Gwen Stefani Carpool Karaoke (w/ George Clooney & Julia Roberts)

The Late Late Show with James Corden
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James Corden calls on Gwen Stefani to help him get to work, singing her classics along the way until they have to pick up two friends.
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May 4, 2016




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Comments 100
Carol Charles
Carol Charles Hour ago
This is by far my favourite car pool
just for fun Rarely post
2020 anyone
Crystal Chanka
Crystal Chanka 13 hours ago
I'm happy I ran into the video. Gwen is so beautiful but Julia is timeless! ❤❤
Ethan McCoy
Ethan McCoy 16 hours ago
George Clooney sang more than Gwen
Mercy Haokip
Mercy Haokip 23 hours ago
M a dapper dan man🤣🤣🤣
Dau Tei
Dau Tei Day ago
1:40 dog: help my please
Wendy W
Wendy W Day ago
need a fifth? ;)
phillip Dottie
If you’re sitting in a car with Gwen Stefani, Julia Roberts and George Clooney, you really are a champion.
Rinaldi Maxine
Rinaldi Maxine 2 days ago
Lindsey Carpenter
I love how George can’t carry a tune to save his life but he’s still singing his heart out 😂
Juana Maria Paleo
No sean malos pongan los subtitulos en español
Jefe De Bar Bar Valdivia
Me carga el weon no deja escuchar y canta todo el que desagrado
Jimmy Z
Jimmy Z 3 days ago
That's his proud boy outfit
Ondra Novotny
Ondra Novotny 3 days ago
Nerozumím ani slovo ale strašně sem se pobavil 😂😂💫😂díky
Malcolm Smith
Malcolm Smith 3 days ago
Man that would be a blast.
Malcolm Smith
Malcolm Smith 3 days ago
Man that would be a blast.
Irina Manuela Concepción Capellán
Why this is so cool? I love it.
Do Cong Tuan
Do Cong Tuan 4 days ago
This is by far my favourite car pool
Scott Hanson
Scott Hanson 4 days ago
Gwen Stefani, Julia Roberts, George Clooney and The guy from into the woods and British politeness who hosts the late show for the late hour lovers . James Gordon! . No one does car pool karaoke like him. What a fantastic lineup.
Heather Morrison
Heather Morrison 4 days ago
Are they really driving?
skate shack sample
today i look like julia roberts yadi.sk/i/6uKAhpgpR8ljHw
Celeste Conley
Celeste Conley 5 days ago
This man is out of control 🤯🥳
Christi Scheirer
Christi Scheirer 5 days ago
Can you imagine pulling up to a red light and looking over to the car next to you.... and seeing Gwen, George, Julia, and James all rocking out???
Dan Vua
Dan Vua 5 days ago
T Williams
T Williams 5 days ago
Loved this episode yall both are great!!!!
Alex HC
Alex HC 5 days ago
Primeira vez que estou no seu canal, achei a ideia do karaokê com cantores muito boa! Stefani continua maravilhosa, o tempo parou pra ela ♥
Karen Monczynski
Karen Monczynski 5 days ago
This is by far my favourite car pool
Bu Nhi
Bu Nhi 6 days ago
0:22 my love video :X.
Maija Liepa
Maija Liepa 6 days ago
💙🦅💙THANKSGIVING DAY 2020 .... we ARE THE CHAMPIONS..... still alive, tho 260,000 gone due 2 covid..... biden new president... our country united 1 day @ a time ..💙🙏💙PEACE💙🙏💙🦋🦅🦋🗽💙😷
polylove77 6 days ago
Oceans four
Peter Bell
Peter Bell 6 days ago
That was shooper dooper
L G 6 days ago
James do a pushup
Kelvin Krishnan
Kelvin Krishnan 6 days ago
She's an amazing performer and a beautiful person, love her so much, beautiful times 1997.
Katie Duffin
Katie Duffin 7 days ago
OMG the people in that car!!!!!
Vitória Camargo
Vitória Camargo 7 days ago
Eduardo Martinez
@Eternal Glory lots of money
Eternal Glory
Eternal Glory 4 days ago
one word ''MONEY''
Dana Higgins
Dana Higgins 5 days ago
Catharine M
Catharine M 6 days ago
Fedoramaster 7 days ago
Three of the hottest performers in the world and James corden. I’m a fan
Anita Anita
Anita Anita 8 days ago
After a ride like this, I don´t have to achive anything more in this life, thanks god
hoofhearted4 8 days ago
For Julia it's gotta be. "Big Mistake. HUGE."
hoofhearted4 8 days ago
Julia buckled into the middle seat haha
Celeste Bacalso
Celeste Bacalso 8 days ago
We are the champions....... 😍
Jay Traub
Jay Traub 8 days ago
Lol, is that a Proud Boys shirt?
Jay Traub
Jay Traub 7 days ago
@Peace Frog Yes, this predates Proud Boys. I was surprised however. I didn't even know about Fred Perry a day ago. Kind of surprised though I suppose it is just a case of Baader-Meinhof phenomenon.
Peace Frog
Peace Frog 7 days ago
its a fred perry designer shirt. Nobody heard of the hate group that stole the logo 4 yrs ago.
darlenys uwu
darlenys uwu 8 days ago
12:25 komo se llama. La música?
Abe Morabito
Abe Morabito 8 days ago
George Clooney is having the best time of his life when he sang Hollaback girl
phillip Dottie
This is by far my favourite car pool
MrQuist125 9 days ago
Humanity back in the white house Gwen plz
albert rodriguez
albert rodriguez 9 days ago
Melanie Gerritsen
Melanie Gerritsen 10 days ago
george "that is really rough man"'
WingStorm 10 days ago
*7:58** They went 📈😭❤*
Tina Lasley
Tina Lasley 10 days ago
LOVE these!!
Agnieszka Czapla
Agnieszka Czapla 10 days ago
I love you guys ♥️💥💚🌈
David Jacobsen
David Jacobsen 11 days ago
Spoilt with stubble Clooney.
JP Biscuit
JP Biscuit 11 days ago
4 in the Morning was always my Favorite
Layum Downe
Layum Downe 11 days ago
Where can I buy Gwens Lamb perfume from? Miss it 💜
Graeme Hall
Graeme Hall 11 days ago
The 4 of them in the same van singing is Fucking bonkers lol 😂
Perla Naftalí Rodriguez Minaya
I wanna a ride in that car
Sidekick Music
Sidekick Music 12 days ago
Gwen is a vampire my god...
Genna Baccaro
Genna Baccaro 12 days ago
I miss these :(
Maurliie Monique
Maurliie Monique 12 days ago
Now this is why i pay for my internet.
Ryan Borowski
Ryan Borowski 11 days ago
I love you
Richard Taylor
Richard Taylor 13 days ago
That was great too
poop mcgee
poop mcgee 13 days ago
james corden rocking the proud boys shirt. props.
Peace Frog
Peace Frog 7 days ago
Its a Fred Perry Design shirt that the hate group took his logo. He stopped selling the polo and denounced them as he should.
Malinda Combs
Malinda Combs 13 days ago
I seriously watch this to many times 😂
Gerard Barron
Gerard Barron 13 days ago
im only watching this for georgie and julie
Debbie Sanderson
Debbie Sanderson 13 days ago
looks like a blast they had fun, celebs but normal people.
aleksandra kettner
aleksandra kettner 14 days ago
👶❤❤💕❤💟💟 Thank you very much
Febriola Annisa
Febriola Annisa 14 days ago
Cause I've been acting like sour milk that fell on the floor It's your fault you didn't shut the refrigerator Maybe that's the reason I've been acting so cold
Judy Dishaw
Judy Dishaw 14 days ago
Best Carpool group ever!!!
Hileah N Love
Hileah N Love 14 days ago
I love Gwen!
nine divine
nine divine 15 days ago
of course she's a libra...beautful beautiful beautiful
jing 23
jing 23 15 days ago
George Clooney is the human embodiment of my mental illnesses.
Spark Light
Spark Light 15 days ago
So what constitutes a legacy...a couple of Oscar Winning actors and a Grammy winning singer/songwriter singing your lyrics for a video viewed 59M times or a couple hundred thousand people singing those lyrics back to a singer covering you, both 30 years after you've died?
Julia Cabrera
Julia Cabrera 15 days ago
The reason why Gwen wrote hollaback girl is because Courtney Love called her a cheerleader and this is a diss track to that.
Hidzzy Hilfiger
Hidzzy Hilfiger 14 days ago
Was Courtney’s intention bad? I’m curious to know the story lol
the symphonic pirate
its Courtney Love lmao
Lauryn Hamm
Lauryn Hamm 15 days ago
Or Courtney love?
skate shack sample
skate shack sample 15 days ago
julia roberts singing backup
skate shack sample
skate shack sample 15 days ago
when i was a little girl ruvid.net/video/video-29X6asPHXD0.html
Sheena McGuire
Sheena McGuire 16 days ago
Never would I have thought I’d see this group would be singing together. The best
Keisha Williams
Keisha Williams 17 days ago
“ Of the world “ George 😂😂
Breah Saldana
Breah Saldana 17 days ago
Beautiful Julia!!
Breah Saldana
Breah Saldana 17 days ago
Absolutely gorgeous...still looks 30,,
Prince Lu Cas
Prince Lu Cas 17 days ago
Prince Lu Cas - Cash Money (audio)
Analia Gonzalez
Analia Gonzalez 17 days ago
Vicki Figueroa
Vicki Figueroa 17 days ago
Epic lol
Laurel Wright [Parson ES]
So disappointed! George Clooney sang so well in O Brother Where Art Thou and so OUT OF TUNE during this!
Sonja Noble
Sonja Noble 17 days ago
George Clooney didn't sing in that movie. A guy by the name of Dan Tyminski sang his songs.
Diana Adhikari
Diana Adhikari 18 days ago
'Cause she's Italian, baby! (aging well)
Hi there
Hi there 18 days ago
What a face she has, cosmetic on cosmetic. Looks so fake. You are a pretty woman, you do not need the makeup..
Андрей Лебедев
so good)
taylorandcarolina 19 days ago
She's also physically changed her face
Voori Levi
Voori Levi 19 days ago
Girl bye. Just keep it 100 and say it’s botox and fillers. No need for that love bullshit
AngelOfDeath 0695
AngelOfDeath 0695 19 days ago
Has anyone noticed that Julia Roberts is pretending to have her seat belt plugged in and she's just holding it?
Dank poet
Dank poet 19 days ago
Holla back girl was a dis to Courtney Love!!!!
Rikki Callejas
Rikki Callejas 19 days ago
watching this during quarantine and thinking about how good they all must smell lmaoo
Peace Frog
Peace Frog 7 days ago
Except for George. Very farty.
A Sparrow
A Sparrow 19 days ago
I always thought Hollaback Girl was about cat fights or just trash talking in general
A Sparrow
A Sparrow 19 days ago
Hollaback Girl is supposed to make everyone leave the car with the bass turned up 😂
Bronik_81 20 days ago
Is it bad that i thought Steven Tyler was the fourth by glancing at the thumbnail?
OfficerMeowMeow 20 days ago
No doubt
Bob Doubter
Bob Doubter 20 days ago
Julia Roberts adores Gwen...can you blame her?
Thom Wat
Thom Wat 20 days ago
Gwen makes it worth watching - TALENTED!
Elizabeth Ponder
Elizabeth Ponder 21 day ago
Hello great show. Love Love Love it...
Carin Holt
Carin Holt 21 day ago
Sweet human friends!
Steve Campbell
Steve Campbell 21 day ago
George Clooney is having the best time of his life when he sang Hollaback girl
Trevor Richardson
I love how they started out with dont speak 😂😂
Melissa Ann
Melissa Ann 21 day ago
Favorite carpool yet..yep 🙌😍❣😆
another normal crybaby
Gwen doesn’t age
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