Guys trying to Scam at a London UK Petrol Station

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UK scams. TWO Different Guys trying to Scam at a London UK Petrol Station. 1st guy trying to get out of paying for petrol, second guy outside asking for money for his car that has run out of petrol.

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Nov 6, 2017




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Comments 26
Mr English
Mr English Month ago
Social integration at its finest ! Im sure that guy at the counter says "Can you smell zebra" :)
Dbow H
Dbow H 8 months ago
I noticed a fuel price scam and cigarette price scam, both biggest scams known to man!!
zzz Sss
zzz Sss 10 months ago
Not a scam nothing to do with Shell.. That was a smack head
mark thomas
mark thomas 10 months ago
Fck me London is well and truly fcked
Mr. Goodbar
Mr. Goodbar Year ago
Black scammers? How unusual!
Jason Hinsley
Jason Hinsley 2 months ago
Racist prick
Jamie Dee
Jamie Dee Year ago
Why did this man call the other man a bread bin?
stephen bazell
stephen bazell 9 months ago
M A 2 years ago
Hows it a scam tho?
Ultimate Random Videos
Guy outside tries to say his car is broken and needs money to put petrol in it.
pop tart warriors
pop tart warriors 2 years ago
J P 2 years ago
Typical behaviour.
funguy farage
funguy farage 2 years ago
dave marchant
dave marchant 2 years ago
Looks like the third world scamming the third world.
fifty years
fifty years 2 years ago
Thomas Powell
Thomas Powell 2 years ago
Report these evil fraudsters straight away
Def scam. Look how much it costs to fill our cars lol. 🤣🤣🤣😉👍
sean54mc 2 years ago
Hi, im sorry i didnt see the scam. first guy made a small complaint and paid. second, guy was it a scam for 2 pounds, not really sure, he asked you for 2 pounds then left with no pressure or promises you were quite right in saying about the form, If you drive off without paying its a criminal offence, u can be arrested and charged if you dont drive off, and declare u dont have the money, ie. left wallet at home. it becomes a civil matter, u fill an intent to pay book, leaving as much id as u can, and then u have 7 days to pay my only concern in this video, having worked in petrol stations, and for shell, is that the customer was ignored for a while by the advisor as he seemed to be more worried about what was going on with the assisatnt stocking smokes.
Chris Wheeler
Chris Wheeler 2 years ago
Thought they would be black...
Delroy Washington
Delroy Washington 2 years ago
Dicey R
Dicey R 2 years ago
What camera were you using?
Danny Groom
Danny Groom 2 years ago
Putting petrol in a car?
Tony Jones
Tony Jones 2 years ago
welcome to Post-Blair UK. London is just cess pit of 3rd world low-life.
Alison Hilll
Alison Hilll Year ago
Do you still think in terms of Tory / Labour ? .If so look up Churchills " The International Jew " the dancing Israelis 911 the USS Liberty i could go on but do your own research start with IsraAID , Barbara Spector , Georges Soros , Please do this thank you .
First Second
First Second 2 years ago
Bangladeshi Kasra freshin they look like d Freshi who got in car he got his jobcentre book ready to signe on lol haaaaaa
Ian Robertson
Ian Robertson 2 years ago
WTF !!!
jason antigua
jason antigua 2 years ago
Hardly a scam ! More like he was on the ponce
advancedflea 2 years ago
I used to work in 2 petrol stations. This kind of scam is very common. I Would get people coming in all the time telling me that the pump just "magically" jumped to telling them they've put 10 litres of fuel in the car. They seemed totally oblivious to the fact that I'm not blind and I know they put that fuel in the car because I watched them. Countless times did I also see people on our forecourt saying to people "have you got £2 that I can put some money in my car/this petrol can/bike?" I used to go out side and throw them off the forecourt. Physically, on one occasion.
BWANA KUBA 2 years ago
Brilliant camerawork !!
ryszard witek
ryszard witek 2 years ago
we operate a system where you sign a document called a letter of intent, the customer fills out their information and is given 28 days to return to the station to make payment. Glad you didn't fall for this one mate.
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