H&K USP 9 Tactical | Break it in...

Talon Sei
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I love the entire USP line and now I am finally happy to own one myself! Note to self... break it in before using a can. BTW Technically this is an SD and there are small differences between the different USP variants however the H&K website is all mucked up and you find different information everywhere you look. The more ya know.
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Apr 23, 2018

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Comments 237
Talon Sei
Talon Sei Year ago
~static ~ *Counter-Terrorists Win*
uonexd 5 months ago
their USP was in 45 but ok
Johnny Keller
Johnny Keller 8 months ago
Your can may have been too large (that's what she said) If you slap a giant honking can on a handgun you'll reach a level of "diminishing returns", the expanding gasses needed to maintain chamber pressure and unseat the breech to enable reliable extraction just aren't gonna be there. The only reason I'm saying this is because it seemed like the minute you put that can on the ejection got hella weak. Check and see what cans HK recommends if any or try a smaller can with the same thread pitch if you've got one. I'd bet the recoil spring had nothing to do with it, and that the can you were using was just too big.
Yuneko 9 months ago
the one in cs is 45 acp i believe
Kevin 11 months ago
Talon Sei Excellent video review! what style are your sunglasses ? Respectfully, Kevin
Aaron Diaz
Aaron Diaz Year ago
It was the can
Hawkins Farms
Hawkins Farms 2 days ago
off topic but what brand are your sunglasses they look sweet!
Rafi YT
Rafi YT 13 days ago
You looks like The character from standoff 2
Patriot of The Rising Sun
Best pistol 🔫
Joe Chen
Joe Chen 22 days ago
What brand/kind of 147g did you use?
Sosa 300
Sosa 300 24 days ago
Definitely getting one now brother. Used to have a VP9 LE.
Frank Ernstorfer
Frank Ernstorfer 25 days ago
Take the recoil spring from the USP Expert. It is a lighter spring and will work better with subsonic ammo.
Tom Wessel
Tom Wessel Month ago
The USP has a metal trigger, its just covered in polymer
MemeTubbies 2.0
MemeTubbies 2.0 Month ago
Welp he is defenetly global offensive. 8:20 12:50 bruh when u are silver.
Not A Meth Dealer
These handguns always felt small in my hands. The MK23 is perfect for my hands.
Mahir Uganalp
Mahir Uganalp 2 months ago
I have a Usp custom sport 9mm, Sig Sauer P226 LDCII Tacops in 9mm I love both guns,no trouble with them
Vice Richter
Vice Richter 2 months ago
i wish the mags didnt suck. 15 rounds for 9mm? The magazine is wayy bigger than a G17 mag. It should be able to hold 17-18 rounds at least. Lol
Zack Ceasar
Zack Ceasar 21 day ago
I think you can get 18s.
Rico Morales
Rico Morales 2 months ago
The Hk ups and Sig Sauer p226 are legendary pistol
Mahir Uganalp
Mahir Uganalp 2 months ago
I now what you mean,i have both guns.
Rodiculous 2 months ago
try a LEM trigger if you haven't already, most "hk guys" use those. great combination of double action safety factor plus good positive break and short reset.
2 months ago
I had the same stovepipe issue with a new FNX tactical.
WestHam Hooligan
WestHam Hooligan 2 months ago
I've been shooting the H&K VP9SK. And I love everything about it.
Vivekh Anand
Vivekh Anand 3 months ago
Matthew Mcconaughhey after retiring from hollywood
Ed Choi
Ed Choi 3 months ago
Well I've been shooting the USP 45 ever since they first came out and I bought 2 of them and a 40 Cal too. For old guys like me that cut their teeth on 1911's these are natural transition.
iBuyPower MGL
iBuyPower MGL 3 months ago
i love standoff 2 usp
Vice Richter
Vice Richter 4 months ago
Is this one all metal or is the frame polymer? I want the all-metal ones cause those are better built.
Jon P
Jon P 4 months ago
The USP has always had a polymer frame. They're excellent pistols.
Robo 4 months ago
Great review man!!!
kx2250 4 months ago
you do the Archon type b yet?
Talon Sei
Talon Sei 4 months ago
Civilian #72583119
Civilian #72583119 5 months ago
Your suppressor is on crooked
RayGunz 5 months ago
You know what I think you get with HK I think you just get pure reliability And excellent machining tolerances they just work and to be honest they look gorgeous that’s the one thing I can give to the company my favorite has to be the USP series no matter what
RayGunz 5 months ago
I’ll tell you something I did try the 45 full-size in hand and I can report that my Glock 21 second generation will not be going anywhere because of how it fits my hand versus the HK I was a little disappointed because I wanted that to work and it was only $750 as opposed to the original price which is right up around $1000 it felt like I could not get a good grip because the trigger reach versus the grip it’s self was just weird I might have to rent one just to find out if that’s true but I have big hands and it doesn’t make sense
RayGunz 5 months ago
I am also very late to the party on this one but I went with the compact stainless 9 mm and I absolutely love it I will never give it up that is one and second I will be getting this model you have in the video I just held it and it was nice that is for damn sure
0 safespaces
0 safespaces 5 months ago
Great to find this video most descriptive so far, I'm getting one as a loaner for my practical shooting safety/shooting course (Finland) Thank you very informative. 👍
Matarazzo 6 months ago
Was that steel casing ammo?
Philippines K.K.K
Philippines K.K.K 6 months ago
How powerful can kill one shot?
Jeanpg900 6 months ago
Haha i knew you were into counter strike as soon as you said videogames😎
AW4K3N 6 months ago
Why doesnt it sound like the usp-s in csgo?
infidel hedningsson
infidel hedningsson 7 months ago
I Love the usp it never komplain 🇸🇪👍👍👍👍👍🇸🇪
Lee surpa 544 Hart
Lee surpa 544 Hart 8 months ago
Practice I’ve practiced different technics releasing that mag even with airsoft pistols because I’m a lefty UCF be quicker and reaiming
Lee surpa 544 Hart
Lee surpa 544 Hart 8 months ago
I had a P 30 airsoft spring pistol so though it wasn’t the real deal but I loved it🤪
D Peters
D Peters 8 months ago
Do they make a metal trigger for these it's really the only deal breaker for me... I know you can get different springs though.
Not A Meth Dealer
Not A Meth Dealer 8 months ago
I always considered the USP a small handgun. But then again a nice sized handgun to me is the mark23, if you hadn’t guessed I have large hands
Charles Nicklestein
Charles Nicklestein 8 months ago
US Navy also uses the USP. I purchased my first Gun at a Gun show.. having ZERO friends w/ guns & zero knowledge. Learned about XD series guns that had extra safety triggers on them as a suggestion from vendors since I was a newb. Ultimately I purchased a 9mm USP from a seller whose majority of handguns fell below $500 at the Gun Show. *Counter-Strike* is the Sole reason I chose that gun over others. I paid $650+ back then, and the seller whispered to me "This is best handgun that I sell". Little did I know how correct he was. Maybe I will buy a Compact .45 for Conceal & Carry. Building the closest thing to the Colt M4 that I can, also from *Counter-Strike* .
PockeTanK 9 months ago
This platform was made for 45ACP.
Aaron yojimbo
Aaron yojimbo 6 months ago
Clutch_ Clark24
Clutch_ Clark24 6 months ago
@Jodler Harder yup an I have it in 40
Jodler Harder
Jodler Harder 6 months ago
first usp was in .40. the gun was designed for the .40.
Just picked up my USP 9 Tactical to go along with my normal USP 9. The moment you see and handle the tactical version at the store you know you need it. I have a lot of HK's but the USP is king.
Travis Santelmann
Travis Santelmann 11 months ago
Ahhh man! You bought the older version? There is a 2015 revision/update on the HK USP-9 Tactical, Tactical is marked clearly on the slide, And it adds a O-Ring barrel, for better accuracy! You need a BF date code or newer to receive the 15' revised model. Or just look for "Tactical" clearly marked on the slide.. Since there both the same price.. Why not get the newer one? Oh and break in? You can just add a few spacers for the suppressor, and there! its broke in!
Stephanie Santelmann
Great video! I’m buying a Dead Air Odessa-9 Suppressor! And the USP-9 May be a host for it. But, more than likely anything that’s threaded with 9mm coming out!
Stephanie Santelmann
You should purchase a mark 23 next, and review it. People love to put the HK mk23 on a pedestal as a “Niche” pistol. Or some kind of novelty item..Saying it’s to big, and to useless! This is all only so far from the truth. The HK Mk23 is so accurate, you can consistently take 100+ yard shots off hand, over and over again! The mk23 shoots like a laser gun. Minimal recoil, with SBR like accuracy. With the weight being right around a 1911 Government pistol. I’m sorry, but a Desert eagle 50AE is a Novelty gun! It’s unwieldy, kicks like a horse, and plain stupid. But, a MK23 makes shooting 45ACP, like shooting a low power 9mm. Only extremely accurate, like a Sig P210. The HK MK23 is a must have SHTF type of pistol!
Pandemonikus Superbus
Eine Frau kennt sich mit dem Mark 23 aus.ich bin erstaunt.zugegeben es ist die zweitbeste out of the box Pistole der Welt nach dem sig 210.sig sauer produzierte damals erstaunliche Waffen.heutzutage wo die Schweizer ihre Aktien den Amerikanern verkauft haben ist Sig sauer den Bach runtergegangen.
1776ERS Year ago
The HK USP 9 is the best 9mm handgun ever made. Everything about it screams quality, so rugged yet smooth & reliability that’s second to none. It’s a beautiful beast
Not A Meth Dealer
1776ERS it’s over engineered and over built.
Brandon Davis
Brandon Davis Year ago
Ever since I started watching your videos I have been learning more and more about hand guns today I’m going to buy my first glock 43 talon sei your video are so inspirational and I look forward to seeing more videos
Talon Sei
Talon Sei Year ago
Awesome to hear it Brandon. Good choice with the 43 👍🏻
Said Osmanov
Said Osmanov Year ago
Should have man up and bought the 45 acp version
Daniel Eble
Daniel Eble Year ago
It's an SD, not a tactical (whistles and steps back slowly)
SuperGoldnut Year ago
You should get the USP 45 so you can say....Yo homie.......Is that my briefcase
SuperGoldnut Year ago
I bought into the USP hype back in the early 90's. It was in so many magazines. I am glad I did. I had a friend who was 1911 nut, he had 4 and was looking for another until he shot my USP 45. Before shooting all he commented about was the price. Once he shot about 100 rounds through it he was sold, actually he said he was getting one after the first mag. He then sold 2 of his 1911's. The gun fits me perfectly, I wear an xlarge glove but don't have 'meaty' hands. My friend who has meaty hands, well actually meaty everything (fat bastard) also says the same
nahshon white
nahshon white Year ago
You take a glock to Compton. Hk goes to Vietnam or Afghanistan
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