Half Cut Crease Eyeshadow Tutorial for Beginners | ABH Soft Glam Palette

Angela Bright
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Today's video is a SUPER in-depth tutorial on how I do a half cut crease on my *slightly* hooded eyes! This technique is one of my favorites!

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My other cut crease video for hooded eyes

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Anastasia Beverly Hills soft glam eyeshadow palette
Tarte shape tape concealer (light)
RCMA no color powder
Haus Labs liquid eyeliner - punk
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E35 (fluffy blending brush)
E25 (blending brush)
L05 (cut crease brush)
E30 (pencil brush)
E21 (small detail brush)

E27 (smaller than the E25, perfect for blending in the crease if you have small lids)
F70 (“typical” concealer brush)
E58 (large flat brush could be used for cut crease if you want a larger brush)

Music by Cassette Tapes - This Year (Instrumental) - thmatc.co/?l=5078C131
Music by MYSM - Beyond The Fire - thmatc.co/?l=F792E10

My FAVORITE Eyeshadow Brushes
My Microblading Experience
How I Clean My Makeup Brushes
How to get Beautiful Natural Lashes

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Use code ANGELABRIGHT for 10% off

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All of my RUvid graphics (banner, intro, and end slate) are by @rachelcgraphics on IG. Thank you, Rachel!

Filming camera & lens
Filming lights
Are your eyebrows microbladed?
Yes! Here’s a whole video on my experience
What do you use to prime your eyes?
I typically use a concealer (like Tarte shape tape) and I set that with a translucent powder.

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May 6, 2020




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Comments 100
Gamze M
Gamze M 6 hours ago
Finally an in depth cutcrease tutorial! Subscribed 😍
Julie Ball
Julie Ball 2 days ago
Will this work for more mature eyes?
E-SALON Tutorials by Teacher Erza Ulep
New subscribers here..thank you for this very informative video..easy to follow..Im from the Philippines!!! Love your works!!!
Melanie Robinson
Melanie Robinson 2 days ago
Beautiful! New subscriber🥰
Kiara C
Kiara C 5 days ago
wow Such a great video! If more content creators were this detailed I would've gotten into eye make up a long time ago. Thanks so much 💕
daniela tovar
daniela tovar 6 days ago
Thanks for filming with a close up of your eye
Sara Lai
Sara Lai 6 days ago
Wonderful tutorial ! I've taken a break from makeup but I'm super excited to get back into thank you for such an in-depth and informative tutorial
Wel Dear
Wel Dear 6 days ago
Perfect detailed explanation. I’ll try it
Nerissa Oconner
Nerissa Oconner 6 days ago
Nice tutorial thank you!!! . what is the trick or best way to apply eye shadow if you have hooded eyes?
Genoa Aspen Girl
Genoa Aspen Girl 6 days ago
Wow! This is a true tutorial!😊
Abdul Nasir Khan
Abdul Nasir Khan 6 days ago
This is such an in depth video! I love how your instructions were so clean!
Tenille Mcwatters
i wish someone could go w me to buy the right brushes. and label them for me lol
Tenille Mcwatters
i struggle with mine all running together
Norma Lopez
Norma Lopez 7 days ago
Love Love Love It!!!! Awesome
Kianna Medina
Kianna Medina 7 days ago
Such a good tutorial. I couldn’t keep up due to the fact that I don’t have any of those fancy brushes. But definitely informative! Thank you 🙏
Wuquueiwhe Uswuheuwhe
Yang milih allah like 800 ya yang milih dajal abaikan saja
Jeane Caroline Pandie
Awesome..! 😍 It's easy, but I gotta learn more to get a beautiful cut crease eyeshadow like you do. 👌❤
Jane Obaraeze
Jane Obaraeze 9 days ago
Pls what eyeshadow pallet did you use. Thank you for being more detailed I really learnt a lot
Shani M
Shani M 9 days ago
It’s sooooo hard to find someone with hooded eyes do an *in depth tutorial* THANK YOUUUUUUU😭♥️♥️♥️
Shani M
Shani M 9 days ago
*OMG THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH FOR THIS!!!* 1. Thank you for not using a million different brushes cuz ya girl is brokeeee, 2. Thank you for NOT skipping through the video (a lot of people do it) and it makes me confused! So THANK YOUUUU ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️ (I subscribed and liked the video!!)
Rose Woy
Rose Woy 9 days ago
Just beautiful and you explained EVERYTHING IN DEPTH. THANK YOU!
Erica M. Flores
Erica M. Flores 10 days ago
Thank you for those tips.. Subscribed to your channel* Have a good day and love your style! I will be practicing asap!
Debby Walker
Debby Walker 10 days ago
I have always wanted to learn this technique and thanks to your incredibly in depth and close up tutorial, I’m actually getting there! Thanks so much for such a detailed description with a palette that I already own. With a little more practice, I’ll actually be ready to wear this out! So happy I found you ❤️
Shimmerxo inc
Shimmerxo inc 10 days ago
Love your videos
Michelle Stevens
Michelle Stevens 10 days ago
Exactly how I want my eyes to look
Jessica Chaloux
Jessica Chaloux 10 days ago
Love it ! Very beautiful. I want and need the brush set. I’m going to try this look tomorrow!
Jannette Niemeijer
Jannette Niemeijer 10 days ago
Ik vind het prachtig.. elke dag doe ik weer een poging..het lukt maar niet.. dagelijks met een verschrikkelijk resultaat rondlopen..en daar ben je dan een uur bezig geweest..voor niets
Jennifer Frac-Schmeling
Years? Ugh.....
Adrienne Beasley
Adrienne Beasley 10 days ago
Loved this video. Thank you.
Charlene Cress
Charlene Cress 10 days ago
Your toutorial was outstanding. I had no idea what you were doing and I understood. Thank you so very much for showing me how to make my eyes look better. You are very beautiful.
Shanna WifeLife
Shanna WifeLife 11 days ago
So good
Nidaafreen Havaldar
Math is easy bt this hashhhhhhh
Lilit Martirosyan
Lilit Martirosyan 13 days ago
I love this look. Awesome job 👍🏼
Shofiyyah Almaas Muria
I was struggling to find what is the best cut crease tutorial for my hooded eyes and i think this tutorial is best for me :)
Ren Phelps Z
Ren Phelps Z 14 days ago
Love that you gave us every step
patty melen
patty melen 14 days ago
Eternal Cycles Tarot by Kate
Brilliantly demonstrated! Thank you.
Marzanna S.
Marzanna S. 15 days ago
Nothing can be seen by subtitles on the video
Marzanna S.
Marzanna S. 15 days ago
@Angela Bright ok
Angela Bright
Angela Bright 15 days ago
Then turn off the subtitles.
Amber Sutton
Amber Sutton 15 days ago
Me:Does this step by step Looks like racoon😂
browneyes OLIVE
browneyes OLIVE 15 days ago
Absolutely perfect tutorial. Very simple yet in depth. Thank you. 🥰
Flawless Bhurki
Flawless Bhurki 15 days ago
Your cut crease is so sharp and clear. I end up blending my cut crease too, it doesn’t look this good. Anyways, there’s much more to learn 😄
Star Meka
Star Meka 15 days ago
Verg good video, it explained so much
Jess Royes
Jess Royes 16 days ago
How u make it look so easy?
Change Eye Color
Change Eye Color 16 days ago
ella bak beauty
ella bak beauty 16 days ago
love this!
Arianna Seusankar
Arianna Seusankar 16 days ago
I find it very attractive and beauty of art my teddy bear tells me it looks glamorous
S H 17 days ago
This is absolutely gorgeous and you didn't use an insane amount of products too!
lisa cavender
lisa cavender 19 days ago
Yudi Pitre
Yudi Pitre 19 days ago
Can you a tutorial for older person that her eyes have dropped at the ends. Can no longer do a cat eye look. Thank you
olive cabrito
olive cabrito 19 days ago
Need more more practice to get that so so good eye make up. Awesome!
olga flores
olga flores 19 days ago
This is the first time I can actually see how you actually did those beautiful eyes. Thank you so much for showing me I can actually get this done . you were so patient in explaining in detail which is what will help me achieve this look . I loved it❤
Samantha Wilson
Samantha Wilson 19 days ago
you have no idea how thankful I am that you made this video! seriously, thank you so much for being so through & talking though everything simply. I've been wearing makeup for years, but never kept up with current trends or many actual techniques.. and I have hooded eyes, which I didn't even figure out until a little while ago, LOL. so this is super life-changing to me. new subbie, for sure!
Coffee l Hounds l Lashes
Your makeup turned out so beautiful. Great tips, I’m inspired! 💜
Lily L
Lily L 21 day ago
I found your channel today & I subscribed immediately. Do you have any tutorial for eyebrows?
Lynda Hollins
Lynda Hollins 21 day ago
Hi Angela, I am 55 and have been wanting to try this method for so long now you make it seem easy enough for my old hooded eyes. thank you xx
Mina Tamang
Mina Tamang 21 day ago
Some of content I couldn't see coz subtitles covered it.☹
samantha hazlewood
Kortney Bennett
Kortney Bennett 21 day ago
Excellent job! New subscriber.
Jasmine K
Jasmine K 22 days ago
I love this tutorial.... the only thing is using a concealer on your eyelids causes your lids to become extremely oily. Eyelids are already naturally oily.... a lid primer is a much better choice
Jasmine K
Jasmine K 22 days ago
@Angela BrightDid you just use mascara on your lower lashes or falsies?
Jasmine K
Jasmine K 22 days ago
@Angela Bright Fair enough
Angela Bright
Angela Bright 22 days ago
That depends on your skin type. I use concealer ALL the time on my lids and never get oily
Jeibi Cruz
Jeibi Cruz 22 days ago
Angela Kidd
Angela Kidd 22 days ago
Your eyes are the exact same as mine, I love watching your videos cause they help me so much.
tempted1381 22 days ago
this was a video i definitely needed to watch. i’m a complete beginner at makeup, other than lipstick, gloss, mascara, and eyeliner, and i’m just getting into this now and i’m in my 30’s. i’m always fascinated by eyeshadow blending and ESP crease cuts. omg, they always look so beautiful. i’m so glad i clicked on this video because it just happened to be in my recommendations. i still haven’t invested in an eyeshadow brush set yet. i want to get sigma brushes because i’ve seen various people in the makeup world using them and speaking very highly of them, and i know that they’re cruelty-free, so that’s a plus. now i know which ones to get since the ones you used were perfect for everything you did in your tutorial that i realllly wanted and needed to learn. i’m happy there’s a lip brush, because i’m constantly misplacing or losing my lip brushes. thank you for this totally needed video. 💖
Mrs Bob
Mrs Bob 22 days ago
Thank you so much my mom has a slightly hooded eye, can’t wait to hook her up ❤️💖🙏🏽
Mahta Mouse
Mahta Mouse 22 days ago
Wow, so I have hooded eyes?? I always thought hooded eyes didn't have a lid that showed. My eyes look like yours.... I have a double crease... and have spent years trying to find the best way of applying eye shadow; thanks, I learned something new!
Rachael Louise
Rachael Louise 22 days ago
OMG this gives me old school RUvid vibes. Love this! :)
Princess Guzman
Princess Guzman 23 days ago
Princess Guzman
Princess Guzman 23 days ago
So Beautiful
Liliana Santiago
Liliana Santiago 23 days ago
Awsome video! New sub here 🙋‍♀️
Mairead Kenny
Mairead Kenny 23 days ago
I find it so hard blending eyeshadows like u have a hooded eye but u went through every step PERFECTLY, I hate when mua forward parts but every step was perfect I ve tried I had to keep rewinding the video as I was doing it at the same time. Well done ur extremely talented.
cesar chavez rivera
This video is so 2008 vibes when RUvid actually taught something. Thankyou!!!!
Aqua 24 days ago
You have beautiful eyes.
Pankil Batra
Pankil Batra 25 days ago
V v v nice for beginners like me!! Thank you 🌷
Beccy O
Beccy O 25 days ago
New subscriber here. Love your videos. This is so helpful and amazing! 🌟
• ꧁꧂ •
• ꧁꧂ • 25 days ago
Im not wearing any make up but i really wanna try this. I dont wear any foundation or concealer. So I was wondering if this works without the concealer
Deane Clark
Deane Clark 25 days ago
Very nice! I love it! Thank you for sharing! 😊
tina bradley
tina bradley 25 days ago
U are so great at instructing n a very gifted artist.. Thank u! I just subscribed... Loved it!!
Sidney Sidney
Sidney Sidney 25 days ago
OMG the perfect video!!! I had to pause your video and I ran out to purchase the brushes and the Soft Clam by Anastasia! I have struggled for years on how to apply eyeshadow on my eyes. Thank you for taking the time and being extremely precise with your instructions!!! I literally watched your video 3xs : ) Sending lots of hugs to you!!!
Shine Joseph
Shine Joseph 26 days ago
Michelle L
Michelle L 26 days ago
Great video and very detailed!
Juanita Gartley
Juanita Gartley 26 days ago
rosemarie bauer
rosemarie bauer 26 days ago
thanks for the indepeth tutorial , I cant wait to try this.
Mary Wallbridge
Mary Wallbridge 27 days ago
Hi Angela thanks for doing this tutorial, it's a gorgeous look and the cut crease is perfect ,thank you for giving so much detail and direction during this tutorial on how to do a cut crease it's very helpful, oh congratulations on your new place you look like you've got things together and will prosper take care all the best Mary in Australia 🌻
Michelle Caines
Michelle Caines 27 days ago
I adore that you show us how to do hooded eyes. I soooo needed this. Gorgeousssss 🤗
Luna Lawrence
Luna Lawrence 27 days ago
I love the look and all the details you did good job don’t stop show us more
Danielle Boyle
Danielle Boyle 28 days ago
This was SO helpful. Thank you!
Google Me
Google Me 28 days ago
I'm in love wih this
I Am Chupsie
I Am Chupsie 28 days ago
Thank you for this video I needed this lesson 🧡🧡🧡
luz romero
luz romero 28 days ago
Great explanation I learned something new
luz romero
luz romero 28 days ago
If u use primer do u also use concealer
PSYCHIC BABBS 28 days ago
Loved it!
Meemz 28 days ago
Years??? Noooo I got until this evening to learn this 🤣🤣
April Messer
April Messer 28 days ago
Omg! You have no idea how happy I found your channel! You explain and show so in depth that I'm not afraid to try the looks! Please never change, this 51 year old needs all the help she can find and well explained. Thank you!
Amelia Barrales
Amelia Barrales 29 days ago
Thank you
BlingBea 29 days ago
Came from Jan Phelps channel where she mentioned in a comment how she got the eye look she was wearing from you, had to,pop on over and just subscribed, I’m 66 and love playing with eye shadows even though it gets harder with age and more droopy.💖
Kim Jundt
Kim Jundt Month ago
Marivel Dehoyos
Marivel Dehoyos Month ago
Loved loved all the details ! First video ever that didn't leave anything out. Thank you!
DreamLara1181 Month ago
i love it, thanks for the tutorial
Danielle Nicole
Danielle Nicole Month ago
How do you do your brows? Gorgeous!
Kaye Murphy
Kaye Murphy Month ago
Samantha Kask
Samantha Kask Month ago
I literally went through this tutorial for Over an hour, and just kept listening and practicing. You described the brushes and the way you use them in a way that I needed to learn. You killed it on this and thank you for the end of the advice, you got it girl!
Angela Bright
Angela Bright Month ago
That makes me sooo happy ❤️❤️
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