Hacker Breaks Down 26 Hacking Scenes From Movies & TV | WIRED

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Hacker and security researcher Samy Kamkar takes a look at a variety of hacking scenes from popular media and examines their authenticity.
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Hacker Breaks Down 26 Hacking Scenes From Movies & TV | WIRED

Science & Technology

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Nov 13, 2018




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Comments 9 353
Nena Ayala
Nena Ayala 3 hours ago
Can you guys ask me if he can get me some aimbot on COD black ops
Chickoon 6 hours ago
You are not a hacker if you're not: 1. Wearing a hoodie 2. Using morphine 3. Elliot Alderson
hi baby
hi baby 11 hours ago
So freddie mercury is now a hacker?
Kobe Bryant
Kobe Bryant Day ago
Hacking cars in FF8
Ifan Ismail
Ifan Ismail 2 days ago
Love this series. Please do about interrogation techniques. Or investigative interviews. Although I might be expecting too much since too many films using "good cop bad cop" technique as if it's the magic one.
argophontes 2 days ago
Really good, but that's not what 'phreaking' is. Phreaking was dealing with telecommunications directly, usually doing stuff like building 'boxes' for getting into telnet systems, or doing loop around conference calls. The fact that there was a phone involved doesn't make it 'phreaking', that's just how modems worked back then.
A learning Programmer
When showing an illustration for Samy's words "console or terminal", WIRED actually showed an editor. I perfectly understand the error, he mentioned code and having a visual access to it, but a console is much more interactive and has a much different aspect and purpose. Otherwise, greatly pleasured to have Samy Kamkar on the channel :)
Cruz 2 days ago
This guy looks a bit like Freddie Mercury
JD Rome
JD Rome 2 days ago
The editing is so bad. Just chill and let the pro explain
Bluemilk92 3 days ago
Dude... Her GUI is mindblowing! How are you not getting this!?
Ian Brown
Ian Brown 3 days ago
Where’s scorpion it should of been on this video
Shane G
Shane G 3 days ago
"What he downloaded was a key logger." So the thing regular people download on accident?
swaggastronomer 4 days ago
4:22 back door 16:58 key larger 19:58 phones
Dramatic Bread
Dramatic Bread 4 days ago
Hack fortnite and put the servers up
jeck 08
jeck 08 4 days ago
Dem snowden of course its true haha
Pakigya Tuladhar
Pakigya Tuladhar 5 days ago
Do review the stranger things part 2 hacking that bob did where he basically uses a nested for-loop! 😆😆
AeroNevin 5 days ago
What a great guy! Too bad hes wasted on crap editing. Hes hardly got a breath out and its onto the next clip.
DrakeKillah 5 days ago
I love how so many hackers in film and tv type like an old grandma... I get that they have to slow the typing down some to show what is being typed, but the level they turn it down to is laughable :P
Baddy Kay
Baddy Kay 5 days ago
Everyones a hacker till the real hacker bust u open
GODRUN 6 days ago
The editing is terrible
BuLb 1000
BuLb 1000 6 days ago
He mastered all programming languanges the way he speaks
Scotty 6 days ago
My life has changed and you can also get $1325 try this and you won't regret it tlcpplcom.icu?/GgfLDT
onegoldenkookie 6 days ago
I would really like this person to react to the hacking scenes in Bloody Monday.
Obamium 6 days ago
Now we need a real terrorist to review CSGO
may flower
may flower 7 days ago
Why not play the full clip and then have his analysis afterward? The flow of the video is disrupted when he is suddenly cut off by a random clip of the movie/show. It would make more sense if the clips added further context to his breakdown but they don't.
Aarav Rahtole
Aarav Rahtole 7 days ago
dude they are showing graphical representations so that guys like us cn uderstand what's happening. Or maybe they made a programme which automatically hacks target and shows you graphics, and maybe they are so badass hackers that they don't want to see what they're typing and hacking continues in the background
John Uferbach
John Uferbach 6 days ago
no the movie makers made stuff that is interesting to look at because neither they nor their audience know how hacking looks or would find it particularily exciting
Kal El
Kal El 7 days ago
What i dont get is all clips whether movies or tv, a hacking scene somehow doesn't involve a.mouse. all just random clicking on the keyboard
Joseph Mel Baleyos
I agree on every word what this guy say except for one thing. IP address is not the physical address. It's the MAC address is the physical address.... Or maybe I heard him wrong. 😅😅😂😂😂
Sparryax 8 days ago
Should've done Person of interest
R3K Pwner
R3K Pwner 8 days ago
Cheese Cake
Cheese Cake 8 days ago
for a while I thought MI6 was actually M16 with a one not a "i".
Johannes Boczek
Johannes Boczek 9 days ago
heaux kage
heaux kage 9 days ago
did he combine the words hacking and acting to create hacting?
heaux kage
heaux kage 9 days ago
Naomie Armand
Naomie Armand 10 days ago
This makes me excited to become a computer scientist.
Shawn's Tutorials
Shawn's Tutorials 11 days ago
How can you hack with html 😅😅😅
Dominik Salceda
Dominik Salceda 11 days ago
Syntax Missing
Cheese 11 days ago
I see hackerman meme in the thumbnail
Lucky Hooky
Lucky Hooky 12 days ago
He’s looking to hack you, come, i’ll hide you
Carlos Rivera Jr
Carlos Rivera Jr 13 days ago
The government is always cheating and have to do things on a mass scale. So yeah they make things easier cause there's so much they make defense a last priority cause they want it all. P.S. Thank you! Tony!
Kyle Gonzalez
Kyle Gonzalez 13 days ago
Sooooo on the matrix part, you failed to mention NMAP. Which is surprising because as a hacker, the output was the first thing I recognized. How are you going to talk about accuracy and completely fail to mention the most popular tool that is in full display on that scene?
Enrico Miceli
Enrico Miceli 13 days ago
Three mages hack in neon genesis evangelion...
Scarlet 13 days ago
lmao he hasn't have any hacker spirit he just want money and he's a coward actually all white hats are cowards,scaring to become real hacker
Scarlet 8 days ago
@Balpreet Singh lol buddy i dont even sey hackers dont have a life,but just it is opposite to hacker manifest
Balpreet Singh
Balpreet Singh 8 days ago
Are you even living in real world. Who do you think hackers really are, some mad man breaking into any system
Aesthetic hater
Aesthetic hater 13 days ago
People who doesn't want to listen to him talking about the scenes smh U guys focusing on the movie or what the video is actually about which is him?
Ancliz 13 days ago
"A more accurate interface would be a console or terminal" *Text editor with HTML*
Ariandi  Galuh
Ariandi Galuh 2 days ago
saeed atenzi
saeed atenzi 2 days ago
Zotac 1060 6GB
Zotac 1060 6GB 14 days ago
Saba 321
Saba 321 14 days ago
How to hackers 1. How programmers 2.Or how prob
Gabriel Schanuel
Gabriel Schanuel 15 days ago
I had to pause to comment when NCIS started I did your exact same expression! Hope you talk about the 2 person 1 keyboard 😅😂
Gabriel Schanuel
Gabriel Schanuel 14 days ago
He didn't 😅
Kauzey 15 days ago
What this is not a hacker? He isnt in a dark basement wearing a black hoodie with a Anonymous Mask and he isnt smashing his keyboard
Skiibum49 15 days ago
Stop having the movie cut off his explanation it’s super annoying
Zachary Kosove
Zachary Kosove 15 days ago
Can he get me aim bot?
imcanada 16 days ago
all my functions and variables are swear words
Anthony 16 days ago
This guy is so knowledgeable! Honestly, how does he know all of this?! 😳🤔😮
Anthony 16 days ago
Gael Time ahhh, thaaat would explain it then 😮
Gael Time
Gael Time 16 days ago
Because he's a white hat hacker...
not not
not not 16 days ago
All of these movies just have to bypass the mainframe Easley jeez even i know that
Клара Петрова
Utopia is the future!
Leon Net
Leon Net 17 days ago
he said that IP address is a physical address of a domain name. NO. IP address is always logical. 7-OSI model. The physical address of a computer/ server is actually a MAC address, even though MAC sits on layer 2, on top of layer 1 (called physical layer). But in TCP/IP model both OSI 1-2 are combined into network access layer and this is why people will say that MAC address is physical. Matrix scene, they are using Nmap, witch is a legit tool for network scanning. As you can see, she typed .. and this means they are connected locally because is a local IP pool. "Linux OS" ?? ITS THE GNU/Linux OS (RMS, you can thank me later)
Ben K
Ben K 17 days ago
I love chuck
Spy De Jager
Spy De Jager 18 days ago
I love that you can almost hear him trying not to roll his eyes at some of the worst clips. Thank you WEBMASTER6099 @ GMAIL. COM ...He tests security systems for people and companies and he helps adjust their flaws. 100% the best so far
YES BABY YES 18 days ago
The editing in this video is really bad. Please don't put half second clips whenever the guy stops talking.
Teqo 19 days ago
how many black hats be cringing
Enrique ___
Enrique ___ 17 days ago
You have a fortnite pfp let that sink in
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