Hairdresser Reacts To People Going Black To Silver

Brad Mondo
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Hi Beautiful! Today we watch some girls attempt to go from dark brown hair to silver all on their own!
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Jun 28, 2020




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Comments 100
Sherrie Sena
Sherrie Sena Hour ago
Why 30? Isn’t 40 the one you use for dark hair why does he recommend 30?
Angelina Tran
Angelina Tran Hour ago
Every intro: hello beautiful Me: acne, acne scars, a little chubby (because of covid)
Monica Jones
Monica Jones 2 hours ago
Omg im so sorry but i confused skin care by hyram and brad mondo
Mac 7 hours ago
The last time I had my hair bleached it took 4 hours in a salon and that was at shoulder length
Michelle Rijkmans
Michelle Rijkmans 7 hours ago
If you put dark Grey / blue on yellowish hair, will it not turn green?
He always makes my day with just the first 10 seconds
Linnae Bowers
Linnae Bowers 8 hours ago
Bee Fitness
Bee Fitness 8 hours ago
U and this tiny brush lmao!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Nora Janssen
Nora Janssen 9 hours ago
Watching this after seeing League e-sport team Rogue all dying their hair silver lol
Anny Kathrin Bothe Ladyline Tattoo
I love how you explain the process. You are so kind. Thank you for the video😍
Najassta Slays
Najassta Slays 11 hours ago
I have wanted to go platinum for years. I had a girl that was gunna do it and the owner told her no after she seen my hair😣 Its black, past my butt and all virgin hair except the very very ends..She said she wouldnt let her ruin my hair.
jeryth057 13 hours ago
Hi, I’m sorry I can’t read through the 8K comments - is there a reason they don’t rub the bleach/mixture in with their fingers?
Chlo-Chlo 21 hour ago
I woke up looking like an absolute mess to be told hi beautiful, okthay fank yoo *derp*
Melynn Hellcat
Melynn Hellcat 21 hour ago
I enjoy watching his reactions as much as the actual vids. But i do learn alot from watching!😊💜
Crusita Rodriguez
Crusita Rodriguez 22 hours ago
You have complemented me more in a few seconds than my husband has done in the past 5 years 😂😂😂🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽
Shirlyn Makar
Mine is not bleach, it’s turned gray/silver.
Charlie Brown
I love your outfit ughhhhh🖤
Pamela Hood
Pamela Hood Day ago
Hello gorgeous. I like the way you always start your . Always with calling everybody beautiful. Thought that I can return the compliment
Lucía Monzón
Me: crying in my crippling depression Brad: every time your I see your face it becomes more and more better Me: big unexpected smile...
Rachel Williams
why does he always make me feel so good about myself? you don't even know me and you're so excited i'm here to watch, love it!
mOrGaN Day ago
I wanna see how brad folds his clothes like bruh
Frozen Stories
Ive got like darkish light brown hair its got like a red tone, and im getting highlights and dying the front pieces like a dirty blonde- my sister is Helping me and shes a cosmetologist- do you Know what Toner I should use
Janie Lee
Janie Lee Day ago
I was wondering why my hair lightened suuuuper quick even though I had black box dye in my hair. I have super fine hair so that must be why.
Living for your outfits Brad, always.
Q B Day ago
Love your videos Brad 💜🌹🌼 LOVE from Australia babez 🌼🌼🌼💜🌹✌
Stefanie Glatts
Stefanie Glatts 2 days ago
Why are you so precious! I love you
kulvir gill
kulvir gill 2 days ago
Brad: *Hey beautiful* Brother: *Hey man doe* Me: *wasnt ment for you.* Brother: *and to you.* I know it's not funny but uhm lol
June Janzen
June Janzen 2 days ago
And what are you wearing
June Janzen
June Janzen 2 days ago
Shave a cut your hair
hezza 2 days ago
Brad I am late to the game, I literally just discovered you the other day (sorry!) and I wish I could go to you to do my hair. I'm sure you could do something to make my thin ass wavy-curly mess beautiful. *sigh* One can only dream!
Finn Morris
Finn Morris 2 days ago
He’s the James Charles of Hair
Barbarra Devlin
Barbarra Devlin 2 days ago
Brad is the best because not only does he have good taste in hair, he has amazing style too. Also the wholesome, educational content that I live for.
skrymtet vinni
skrymtet vinni 2 days ago
Me, struggling with my self-image: :-( watches Brad mondo video: :-)
Dyslexic girl dumbass
The reason why people start from the roots usually is cuz the box says to start from the roots
Stephanee Kammer
Stephanee Kammer 2 days ago
I feel like its just easier to start at the roots, and speaking for myself (and maybe others) I feel like if I don't start at the top I'll run out of product and be screwed. If I run out at the bottom, easy fix of a haircut LOL. I have never bleached my hair though, only colored, but I understand completely why its important when bleaching!
Jessica Kelaita
Jessica Kelaita 2 days ago
You are the best!! Sooo funny 😆 so glad I found ur channel
Ariana Capilla
Ariana Capilla 2 days ago
He said. Oh we're making soup now 🤣. Or his face when she said she's ganna do her friends and moms hair lol
Steve Roby
Steve Roby 3 days ago
Your outfit apollonia 6 purple rain 1984
peanut butter
peanut butter 3 days ago
I really want to do that, I have BLACK hair and I am obsessed with silver or gray hair
Alex Avery
Alex Avery 3 days ago
Ive been doing my hair for years and everyone woukd ask me how did you do that to your hair. What tutorials are you watching. Im like I watch this amazing person Brad Mondo.
Kendra McKinney
Kendra McKinney 3 days ago
Deborah Ware
Deborah Ware 3 days ago
LOVE LOVE LOVE your videos!! I'm so not in your normal demographic, but I love your personality!! I was going through your videos, trying to find one where the natural hair is white/gray at the roots. Which is my case, I want to take the gray color out of my ends (ION Titanium semi permanent) and get it to match my roots. Is that even a doable thing? Anyhoo, you rock. Even when you aren't happy with the process and in some cases, the finish, you are never nasty or rude or even degrading!! Keep doing the wonderful work you do! Signed a much older fan!!
•Bumble Bee•
•Bumble Bee• 3 days ago
Elin Eliasson
Elin Eliasson 3 days ago
Love that you have the swedish national anthem as background music around 15-16 minutes in 😂🇸🇪🇸🇪
nicole christner
nicole christner 3 days ago
His shirt took me right back to the late 80s earlier 90s love it Brad.
Alecアレック 3 days ago
The first girl did it better than my hairdresser.. I had orange instead of silver or ash blonde-
Ilian Bogev
Ilian Bogev 3 days ago
Brad is so so so so extremely hot in this outfit .... damn .... I'm drooling ......
Sophia Dobišová
He is gay? Or no? 😅❤ no offense. He is very cute
Ikram Helali
Ikram Helali 3 days ago
Anybody noticed the fly sound in 12:05 to 12:10 XD I actually thought its in my room and I paused to just get it out but XD nothing was there lol .
Jeff Yardley
Jeff Yardley 3 days ago
THE ONLY TIME YOU CAN USE T18 IS when you do a global bleach and then apply your T18 right away… same day. Not on highlights and not on an ombre… the T18 will give you one more level of lift… if you apply that on a darker root or a head of highlights you will break base and get ORANGE!! Even if you wait a day, you will get black dots at your roots and they will also go ORANGE!
Rose Lin
Rose Lin 3 days ago
Tone deaf in a musical sense and apparently colour sense too... yellow colors ... where ?
Sarah Korver
Sarah Korver 3 days ago
Absolutely love you Brad!! ❤❤❤❤
Alan Coronel
Alan Coronel 3 days ago
Ive been needing this video
Miriam Art
Miriam Art 4 days ago
Does he have a video for people with white hair? How to cover grays. ☺
Chris 4 days ago
This guy is like the most professional hair dresser ever.
Delphine Ryan
Delphine Ryan 4 days ago
Hi Brüno!
Lily Londoner
Lily Londoner 4 days ago
him saying flirty sh-t like that makes him not very good at being gay,and i can only say what all the cool internet girls say ,and that is,'i digress'.so now to the confusion,i have naturally silver hair on my head,but i dye it because i´m not even old ,but then i see this and think that it´s crazy because some people pay money to have it in order to look cool and ancient.
Belle Plays
Belle Plays 4 days ago
I feel so bad for people who are following brad to bleach or color or something with ur hair bc u have to search up like everything on google like one of the parts he said oh u should use a A TOOTH PICK COMB to do this I- what if u understand brad ... that’s talent and. And that is my speach.
sonali sharma
sonali sharma 4 days ago
I have really really dark hai, so dark that not a f*cking bleach lifts my hair colour. I've had hairdressers abandoning the color job( not trying to get desired color) or just keep blaming my hair and charge double . I asked for blonde, came home with copper rusty kind of color, asked for dark blue, came home with just slight shine in my black hair, asked for burgundy and came home with pinkish shine which only shows in sun. 😑😭😭
Yamini Js
Yamini Js 4 days ago
Oohh soo this is the guy everyone's talking about
Annabelle Colby
Annabelle Colby 4 days ago
I love how everyone in these videos acts like they know what their doing then brad comes it and tells them their doing it all wrong😂
Zena • _ •
Zena • _ • 4 days ago
The fuck did he just say about kpop? I- They have good hair. PERIODT.
CapitalCH 4 days ago
can you recommend a brand for a toner that is not T18?
Emily 5 days ago
The first girl is so hot and her hair turned out amazing
Anna S
Anna S 5 days ago
Hey Brad, do you actually take clients and do their hair these days? or is your main business youtube and the hair care products?
GLOSS 5 days ago
it always bothers me when people don’t mix the bleach with the bristles but whatever makes them happy 😂
Olivia VanDerMillen
Blue + yellow= GREEN BRAD. Not white 🤣🤣
Neil Neophytou
Neil Neophytou 5 days ago
Around 6:45 - sorry Brad, love your guts, but blue and yellow actually makes green, not white 😂
OH MO MEY 5 days ago
Omg i love brad Im litteraly falling in love with him
Loryn F
Loryn F 5 days ago
Part of me loved the guys hair after he bleached it because he looked like Johnny test with the white roots and bright orange ends
Anastasia Katsigaraki
Νιοθω το πόνο το γονιό σου Πεστους περαστικα
mandie the menace
level 5!!!????? more like a level 3. on the aveda spectrum at least
fire780 ajpw
fire780 ajpw 5 days ago
Finally understand sorry brad mondo
L Hall
L Hall 5 days ago
Bradddd please do people dying their hair white. I’m so interested to see that
Adriana Cardona
Adriana Cardona 5 days ago
*Brad doing his intro* *me blushing in a face mask, messy bun, and t shirt bc I lack attention and a hypeman*
Joanna DeChenne
Joanna DeChenne 5 days ago
I just adore you!!
nikki 97
nikki 97 6 days ago
That intro is what I'm living for... 😂😂😂.. Think I should listen to it every morning...
Joy_ StaR
Joy_ StaR 6 days ago
The guy's hair looked like Victor's from Yuri on Ice 😆
Amber 6 days ago
god i love you
Leilany Velez
Leilany Velez 6 days ago
Is it just me or does he remind anyone else of Damon in vampire diaries
Jigglypuff Mssm
Jigglypuff Mssm 7 days ago
This channel makes me relax.
Vanessa Morales
Vanessa Morales 7 days ago
i cannot your outfit *chefs kiss* (amazing!!)
Janes and Pickles Life
Hello from Newfoundland
Aneta Hiler
Aneta Hiler 7 days ago
Not Heather
Not Heather 7 days ago
Grandy 28
Grandy 28 7 days ago
every time I see one of these videos, I half expect them to be either bald, or have hair that is a gel-like consistency (it happened to a girlfriend of mine - dirty-dishwater blonde to gel in about an hour and a half), at the end, with so much bleach... and while the end results are ok, there is a much cheaper way to do it... just be patient and wait about 20 or 30 years, it'll be the perfect shade to suit your complexion/skin-tone...
Nicole Huff
Nicole Huff 8 days ago
Plz help I sent you message on IG and I’m now gonna show you my daughter is what I g to do cherry with raspberry light light her hair is long thick and pl send me a dm on messenger plz to help us with what we need to get
Katie Pham
Katie Pham 8 days ago
i thought the title was supposed to be a joke- like "going back to silver" i was wrong
Willow Abigail
Willow Abigail 8 days ago
Brad NEEDS to react to Frederic Chen and all the bleaching he does to his hair.
Stacy Maynard
Stacy Maynard 8 days ago
Am I the only one that giggled from his intro?
Hamburber Yum
Hamburber Yum 8 days ago
Sis whatttt that first girl i-
Faith Sprinkle
Faith Sprinkle 8 days ago
Any tips for me: I've been trying to get white hair and rn I have like a light grey please help me what products should I get and where ? 🥺
Yang 9 days ago
I'm curious if I can actually leave the bleach on my hair for an hour with foil?
Allison Ziemianin
Ha! I´m wearing a mask!!! jkjk love your vids!
Allison Ziemianin
well I am wearing one >:) I confuse myself..
sara TW
sara TW 9 days ago
React to people brushing their hair lol
Mackenzie Titus
Mackenzie Titus 9 days ago
i went and got my hair died and they couldn't bleach it and its brown and i never had my hair died before but i got it died rose gold and it didn't stay for a day then we went back to get it fixed for free cuss we knew the girl who did it and it was pink not rose gold i still likes it but it didnt last long and we still couldn't get my hair to bleach
Aspynn Bocchi
Aspynn Bocchi 10 days ago
Me flipping him off for no reason other than blatant lies to me from 0:0 to 0:12
rusted corvid.butterfly
the depths of my self-loathing and teenage angst know no bounds, yet brad mondo going "aw hey beautiful!" makes me happy
Vanessa Town W.
Vanessa Town W. 10 days ago
Love the swedish anthem melody in the background at 16:03😂🇸🇪🇸🇪💛💙
johanna nordin
johanna nordin 10 days ago
Why is Sweden's national anthem playing in the background? 16:00
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