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Could've Been by H.E.R.
Album: I Used to Know Her: The Prelude
Spotify: open.spotify.com/track/6lzLjIOyWTyTJvk0jraYee?si=PJKR-DzuQnaYPpL76E_pXQ
Could've Been Lyrics:
Please, allow me to show you something
Somebody give me, yeah
Somebody give me, uh
Somebody tell me the answers
Me and you isn't the answer, uh
Me and you isn't
Maybe I'm tellin' myself that
But there ain't nothin' that'll change that
What good would it be, if I knew how you felt about me? (yeah)
It could've been right but I was wrong
Only think 'bout you when I'm alone
Part of me that cared inside it's gone
And I know, that I can't, get caught up
We could've been
And we tried to pretend
Every now and again
We don't dream about, don't think about what
We could've been
Though I'm holding again
'Cause I know in the end
You dream about, I think about what
We could've been
We could've been, yeah
We could've, damn
Remember the night in Miami
First time you put your arms around me
I'm up reminiscin' (ooh yeah)
Thinking 'bout you isn't helping
Thinking 'bout you doesn't tell me
What good it would do, if I decide to face the truth
It could've been right but I was wrong
Only think 'bout you when I'm alone
You only hit me up when she's not home
And that's why, I can't, get caught up
We could've been
And we tried to pretend
Every now and again
We don't dream about, don't think about what
We could've been
Though I'm holding again
'Cause I know in the end
You dream about, I think about what
We could've been
We could've been
We could've
We could've been
What we could've been, we could've been
What we could've been
What we should've been
If I wasn't, if I wasn't-
With somebody, if you gotta hide it what's the point of trying?
I ain't just your friend, no, what's the point of lying?
Tryna sell a story ain't nobody buyin'
Look me in my eyes, don't that feel nice?
Why should it end? Baby I could've been
I could've been him, more than your friend
Just say where and when, where to make a trip
Baby make a wish, be the one I’m with
Should’ve been a-, should've, could've, would have been, ay
Yeah I would have been (damn)
Yeah I would have been (yeah)
Damn, damn (could've been)
Yeah, we could've been (oh no)
#I Used to Know Her: The Prelude
#Could've Been

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Aug 21, 2018




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Comments 100
Todoroki’s only wife
If only I knew you liked me earlier we could’ve been sumthin but I guess I’m to late. Your someone’s else now :). and it’s hard to forget you.
Naps _
Naps _ 8 days ago
I miss him but I don’t Want to be missing him
Livi wilson
Livi wilson 15 days ago
Emma Contreras
Emma Contreras 19 days ago
litterally my playlist is filled with H.E.R, Daniel Ceasar, Queen Naijah, and Jhene Aiko. Their songs are so soothing, and such a mood.
T _tukta
T _tukta Month ago
NOVEMBER 2020???
Call me ur babe Ok
October 2020?
cxleyy Month ago
I didnt know how old this song was :( This song still lit, if you aint listen to it what is you doin wit yo life? 😂😂😂
Shawn Sowers
Shawn Sowers Month ago
Has anyone heard the song picture perfect by Chris brown? I swear this song has the same instrumental in the beginning
Waneesha K.
Waneesha K. 2 months ago
Girl: Do you wanna be with me forever Boy: no Girl:Do you like me Boy:no Girl: Would you cry if I walk away Boy: no She heard enough and was... She walked away with tears The boy grabbed her arm Boy: I don’t wanna be with you forever... I need to be with you forever Boy:I don’t like you... I love you Boy: I wouldn’t cry if you walked away...I would die if you walked away Boy whispers: Plz stay with me Girl: I will Tonight at midnights your true love will realize he likes you something good will happen at (1-4pm) Get ready for the shock of your life Comment this on five other love songs
CeeCeeBaby 2 months ago
*the part of me that cared is still scorned😊
n m
n m 2 months ago
make a wish, be The one I’m with. Damn.
MarQ Hen
MarQ Hen 2 months ago
When you’re 44 in 2020 and this is one of your favorite jams!
Angela Millard
Angela Millard 2 months ago
Yes I'm goin thru it ... needed to hear this
Raniea Fisher
Raniea Fisher 3 months ago
Who still listening in 2020?
Talia Biscaino
Talia Biscaino 3 months ago
2020 august hits diffeerent
Cinnamonsanimations 3 months ago
Why was there an ad in the middle omg thats so dumb
DJ Freedom
DJ Freedom 3 months ago
The VIBE on this is really, really, moody. Sexy. Goes there. Feels like what love feels like. This is soulful R&B at its finest. H.E.R. did it again.
Totah Faiz
Totah Faiz 3 months ago
I’m taken but this song hit me soooo hard🥺
Cassandra Wright
Cassandra Wright 3 months ago
Got me missin somebody that dont even exist yet.
Holy _hi
Holy _hi 3 months ago
really a one min long outro
tate paris
tate paris 3 months ago
my eyes are sweating....
kuromiiblqde 3 months ago
Val G
Val G 4 months ago
Me listening and actually thinking what we could've been ......ummm just me okay 😅
Daniella S.
Daniella S. 4 months ago
crazy how much i relate to this song lol
Cassie Black
Cassie Black 4 months ago
please, allow me to show you something always gets me
Makenzie channel
Makenzie channel 4 months ago
2020 ????
Mia Kaash
Mia Kaash 4 months ago
I’m most definitely in my feelings 🤣😭
Adrienne Thorpe
Adrienne Thorpe 4 months ago
In my 50’s and digging this to its core.
Autum Holt
Autum Holt 4 months ago
Nappy _Boyshawnn
Nappy _Boyshawnn 4 months ago
bubblegum blossom
bubblegum blossom 4 months ago
I'm going thru a mood rn. and this song helps cuz I'm going thru the same shit
Celecia Miller
Celecia Miller 4 months ago
Nah she def giving floetry vibes in this one ,millenials cant relate
ItsNiyree Lynn
ItsNiyree Lynn 5 months ago
And shes not attracted to him✋👀
ItsNiyree Lynn
ItsNiyree Lynn 5 months ago
When a new girl come and your crush is attracted to her 1:51
ANGELINA 5 months ago
This song helps when you’ve been in an on and off relationship 💔
adriana macias
adriana macias 5 months ago
we are either heartbroken, overthinking, random waves of sadness, or all?
Arthur Jackson
Arthur Jackson 5 months ago
Love the song...but yall messed up on the lyrics!!!
KYNG CEO 5 months ago
Tiller bar that went over your head: *yea I could've been him* think about it
Aubrey Coleman
Aubrey Coleman 5 months ago
its bryson tiller
Anieya Brasher
Anieya Brasher 5 months ago
2020 and I’m still vibing to this
Mauricia Burrage
Almxnd Milk
Almxnd Milk Month ago
Same girl
Life With Vannaaa
Me too 💜💜
Delilah Irby
Delilah Irby 2 months ago
Right 😌✋🏽
julissa rojas
julissa rojas 2 months ago
mee toooo📻😁
Aaliyah's Nation
Aaliyah's Nation 5 months ago
"Only thing about you when I'm alone" Hit hard asf.
Shannon Meyer
Shannon Meyer 5 months ago
Andrew Dent
Andrew Dent 5 months ago
Damn I’m feelin this it reminds of this one girl damn we really could’ve been but that part that cared is gone now we really could’ve been...
Styledbyjmarie 5 months ago
close your eyes when u listen to this song u get goosebumps
Destiny 5 months ago
settings>playback speed>0.75 you're welcome
ynb crystal
ynb crystal 6 months ago
Taeter Tots
Taeter Tots 6 months ago
Dez world
Dez world 6 months ago
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Mister Carey
Mister Carey 6 months ago
i cry every time i hear this cause I Luv it ): ):
Naielys Martinez
Naielys Martinez 6 months ago
Who is listening in may 2020 :)
Tae Tae Taehyung
Tae Tae Taehyung 6 months ago
b plus A x2
b plus A x2 6 months ago
Baby you a fantasy pop out my dream come vision to me feel
bAd bLeEp
bAd bLeEp 6 months ago
Nobody: Me: *looking out the window of the school bus with my air or ear pods in and crying*😭😩
Miaaa 2 months ago
@morenofx woah ur fine
morenofx 5 months ago
@Jamayyah Emanuel oh shit whats going on here, follow me too while ya'll at it @_davidmorenoo
Jamayyah Emanuel
Jamayyah Emanuel 5 months ago
Curly head jay follow me on da gram @xx._itssmy.__
Jamayyah Emanuel
Jamayyah Emanuel 5 months ago
Curly head jay 😂😭
bAd bLeEp
bAd bLeEp 5 months ago
I’m just playing🌚💀
Texas Kelly
Texas Kelly 6 months ago
may 2020 ?
karen’s vibe check
when he is "I aint just your friend, no, what's the point of lying" i FELT. he really just wasn't it huh?
TAIYLOR NOLE 6 months ago
me jamming to this song without a single broken relationship bcs i will always and forever be lonley :(
TAIYLOR NOLE 6 months ago
" only think bout you when im alone " , I FELT THATTTTT
Hope Owings
Hope Owings 6 months ago
Still jamming May 2020 ♡
Kayla McCain
Kayla McCain 6 months ago
H.E.R. is super chill....♥
Giovanni Alejandro
Giovanni Alejandro 6 months ago
Anybody else listening and thinking about the past relationships like , damn 🤦🏽‍♂️
Zamari Norwood
Zamari Norwood 6 months ago
same 💔😔
Jamiah Coleman
Jamiah Coleman 6 months ago
hell yeah
Sydney Kelly
Sydney Kelly 6 months ago
why does this describe all of my relationships lmao
This Is Riss
This Is Riss 6 months ago
why when i heard the beginning Im like... did I click on Umi 'Remeber Me'
yo baby daddy
yo baby daddy 5 months ago
bro same omg, shes underrated
Kira Simone
Kira Simone 7 months ago
May 2020?
Alejandra M
Alejandra M 7 months ago
this song hits every time I hear it 🥺.
Diana Nguyen
Diana Nguyen 7 months ago
The devil in a red dress. Will make you feel like shit like this is okay but it's deceitful. Either be together or move tf on. Toxic ass shit just to hurt the person you're with cause of some we could have been.
Amarah Brown
Amarah Brown 7 months ago
❤️❤️❤️ love
heather crouch
heather crouch 7 months ago
reminds me of the only love i ever had in my life 💔 you know who you are!
Life with Kira
Life with Kira 7 months ago
3:03 - 3:20 felt thattt like sheeeesh!
It’s riyahhh Babe
It’s riyahhh Babe 7 months ago
This song give s me chills
Can't Take A Joke
Can't Take A Joke 7 months ago
You cried this night oct 2nd-3rd ,18🌘 holding on to you tryna get over or voce versa This song was definitely before its time, that's what time traveler do, feel before the events
Reinia Davis
Reinia Davis 7 months ago
they cant be nothing we in quarantine
pr3tty. _br0wnsk1n
pr3tty. _br0wnsk1n 7 months ago
Reinia Davis
Reinia Davis 7 months ago
who else listening in April 2020 i aint the only one
BaRnIcLe bOy iZzY
BaRnIcLe bOy iZzY 2 months ago
try september
Hormoni Wright
Hormoni Wright 3 months ago
try August
Reinia Davis
Reinia Davis 3 months ago
@Isabelle Wheeler so im i
Isabelle Wheeler
Isabelle Wheeler 3 months ago
August and we still playing this shit
Helen Zeleke
Helen Zeleke 5 months ago
Slaebae_Rere p pop pop ppt
Rayya Aderson
Rayya Aderson 7 months ago
giving me vibes from Music Soulchild
Nydia Denne’
Nydia Denne’ 7 months ago
It could have been right buhh I was wrong😔 that shit heavy.. buh who here in 2020
india._benji 7 months ago
this remind me of sum i could've had
Marishea Silver
Marishea Silver 7 months ago
The male in the background mind blowing he’s thinking and saying the same thing at the same but neither one knows 🤯🥺
Derek Sanchez
Derek Sanchez 7 months ago
Bryson tiller
Precious Nealy
Precious Nealy 7 months ago
Listening while on Rona Lockdown 2020
Allayna 7 months ago
Who is still in 2020
Princess XEgyptX
Princess XEgyptX 7 months ago
josh 7 months ago
Those "damn"'s be hitting different sheesh
Lol 7 months ago
josh FELT
London Toye
London Toye 8 months ago
Who here 2020😘😜
gia beziat
gia beziat 8 months ago
this song for the people in love with their bestfriend
Jase Colone
Jase Colone 3 months ago
You are beautiful how old are you?
vanessa lopez
vanessa lopez 8 months ago
Brutimal Robinson
Brutimal Robinson 8 months ago
I miss my King
Brittany Johnson
Brittany Johnson 8 months ago
All of her songs is vibes 💕
Christian Rey Sumatra
Umi remember me?
kira jenner
kira jenner 8 months ago
tthis song is fire
Tadie booboo
Tadie booboo 8 months ago
ruvid.net/video/video-JUHhhdgMAQE.html 👈👈👈 6lack remix!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Travis Boykin
Travis Boykin 8 months ago
k a d e n c e
k a d e n c e 8 months ago
anyone else got rejected here ?
Brooklyn Fletcher
Brooklyn Fletcher 9 months ago
Song is so powerful 😩💞 I love it
Hi Friend
Hi Friend 9 months ago
H.E.R is the only one that rlly sing this song personally. Like no one can sing this song as good as she does.
Myllena Portinari
Myllena Portinari 9 months ago
zashalynn iteref
zashalynn iteref 9 months ago
imagine drake on this too 😫
Sheterikah Harris
Sheterikah Harris 10 months ago
No judgment but your lyrics were kinda off with the song and Bryson’s part is faster but still....sorry 😕
Unbothered_yoni 10 months ago
This reminds me too much of Isiah and our toxic story 💯😔😪... anyways 2020 wya oh just me nvm 💯😭
anne s
anne s 10 months ago
what good would it be if i knew how you felt about me ? 😭♥️
Kiara Serrano
Kiara Serrano 10 months ago
We are going 0
Kiara Serrano
Kiara Serrano 10 months ago
We don't want you in
SimoneE26 10 months ago
The fact that what she says is so real and relatable 😣
Kim R.
Kim R. 10 months ago
Could have, but not.😒
Vic Sabriah
Vic Sabriah 10 months ago
0:36 When you have the same answer as someone and still get it wrong
Calais Hemara
Calais Hemara 10 months ago
Why tf did u have to put a long as outro on 4
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