Halal Thai Food - UNIQUE SNAKEFRUIT and Cardamom Stems at Ban Nam Chiao (บ้านน้ำเชี่ยว)

Mark Wiens
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Ban Nam Chiao (บ้านน้ำเชี่ยว) is a picturesque town in Trat, Thailand!
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Day 6 (Trat ตราด): Eastern Thailand Food and Travel Tour. Watch all 8 videos here:
On Day 6 we headed to Ban Nam Chiao (บ้านน้ำเชี่ยว), a small town with lots of history and culture in Trat. We met up with Khun Na who bought some ingredients and cooked us some unique Thai Trat style Halal food.
Ban Nam Chiao (บ้านน้ำเชี่ยว) is quite an amazing town in Trat. First you enter and there’s an iconic bridge with a pretty steep arch so the fishing boats can pass. Part of the fun of visiting is crossing the bridge. The village has done a great job of offering eco tours and homestays if you’re interested as well.
Unique ingredients used in the cooking:
Rakam (ระกำ) - salacca wallichiana
Krawan (กระวาน) - amomum testaceum (cardamom stems)
Here are the dishes we cooked and ate:
Mung bean noodles, crab (วุ้นเส้นผัดปู)
Chicken, cardamom stems (ไก่ผัดกระวาน)
Shrimp paste, salacca (น้ำพริกระกำ)
Climbing wattle omelet (ชะอมไข่)
Fried pompano (ปลาจาระเม็ดทอด)
Barramundi, salacca, cardamom stems (ปลากระพงต้มระกำกระวาน)
Pineapple (สับปะรด) - 20 THB ($0.64)
After finishing the amazing food, we continued on to Koh Chang (เกาะช้าง), an island in Trat.
Koh Chang Ferry with car - 280 THB ($8.96)
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May 23, 2018




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Comments 80
Emily McCoy
Emily McCoy 2 hours ago
im Muslim Thai , i have never been to Trat . but i think i might visit there soon 😉.
dhruvi300 4 days ago
Mark, you are amazing! A food blogger with the family all along. Much love and success to you guys
Mahmood Shuvo
Mahmood Shuvo 4 days ago
dev saggu
dev saggu 8 days ago
I refuse to eat halal food and i will block this video
dev saggu
dev saggu 8 days ago
How do you halal fish
Badri Alam
Badri Alam 8 days ago
Ramadan Mubarak all my Muslim brother and sister I'm from Nepal love all
Nurul Abdul
Nurul Abdul 8 days ago
Omg this looks super good, I'm drooling. Thanks for sharing 😋😋😋
Joyce Atwell
Joyce Atwell 9 days ago
More Micah andnYing please
ahliaanuar 12 days ago
I loves Thai food
درسگاہ (School)
In simple language Halal (Islam) is same as Kosher(Israel) where Kosher is more restricted e.g. you should not mix life(milk) with death(flesh and bones).....So it means any food that is Kosher is also Halal but not all Halal foods are Kosher e.g. McDonald chicken recipes mixed with milk is Halal but not Kosher..... But then there is more hidden meaning to Halal.... And that is "Anything consumed lawfully is Halal" So now the Halal meaning is too wide... Some of the example are *Services received from Lawyers, Engineers, Doctors lawfully (Pay their Fees) is Halal *Taking an online course or Buying Software or Downloading Apps/Music lawfully (Pay their Fees) is Halal but stealing, cracking and piracy is Haram (Opposite to Halal) *Marrying a girl lawfully and then sleeping with her is Halal but Sleeping with neighbors wife is Haram Earning money lawfully and then with that money buying something to eat/consume/entertain is Halal....But getting the same with stolen money is Haram.... If you are interested more regarding the Abrahmic religions (Israel/Isaia/Islam) then visit this page en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Abrahamic_religions
Penonton 17 days ago
njir baru tau gw . thailand yang banyak LBGT nya ternyata masih ada islam nya. moga2 itu bencong pada tobat semua. dan balik ke kodrat nya masing2.
bachoban 18 days ago
If i had a chance to visit Thailand, i will make sure to eat in this place.
NIZAM UDDIN 19 days ago
Mashallha very nice waz your video watching from England
Kamal Shaikh
Kamal Shaikh 23 days ago
Mr.Mark Wiens l was really surprised to see Halal food in Thailand...Thank you for this video clip....Next sure I will plan a trip to Thailand with my family 👍
LuxMan ChauHan
LuxMan ChauHan 25 days ago
You are such an amazing and all time happy person and also wonderful food vlogger👍
Zul O Curran
Zul O Curran 27 days ago
So serene and peaceful.awesome video.
E A 29 days ago
All fresh and nutritious
Fahad Khan
Fahad Khan Month ago
@Mark love the tour. Buddy please show Maika more, I love him. Though saw him few times in this tour. Thanks. Love to see him more. Love for Maika
Salma Khan
Salma Khan Month ago
Is crab halal?
9G NEWS Month ago
Nice content, Please visit my channel also.
M.K. Bro
M.K. Bro Month ago
Muslim halal food is best in whole world. Really only eat Muslim halal food and be safe .
M. Karbaschi
M. Karbaschi Month ago
What a lovely video You could feel peace and tranquility there
Jat Jot
Jat Jot Month ago
Nice vids, Mark. But pls answer questions that readers ask to show that you bother about them. Tq.
gurung purnima
gurung purnima Month ago
.mark you tell the saash but not a saash its telling sauce man ok but i like to see your vlog because you eat the food looking very delicious everywhere
PoPo NanAung
PoPo NanAung 2 months ago
I being this place long time 1987 now totally change near Thai boder..isn't mostly are Thai Muslims nice food i like it
zoh ra
zoh ra 2 months ago
Heni Ati
Heni Ati 2 months ago
8:05 i thought it shrimp paste, we can also can find it in Indonesia and Malaysia, we called it terasi or belacan. It very delicious paste, we used make SAMBAL from that paste, the combinations are using some chilies and shrimp paste istself, sometimes we also add fruit like manngo or pineapple into SAMBAL of shrimp paste
Jane VanSkike
Jane VanSkike 2 months ago
Yumm that sauce u r using on the fish looks amazing! Yummy! Maybe u can send me some cardamom roots? You are making me hungry now!
Jane VanSkike
Jane VanSkike 2 months ago
Incredible arm muscles to chop those ingredients. Amazing culture! I love it!
Diah Utami
Diah Utami 2 months ago
hilh_dha Ado
hilh_dha Ado 2 months ago
Uh wow, halal that will be good 👍🏼🙋‍♀️🍹
Enkidu l إنكيدو
crabs isn't halal 😕
Heni Ati
Heni Ati 2 months ago
Crab is halal food
Bujol Blekoq Tv
Bujol Blekoq Tv 3 months ago
Come To Indonesia again Mark, and I'll introduce you my favorite meal awesome to eat from my village In Karawang West Java.
Sanjay Shetty
Sanjay Shetty 3 months ago
Halal fish 🤔
Sanjay Shetty
Sanjay Shetty 2 months ago
@Heni Ati Whatever.
Heni Ati
Heni Ati 2 months ago
Fish is already halal, it can be haram if the way they cook isn't halal. maybe they would put some pork into fish or another ingredients which is not halal
Sidikov Dilshod
Sidikov Dilshod 3 months ago
kausallia parmeswaran
Oh Mika always take care beautiful caring family
Y B 3 months ago
Selam Alaikum
Patriotic Singh
Patriotic Singh 3 months ago
Plz ban halal meat from Thailand. It's inhumane and Thailand is Buddhist majority nation so you should condemn barbaric slaughtering method
Heni Ati
Heni Ati 2 months ago
Banned yourself, india must ban from the world. Go to another planet, your people really not human.
Tom Harry
Tom Harry 3 months ago
As we speak a human tragedy is unfolding in India with passage of citizenship amendment bill passed by parliament of India. A guise to take away nationality of millions of people just based on religion. India is next Myanmar. Please oppose peacefully www.bbc.co.uk/news/av/world-asia-india-50929194/india-citizenship-act-protests-our-son-was-shot-dead-by-police
Robert Tun Lwin Lwin
Tarak is very close to Canbodia is'nt !!
CRICKET1TW 4 months ago
Halal Noor Foods Kaoshiung Taiwan
Pattarapong Kesornrat
all of that is local thaifoods
IMran 4 months ago
Colourful,appetizing and after all Halal food🇧🇩
Shehnaz Khan
Shehnaz Khan 4 months ago
I love watching your videos mark wiens I always look forward to your notifications look forward to your new videos may god give you all success
Ehsan Akram
Ehsan Akram 4 months ago
Nice video but your face design what you make during eating is horrible
sarinah aspar
sarinah aspar 4 months ago
The fishing village is very clean and tidy. Wish could go there and enjoy the halal Thailand food.
Yahia Kubara
Yahia Kubara 4 months ago
I’m Muslim halal means no porks ok
Shanka-Roon Ina Adam
Halal food is always amazing no matter what part of the world you are
Lubna Baloch
Lubna Baloch 5 months ago
Hope you visit Pakistan again❤
roshydan _95
roshydan _95 5 months ago
Hope I can come here by the next year. The food look absolutely delicious. Thank you Mark for the beautiful video😍
KUAN CHI SENG 6 months ago
Yapici Yapici
Yapici Yapici 6 months ago
Awesome.. Please share the address of this place.. Amazing..
Aisha Zeeshan
Aisha Zeeshan 6 months ago
Pakistani food r the bestttttt in thae world
Heni Ati
Heni Ati 2 months ago
You aren't supposed to said that, every foods around the world are best not only your food
Rostam Sunny
Rostam Sunny 6 months ago
Thai cuisine is fantastic. Those south east Asian spices with the east Asian cooking. It goes together so well. And so unique.
Australian Turk
Australian Turk 6 months ago
I cant believe streets are so clean and tidy, her cooking is also very clean and she is really nice, well done Mark , Ohh my wife loves ur head tilting to the right when u like something :)))
Noor Zaidi Ahmad
Noor Zaidi Ahmad 6 months ago
Mark weins # i watch you having you makan, and you make me cry ! Bcoz i could not taste it ,oow soo good !
nash comp
nash comp 6 months ago
Why most of Thai cullinary taste sour and spicy? Even the south region of Thailand have the same taste
Mistuki Otususki
Mistuki Otususki 6 months ago
How are u still skinny🤣?
Sophie Khan
Sophie Khan 6 months ago
Utmost love and respect to my Muslim brethren! Thank you for breaking these evil stereotypes that a lot of non Muslims have! We are a peaceful loving people with those who want peace!!! We are not pacified people! We know how to stand up for our beloved religion and ourselves!
Mukti Minhaz
Mukti Minhaz 6 months ago
wow nc video brother
Terry Dietz
Terry Dietz 6 months ago
You act like a bobble head
Ifra Niazi
Ifra Niazi 6 months ago
And here is Mica eating lids😂
robert sapam
robert sapam 6 months ago
Just like in Manipur
Mukti Minhaz
Mukti Minhaz 6 months ago
wow bro verry nc idia tnx
luna starr
luna starr 7 months ago
Thai halal fud is very fantastic.....
Kancha Baloch
Kancha Baloch 7 months ago
Halal food in bangkok is experience
Sam Muller
Sam Muller 7 months ago
HI from the UK. @Mark I like all your videos. However this showed a diverse side to your normal collection. And Halal food.. WOW
Kassal La3dam
Kassal La3dam 7 months ago
So good
chef fuego
chef fuego 7 months ago
Great reviews as always, good job!!! Warm regards from Bandung - Indonesia
Akram Hussain
Akram Hussain 7 months ago
Amazing halal food
HopiDelphi 8 months ago
Oh WoW 😮
Food & Travel
Food & Travel 8 months ago
Very nice
Low Zing ting cindy
Low Zing ting cindy 9 months ago
Always made me hungry after watched your video. You are very good in foodies .. love it ur videos
Aloise Mason
Aloise Mason 9 months ago
Someone needs to get Mark's baby a stroller too..push around and make it easier on both of them..Hello Mark and family..so excited to watch what you eat or snorkel
masum rami
masum rami 9 months ago
yeu lok no good
live right
live right 9 months ago
Everytime you close the eyes after taking a bite then open them as big as you can while nodding your head - makes me laugh thinking its so fake. Lmao
planet serpo
planet serpo 9 months ago
Y blady!!y talks to muchhhhhhhh!!! Shut yr mout up!!!!
Jaguar Perkesa
Jaguar Perkesa 10 months ago
Amazing & nice food natural..
badmanhhh 10 months ago
I love the fact you are trying the food Halal as it is soo much cleaner and tastier. Keep it up and you will taste the difference that halal food is.
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