Guest Host Jennifer Lawrence Interviews Kim Kardashian West

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Guest Host and Kardashian super fan Jennifer Lawrence talks to Kim about the first time they met, Jennifer going to her house and getting drunk with Kris Jenner, Kim’s secret hacking abilities, her craziest ex-boyfriend, which Kardashian sister lost her virginity first, the weirdest thing Kanye does, if she has talked to OJ Simpson and Jennifer gives Kim a very special gift.
Guest Host Channing Tatum Dances His Way onto Kimmel ruvid.net/video/video-0zNXhZJROl4.html

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Guest Host Jennifer Lawrence Interviews Kim Kardashian West


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Nov 3, 2017

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Comments 17 437
cooper8318 8 hours ago
If Jennifer was the host id actually watch this show
sandeep p
sandeep p 18 hours ago
the two kinds of women in the world
mj23greatest Day ago
kardashian sucks!!
This was really enjoyable! Great job j-law!!
I’m_Just_Retarded 234
Damn fkin curves on Kim bruh
Mariajen Xxz
Mariajen Xxz Day ago
two annoying ladies in on show great
Waiting on Kanye to slit Kim’s throat
art sky
art sky Day ago
Farm animals show
margarita faletau
I looooooooove Jenifer Lawrence
Liza Kholod
Liza Kholod 2 days ago
Jennifer Lawrence is an alcoholic
sasha 2 days ago
Kim looks great here!
jonathan foster
jonathan foster 2 days ago
God why do people hate JLaw all of a sudden.... Like not that I care, I just feel like they're missing out
Dániel Pfeiffer
Dániel Pfeiffer 3 days ago
Stop making stupid people famous
Lucky_Charms 3 days ago
I love Jennifer, she’s the best
Stacey  Barclay
Stacey Barclay 3 days ago
This is bogus! They almost pulled it off.
Owen Vandegrift
Owen Vandegrift 3 days ago
Please, Kim farts. dumb ppl fart too.
SicK_SKITSO 3 days ago
I never had a crush on her until now sheesh
Christy D.
Christy D. 4 days ago
What a fun interview, couldn’t stop laughing 👍
NishaLadyy 4 days ago
I really really love JLaw. But now, after seeing she likes that WHORE... well😪
eblgraphics 4 days ago
I will never get this time back.
Mechaela Lapuaho
Mechaela Lapuaho 4 days ago
Really funny interview🤣🤣
Elena Louis
Elena Louis 4 days ago
is it me or Kim seems unnatural or is that how she is normally?
Joseph Momma
Joseph Momma 4 days ago
Wow two of the most shallow superficial celebritards in modern day show business...was Lawrence inspired to get fake boobs by the Kardashian moron? What a waste of protoplasm
Michelle Khan
Michelle Khan 4 days ago
3:04 thank me later
Lexlort 4 days ago
Lemme find out Kim is lowkey 2000iq shes like a PR professional lol
Seddi Moussavi
Seddi Moussavi 4 days ago
Kim is nothing. She is not pretty, she has no talented. She has the nerve to stand in front of camera.
Maddy 4 days ago
okay, and?
sara esshaimi
sara esshaimi 4 days ago
Kim is so sweet on this interview
_UNKN0WN.1.1.1 4 days ago
and this is what we sacrifice our daughters for?!
_UNKN0WN.1.1.1 4 days ago
this is why the people declared independence back in the day just knowing you werent gonna wanna be near this family
_UNKN0WN.1.1.1 4 days ago
this is why california is sinking at an extreme fast rate
_UNKN0WN.1.1.1 4 days ago
this is why kids cannot watch television anymore
_UNKN0WN.1.1.1 4 days ago
this is why shia pulled a paper bag over his head
_UNKN0WN.1.1.1 4 days ago
blac chyna gangsta a movie layo gangsta
_UNKN0WN.1.1.1 4 days ago
mason was quavo from migos. --- :$ jlaw gansta, jlaw got hot wax ready 24/7
mila kohen
mila kohen 4 days ago
her nipples show ...
It’s Lyli
It’s Lyli 4 days ago
Why doesn’t Jen have her own show already
It’s Lyli
It’s Lyli 4 days ago
Why doesn’t Jen have her own show already
It’s Lyli
It’s Lyli 4 days ago
Why doesn’t Jen have her own show already
Adelita Mitchell
Adelita Mitchell 5 days ago
Jennifer should have her own talk show !! U got my vote Jennifer then U can go head to head to toe oh morning with Jimmy Fallon (that would be something to see)
a Kardashian wannabe
*Jennifer edited herself like ellen does to other celebs*
Rolando Rich
Rolando Rich 5 days ago
Someone tell Kim i really dig her and think she's so beautiful. And her compassion is amazing. This is why she is loved by many. Her perception is in full gear and working just fine. You go girl! Love your sister's and mom too.
Yeah well..."hacker" lol
jayme glynn
jayme glynn 5 days ago
lol i thought jlaw was going to call kim 'the queen of cosmetic surgery' which would've been way more accurate than queen of cosmetics
Brandon K
Brandon K 6 days ago
Two hotties
cherif no_ rep
cherif no_ rep 6 days ago
Jennifer lawrence looks like bella Hadid 🤔🤔
Justina Caushi
Justina Caushi 5 days ago
cherif no_ rep glasses never heard of her....👓
Ghala Hammdan
Ghala Hammdan 6 days ago
3:11 iconic
Arya Stark
Arya Stark 7 days ago
7:44 that was straight up disrespectful
DanTUtilizer 7 days ago
Globally-famous Oscar-winning actress Jennifer Lawrence being "obsessed" with Kim Kardashian?
Mon Mir
Mon Mir 9 hours ago
She is acting don’t believe it
Kardani 5 days ago
instead of comparing accolades, compare net worths
Tina M
Tina M 7 days ago
Love it!!!
This is the best interview in history. I end up forgetting about it and re-watching every few months. "Oh my God, that's like a Taylor Swift song. Oh my God, that's awful, I'm sorry that happened, did you marry him? hahaha"
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