Gunna - DOLLAZ ON MY HEAD (feat. Young Thug) [Official Video]

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The official video for Gunna’s “DOLLAZ ON MY HEAD” from his 'WUNNA' album - Out Now!
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Jul 24, 2020




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Comments 100
Chisimdiri Anyaogu
Chisimdiri Anyaogu 9 minutes ago
Gunna is not a rapper he's a whole ass MOOD!
Hans and the Zeibs
My girlfriend didn't like this song... now she's single.
AimGott 2 hours ago
name of her in minute 1:08 (Instagram) ? only for school project
Gabriel Souza
Gabriel Souza 3 hours ago
Flacko!? 🇧🇷
Antonio Maultsby
Antonio Maultsby 4 hours ago
Did yall see how the white lady fell off in that my. Smooth asf
7AM 4 hours ago
dolari na glavi
I’m a bot
I’m a bot 5 hours ago
Who else felt like the music video made the song better
oliver yates
oliver yates 6 hours ago
ty dolla sign could of TOTALLY been in this banger ngl
Henrique Ferreira Martins
Fucking good vibe
n5k0 1337
n5k0 1337 13 hours ago
Young Thug for once sounds ok. most of the time he sounds like a chipmunk XD
Bray Zap
Bray Zap 14 hours ago
Song is so underrated what the fuck?
Sak Ina
Sak Ina 23 hours ago
Besssst song ever
S Dizzy
S Dizzy Day ago
Satan really out here working hard on the masses lol
Salty Walt
Salty Walt Day ago
Is that Romeo is the video lol
Nestor Day ago
Is it just me that thinks that he look like dababy
ahmad naeem
ahmad naeem Day ago
my eyes flinched at 0:32 😂😂
Edinho Costa
Edinho Costa Day ago
Faltou 21 savage
I am dancehall’s Future
I put Prada on colla
Spencer Harrison
Best thing about 2020 was that it featured gunna
Samuel Meisner
Samuel Meisner 2 days ago
How is he gonna do all this and not mention natalie portman lmao
Hans Tomasson
Hans Tomasson 2 days ago
Gunna the actor
Naod lionel
Naod lionel 2 days ago
yo 1:45
Marquisha Corbett
Couple ops play dead and they still got hit damn it was worth the try
Sólon Örn Sævarsson
Underrated music vid.
Andre l
Andre l 2 days ago
Is young thug Haitian?
ttv_gamer_boy_YT Gamer
Hi guys
ImOjayy 2 days ago
See y’all in a couple years✌🏾
P R E M E 3 days ago
Seek Benji
Seek Benji 3 days ago
This music video has a lot of symbolism.. but it’s still fire though.
Edu Duarte
Edu Duarte 3 days ago
🇧🇷🇧🇷 like
Evan Clinton
Evan Clinton 3 days ago
Why are all the dopest songs never on the actual radio.
David Chu
David Chu 3 days ago
what's the nun's name at 1:01? She real pretty
Abi. 11
Abi. 11 3 days ago
start at 00:39
Luca Lo
Luca Lo 3 days ago
Shitttt classic
Adrian Urbina
Adrian Urbina 3 days ago
Why That girl dancing like squidward💀💀
Cris Lopez
Cris Lopez 3 days ago
I play dis 247856999656900x a day
Firesign 45
Firesign 45 3 days ago
Whole shit hit different!🏃🏃🏃🔥🏄🏄🏄
414ybn Tristen
414ybn Tristen 3 days ago
No cap in my rap 🤨
Noel Nichols
Noel Nichols 3 days ago
Bob Smith
Bob Smith 3 days ago
Thought I was watching a episode of blacked
Red 4 days ago
Gunna: "No cap in my rap" His rap: 0:15
YRN BORNSTAR 2 days ago
Franky Valdebenito
Should've had uzi in it
Nguyễn Văn Phương
Thugger = lit 🔥🔥
Astrie Elizabeth
Astrie Elizabeth 4 days ago
Janiya Alessandra
Rastko Jokic
Rastko Jokic 4 days ago
In this song Gunna kinda reminds me of Gunna
Hav's R.
Hav's R. 4 days ago
Elzael Tiexx
Elzael Tiexx 4 days ago
PANAMÁ!! Gunnaaaa brrr=🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🛩
Kay Jay
Kay Jay 4 days ago
Thug goin kill it everytime
The Greatest Finesser
Congrats platinum 💎
Tama Somer
Tama Somer 5 days ago
young thug gunna très loures👌👏😎
Sheldon Cooper
Sheldon Cooper 5 days ago
wer disliked ist gottlos
XKae 5 days ago
I like thuggers sweatshirt anyone know which brand it is?
Prod by Si
Prod by Si 5 days ago
1:06 high pitch voice following his voice
Jay Tucci
Jay Tucci 5 days ago
Diniz 5 days ago
Kirsten Sly
Kirsten Sly 5 days ago
These two always make a good collabo.
Kirsten Sly
Kirsten Sly 5 days ago
These two always make a good collabo.
masonrobins 4
masonrobins 4 5 days ago
Who isn't here from TikTok?
Hayden Wagner
Hayden Wagner 6 days ago
cant wait to show my kids this song in 2040
kas I
kas I 6 days ago
Video tough asab
Brandon Ohara
Brandon Ohara 6 days ago
a p r i l x o a b e l x o
Anyone else here from Eggtopia’s “shot caller” subliminal? 🙋🏻‍♀️
SuperSolarNova's Universe
Dude that open the door is that dude that wrote lil top for YoungBoy n took those pics holding YoungBoy from the back now he in gunna video weird 🤔🤔🤔
Top Comment
Top Comment 6 days ago
whippets on my head
Woke 7 days ago
A rare sight of Young Thug having his hair untied.
Nathan Ibarra
Nathan Ibarra 7 days ago
Im out here golfing at 7 in the morning😂😂
Christina Mercadante
A POV only for me: Your hip hop teacher made a combo to this song and your practicing
Slimesshitx 1416
Slimesshitx 1416 7 days ago
The song is platinum already 🐍💚🔥🔥🐐🐐
Мишаня 7 days ago
Super Boy Track
LennyGotDrip 7 days ago
Gunna have a real flow 👌🏽👌🏽
Rupert McDiggle
Rupert McDiggle 7 days ago
2:10 AM vibes
Kickz Z
Kickz Z 7 days ago
Need sahbabii and lil baby on the remix
scarelow 7 days ago
why do they use the same mansion in so many video
The Cobra Strikes Again
Video got me lost asf
gyasi wynn
gyasi wynn 7 days ago
His producer is the shit! 🔥
Who randomly heard diss on da radio and found dis song and said da*n dis song hot den touch they phone said f*ck dis sh*t to hot
Obskus's_mine 8 days ago
xIam Traxvel
xIam Traxvel 8 days ago
Most Underrated 🍁 🔥 Gunna feat. YoungThug Match to Hard hope for more 🙏🏻.
I’m Stupid
I’m Stupid 8 days ago
This man really said “tiger hood son”
Suzana Gori Farah
this song deserves more attention
Keith Fraser
Keith Fraser 8 days ago
Gunna Baby and thug. The new MIGOS.
Bella Kitua
Bella Kitua 9 days ago
Gunna + Thugger = Match made in Heaven ❤️
Lil Son
Lil Son 9 days ago
bro dis the weirdest music video
Millos 9 days ago
Martine 9 days ago
Alguém veio pelo vídeo que o japa postou no Instagram?
Elmo 9 days ago
🎵🔥 dope!
Lekgotla Tgae
Lekgotla Tgae 9 days ago
i put prada on my mama cuz she prouda what sed🙆🏽‍♂️.. i put prada on my collar as she calls n gives me head😏 should i go on?
Szymon 9 days ago
Am I the only one who thinks this song is ideal on the beach🥵
Dan Dan
Dan Dan 9 days ago
Rezo Hussle
Rezo Hussle 9 days ago
I bump this everyday
Roberto Alves
Roberto Alves 9 days ago
BH Sway
BH Sway 9 days ago
Maneeeee remind me when fye shi drops
Kaian King
Kaian King 9 days ago
young thug a Walmart Lil Wayne
Will Banks
Will Banks 9 days ago
I fuck with this heavy
Debashish Jena
Debashish Jena 10 days ago
Sorry I m coming from Asia, can anyone explain what does drink my spit mean?
Lil Pilates VEVO
Lil Pilates VEVO 9 days ago
It means he finds spitting (i.e- ejecting saliva) into a woman's mouth arousing, hence why he picked up the phone to answer the women, potentially to blow her back out (based on the implication). Hope this helps
MUSTANGGRAY 10 days ago
Girls dancing was trash but Lowkey made the song more lit 😭
Mafi-A 6 days ago
Bob Gnarley
Bob Gnarley 10 days ago
Listen to this soon as you wake up...everytime I do my day a lil bit better. Real facts
George Copeland
George Copeland 10 days ago
great work!
Yung Santos
Yung Santos 10 days ago
I’m at least 500 of these views
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