Guess Who's Had Plastic Surgery (Katalina) | Lineup | Cut

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Lineup Guess Who's Had Plastic Surgery (Katalina) | Lineup | Cut
#Cut #Lineup #Challenge


Published on


Jan 18, 2019




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Comments 4 010
mohamed moha
mohamed moha 2 hours ago
She was so nice
rin 凛 sama
rin 凛 sama 2 hours ago
leg goddess right here
Nesa La Coneja
Nesa La Coneja 14 hours ago
My Gemini queen I love her so much 😭🙌🏽❤️❤️❤️
Jazzy Lynch Vlogs
Jazzy Lynch Vlogs 15 hours ago
3...2...1 BOOTY POKE!!!
Lyrics _ rebeca
Lyrics _ rebeca 15 hours ago
I need this girl IG,she is stunning
Shadow Nightmare
Shadow Nightmare 16 hours ago
I felt some lesbian things go on
Music Girl
Music Girl Day ago
Katalina you are SO pretty please don’t get plastic surgery you are so perfect the way you areeeeee
Allison Gonzalez
I was so shocked for the last one like I did not even notice
Lorenzo Amandy
LLAMA LAM 2 days ago
4000 comment
João Wiciuk
João Wiciuk 2 days ago
Katalina is real girlfriend material
Mckenzie Cuffie
Mckenzie Cuffie 2 days ago
Everything is for science!!!
Valeria Talavera
Valeria Talavera 2 days ago
*katalina is such a sweetheart*
Valeria Talavera
Valeria Talavera 2 days ago
that booty tho
Razli Sw
Razli Sw 2 days ago
flat asian
Razli Sw
Razli Sw 2 days ago
free porn on youtube u guess ;)
LOLA B 2 days ago
Idc to be honest
Jasmine 3 days ago
Cielarko 3 days ago
I'm a gay male and that last trans guy is hot AF.
Alayna Peterson
Alayna Peterson 3 days ago
The red head is beautiful
Katherine Kinch
Katherine Kinch 3 days ago
She (Katalina) is so pretty! She needs NO plastic surgery
Reza 3 days ago
She looks like Merida
Latest Katy
Latest Katy 4 days ago
There was an ad for plastic surgery on this video 😂
Alicia Healey
Alicia Healey 4 days ago
can she be my best friend??
Yhello'w 5 days ago
Oh my god the last guys😱😱 he is so beautiful (sorry for my bad english)
_Darija Pjankova_
Her outfit really goes good with her hair 😍
e 5 days ago
humans are weird
Maggie Kusmits
Maggie Kusmits 5 days ago
She so funny I want more with her
deeefolty boii
deeefolty boii 5 days ago
**for science only** Seems legit..
7:16 I would have never known the whole time I’m like this man a snack 🤦🏿‍♂️😂😂 that’s the real❤️
Jessica James
Jessica James 5 days ago
Her butt fake lol
Lil _GameZ
Lil _GameZ 6 days ago
The music at 0.10 sounded like the pie song 3.14149 this is pie followed by
Nhi Nguyen
Nhi Nguyen 6 days ago
3:46 , is that Ethan and Helana’s mum?
The Good Witch
The Good Witch 6 days ago
I honestly can’t wait to get plastic surgery one day.
omegal 6 days ago
"We're doing science right now"
Laura  Nwogu
Laura Nwogu 6 days ago
3:16 ofcccc you would!!!!! Couple years ago y'all didn't want it though..kmt.
I Am Not La
I Am Not La 7 days ago
This girl is really a kind one
Lucas Cavalcanti
Lucas Cavalcanti 7 days ago
This is girl is the most charismatic I've ever seen on this program
Qwer Rewq
Qwer Rewq 7 days ago
Hey dude that dude was professional she don't know nothing
Jacinda Elaine
Jacinda Elaine 7 days ago
That butt is asstronomical
Finley McDaniel
Finley McDaniel 7 days ago
John Zooted In rather fastly
Jayden Webb :p
Jayden Webb :p 7 days ago
7:24 had me shook. I had legit NO IDEA WHAT THE HECK 😂
Silke Lykke
Silke Lykke 8 days ago
SHE wants plastic surgery?? If she wants plastic surgery what am I supposed to be
Neck Leck
Neck Leck 8 days ago
Next video: *Touching Penises to check who got a penis enlargement surgery*
yuliya 8 days ago
this girl has literally AMAZING voice
hannah 8 days ago
i want that asian girl’s instagram
Mignon 8 days ago
katalina is absolutely stunning!
Amelia Evans
Amelia Evans 8 days ago
Katalina... Man... You don't need PLASTIC SURGERY! Girl! You so pretty!
ibrahim mouharrir
Why is there no straight guys here
Julia R
Julia R 8 days ago
What the heck katalina is gorgeous
Natalia Herrera
Natalia Herrera 8 days ago
I want a nose job and that lip line thing
Katelyn Collins
Katelyn Collins 9 days ago
I love her 😂💓
Ivanka Riddle
Ivanka Riddle 9 days ago
Katalina sounds like Kim raver
Maxi R
Maxi R 9 days ago
You...You OPEN my mind... Thank you!
Inez Wallin
Inez Wallin 10 days ago
I know Im late but does anyone knows the last guy´s instagram??? He is soooo hot
Galaxyglitter sparkle
Katalina is so pretty too.
Arty Girl 88
Arty Girl 88 10 days ago
*This can be a reason to touch people's boobs and butt's lol*
freddie mercury
freddie mercury 10 days ago
Jessica Coble
Jessica Coble 10 days ago
Did you say how long her legs are
Savannah Delouise
Savannah Delouise 11 days ago
I didn’t know you can get boobs removed. I’d want that
Winston The Posh TURTLE
5:46 as soon as she walked in I was like geeeez she got a big but
Milla Boyd
Milla Boyd 11 days ago
Anyone else recognise Katalina from the zodiac video?
Milla Boyd
Milla Boyd 7 days ago
wendy's forehead is shinin' like jonghyun ruvid.net/video/video-bfkwAAi4t2M.html
Cynthia Carolina
Cynthia Carolina 12 days ago
Why did that lady wear a crop top ? Her stomach is not that flat
Tarra Kone
Tarra Kone 12 days ago
Trans ? U couldn’t tell plus he (she) is sooo cute 😭😭😘😘
JJowl! :P
JJowl! :P 12 days ago
Ok so funny story, I once accidentally rubbed lip plumper in my eye. I thought I went blind...
Lilly Tomblin
Lilly Tomblin 13 days ago
The last guy I was so suprised😱 like 😲
ArtbyT1Dmac 13 days ago
I’m dead after this video
Alaskan_bunny 14 days ago
That last guy is really hot.. and I mean the last person.. the last guy. 👌🏼
Maya Suu
Maya Suu 12 days ago
why was it necessary to add “I mean the last person.. the last guy” ??? Just fucking say it’s a guy and move on it ain’t that hard.
Janice Huang
Janice Huang 14 days ago
Now i feel better about my thighs....it still rubs tho...but not till i bleed.
Eldo Sweetdiva
Eldo Sweetdiva 15 days ago
I swear I had a feeling the last one was transgender because he is too beautiful or handsome argh I don't know
im00n. 15 days ago
5:50 niagra falls
Atlantis Japps-Will
I had a terrible experience when I went to US to visit family. Someone random asked me if I had plastic surgery! I was just sitting!
Captain Shrader
Captain Shrader 15 days ago
*Can I touch your boobs for science?*
Anna Snyder
Anna Snyder 16 days ago
I want Katalina as a friend
Totally Not An Android
People are shocked how well these trans people pass because there's this misconception that trans people look and sound like their birth gender, which isn't necessarily true. As soon as we're taking hormones, our bodies go through the same changes as cis people. It's very hard to tell the difference afterwards, *especially* for FTM (Female to Male) transgender people. Science is pretty nifty.
Chicken nuggets
Chicken nuggets 16 days ago
Girl. Don’t get plastic surgery
jolili98 16 days ago
She’s an idiot. She couldn’t tell who was transgendered??
Adar Sarikas
Adar Sarikas 16 days ago
i need her instagram for real
freckletot 17 days ago
why she want a ps she is so pretty and perfect
A Teschlog
A Teschlog 17 days ago
brooke fuqua
brooke fuqua 17 days ago
I’d fuck that boy who was apparently a girl
L Ol
L Ol 17 days ago
Wtf the last one was a girl
Stephii Mogan
Stephii Mogan 17 days ago
That dude with the nose ring is sexy as hell
Audrey Collier
Audrey Collier 17 days ago
Curtis looks like alot of fun
xX.Sugar.minXx _
xX.Sugar.minXx _ 18 days ago
Just gonna put this out there, I'm a Gemini and every time I do something weird or just questionable I say its for science LMAOO
TinaRue 18 days ago
Love Katalina, she is rad.
Brigette Whalen
Brigette Whalen 18 days ago
Did anyone else see her almost fall a little at 0:41
BB LJ 18 days ago
“For science...!” 😂😂😂
Sniper 2000
Sniper 2000 18 days ago
"I would like to get a nose job I would like to get a boob job" Well that escalated quickly
Happy Renzy
Happy Renzy 18 days ago
Is the other woman the mother of ethan and helena from kids try??
Puffs YT
Puffs YT 18 days ago
“For science”
layla brennan
layla brennan 18 days ago
that last guy is so fine 😭😭
Hanin M
Hanin M 19 days ago
Kay could be a model
Hanin M
Hanin M 19 days ago
I would love to be her friend
Mary Spicer
Mary Spicer 19 days ago
Bella thorn who.
Amber 19 days ago
4:12 that’s Ethan and Helena’s mum of kids try
Za'Kyra Briscoe
Za'Kyra Briscoe 19 days ago
Dang that very first ad was very intrusive had to download it
Vishal Rathee
Vishal Rathee 19 days ago
Malachi Johnson
Malachi Johnson 19 days ago
If a guy did this it would just be an excuse to touch random peoples bodies
Pepto Bismol
Pepto Bismol 19 days ago
4:14 shes a mom of a kid from hiho
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