Hacker Breaks Down 26 Hacking Scenes From Movies & TV | WIRED

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Hacker and security researcher Samy Kamkar takes a look at a variety of hacking scenes from popular media and examines their authenticity.
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Hacker Breaks Down 26 Hacking Scenes From Movies & TV | WIRED

Science & Technology

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Nov 13, 2018

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Comments 8 831
Eredin Bréacc Glas
Time to upload some memzs to Indian scammers
Emma Rose
Emma Rose 6 hours ago
Clicked on this video hoping for chuck and was not disappointed
allison muszynski
allison muszynski 7 hours ago
I understood this much of this: O%
Danijela Pehar
Danijela Pehar 12 hours ago
Maple lord
Maple lord 12 hours ago
Black hat hacker white hat hacker i don't care....................Better than Goggle......
Kelly Reynolds
Kelly Reynolds 15 hours ago
I literally know nothing
SpiderLover575 16 hours ago
is the watch dogs hacking in watch dogs 1 accurate?
The Daily Egnirk
The Daily Egnirk 16 hours ago
1:23 "a couple of years ago" Yeah, 2006 was definitely a couple of years prior to 2018
juan pablo piednus
juan pablo piednus 20 hours ago
Resume: Mr robot rules!
Kara Gilbert
Kara Gilbert 20 hours ago
Bones virus upload by engraved virus / code written on bones ?
k 20 hours ago
"I've never seen code like this!!!" WHERE TF WAS THE CODE IT WAS JUST POPUPS LOL
Alice Mestria
Alice Mestria 22 hours ago
I was never this interested in computers as I am now... I’m hypnotized
Jagred PeaceMocker
1:49 you actually can if you're doing fixes at the same time and prevention of glitching off using strong codes, it just depends on the coder, FUN FACT, FR don't even look like that BRO
Jagred PeaceMocker
1:49 you actually can if you're doing fixes at the same time and prevention of glitching off using strong codes, it just depends on the coder, FUN FACT
YaBoiHiro Day ago
no one: literally no one: not a single soul: every movie hacker after slapping their keyboards for 2 minutes: *I ‘ m i n*
Whismirk Day ago
"A more accurate interface would be a console or terminal" Immediatly shows a text editor.
Tommybgoode Day ago
"Mess with the best and die like the rest" Sombra in Overwatch has this has a voice line. I guess as she's a hacker, it's a reference to this movie.
Albert Żółkiewski
Hacker lol he's not a hacker
Jordyn Fulton
They left out the most iconic hacking movie of all time... Fateful Findings
Disaster King
Next : drug addict reacts to Euphoria Hbo
tommy Savio
tommy Savio 2 days ago
Hackerkangchi@gmail.com thanks for crediting my wallet... He is such a good and trustworthy hacker.. H helps in bank, credit card hack, PayPal hack.. Contact hackerkangchi@gmail.com
V3LOXy 2 days ago
Hacking in movies almost instantly makes me lose interest in it, it's hardly ever realistic. You can clearly tell someone explained something and the producer or something took over and added bells and whistles to make it more exciting for people. Always makes me wonder how inaccurate things are that I don't have knowledge of. That's why these Wired series are so great, but at the same time will ruin a lot of movies for me!
Shantanu Z
Shantanu Z 2 days ago
Only mr robot is legit
dexter morgan
dexter morgan 3 days ago
NCIS was the funniest.
Сагынбек Шульденов
Scot Adkins starring as muslim hacker.
KATIE NERD GIRL 3 days ago
nice video compliments, however among all the clips the most accurate it's mr.robot? sorry for my english
Abdulrahman Sabir
A PDF with an executable (eg. Keylogger) embedded in it is real. You can go ahead and make one on Metasploit.
Abdulrahman Sabir
One of the most successful hacking frameworks was the SPF (Smartphone Pentest Framework) inented by Georgia Weidmann
Rosa Del Rio
Rosa Del Rio 3 days ago
So... How does one become a hacker?
Cally Kitten
Cally Kitten 3 days ago
I remember overhearing a 'Scorpions' episode where they showed some amateur C code and tried to pass it off as a complex algorithm for generating pop music. Not quite hacking but an equal degree of eye bleeding cringe. Also his smile absolutely melts me. Marry me please.
Ayush Sharma
Ayush Sharma 4 days ago
The actors were talking to him....!!
Ayush Sharma
Ayush Sharma 4 days ago
And he's not aware of that ..
Jadra Sibenik
Jadra Sibenik 4 days ago
It`s like he is takling in some special language...
Alysia Mer David-Wasser
Thanks for explaining what "gooey"/G.U.I., (Graphical User Interface) is after all these years. i'm a little stunned that this guy believes that AI will* happen, *but not with orbs* 😮😄. Not sure how you can't* pwn someone with an email address alone..my kid did it *via iPhone* at age 11. i don't get the Linux thing, so i'll google. ✌
Hùng Đỗ Thành
I admire the actors in the movies ( except a few), doing utterly stupid things and act like the smartest men in the world =))
Victor Sobol
Victor Sobol 4 days ago
Are you serious???!!! In the beginning he says "You use text code in hackers utilites" and shows an HTML code! I mean ... Really? You just do the videos about what nobody should understand pretending he's an expert?
cvxvxv 4 days ago
CRAP!! I was just about to make this SAME VIDEO!!!
RoSmash 5 days ago
Wish they did the Jurassic Park scene with Samuel L. Jackson where he can’t access the MainFrame when the Power is off.
Richard Servello
Richard Servello 5 days ago
Mr Robot has the best hacking scenes....I've frozen frames to look at the syntax and it's always on point.
Richard Servello
Richard Servello 5 days ago
to say sshnuke isn't a "real tool" is odd. It could be a script the "hacker" created. I have TONS of scripts that I call up daily that aren't "real tools".
Richard Servello
Richard Servello 5 days ago
Good call...if it were co.ru it would be correct.
Mxnuuel 5 days ago
Hacker: a more accurate interface would be a console or terminal Video: *displays HTML code for some reason*
E E 5 days ago
These hacker films love The Prodigy and so do I
VICEJADE 5 days ago
This guy is pretty bring him back
Sabine Pichler
Sabine Pichler 6 days ago
I was missing Track Down (known as Takedown outside the USA). But I guess it's more of a documentary than a (fictional) movie
majed8192 6 days ago
The guy trying his best to be polite and not ridicule those scenes but the smile tells it all 😂😂😂
Valerio Gerace
Valerio Gerace 6 days ago
uh, this is the man responsible for creating the samy worm
Justin Su
Justin Su 6 days ago
if you needed another gig of ram why didn't you just download it?
Mark Pompeo
Mark Pompeo 6 days ago
The worst part of that NCIS clip is two people sharing one keyboard simultaneously typing on half the keyboard each.
brokebloke 6 days ago
Lmaoo RAT is Remote Administration Tool not remote access tool
Scott Lowell
Scott Lowell 7 days ago
Something that anyone who has used a computer can identify: When a character types just a few lines of code for a VERY complex action, or suddenly resulting in elaborate design rendering. (Ie Star Trek IV: Scotty hammering out the design matrix for transparent aluminium in just a few seconds.)
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