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Comments 80
H2ODelirious 5 months ago
Creator Code (H2ODelirious) Hope you enjoy the new content!
Austin Roman
Austin Roman Month ago
Oraline Turtle
Oraline Turtle Month ago
Can i add you
Oraline Turtle
Oraline Turtle Month ago
Hi H20Delirious
lightning destroyer
lightning destroyer
You can reboot by getting a card and finding a reboot van
3:00 - 3:01 If You put it here and put 50 bricks 50 metals and 50 shields
Nate Riddle
Nate Riddle 6 days ago
Jake Mitchell
Jake Mitchell 7 days ago
My first game i won
Kerry Worthington
I used your code in THe iteam shop
Kerry Worthington
Jack DeLuca
Jack DeLuca 14 days ago
u are better then vanoss
Rafaelle Agno
Rafaelle Agno 14 days ago
I love jason
Steven Donovan
Steven Donovan 14 days ago
I love this game too and I love your videos💗
Raynard Seiola
Raynard Seiola 16 days ago
Man i like the song
Kristen Paxson
Kristen Paxson 18 days ago
I'm a huge fun
Kristen Paxson
Kristen Paxson 18 days ago
Kristen Paxson
Kristen Paxson 18 days ago
Can you friend on fortnight it's Monster6912
Person who made a channel just to comment
My first game I got 3rd
Soviet Union
Soviet Union 20 days ago
wdym ''fifty shields''
Jack DeLuca
Jack DeLuca 24 days ago
Do super smash bros with Vanoss, Nogla, and Terroriser.
Jack DeLuca
Jack DeLuca 24 days ago
get the deadpool skinnnnnnn.
Fred P
Fred P 27 days ago
Your names is jothan
David Fraide
David Fraide Month ago
Being your Friend
ruth Smith
ruth Smith Month ago
Hey h2o I have the red ripply
Nursyahirah Halim
Sonic dead noise when water
Jami King
Jami King Month ago
I will type in your creater account in the item shop okay and we will be friends.
Quinney Anderson
Please H20 add me it is Quinney27
Exotic savage ._.
Your so cool one day can you send me an epic freand reqest and we can play to gether
getnoob Month ago
"someone steped on the universe" lmaoo
Corey Lee
Corey Lee Month ago
H2O delirious can you go to Janus home and go to house 1907 I live there I just need my best RUvidr to come to my house if I don't see you I will cry 🥺
RedNinja 3113
RedNinja 3113 Month ago
You are the WORST RUvidR ever
amazing689ray Month ago
I won my first game
Supreme Kira
Supreme Kira Month ago
Vanoss Vs H2O
Harrysolergaming 9
Harrysolergaming 9 2 months ago
Carry someone and click the shoot button it yeets them instead of put them down
Hunter TheGamer9
Hunter TheGamer9 2 months ago
Btw if you didn't know your very first match is literally just bots
Hunter TheGamer9
Hunter TheGamer9 2 months ago
Well for me it was just bots somi guess it might just be random
Caleb Pitts
Caleb Pitts 2 months ago
battle pass username aria the boy
Ripley 07 K
Ripley 07 K 2 months ago
Did you see squirrel in the q Street
Swagmaster Fan
Swagmaster Fan 2 months ago
Swagmaster Fan
Swagmaster Fan 2 months ago
U will get a friend request from Swagmaster9810
LogicalGaming 84
LogicalGaming 84 2 months ago
19:28 Squirrel you're making my dinkly get longer H20Delirious 2019
Justin Royse
Justin Royse 2 months ago
i got the win first game
Play Funny
Play Funny 2 months ago
Yeet her
David Fraide
David Fraide 2 months ago
How come IT doesn,t work?
Nighty Moonstone
Nighty Moonstone 2 months ago
Is it bad I think Riplley is ADORABLE!?
Angel Jaquez
Angel Jaquez 2 months ago
If I GeT 150 I CoUlD GeT iT To LeVeL BlUeE
ellesgravy 2 months ago
the way he says fifty- *fiddy fiddy fiddy fiddy fiddy fiddy fiddy*
drlagie drlagie
drlagie drlagie 2 months ago
and i have a youtube account to with 4 subscribers
ken demon vampire
ken demon vampire 2 months ago
How long were you guys there looking at that black hole for ?
Joseph Jumonville
Joseph Jumonville 2 months ago
I love the music when u first drop down like I fucking love it!!!
I_AmJechx 2 months ago
Epic actually made the music epic when you jump out
Renee Lizarraga
Renee Lizarraga 2 months ago
I am level 79
David Fraide
David Fraide 2 months ago
What time are you on
David Fraide
David Fraide 2 months ago
On the ítem shop
David Fraide
David Fraide 2 months ago
David Fraide
David Fraide 2 months ago
Can you add me
David Fraide
David Fraide 2 months ago
I am a fan of you
Yourboi Gg
Yourboi Gg 2 months ago
Can I git the battle Ps Ass plz
Aleksey Gaming brawl stars
Can I add u I love ur videos and I subsricibe to all of your videos please
Leonardo Hernandez
Leonardo Hernandez 3 months ago
I got 1st place in my 1st game
FNAF Dragons
FNAF Dragons 3 months ago
1st place for my first game, and everyone I killed I said, YOU JUST GOT KILLED BY A DEFAULT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Kearstin Sheldon
Kearstin Sheldon 3 months ago
H2O: if you have 150 brick 150 medal and 150 shields you can upgrade to level blue Me: how can you get 50 shields lol
Melissa Rodriguez
Melissa Rodriguez 3 months ago
Fabian Mercado
Fabian Mercado 3 months ago
Troy Villareal
Troy Villareal 3 months ago
Delirious I have been watching your videos for years
Chuck Campbell
Chuck Campbell 3 months ago
He said yuh
GG playZ
GG playZ 3 months ago
Delerios do another tabs vid they are soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo funny 🙄
Jacky 2640
Jacky 2640 3 months ago
2 months have past why isn't it season 3 chapter 2?
Ana Duran
Ana Duran 3 months ago
50 wood 50 brick 50 shield
mebj bs
mebj bs 3 months ago
Won first match
VERONICA BOOKER 3 months ago
I won my first game
NinjaMichael100 3 months ago
Did anyone else hear him say 50 brick 50 metal and 50 shields because I did. If you herd it leave a like and a comment pls.
cod god
cod god 3 months ago
Can we play plz I am a big fan
Unvaulted-Azo 90
Unvaulted-Azo 90 3 months ago
Delirious:50 wood 50 meatal 50 shields
Brayden Williams
Brayden Williams 3 months ago
honestly thought lui was lipsyjimmy but then changed my mind lol
epic guy17
epic guy17 3 months ago
Me and my btother won it
Squidy Pickle
Squidy Pickle 3 months ago
good game i did sub
LO OD 3 months ago
malvin bacungan
malvin bacungan 3 months ago
You are the best delirious your my hero
Paul Morton
Paul Morton 3 months ago
I won my first game wow delireous
Corbin radford
Corbin radford 3 months ago
If you click the door bell to much then you well break i
Corbin radford
Corbin radford 3 months ago
Rare Rehaan
Rare Rehaan 4 months ago
Why h20 didn’t get any bots on he’s first game
Gamer 4 months ago
Hi guys thid is my new acc
Eva Martinez
Eva Martinez 4 months ago
Gray means common and Greenpeace means uncommon and Bluetooth means este and purple means epic and Orange means Legendaria
goku trower
goku trower 4 months ago
I love your videos delirious
Mitchell Kurmura
Mitchell Kurmura 4 months ago
1v1 me plz
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