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Comments 80
H2ODelirious 5 months ago
Does this video deserve your like button push?
Dimitri Marinopoulos
Yea it does delirious
Trⱥınee _ _ _ _
Trⱥınee _ _ _ _ 4 months ago
Danny Ruiz no 22k or more!
KATANA kak 5 months ago
[Sp] Will Russell
[Sp] Will Russell 5 months ago
lil 3x93rt
lil 3x93rt 5 months ago
No All of them do
Chester Domingo
Chester Domingo 22 hours ago
Please don't stop making vids
Brian Hooper
Brian Hooper 4 days ago
Kara AX400UwU
Kara AX400UwU 18 days ago
I just imagine someone watching something and while their doing that, they just hear delirious laughing quietly in their closet
Chauncie Clark
Chauncie Clark 19 days ago
Fyne we can agree that dalouries is jason
Me Month ago
Hi H2O Delirious . You should make of more asanas cred
Dylan Pyon
Dylan Pyon Month ago
4:34 "where are the others"?
alexstar Torres
alexstar Torres 2 months ago
BLOODSHOT 2 months ago
You look like jeepers creepers with a pumpkin on your head
Jeremy croff
Jeremy croff 2 months ago
H2O Delirious isn't know that when he dropped his basil ball bat to go to the cupboard he forgot
Jesus Christ
Jesus Christ 2 months ago
9:55 bruh
Rohan Akarnia
Rohan Akarnia 3 months ago
Delirious what is your pc specifications ?
ItsMandito 3 months ago
Yadiel Rivera
Yadiel Rivera 4 months ago
They should make an animated video I would love to see it 😍
GoldenPlayer1223 Profesional
Delirious you got spotted at the end because you throwed a fish in guy s head and other guy saw him getting kicked in head so it wasn't time
Ranvir Dhadwal
Ranvir Dhadwal 4 months ago
Who else is excited to hear delirious say " MISSION STATUS ACTIVE" in Christmas when another dlc hits
Favian Garcia
Favian Garcia 4 months ago
Hey h20 I really love you’re videos I was just wondering if you could play more scary story games
wolfy wolf
wolfy wolf 4 months ago
I like how you are knocking people out with fish and at the same time you have pumkin head
Charles Hester
Charles Hester 4 months ago
U should make a merch called crowlerious
Charlenee Quinones
Charlenee Quinones 4 months ago
Cameron Gaming
Cameron Gaming 4 months ago
Hell ya this video deserves 10,000,000 likes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!&$$$$$$$
Kwall25 5 months ago
Is this the return of Hitmanlirious? I loved the Hitman series. Would be awesome if Hitman 2 becomes a series as well!
Isaac Brown
Isaac Brown 5 months ago
I looks like crows been hanged on all the tree lol
Zeb Mitchell
Zeb Mitchell 5 months ago
delirious deserves more recognition
Dark Wolf
Dark Wolf 5 months ago
When he said wander I thought of Wander over Yonder.
Iron Fist
Iron Fist 5 months ago
do more episodes of hitman 2 please
Zerxyz Pickle
Zerxyz Pickle 5 months ago
Zerxyz Pickle
Zerxyz Pickle 5 months ago
ADkillerhunter ANT
ADkillerhunter ANT 5 months ago
12:10 me when someone calls me short
bitz gang
bitz gang 5 months ago
Please do more hitman.
Juan Rios
Juan Rios 5 months ago
H2O delirious i love your videos and watch them during class sometimes can't blame but you have inspired me to make youtube videos thx =)
Juan Rios
Juan Rios 5 months ago
Ahmed Khan
Ahmed Khan 5 months ago
27:21 joker laugh
Claudia Kvarnborg
Claudia Kvarnborg 5 months ago
I died when he communicated with the crows
American Pie
American Pie 5 months ago
“I will take everything you LuVVVV😱😈”
MC 5 months ago
That laugh though. its the best laugh in the planet !
Hollow One
Hollow One 5 months ago
lol A+ crow sounds gg
ORBIT 5 months ago
When he laughs it is so funny 😅😅😅
joshua fifer
joshua fifer 5 months ago
Hit man please
Josiah Johnson
Josiah Johnson 5 months ago
look man you need to calm yuh damn roles CALM THEM DOWN THAT WAS SO FUNNY
JootLoops [TheDragonLindy]
Delirious is like the groundhog that's afraid of its own shadow. Legend says that if a Delirious comes around a corner and is scared of his own reflection then teddy bears will fall out of the sky in the spring.
Lock 5 months ago
MultiDeadlyGames 5 months ago
MultiDeadlyGames 5 months ago
Its the thing he says before knocking someone out Lol
KWK 5 months ago
Why are you so butt hurt
Alexander Calixto
Alexander Calixto 5 months ago
It so funny delirious turn to a crow and laughs
Caleb Shuff
Caleb Shuff 5 months ago
This puts the trick in Trick or treat
James Garn
James Garn 5 months ago
Speed God
Speed God 5 months ago
Now I know if I see A punkin head at Halloween laughing like a crow to run... over to him and get his autograph
iifilthy frank
iifilthy frank 5 months ago
Hitman lirious is back
anthony Tryhard
anthony Tryhard 5 months ago
Madden Boi
Madden Boi 5 months ago
Where is it! He’s Batman
Midnight Howler
Midnight Howler 5 months ago
(Sigh) I always love watching a good slaughter 🐟
Giovanni Antunez
Giovanni Antunez 5 months ago
Who doesn’t love delirious like fr lets be honest ❤️💯😂
Chris Lawrence
Chris Lawrence 5 months ago
The back of your head is ridicules 😂😂😂😂
yolo army
yolo army 5 months ago
Around 2:17 the pumpkin was the crow 🤣
ozark crypt hunters
ozark crypt hunters 5 months ago
Without h20 I would be so bored
nesha brown
nesha brown 5 months ago
The mask is so bright
Brian Newton
Brian Newton 5 months ago
H2O u r the best youtuber ever I never What’s your in a while but now I am and please go back to where did you do change the game I like you watching YouTub what’s your in a while but now I am and please go back to Friday the 13th please it’s a really good game I like watching your videos of them so please go back please
Kat Mak
Kat Mak 5 months ago
Part of this video is just Delirious beating people up with a dead fish and it is HILARIOUS! Best part of the video. 😂😂
Skyla Lashae
Skyla Lashae 5 months ago
When h20 said you shut the hell up at 11:40 then threw a pumpkin I died😂 good shit delirious
tree j
tree j 5 months ago
Noah Musal
Noah Musal 5 months ago
DELIRIOUS laugh is so funny. to hear that laugh under your bed 💀
Jake Hylo
Jake Hylo 5 months ago
Love this vid
Thechunkymonkey 5 months ago
Courtney Rogan
Courtney Rogan 5 months ago
Love h20 hes so funny especially when he gets spooked by his own reflection 😂😂
OffTopix 5 months ago
Noone: Delirious: Shut the hell up!
Alec Brumback
Alec Brumback 5 months ago
The crows and the crow noise🤣
ronan0culain 5 months ago
i love h20 deiliorious so funny i love his criw laughs
New You tuber
New You tuber 5 months ago
Ryan Woods
Ryan Woods 5 months ago
I wish I could do the laugh perfectly since I’m being Delirious for Halloween, and my best friend being Mini
Zacry 5 months ago
27:21 joker laugh in the train scene
Wolfcat Wildcat
Wolfcat Wildcat 5 months ago
You make a Excellent Pumpkin Assassin
xxdual masterxx
xxdual masterxx 5 months ago
Special event! Delirious hearts comments! 25-31oct2019! This is a joke i just never see him heart comments °¬°
HDtwist 5 months ago
27:20 - 27:27 that laugh sounded exactly like the joaquin phoenix joker :D
Lightning Seed
Lightning Seed 5 months ago
King Delirious: Behold my Excalifish
iAteYourGummies •
iAteYourGummies • 5 months ago
“Haha haha, I am pumpkin head!” 2 seconds later: “I have no head!”
Amaree Mason
Amaree Mason 5 months ago
Hi water
Star Hall Gallimore
Star Hall Gallimore 5 months ago
Pumpkinly possibly Pumpkinly possibly Pumpkinly Possibly Pumpkinly possibly Pumpkinly Possibly Pumpkinly Possibly Pumpkinly Possibly Pumpkinly Possibly Pumpkinly Possibly Pumpkinly Possibly There ya go Pumpkinly Possibly 10x
Ethan Renfroe
Ethan Renfroe 5 months ago
8:25 Im dead Lmao
Jonni Boii
Jonni Boii 5 months ago
the guards: delirious: SHUT THE HELL UP
CallyTeddy 5 months ago
I'm confused, why was there heavy cursing at some points in the video and then, in the middle, they were bleeped out? I don't understand. Wouldn't someone be consistent if that were the case.
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