Halal Thai Food - UNIQUE SNAKEFRUIT and Cardamom Stems at Ban Nam Chiao (บ้านน้ำเชี่ยว)

Mark Wiens
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Ban Nam Chiao (บ้านน้ำเชี่ยว) is a picturesque town in Trat, Thailand!
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Day 6 (Trat ตราด): Eastern Thailand Food and Travel Tour. Watch all 8 videos here:
On Day 6 we headed to Ban Nam Chiao (บ้านน้ำเชี่ยว), a small town with lots of history and culture in Trat. We met up with Khun Na who bought some ingredients and cooked us some unique Thai Trat style Halal food.
Ban Nam Chiao (บ้านน้ำเชี่ยว) is quite an amazing town in Trat. First you enter and there’s an iconic bridge with a pretty steep arch so the fishing boats can pass. Part of the fun of visiting is crossing the bridge. The village has done a great job of offering eco tours and homestays if you’re interested as well.
Unique ingredients used in the cooking:
Rakam (ระกำ) - salacca wallichiana
Krawan (กระวาน) - amomum testaceum (cardamom stems)
Here are the dishes we cooked and ate:
Mung bean noodles, crab (วุ้นเส้นผัดปู)
Chicken, cardamom stems (ไก่ผัดกระวาน)
Shrimp paste, salacca (น้ำพริกระกำ)
Climbing wattle omelet (ชะอมไข่)
Fried pompano (ปลาจาระเม็ดทอด)
Barramundi, salacca, cardamom stems (ปลากระพงต้มระกำกระวาน)
Pineapple (สับปะรด) - 20 THB ($0.64)
After finishing the amazing food, we continued on to Koh Chang (เกาะช้าง), an island in Trat.
Koh Chang Ferry with car - 280 THB ($8.96)
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Comments 100
missy mason
missy mason Day ago
missy mason
missy mason Day ago
Halal food...very nice. Preferred food.
george bush
george bush Day ago
White+asian=fuckjng Indian look who is from Bombay
E EE 19 days ago
This food looks amazing and a fan of Mark .The only thing I cant comprehend is why people dont cook at standing position , I know its their way but they are hurting their backs specially for older people, also why cant they implement the table to sit while eating . Its not bad to adapt to newer ways .its like someone having a car parked in their driveway and walking to work everyday . No say its their way of life cause ive seen people with cellphones and cooking on the floor while having a table next to them.
E EE 19 days ago
Food in this vid looks amazing
Shaira Cambara
Shaira Cambara Month ago
So beautiful and peaceful. Food looked amazing. God bless you and your family. I can't travel but I thank you for all your travels I trully love everywhere you and your beautiful family goes.🌟🌟🌟😋😋😋💖💖💖
Jitesh Rajanhire
Are madarchoda
D hadin
D hadin Month ago
Is that how the snake fruit is called in Thai? Salaka? :) because in Indonesian it's called Salak.
Lin Chan
Lin Chan Month ago
Thai food😍
Syed Zada
Syed Zada Month ago
Love from pakista mark 😘😘😘
Reddy Krish
Reddy Krish Month ago
Don't talk too much yar just show food not u r face
abdul agung Wijaya
abdul agung Wijaya 2 months ago
Haaaa, tidak puasa dia 🤣😂 Aduh telat banget gua nontonya.. Anyone here in 2019 ?? 🔥🔥🔥
Elizabeth Paredes
Elizabeth Paredes 2 months ago
I really MUST travel more! I agree with Patricia Highton, her cooking style is fantastic. Sometimes I wish there was an International "cookbook" to thumb through, so I can put the taste to THE dish!! Thanks again for making my mouth water and my stomach rumble!! Namaste Mark, keep up the great work.
Tizzle Smith
Tizzle Smith 2 months ago
Awwww Micah is growing right in front of our eyes
Tuty Hasjim
Tuty Hasjim 2 months ago
Hi, Mark, am new to your channel. Is cardamom stem as same as lemon grass? By the way, the river is clean. Always love your videos, full of knowledge.
Abdul Manaf Mohamed Daud
So delicious...😵😵😵
Reghu Vp Raman
Reghu Vp Raman 2 months ago
Why don't you eat tha sweet crab?
Yvonne Joseph
Yvonne Joseph 2 months ago
The food is looking awesome.
nooruls kitchen
nooruls kitchen 3 months ago
Wow yummy super delicious
khaliena Alrashoo
khaliena Alrashoo 3 months ago
I'm new here! So curious watching this vlog of Mark Wiens!! Woooowww!so amazed with all of that foods!!! She really cooked well! It's look so yummy!
Sidiq Mahendra
Sidiq Mahendra 3 months ago
In Indonesia,that shrimp paste called terasi...which is one of ingredient to make some delicious sambal...🤤
m m
m m 3 months ago
Iffy Ben
Iffy Ben 3 months ago
Hello mark.. Im will going go bangkok this april.. Can u suggest me where to get halal food at bngkok?
Nosheen Khan
Nosheen Khan 3 months ago
Assalamualiekum Mark i love you biggest Wala you are my favorite parson
Raion Hato
Raion Hato 3 months ago
Hmm...I've never heard that before that stirring a pot will make fish soup smell bad
tanandon suwannapha
tanandon suwannapha 3 months ago
sonia aguilera
sonia aguilera 3 months ago
Todo fabuloso!!
Angela Baril
Angela Baril 3 months ago
Mark I loved the video, wish you would have given us some of the sights of Elephant Island it look's so amazing looking over you shoulder from the balcony. I live life through your channel and enjoy every moment. I am so jealous of your diet, I can not eat rice due to illness. I love rice I grew up eating it, now I can not eat it. What would you do if one day you woke up and no longer could eat rice? Well it happened to me and the food you eat all around the world seems to be with rice. Love your family, Mark is getting big and keep filming so I can keep traveling if only in my mind. Love to all and God Bless. The girl from Florida.
Roni Rahman
Roni Rahman 3 months ago
Nice cooking style...
T J 3 months ago
halal is cruel.. fkc these evil muslim "people"
Paul Deland
Paul Deland 3 months ago
Cardamom is a very expensive spice here in America. Does it come from this root you showed us? Is it the same flavor essence as cardamom spice?
🏴‍☠️Sarah Gold
What a neat village. So colorful and cute.
Dhiresh Reang
Dhiresh Reang 3 months ago
Really awesome
Rosa Celestial
Rosa Celestial 3 months ago
1:29 Guys having fun with Penis
Nadir Baloch
Nadir Baloch 3 months ago
Please visit Pakistan again. You missed balochistan, naran, kaghan, interior sindh, south punjab, citral in your last trip to Pakistan.
kraiw john rever bot
Halal food is amazing
Abdul Shukor Hadi
Abdul Shukor Hadi 3 months ago
6:35 here's the fish, honey
Hope Peace
Hope Peace 3 months ago
Hi Mark. I enjoy your shows and appreciate that you are adding a little more culture and sightseeing to your videos. I also hope that you will talk a little more about the quality of food that you taste, specifically, please inform us whether the food is organically raised food vs chemically produced. For example, when you eat fish, it would be great if you mention that the fish is farm-raised or wild caught. The same for vegetables, fruits, eggs, chickens and other meat. You taste a lot of food and we are wondering about the quality of the ingredients. Thanks! :)
Arslan Bajwa
Arslan Bajwa 3 months ago
This aunty is so amazing. She looks so gentle
Trilce 3 months ago
is crab halal?
dinrus Rusli
dinrus Rusli 2 months ago
Depend what kind of crab
bella k
bella k 3 months ago
Could you tell me how is your wife cooking ? Is she is cooking well ?
Daniel Brant
Daniel Brant 3 months ago
Noticed a few times in Thailand especially looks like Mark has gone high tech with drones. Real class act.
nor suzana Khamaruddin
Thank you Mark for showing Thai halal food ...👍
Don't Mind Me, I'm So Freaking Non-Sense
That bridge is freaking me out
Em Robotics
Em Robotics 4 months ago
love from pk......love it hallal thai food and smooth enviroment
Aneeza Iqbal
Aneeza Iqbal 4 months ago
Halal all the way ❤️ Blessed to be a Muslim.
Nadia Hassan
Nadia Hassan 4 months ago
Nadia Hassan
Nadia Hassan 4 months ago
Nadia Hassan
Nadia Hassan 4 months ago
Nadia Hassan
Nadia Hassan 4 months ago
Ndd sOup tOO
Nadia Hassan
Nadia Hassan 4 months ago
Fish chicken luking yummm
Nadia Hassan
Nadia Hassan 4 months ago
Nadia Hassan
Nadia Hassan 4 months ago
Yummm yummm yummm
Nadia Hassan
Nadia Hassan 4 months ago
Nadia Hassan
Nadia Hassan 4 months ago
Niiice 😍
Best ForeEver
Best ForeEver 4 months ago
Halal mean those specific varieties of food which are allowed in ISLAM, in animals there are certain kind of animals allowed to eat ( e.g all animals having hoofs cutted into 2 portions except only 1 animal that is pork) * reason is mentioned in :HOLY QURAN : [well all kind of veg is allowed which are edible] [in fishes ISLAM only allow fishe (containing thorn bones only,)] ['' 'in birds all those kinds are allowed which (eats their meal without using their toes only by beaks) e.g pigeons, chicken] [all above food is sacred to eat and mentioned in BIBLE AND QURAN ☺️] and halal also means way u prepare your animal, fish, or bird [fishes are only halal when they die outside water if they die inside those are nt halal] [while birds and animals have a certain way to prepare them for meal]] ☺️
Mujeeb Rahman
Mujeeb Rahman 4 months ago
Love from Dubai
sonya kirk
sonya kirk 4 months ago
The final bit is always amazing!
Muhammad Saqib
Muhammad Saqib 4 months ago
Feels like mom is cooking for her kids
Yorbom Pigia
Yorbom Pigia 4 months ago
Add some more clips of Micah too. We also want to see him. He's cute and adorable. Thanks and keep on doing your videos.
Sanju 4 months ago
I did suscribe and liked ur video greetings from nepal Now im in dubai ..i came from watching pishawar video that was full of fun and mouth watering 💐
haminan ambihal
haminan ambihal 5 months ago
Im really fan of your vedio maybe someday we go thailand
Fatma Efe
Fatma Efe 5 months ago
How can I find the recipe of the noodle?
Alok Sontakke
Alok Sontakke 5 months ago
You need to do a series on Wedding food across the world!
abbas ali
abbas ali 5 months ago
crab is not halal for muslim
Kanza Mehmood
Kanza Mehmood 5 months ago
Crab???? It is a halal food???
Mahmudul Huq Topu
Mahmudul Huq Topu 5 months ago
Are these fishes are boneless? How do you eat so fast?
Nizam Uddin
Nizam Uddin 5 months ago
Muhammad Ilyas
Muhammad Ilyas 5 months ago
halal food is all they way ..Mark way of explaining in a simple way is what makes me addicted to His videos ..LOve you mate
agus sandi
agus sandi 5 months ago
That rakam called Salak in Indonesia, i never see people add salak to their dishes before. Here its just a fruit 😊
randy radar
randy radar 5 months ago
Rufy Rahmat
Rufy Rahmat 5 months ago
In Muslim culture, you should use the spoon that has been prepared in each serving dish. More polite 😊
Haniff Md Mahmood the servant
Thank you Published on 23 May 2018
Azra Khan
Azra Khan 5 months ago
Halal food is very good for health please try okay this is really good for health
Azra Khan
Azra Khan 5 months ago
You like halal food mark
cotypt145 john 3:3
cotypt145 john 3:3 5 months ago
I love bamboo Shutes!
Abid Kiani
Abid Kiani 5 months ago
Siddiquefish garhi shahu Lahore Pakistan
Irfanishaq2858 ISHAQ
chand faryad
chand faryad 5 months ago
Want to meet u in bkk.send me ur number.
chand faryad
chand faryad 5 months ago
Hi mark, always your vdos is awesome i want to vist u if u dont dont in bkk.when u see my comment reply me i will send u my mail .
TheTrenya 5 months ago
Snakefruit!?..oh, its called Salak in Indonesia..lol.. I literally expect a snake like stuff..lol..
Sohiell Bieber
Sohiell Bieber 5 months ago
Wow it's amazing video
saqr show
saqr show 5 months ago
yushida03 5 months ago
What ia cardamom stems in Malay? Look like serai but i dont think it is serai.
Muhammad Awais
Muhammad Awais 5 months ago
Mark please shoot in 60fps :)
Irfan Hafrin
Irfan Hafrin 5 months ago
Super Sir
fdfusd dds
fdfusd dds 5 months ago
Warning ⚠️ Don’t watch if your hungry 😋 My mouth is watering😪 Warning ⚠️
zayed haroon
zayed haroon 5 months ago
Love to our thai MUSLIM brothers and sister's from Pakistan
Royal ktr
Royal ktr 5 months ago
Wer u from
hamidi 5 months ago
Didn't know that salak fruit can be used in cooking... Amazing...mark, is there a hotel or homestay or accommodation at that fishing village?
Alif Jeday
Alif Jeday 5 months ago
น่าจะมี ซับไทย น่ะ ครับพี
Debmalya Ray
Debmalya Ray 6 months ago
are you muslim??
Fazle Fatama
Fazle Fatama 6 months ago
i never thought in Thailand have a muslim people. thats really great.
Moh Laz
Moh Laz 6 months ago
hello, congratulatulation about all your video, please se that video ( ruvid.net/video/video--mAHUd3xKZM.html ) at 37:21, I think you have a twin in Morocco, thank you, take care
VASIM ALI SAIYED 6 months ago
Super video sir
Chi Trang
Chi Trang 6 months ago
the Thai food is always colorful
Cake Custombrado
Cake Custombrado 6 months ago
Saiful rizan
Saiful rizan 7 months ago
👍👍😋😋🤤🤤🤠. My mouth got watery since she start cooking until you finish eating. 😃
Fahim Apu
Fahim Apu 7 months ago
wow so beautiful .....
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