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HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!! 2020!!!!!!!!
What's your favorite clip???
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Comments 80
H2ODelirious 3 months ago
Watch part 2! ruvid.net/video/video-1tCQJ00CBE0.html
Dragon G'lant
Dragon G'lant 2 months ago
You missed Lui Calibre in the Links in the description
camren chavez
camren chavez 3 months ago
the memories :):)
{ {•fight back•} }
Johnson Jimmy
Johnson Jimmy 3 months ago
Why h20delirious
pandacorn 6666lol
pandacorn 6666lol 3 months ago
@ywa soe yes happy new year to teddy bear 🐻
Exotic_ Dummy
44:45 why did I think that was Michael Jackson 😂
Noobert Day ago
Rip Daithi Nogla’s Popcorn 2020-2020
Zander ENIGMA 13 days ago
We must! Delirious Army, WE MUST!
Mozzie 14 days ago
I just looked at how long the video THIS SHITS AN HOUR LONF
Lindsey B.
Lindsey B. 15 days ago
Annd YT is drunk. 1.5K Comments? NAH
Lindsey B.
Lindsey B. 15 days ago
Julian Polanco
Julian Polanco 15 days ago
is no one going to talk about the fact at 53:46 that sheep went flying
Kudret Koluman
Kudret Koluman 17 days ago
Bee Simulator Games
THE LAST STAND 77 25 days ago
I took a drink and 41:00 bout made me spit it back out lmao
Samantha Boyd
Samantha Boyd 28 days ago
Best thing in the world sitting back and eating watching delirious
Leona Lahr
Leona Lahr 29 days ago
Guillermina Osornio
More minecraft!
B0B BEAR Alpha R0BL0X Smileing & Happy
H2O Delirious&Vanoss
Jeremiah Taylor
Jeremiah Taylor Month ago
Delirious 2019 already just passed
Alice griffith
Alice griffith Month ago
Chicken lirious
Josue Montoya
Josue Montoya Month ago
Hayden Traves
Hayden Traves Month ago
this is great
BIGIN_CHUNGUS 2 months ago
5:28 Delirious finds out what kamikaze is
Stretchy Dummy
Stretchy Dummy 2 months ago
Hi I want to see more Minecraft videos are I will thumbs down pls I don't want to thumbs bown
Too much minecraft
Dewald hand
Dewald hand 2 months ago
Delirious hay man just need to say i am from South africa i am new to the net hear and just wow love your vids man you and the rest of you'r team soooo good i cant stop watching the vids when i have the worst days here i just watch you'r stuff and it all saves me so thanks so much man
Jim halpert
Jim halpert 2 months ago
That intro was the shit the best
loki 5663
loki 5663 2 months ago
oh my god, what mod did he use for that chicken bit 7:42 i need it for my modded world lol
_Syvlan666_ _Syvlan666_
Aww that's cute idk why but when delirious he spilled noglas popcorn and then Vanoss sees it and he holds it idk why that's cute
Coolie_ 2 months ago
Minecraft series was great
Sofia Mercado
Sofia Mercado 2 months ago
Hi H20 I am a big fan I have been subbed to u sence I was nine
Faded Gaming
Faded Gaming 2 months ago
0:16 tell me why that intro looked just like marvels
LoorKato 2 months ago
Sick. Intro. Props to whoever made it. Also thanks for another year of hilarious content!
Aurelius_power15 2 months ago
53:43 👏THAT. 👏SHEEP. 👏IS. 👏GONE.
meow maow
meow maow 2 months ago
The way that nogla looked already knewed that his doomed
Stormyzz YT
Stormyzz YT 2 months ago
Delirious army forever
Stormyzz YT
Stormyzz YT 2 months ago
Love all your vidsss
Stormyzz YT
Stormyzz YT 2 months ago
U forgot lui
Elena Hernandez
Elena Hernandez 2 months ago
28:42 if terroriser was a radio communicator in ww2
Grimreapergod4 2 months ago
the longest arm wrestle ever XD
Aspien Girl
Aspien Girl 2 months ago
Thanks Delirious! I love you and your videos. 😂
StoryWriter1209 2 months ago
10:42 I can’t stop rewinding at cartoonz 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
K84 Keanese
K84 Keanese 2 months ago
I WILL MISS 2019!!
Tim Carver
Tim Carver 2 months ago
omg just the opening is so awesome knocking the popcorn out of his hands
Emmi Goes Rawr
Emmi Goes Rawr 2 months ago
Ngl seeing Noglas Mascot in a dark theater would scare the bajeezus outta me
Salty Bacon
Salty Bacon 2 months ago
Dude this video is just a museum of the greatness of delicious and I love it
James Hay
James Hay 2 months ago
Delirious needs to get some "Behind you the whole time!" Merch made! I envision a T-Shirt or Jacket with a design on the back!
Ibrahim Shukri
Ibrahim Shukri 2 months ago
My favorite moment was probably the Arm Wrestling in GTA 5 because it was the longest match between you and Squirrel 🤣
AngelKitty02 2 months ago
0:09 lol nogla looks so sad
blue ARMY
blue ARMY 2 months ago
Every crow I see in this video I say happy New Year's.
Anne-Marie J Thibert
26:21 😂
ogboss Ricky420
ogboss Ricky420 2 months ago
Good memories she’ll be remember😢😢😢😢😭😭😭😭
Joseph Thompson
Joseph Thompson 2 months ago
I watched the whole thing
ElVetoGaming 3 months ago
Termine de verlo, ahora voy a ver la segunda parte :3 💙💙💙
Kameron Lefler
Kameron Lefler 3 months ago
Anyone else notice this is a cod map
有Sadny 3 months ago
Shanon keef
Shanon keef 3 months ago
r1nu Chill
r1nu Chill 3 months ago
Challenge.... 1 shot (Whiskey) every time he laughs...
Komasan Snowkai
Komasan Snowkai 3 months ago
Nice job with the intro even the teddy bear lol
Marlin Miller
Marlin Miller 3 months ago
The intro was epic!
Yuri Yu
Yuri Yu 3 months ago
Ohhh I love all of this
Daniel Playz
Daniel Playz 3 months ago
2:04 XD
Its your boy!!
Its your boy!! 3 months ago
I miss when the whole crew would do these. Especially vanoss back in 2014 and onward. It was always something to look forward too after the holiday Videos. Now everyones busy :((
caitlinjane92 3 months ago
OMG I'm so happy that the first clip you put in was when you got to transform into a crow in GTA 5!
Trevor Ritzke
Trevor Ritzke 3 months ago
More Minecraft. MOAR!!!!!!
Cruzy _Plays
Cruzy _Plays 3 months ago
Best Movie ever
Yaphet St.Martin
Yaphet St.Martin 3 months ago
Watched this video a decade ago
{ {•fight back•} }
You never fail to make me laugh💙💙💙
RKADE 14 3 months ago
This was awesome, thanks =)
Toon Link Dat Boi
Toon Link Dat Boi 3 months ago
Dude I just love dat animation
bio gaming
bio gaming 3 months ago
My favorite part is when u try to get in the ship on Minecraft Haha it's funny 🤣🤣😉
BlueFlameXLover 3 months ago
Man time goes fast 💨
Im Taepz
Im Taepz 3 months ago
why was that intro 10/10
h s
h s 3 months ago
did anyone else’s jojo braincell go off at 50:51 ?
- Dragniv -
- Dragniv - 3 months ago
in the intro ,nogla looked like he was gon' kill delirious XD
Spartan 014
Spartan 014 3 months ago
It feels so good to watch this and laugh to a lot of scenes I found funny so long ago LOL
jack the demon wolf
jack the demon wolf 3 months ago
Rivals did how rivals fly
Yannick El Manssouri
Marvel kinda intro haha nice
Mr YNOT 3 months ago
Ok but can we all admire the hard work and all the time it took to make and edit this video😂
_black. _magic_
_black. _magic_ 3 months ago
I like how nogal is just so happy delirious dropped his popcorn 😅
Penguin Core
Penguin Core 3 months ago
"If you don't call me later I'm not gonna drum that ass" ~Delrious 2019
FaZe Shah Wilson
FaZe Shah Wilson 3 months ago
Big fan happy 2020
Eren Uchiha
Eren Uchiha 3 months ago
You forgot teddy bears soda
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