeth flores
I think in 20 years Alison will be like micheal
LT Matthis
LT Matthis Year ago
Allison has to be the Leader in the New Halloween 2019 from the Sequel of the Halloween 2018 40 Years Later. Michael Myers is Still Alive Because Evil Never Dies. Michael Myers has been shot, stabbed in body many times, ran over, been set on fire to burn, body parts missing from a gun by L. Strode in Halloween 2018 Movie. The Halloween Sequel must start right off from where Halloween 2018, & not having us fans wait no more. Us Fans that Love, or like a Movie like this Halloween 2018, must have a good follow up NOW. Any director, going to make Sequel to Halloween 2018 read this completely, ( Pick Up Where the Halloween 2018 stopped at with L. Strode's house burning in flames, with Michael Myers confind in L. Strode's basement in flames, then a truck driver in a truck picks up L. Strode, Karen, & Allison with the 3 of them getting in the back of the truck to leave the Michael Myers to Burn N Hell ) .
ArYa Note2self
Mike is like a twisted reject version of the first Adam and he seems to look at the family especially his own female familiars as the eves. That somehow skip many many generations and manifested into the same family branch so he wants to kill the females who led him to temptation. It’s an incest of horror mass murdering.😂😱😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂
Cameron Rodriguez
I don’t feel like they should kill him off and someone else should become “the shape”. Because Michael Myers is Michael Myers he cant be anyone else
What if michael is posessed, it could be why he cant die, maybe the soul of satan has taken over michaels body and that the asylum patients knew and thats why they freaked out when they saw the mask
And satan has many shapes through religions so there is more proof that he MAY be satan
Daniel Dalton
Daniel Dalton Year ago
It looks like Laurie’s granddaughter is going to respond to her PTSD the opposite way her Grandma did and become the killer as they focused on her holding the knife as the last shot. And the director seems to want to do everything the opposite of the original, I see him continuing that in the sequel. It would be more realistic for Michael to die. And quite a twist to make Allison a killer. Would she kill her mom and grandma? Guess we’ll have to wait and see.
Paul Revere
Paul Revere Year ago
Remember all the slasher movies that got negative criticism for having a killer killing for no reason? Now this Halloween has a killer killing for no reason and it gets praised for that lol. Amazing
Anthony Horrocks
If someone needs a simple ending like this explained they should stick to sponge bob
7:26 ...So your idea is that Micheal Is Ghostface?
H K Year ago
This movie fucking sucked
T Lu
T Lu Year ago
I liked the use of the Halloween 3 trick and treat masks. Respect.
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