Gwen Stefani - Let Me Reintroduce Myself (Official Video)

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Jan 1, 2021




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Comments 100
Fabio Vaccaro
Fabio Vaccaro 2 hours ago
Same body, incredible
Peni Torres
Peni Torres 2 hours ago
Me encanta la cancion, me encanta el videooo!!!!
bring bring me back food who how's my phone charger
I love he she's the shit🥰
Pollyana Ferreira
Pollyana Ferreira 5 hours ago
Fernando Chairez
Fernando Chairez 5 hours ago
I miss you Gwen.
gedonistka 6 hours ago
Her time is gone
Trevor 9 hours ago
Really ridiculous. Wanting to educate the world with a video. A sham this plandemic. Foolish, blind and obedient, sheep that need to be herded.
Luz Aguilar Garcia
Luz Aguilar Garcia 10 hours ago
Now I'm a recycled Gwen Stefani fan.
Mr. Philetti
Mr. Philetti 10 hours ago
So sad looking at a 50yo woman who can't accept the running of time. She's so full of plastic that can't move a muscle on the face. Plus she dress like a girl of 20... embarassing. Accept your age and move on.
Kamal Ezzarouali
Kamal Ezzarouali 14 hours ago
Stefan Randall
Stefan Randall 15 hours ago
Bad ass!!
Lucas Barreto
Lucas Barreto 15 hours ago
We love you Please answer for me
Alae Sakr
Alae Sakr 19 hours ago
I loooove her ❤
Luisa D De Quattro
Luisa D De Quattro 20 hours ago
Love you Gwen ❤️
ANI SLICING 23 hours ago
ну етот пацан мочит, трек пушка, послушайте пожалуйста ruvid.net/video/video-vK9YA0bgdcQ.html
jon jon
jon jon 23 hours ago
Он совсем не известен пацан, но видно что старается и думаю станет известным послушайте пожалуйста ruvid.net/video/video-vK9YA0bgdcQ.html
jam kop
jam kop Day ago
Take a good look at her neck and skin.
GratefulAnxiety 19 hours ago
Artiom Leon
Artiom Leon Day ago
What a decay
p0u Day ago
FletchBetch Day ago
Jesus, if the camera adds 10lbs what the hell does she weigh?! Boring song
Thiago Aguiar
The best of 2021 ❤️ Brazil loves U so much 😍🙌🏼🇧🇷
Sergio Bascunan
“How do you not age?” one fan says. “You look amazing.” “So like why do you look way younger now,” another writes. “You’re gorgeous. ”ADRENOCHROME"
natasha draper
Your So AWESOME!!! ...!!! I’m a Cardinals fan... love that you and Blake are tooo......❤️❤️❤️❤️
natasha draper
natasha draper
Plus I’ve always loved your music and and my country music... you BOTH MADE ME FEEL SO GOO NOW... hahah especially being Cardinals fans...
jenny Lynch
jenny Lynch Day ago
Love it, all the memories
Kyra Morgan
Kyra Morgan Day ago
Beautiful one
Kyra Morgan
Kyra Morgan Day ago
Lovely songs, nice one
Kyra Morgan
Kyra Morgan Day ago
Beautiful channel lovely
Kyra Morgan
Kyra Morgan Day ago
Nice One Gwen
AllRequired Day ago
26 years of outfits.
Dman W
Dman W 2 days ago
Money can do lots of things for your appearance when you age
Берия Wot
Берия Wot 2 days ago
vir_pazza 2 days ago
I love youuuu Gwen!!!!!! Good job! I love this Song
Thania Pastor
Thania Pastor 2 days ago
Pasé mi adolescencia escuchándola, gracias por acompañarme Gwen
Behati Kramer
Behati Kramer 2 days ago
How tf Gwen did not age at all?!???
Tünde Fejesné
Tünde Fejesné 2 days ago
a szád fog a sìrj vinni😎
Tünde Fejesné
Tünde Fejesné 2 days ago
Tünde Fejesné
Tünde Fejesné 2 days ago
én téged mindig szeretlek..king kong
Tünde Fejesné
Tünde Fejesné 2 days ago
tudod élet..a nőknek is van muzsályuk😗😍
Chemistry_369 2 days ago
Gwen is eternal....
Mylo 2 days ago
2021 still in love with dont speak gwen
Lauren Rose
Lauren Rose 2 days ago
Oh my goodness. I’m just thinking of that girl off the X factor when she said she can ‘sing better thank Gwen stefani’ 😭
Nur die SGE
Nur die SGE 2 days ago
Beats like from 🇬🇷🇬🇷🇬🇷
Rick Cartagena
Rick Cartagena 2 days ago
She's a legend on the music . ❤️
Transience Effect
WIGGY 2 days ago
the icon herself
collectivelight 2 days ago
Gwen's still got it. Love the song and the video!
Debbie Harry
Debbie Harry 2 days ago
OMG 😱 she s back
Danilssa Hernandez
I wasn't feeling it when the lyric video came out or whatever it was, but the song is growing on me. I love ya, Gwen!
DocPhil 2 days ago
god i just fucking love her so much. i stf shes literally a perfect fucking person.
Nicole Theunissen
Open your eyes in the last days For What is the deal if you gain the whole world but stil lose your own soul. ..Repent!!!💯Wake up all💤.
Marksman78 2 days ago
Bit disappointing imo
Janos Holp talicskával tolom ki
Nekem bejön ez a zene, kicsit olyan 2000 èvek filingje van.
Nick Hagen
Nick Hagen 3 days ago
She has the Cheer gene
Ritz 3 days ago
Beautiful 😍 remind me of don't speak outfit 😘
Eric Elguea
Eric Elguea 3 days ago
Blake Gildaphish
Blake Gildaphish 3 days ago
As always, Gwen looks amazing, but this song is not good. This is probably the first time that i am NOT feeling a Gwen Stefani song/video.
Vox Tox
Vox Tox 3 days ago
I like Gwen but this vampire young look is creepy
Rosa Macina
Rosa Macina 3 days ago
Bellissimo pezzo, è già in testa dalla prima volta che l'ho sentita !!Gwen è sempre unica col suo stile
Aria Marie
Aria Marie 3 days ago
I like this one.😌
9.303 Benedictus Mario Pastiar Leong
Can you imagine if another artists make a official video like this? I mean if Nicki Minaj make this , she will wear wigs 😭
Johan Arpe
Johan Arpe 3 days ago
This woman 🥰😍
dd B
dd B 3 days ago
TALON 3 days ago
Love this video!! Big fan of No Doubt growing and this is mad fun to see! Gwen looks incredible! You would never think any time has passed! I'm gonna have to get this album!
McNasty 420
McNasty 420 3 days ago
If she was going to re-create her looks, she should have done it right. Make the Don't Speak dress longer like it actually was, lose the fishnets, go barefoot (lose the cowboy boots, we get it you are fucking Blake Shelton), stop with the damn fishnets pulled up over the waist, wear docs, not high heels with the JAG look, pull the pants up. It just annoys me.
Ilaria Sophia
Ilaria Sophia 3 days ago
GlassOnion 4 days ago
This shit is bananas
Andrés Aciar
Andrés Aciar 4 days ago
Gwen for the nostalgia!
Yağız Zafer Öztürk
I cry, my youthful memories and your incredible beauty. Legendary clip and your great sound
Moxley Girl
Moxley Girl 4 days ago
So beautiful and funny....
Renan Azevedo
Renan Azevedo 4 days ago
Ageless Queen of No Doubt. 😍
Dang Ayesha Bad
Dang Ayesha Bad 4 days ago
A lot of these celebs look younger yall. It's called a lotta money which affords the best doctors. Get over it. It aint a phenomenon.
sofaking777777 3 days ago
Clones or adrenochrome
Dang Ayesha Bad
Dang Ayesha Bad 4 days ago
There's always been something about her voice. Since I was a kid I was just in love with it.
Sammy Ytube
Sammy Ytube 4 days ago
So how much money does Google get for the plug, LOL. Seriously, I feel bad that Maranda Lambert has to keep seeing pop queen Gwen .
Vintage Warhol
Vintage Warhol 4 days ago
Madonna, Lady Gaga... Gwen Stefani
joe joe
joe joe 4 days ago
its not the covId i worry about its the herpes-
Kriss Paxton
Kriss Paxton 4 days ago
Found all the haters 😒
Allan Esquivel
Allan Esquivel 4 days ago
Me when Gwen delivers new music 0:22
Charles Smith
Charles Smith 4 days ago
Fantastic Video
Elena Novikova ITALY
super! i love you!
Joshua Aniston
Joshua Aniston 4 days ago
What has she done to her face? She used to be gorgeous. She looks weird now.
B 2 days ago
her lip injections changed her face a lot for me. she always had smaller lips that i thought helped make up her super cool look. she still looks great ... not knocking that. just looks different and definitely not as unique.
Daniel Sanchez
Daniel Sanchez 4 days ago
The fire light houses have been activated
igor zdravev
igor zdravev 4 days ago
song is good but the world is insane with people with their rags on their faces that sucks
upstateny13650 4 days ago
completely forget about the fun visuals and just listen to the song. that's a great song with a great beat.
Mike Ramirez
Mike Ramirez 4 days ago
Best thing to do, just listen! Like other artists do
Casey B.
Casey B. 5 days ago
I NEEDED this. I've been missing this Gwen for so long.
József László
József László 5 days ago
József László
József László 5 days ago
József László
József László 5 days ago
vincenzo mecca
vincenzo mecca 5 days ago
sempre giovane ...sempre bella ..
Stefano Miranda
Stefano Miranda 5 days ago
Love it
Loïe Favre
Loïe Favre 5 days ago
Loved it! No Doubt and Gwen have been in my life since I was a child. Makes me feel old, but happy!
Pasquale Dibari
Pasquale Dibari 5 days ago
JARX Music
JARX Music 5 days ago
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ania ania
ania ania 5 days ago
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frio 5 days ago
i cant believe she 51
Andrey Andrey
Andrey Andrey 5 days ago
да этого типа такой крутой трек вышел, послушайте пожалуста ruvid.net/video/video-swWvb1sMBj4.html
Binbin Binbin
Binbin Binbin 5 days ago
да этого типа такой крутой трек вышел, послушайте пожалуста ruvid.net/video/video-swWvb1sMBj4.html
FlyEye video
FlyEye video 5 days ago
Gwen, merry me!
Allan Esquivel
Allan Esquivel 5 days ago
I love how there's only 2 Harajuku girls, but wearing the outfits and hairstyles of the other 2 missing. Isn't that cute? ❤️
Donna Chapman
Donna Chapman 5 days ago
I love this song another #1 hit and as always you look gorgeous
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