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Apr 8, 2017




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Comments 716
Connor98 18 hours ago
Pewds is finally coming back on!!!
Hannah Banana
Hannah Banana 9 days ago
Wow, he more than doubled his subs in like 2 years...crazy
Mark Mannion
Mark Mannion 17 days ago
hyped for scare pewdiepie season 2
Houry Jamgotchian
Houry Jamgotchian 17 days ago
50 mil lol!
Booper Dooper
Booper Dooper 22 days ago
31:25 Um what did you just say
MartianV2 26 days ago
Part 2?
melon kid youtube q
Clair Bolthouse
Clair Bolthouse Month ago
he looks so different than now haha
Provivadex Month ago
Part 2
AmericanMade Month ago
He's such a Trump fan. I'm sorry, he's a piece of shit and no doubt a closet racist and antisemitic. Just because he's nice to black people or Jews faces means very little. There's white supremacist all over that work with or for whatever reason interact with the people they hate and can be nice as can be. Dont be fooled.
Andrew Lehmann
Andrew Lehmann Month ago
AmericanMade who dropped you on the head when you were younger. He is not anti Semitic at all, nor racist at all. Your brainwashed and you don’t understand context. Go read more Vox news, you dump fucking liberal. “Said by a Canadian”
Michelle Ramakers
Weeee neeeeed felix again
Kevin Crater
Kevin Crater Month ago
I'm not a huge, huuuuge pewds fan, though his latest joker video was fantastic. BUUUUT, I am very surprised at the low view count here.
Ma 15
Ma 15 Month ago
After 2 years no one put a comment down
Cheyenne Autumn
Cheyenne Autumn 2 months ago
A lot of parts of this video didn’t age well at all lol
Cristian Velazquez
Cristian Velazquez 2 months ago
Pls get PewDiePie back on the show
Jack Schafer
Jack Schafer 2 months ago
“Closing in on 50 million subs” 2019👀👀
A'Bre House
A'Bre House 2 months ago
Seeing this makes me realize that Felix has lost a bit of his accent.
DinoDerp 2 months ago
27:01 it only says they have like 200 Million something now. Huh?
Rayyy Uhh
Rayyy Uhh 2 months ago
Decided to see an early podcast Ethan looks so different!! Don’t know why I’m commenting no one will see this just crazy to me
Christina 2 months ago
I am Z
I am Z 3 months ago
Why doesn’t this have more views
tggt00 3 months ago
2017 pewdiepie was fucking weird.
Swøsels 4 months ago
Steven Harris
Steven Harris 4 months ago
50 million 2 years later 100
Clementyne 4 months ago
I'm still waiting for the Scare PewDiePie season 2
Alexander Aburto
Alexander Aburto 4 months ago
100,000,000 subscribers now >.>
TaTer T0Ts
TaTer T0Ts 4 months ago
if they did another podcast and they talked about all the stuff that happened in the last 2 years it would be a 4-5 hour podcast
APP sauce
APP sauce 5 months ago
50 mill in 2 years
Marcus de Mello Alm
Marcus de Mello Alm 5 months ago
100 millions eyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
Bellalina 5 months ago
2 years later, Pewds is about to hit 100 Mil subs and him and Marzia got married today (8/19/19) I'm so happy for our swedish viking 😭😭
Jinx 5 months ago
ethan definitely grabbed and pewds went for a normal high five lol. watch on slow motion xD
Jeremiah Villa
Jeremiah Villa 5 months ago
Whoever pewdiepie is, hes a piece of shit
Colin Fel
Colin Fel 5 months ago
5:36 he drank out of a jar. someone edit it to him holding belle delphine's jar.
FlopDudeGaming 6 months ago
Still the biggest non-corporate youtuber
Kaisa Kurkinen
Kaisa Kurkinen 6 months ago
This one didnt age that well... smh
Dime_X 7 months ago
Anyone 2019?
Omni Killa
Omni Killa 7 months ago
Etikas Missing😭 Probably Dead
Shaquille Oatmeal
Shaquille Oatmeal 7 months ago
Hearing them talking about the whole shooting thing way before it happened is kinda eerie
James Lee
James Lee 7 months ago
Fucking Bruce Willis
Razl Gazl
Razl Gazl 7 months ago
Oh yeah Big time
Bixie Zelkova
Bixie Zelkova 7 months ago
This episode sure aged weird.
Elle Menendez
Elle Menendez 7 months ago
Pewds is humble. He's wayyy more relevant than Bruce Willis today.
Elle Menendez
Elle Menendez 7 months ago
Nah, I thoroughly enjoy weed lol.
will 8 months ago
I literally can't fathom how PewDiePie got so popular. He's insufferable and not even remotely funny. Does he have any fans over the age of 16?
V.V_17 A-Z
V.V_17 A-Z 5 months ago
Yeah, a lot of them aged over 18 too. To some he’s hilarious and to others he’s insufferable. Just like every other comedian or entertainer. Comedy and entertainment are subjective.
Adrian Castro
Adrian Castro 7 months ago
I’m 20 and a fan lmao
Nihlm 8 months ago
Less than 10 minutes in and it references the nazi, uploaded around the time pewdiepie did that stuff in the first place. *Hmm*
Dpacart 9 months ago
5:00 HE KNEW
Potterhead4Vida 9 months ago
Watching this almost 2 years later and PewDiePie is almost double the subs (almost at 100 mill now) and h3h3 is at episode #112 of their podcast. Damn.
J D 9 months ago
“He’s about to hit 50 million” >2 years later he has almost 50 million MORE
Massman121 9 months ago
Crazy how in 2 years he gains another 50 mil
He make another one
WAL33D MAS 9 months ago
28:37 well T-Series is now ahead
Willy Wonka's G-fuel Factory
I wish this was still relevent 😣😢
F 11 months ago
Emilio Lezama
Emilio Lezama 11 months ago
I’m the 666th comment
Emilio Lezama
Emilio Lezama 11 months ago
grasped2 nigga what
TIRIZA 11 months ago
Screw you, the video has 654 comments atm. Scumbag.
Roberto Sanchez
Roberto Sanchez 11 months ago
25:27 pewds went from spaghetti to bitch lasagna lol
Ethan blanchard
Ethan blanchard 11 months ago
damn now hes at 80 mil
dankaroor 10 months ago
Now at 90mil and almost passed...
Quinten Cabo
Quinten Cabo Year ago
Did Ethan call him the face of youtube
High Shaun
High Shaun Year ago
5:00 this is the reason youtube stopped Pewdiepies red series!
Hosam R
Hosam R Year ago
he fucked up after this 2 times and then blew up again
nigga what
nigga what Year ago
Lol the manipulation from H3H3 is strong. Its simple psychology. You can watch for yourself. He will ask questions he already knows the answers to in order to force felix into a shady situation to make him look bad. Not only that. I mean the sub botting part... wach 23:30 or so. And we know its true now that we see his real personality getting exposed by everybody
nigga what
nigga what Year ago
He also over compliments in order to either make Felix agree and look arrogant, or make the awkward, "Uhh no" type of response. Theres all sorts of little traps people can use and clearly the host knows some
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