Half in the Bag: Borat 2 and The Haunting of Bly Manor

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Half in the Bag is back! Since they're not going to the theater to see the 1.5 movies that have actually been released recently, Mike and Jay instead talk about a couple of popular streaming options, the Borat sequel and The Haunting of Bly Manor. RIP Movie Theaters.


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Nov 8, 2020




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Storkksound MEDIA
Storkksound MEDIA 18 hours ago
The cop in titanic feeling guilty about killing someone really took me out of it. Not very realistic
mreshadow Day ago
The Tenet Snyder cut is going to be fire
Lunar Vania
Lunar Vania 3 days ago
I actually liked it better than Hill House, maybe it was the acid but man i thought the Cinematography and Actors/Actressed were pretty good!
Lewis Buchan
Lewis Buchan 3 days ago
It's Victorian not edwardian you complete nonce
Lu Chan
Lu Chan 3 days ago
I mean let's be real Rudy giuliani IS disgusting, we all know it lol. Even if here in the Borat movie it is heavily edited. It still kind of matches him
oicoseg 4 days ago
Just asking you to do more videos guys ...!
Russell Davis
Russell Davis 5 days ago
Sorry guys but you're wrong in the last bit about the South Park issue, and it's maybe an age thing. Loads of kids my age (I'm 30) grew up watching South Park, younger than they probably should have, but it was majorly popular and a cartoon, so it snuck under the radar or was just ignored by a lot of parents. I heard kids parroting the antisemitic jokes on the playground constantly, in spite of (or perhaps because) nobody where I grew up had probably ever met a Jewish person. It normalized it. Now we've got loads of people who became sympathetic with far-right ideology and there's a very consistent through-line that a lot of them got into it with jokes and memes to start, and it's hard to ignore that South Park primed them for accepting those as humorous. I ain't gonna go hard blaming the Parkers for that shit, but it's undeniable that it had a very real effect and contributed to the amount of antisemitism online, especially in the younger demographic. As for idolizing Cartman, yes, some people did. A lot of friend groups have that asshole, and having a cartoonishly absurd (but often surprisingly savvy and capable) representation of that was appealing to some people. Some people also just like to be offensive, as I'm sure you know and understand. Not only that, but there was a fairly robust trend in media of the asshole who gets away with being an asshole because he's smart, which persists to this day, although less outrageously (most of the time). And Cartman, despite being categorically awful, frequently got away with it, and wasn't some recurring villain, but a main character on the show and part of the core friend group.
Also Winning
Also Winning 5 days ago
I did not expect for y'all to ruin Chopped
circosomatico 5 days ago
The way the frat boys talked about stuff, I doubt they're "grown, different men" now. Probably running around in red hats, so yeah, hope they never get that shit off their shoulders.
Free Canadian
Free Canadian 7 days ago
When did Jeremy Jahns replace Jay?
tj3k 11 days ago
44:27 Is that Sergio?
Daniel Richards
Daniel Richards 12 days ago
“ You mean to tell me that people have been taken advantage of for centuries now?!” There’s a whole building devoted to it...” Yeah, televangelists and their churches.
Earl of Doncaster
Earl of Doncaster 12 days ago
So Mike way the other person who liked Brothers Grimsby.
GouRiLLa 13 days ago
Someone can go :T like that to something that happened twenty minutes ago.
pepe the frog poops on right wingers
the haunting of borat [very niiiiiice]
Mark Lowney
Mark Lowney 15 days ago
Mark Lowney
Mark Lowney 15 days ago
Daniel 17 days ago
I would definitely watch Tent starring Peter Dinklage and/or Danny Devito
DanielNothing 18 days ago
2 things: 1) The Others is not based on The Turn of The Screw. It just FEELS like a remake of The Innocents. 2) please check out the documentary VHS Massacre and have the speed-dial to your lawyer to hand. EDIT: William Murdoch was Scottish, not Irish. Ok I'm done.
Kradan Shulev
Kradan Shulev 20 days ago
The maximum security prison ... I mean, SCHOOL !
Aaron L
Aaron L 21 day ago
The clip they show at 27:00 describes most of the movies they review.
Camw1n 21 day ago
3:40 LOL I agree. Heres how Tenet was sold: Keep audiences in the dark about the plot other than stuff goes backwards, no real star except Twilight guy, no Hans Zimmer and no real hype since Nolans films have been gradually getting more uninteresting....it might have made money because it had Nolan's name on it but I didn't know a single person who was excited about it, even before the pandemic.
Kevin Sanders
Kevin Sanders 23 days ago
Jay Wick?
Sherlock Holmes
Sherlock Holmes 12 days ago
What happened to the “to be continued” from the last episode? 🤣😂
Mike Dome
Mike Dome 24 days ago
Nice, you guys got my respect by being honest about the Rudy Giuliani scene. The amount of willful ignorance the media was showing when this scene came out got me so angry and confused.
Paul McCabe
Paul McCabe 25 days ago
27:37 Borat 2
Phillip Marlowe
Phillip Marlowe 26 days ago
Another Turning of the Screw remake that everyone forgets about is The Innocents.
corork 27 days ago
Guess what? Yep The Expanse is out
נתי חסיד Nati Hassid
It’s so nice to see David Spade has joined your prestigious crew.
oldmoviemusic 28 days ago
Bly Manor was incredibly mediocre. The characters were bland and generic, completely unengaging, the direction was nonexistent, and the pacing/"scares" were lackluster. Hill House was quite brilliant, had directorial vision, and the characters were so well outlined that the scares were genuinely troubling. Bly Manor was a complete failure and a disappointment after Hill House's ingenuity and emotion.
oldmoviemusic 28 days ago
No mention of the only good adaptation of The Turn of the Screw, which is The Innocents from 1960 - one of the greatest horror films ever made. For shame, tsk tsk.
Tech Member
Tech Member 29 days ago
Solid 7:38 intro. I cant wait for Tent, it sounds really good.
Tech Member
Tech Member 29 days ago
And I work on a mountain with a lot of tourists. A lot of people from foreign countries shit while squatting over the toilet for some reason. Messy business
redplague 29 days ago
"Romanian girl they dug up". Bulgarian.
redplague 29 days ago
Why does Jay keep calling it 'Tenent'?
FragLord Month ago
Idk about Borat and Borat 2 having alot of hidden cam stuff. The problem very often is you don't know what is staged and what is not. And I really feel that in Borat 2 that subtlety is gone. Still funny, but not like the first one.
Greg Gauthier
Greg Gauthier Month ago
you three are the only friends I have left
Dimitri S
Dimitri S Month ago
Am I the only one enjoying Discovery Season 3 so far? They can still ruin it, of course, but so far this has been very solid. Let's not forget most Treck first seaons (or two) are crap.
SpongeBob SquarePants
Borat......yes I was bored-at my house watching this unfunny shit
Krumples Month ago
Borat is my favorite minstrel show.
Zull V
Zull V Month ago
The actress portraying his daughter is actually bulgarian. But he does have a few romanian actors on the cast.
This would be so much better if y’all dropped the politics
Em4gdn1m Month ago
Looking more and more like David Spade
Mike Paquette
Mike Paquette Month ago
Wonders if Mike gave Jay that comically large mug that's three times the size of his hands.
Blackball Month ago
44:04..." zoom in on these small rural cities "
john smith
john smith Month ago
There are definately people out there with a begrudging admiration for Cartman in the same way that there are people who admire the Joker. But the thing is, we don't admire who they are or what they do with their talents, we admire the talent itself. Any character that occasionally plays 4D chess with the entire cast just have that quality.
Bonechip Month ago
I share a lot of taste with Jay, but I enjoy Nolan's work. Convoluted sure, I found Tenet fun, lots of good acting, shots, Hans goes full Zimmer.
Quartet Macabre
Quartet Macabre Month ago
The Others is pretty far removed from Turn of the Screw. I'd be shocked if the creators of The Others credited Turn of the Screw as source.
churbles furbles
Baron Cohen exploits peoples hospitality, if someone is acting crazy the naïve may go along with it to avoid conflict, it doesn't reflect on them in the way Cohem imagines, as it reveals Cohens own prejudice in setting up the situation the first place, only to deliberately misinterpret as an attack on others. He's a mean spirited small man who has been pushing the adl Gestapo's censorship lately, so his true agenda is clear for all to see now.
SuperToombs Month ago
I HATED Bly Manor. Such a waste of time.
TheGhettochamp Month ago
Did you guys review cuties yet?
jonny benzene
jonny benzene Month ago
Sasha Baron Cohen is a despicable human being. A real a hole.
Kirill Voronyuk
Kirill Voronyuk Month ago
I farted in my sweatpants while loudly eating nachos. Will watch again!
Logan Lo-Fi
Logan Lo-Fi Month ago
Michael Oberlander
It's really telling about someone who has to explain to an adult how to wipe their ass, meanwhile he brought a bag of shit into their dining room...?
Original Zearoh
Original Zearoh Month ago
She was great. N borat is great, since da ali g days. A great show.
WineNot Month ago
I'm going to make a Kickstarter to create an animated version of TENT
WineNot Month ago
Now interviewing voice talent
Mark Rocha
Mark Rocha Month ago
Bly Manor was like horror if Nicholas Sparks wrote horror. Lesbian horror. Sucked ass.
Herne Month ago
Honestly I thought it was terrible. Just a boring, meandering nothing from start to finish. And the last episode was completely pointless.
Frank the Tank
Frank the Tank Month ago
The woman who was trying to teach Borat how to use a toilet doesn't teach him because she assumed that Kazakhstan doesn't have indoor plumbing, she was teaching him because he definitely did not use the toilet correctly If anything, she's awesome for caring enough to endure teaching someone like him how to use one
Calypso Mirabile
Mike Stoklasa should do more voice over work.
Dr. Stein
Dr. Stein Month ago
Borat 2 felt less like he was letting assholes dig their own grave and more like he was trying to dig people's graves and force them in.
Only made this for comments
Mike looks like Jeffrey DeMunn
Bruce McClelland
hot liquid from the cheap plastic cup release BPA estrogen mimickers and Mike suddenly wants to order more Funko Pop cups.
yoghass Month ago
lol Maria Bakalova is Bulgarian, not Romanian;]
AgitoMakishima Month ago
Bly Manor was so bad. The girl from Hill House was terrible in Bly, although great in Hill. Bly wasn't scary, the Scottish guy was so bad.
The Others rule all others
radred609 Month ago
Tennet was the most interesting nolan film in years. it felt like a better version of inception, with more interesting characters and better pacing.
emperorbailey Month ago
What an amazing "shard of ceramic" journey we've all been on together. Now we know that Mike's bleeding ulcer has nothing to do with his mug.
Andrew Maloney
Andrew Maloney Month ago
A real shame you didn't mention The Innocents, the best adaptation of Turn of the Screw!
Man Incognito
Man Incognito Month ago
FTI: If an elephant killed baby Hitler, none of us would exist now.
Ozymandias King
Ozymandias King Month ago
bly manor was shit
Galactic Shawn
Galactic Shawn Month ago
Mike almost got choked out by Jabba like Leia choked out Jabba. Anyways, fix that Night Court tape please.
Joseph Rion
Joseph Rion Month ago
There is an episode in I believe it's one of the first two season of the magicians, that talks about that timeless death concept, they are talking about 24 minutes in. It's that haunted house.
Sean Douglas
Sean Douglas Month ago
Everyone is an idiot and that's funny. Also, no one ever in the history of the planet would ever misinterpret an ironic antisemitic joke.
Julien Quenneville
borat 2 is fucking awful, shittiest movie of 2020
Hugo Month ago
The Giuliani scene was edited for sure, but still... Rudy was expecting to get laid there, I don't think there's any doubt about it. There's a couple of things you can't edit in (the way he grabbed her by the waist, for instance).
human entity
human entity Month ago
I think these guys are on a lot of opiates
Shion The Hollow
The baby bit in Borat 2 was hilarious. So was your editing with the chopped stuff 😂
K.RP7000 Month ago
Question : If you could talk about 1 movie what would it be ? And why?
febbra2 Month ago
I don't like fisting pause not!
MDR Month ago
I actually thought Greg Sestero was the son of Elliot from E.T guy, who got him a gig. Looks like him.
Cattibingo Month ago
When are you gonna review tenet?
kev catnip
kev catnip Month ago
OA Month ago
Had no idea Mike was a TNG fan! It was nice for him to pull on that obscure show for reference.
Ryan Curtis
Ryan Curtis Month ago
The cage scene was filmed up the road from me here in Washington State, just outside of Seattle. I wish these people were only in the south like you said but unfortunately not.
James Segrue
James Segrue Month ago
The daughter in Borat isn't Romanian, she's Bulgarian.
James Segrue
James Segrue Month ago
Kazakhstan is nothing like it is portrait in Borat, it's actually quite a beautiful country.
James Segrue
James Segrue 17 days ago
@Jim Jam A lot of people do believe that the portrayal of Kazakhstan through Borat is 100% accurate, its just lack of knowledge.
James Segrue
James Segrue 17 days ago
When I say beautiful I do mean scenery, I know nothing about the culture or anything else.
James Segrue
James Segrue 17 days ago
@Vinluv Handesbukia It I was you I would stop sniffing glue
Vinluv Handesbukia
Vinluv Handesbukia 23 days ago
Ok Eurasian. Why don’t you go back to drinking your Milk Tea and being Snow Arabs with Epicanthal Folds?
koko mishka
koko mishka Month ago
I could even imagine Half in a Bag's review of the Tenet. No need to make it.
Padawan Sound
Padawan Sound Month ago
OK, I started playing this video, went to the bathroom to get my toothbrush, and came back at the exact second Mike said "If you're just coming back from the bathroom now", and now I can't sleep.
Jay M
Jay M Month ago
I knew one kid that looked up to Cartman. He isn’t doing so good these days. Who woulda thunked it?
CurtisEbear Month ago
Mikes big follow up to Tent = Ghoast.
NMEdrone Month ago
Would it suprise anyone if the Rudy scene was just as creepy as it seemed? No not at all, thats why people buy it.
Ira Gershwin
Ira Gershwin Month ago
Why would the frat boys be embarrassed when they were right?
Mr. Popo
Mr. Popo Month ago
3:33 Why do you have a pistol loosely sitting on the table? Im not disturbed by its presence but more by that the fact that's it's visible to the camera and loosely sitting on the table like car keys.
aeroripper Month ago
So nobodies gonna talk about the random gun on the table?
Matt Otter
Matt Otter Month ago
When is the last time Church people did a big protest outside a theater? I think you guys are stuck in the 50's, if there's protests now it's from whack jobs saying the film isn't gay enough.
Shad0reavR Month ago
If Terry Gilliam directed "Tent" I'd watch.
SpiffyLord Month ago
SCP-7823 "Tent"
João Sousa
João Sousa Month ago
This Borat was way too much Trump and we are sick of Trump....
Borat 2 was terrible and came out 5 years too late
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