Guest Host Jennifer Lawrence Interviews Kim Kardashian West

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Guest Host and Kardashian super fan Jennifer Lawrence talks to Kim about the first time they met, Jennifer going to her house and getting drunk with Kris Jenner, Kim’s secret hacking abilities, her craziest ex-boyfriend, which Kardashian sister lost her virginity first, the weirdest thing Kanye does, if she has talked to OJ Simpson and Jennifer gives Kim a very special gift.
Guest Host Channing Tatum Dances His Way onto Kimmel ruvid.net/video/video-0zNXhZJROl4.html

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Guest Host Jennifer Lawrence Interviews Kim Kardashian West


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Nov 3, 2017




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Comments 17 955
Apolline Day ago
Jennifer Lawrence is so funny i can't duzjabfj, and Kim is so cute I love this interview omg
David Leathers
The Jenifer Lawrence show. Why... why is this not a thing? I'm going to have to petition on Twitter.
Rahul 3 days ago
More disgusting than Kimmel.
Rahul 3 days ago
I thought Kim was sl*t, but Lawrence is slu*tier and shallow.
Rahul 3 days ago
Cocaine overdose for Lawrence!
Rahul 3 days ago
She's nothing like from Hunger Games film.
Rahul 3 days ago
And she won Oscar?
Malachi Pash
Malachi Pash 4 days ago
Katniss have succumb to the Capitol.
cool guy
cool guy 4 days ago
she definitely wanted to have sex with kanye Who else???
Monika Ilieva
Monika Ilieva 4 days ago
0:26 why is she not hugging her like a normal person? :D
SuFFlex 7 days ago
7:43 When Jen threw her product lmao! 😂
Mr Stærk
Mr Stærk 8 days ago
Who's that
The Thinking Being
I cannot forgive that she spends more in her butt than she does on starving children in Africa 😠
The Thinking Being
It’s my money. Here’s a nuclear bomb. 💥 I donate to charity where it makes me look good, and I’ll pretend that there’s secret charity work so people never complain. I’ll use their own naïvity against them. That thesis is irrelevant.
Jocelyne Thomas
Jocelyne Thomas 7 days ago
It’s her money. She does do donations
Shannon Walkup
Shannon Walkup 10 days ago
I hate that white thing she is wearing
Dustin Woloschuk
Dustin Woloschuk 10 days ago
WOW!!! J-Law is an AWESOME interviewer!!! GET HER A SHOW!!!!
salomé 10 days ago
the way that Jennifer Lawrence hugs Kim kardashian was iconic
salomé 6 days ago
@astry canales look its so funny
astry canales
astry canales 7 days ago
salomé why?
salomé 10 days ago
the way that Jennifer Lawrence hugs Kim kardashian was iconic
Good Gold
Good Gold 10 days ago
No one Absolutely no one JLaw..."sooooo do you and Kanye fart in front of each other?" 😂😂
Arezu Qajar
Arezu Qajar 11 days ago
she so beautiful
Hadee ahmed
Hadee ahmed 11 days ago
Out of all the talents Kim Kardashian has, she DOES NOT FART
soul Hills
soul Hills 11 days ago
too much talking over each other tho.. jen gets excited
soul Hills
soul Hills 11 days ago
she asks some awesome but awkward questions
eksine 12 days ago
Fake celebrity next to a real one
Nidhi Khimasia
Nidhi Khimasia 12 days ago
Wow.... I'm in love with Jennifer Lawrence!!♥️♥️
Sal Jr
Sal Jr 12 days ago
Fake meets natural...
Arguments and facts
Wtf 2k17🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤣🖐
Javeria Ahmed
Javeria Ahmed 13 days ago
Is it just me or Jennifer didn't touch Kim while hugging her?
Ricardo Ortega Porras
Javeria Ahmed she was scared of her armpit showing her sweat
Javeria Ahmed
Javeria Ahmed 13 days ago
Is it just me or Jennifer didn't touch Kim while hugging her?
America Zurita
America Zurita 13 days ago
I'd love to be interviewed by Jennifer. She's so good at it
Alexis Terrance
Alexis Terrance 13 days ago
did anyone get her joke at 7:26? 😂😂
Milagro Abigail
Milagro Abigail 13 days ago
Jennifer makes me laugh. 😂😂 Shes too funny.
Isolde Cortes
Isolde Cortes 13 days ago
Laurence is the worst. Kim at least has some class.
Ayushi Dhiman
Ayushi Dhiman 13 days ago
This interview is such a mood 😂
Felicia Wade
Felicia Wade 13 days ago
Wow she says like a lot
Campfire Ash cooking
Is anyone else here to just stare and not listen, asking for me? 😉😉
Shams 13 days ago
Why does Jen have her dress shirt in a knot?
catherinesmitchell 14 days ago
she needs to stop 'the work'
Jay Ce
Jay Ce 14 days ago
Google Jennifer Lawrence butthole.
Nils Harke
Nils Harke 14 days ago
Jennifer Lawrence please come to Germany pls
bri jones
bri jones 14 days ago
j law crazy asl
Kimberly Gardens
Kimberly Gardens 14 days ago
This seems like such a fake interview
WhenUblank 14 days ago
Jennifer: So do you and Kanye fart in front of each other? Kim: I don't fart, what are you talking about? *innocent smile* Now this is what I call media trained!
Jaap Ongeveer
Jaap Ongeveer 14 days ago
If her ass gets any bigger she's gonna fall over backwards.
Shyamoli Pathak
Shyamoli Pathak 14 days ago
Can we appreciate how beautiful Kim looks in this interview? 😍
King David
King David 14 days ago
You can see Kylie in her in this video🤩
rohan 00 impster lanister
jen hates kim and pretty dam sure it goes other ways too......
Kevin Oscar
Kevin Oscar 15 days ago
Trump is preventing wats what are u saying
VoiceULove 15 days ago
Sorry KKW but all I see is fake body, fake personality and a fake life. Congrats on everything!
AMAB Charat
AMAB Charat 15 days ago
Kim looks beautiful
Tabitha Brizuela
Tabitha Brizuela 15 days ago
Bro Jennifer is a clown 😂😂
Lauren Taft
Lauren Taft 15 days ago
What even was that hug at the beginning 😂
Matt Sterling
Matt Sterling 16 days ago
Her hair looks like straw. She’s so fake. Nothing authentic about her. That whole interview she revealed nothing about anything. She’s a bore.
Danielle Korneliussen
Did you see Jennifer’s hands during the hug? I mean... What was up with that?😂😂😂
LilRaination 17 days ago
Ray J
cali 4nia
cali 4nia 17 days ago
They are both comfortable talking to each other. Love it.
Jay fulton
Jay fulton 17 days ago
Jennifer is much prettier then Kim like if u agree xD
Jon Doe
Jon Doe 17 days ago
Did she forget how to put a shirt on?
safa arfaoui
safa arfaoui 17 days ago
What Jennifer Lawrence is wearing makes me so uncomfortable.
aj andrianjafy
aj andrianjafy 17 days ago
Jen needs her own show like now😂
tereza SKUBER
tereza SKUBER 18 days ago
OMG she really thinks how funny it is.. there's really nothing to laugh about. What a stupid moderator 😒
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