Guess Who's Had Plastic Surgery (Katalina) | Lineup | Cut

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Lineup Guess Who's Had Plastic Surgery (Katalina) | Lineup | Cut
#Cut #Lineup #Challenge


Published on


Jan 18, 2019




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Comments 4 073
Tara Diab
Tara Diab 8 hours ago
Ariel 🧜🏻‍♀️ don’t you dare get plastic or cosmetic surgery. Give it 5 years and you’ll learn to love your body...
Jade Rabbit
Jade Rabbit 16 hours ago
I had a feeling the last male was transgender. I am so happy that he was able to successfully transition.
Maggie Foshee
Maggie Foshee 21 hour ago
She's so pretty. I really hope she doesn't have plastic surgery.
Manibear 22 hours ago
3:06 you can tell he takes care of himself 😌
Maya Goel
Maya Goel 2 days ago
Katalina really doesn't need plastic surgery tho!!(well no one really does) But she's one of the hottest people I've seen for real.
Hey Daddy
Hey Daddy 2 days ago
She seems like such a cool friend. Where can I get a Katalina? 😭😂
Marina Cover
Marina Cover 2 days ago
I wanna know what surgery she thought he had scars for under his shirt other than from a double mastectomy hahhaha I can’t think of any other
ejhgitgig gbogmob
curtis gay af he is disgusting
Denise Keys
Denise Keys 4 days ago
Nobody: ... Me: MeRidA is ThaT YoU
I stole tae's suga kookie
Why does she look like merida
a whole mess
a whole mess 5 days ago
the last guy was fine oml
maddie's slime
maddie's slime 5 days ago
Wow at 7:58
8 days ago
*fOr ScIeNcE*
AlienLee 8 days ago
1:22 "she's" definitely trans. ughhh 🤢
nonhounnome neancheuncognome
She is the Gemini!!!
e m i l y
e m i l y 9 days ago
“i had my breasts removed” “oh...why?” me- i- are u du-
Sudenaz Sevindi
Sudenaz Sevindi 10 days ago
I never let her touch me...
victor avalos
victor avalos 10 days ago
It’s like slapping god across the face
Menetekel 11 days ago
smh to all the people that be like 'he literally told her he was feale and she doesn't get it'. Like you might not realize that but some men actually got bigger boobs than others which can have all kind of reasons and they get them removed so they feel more comfortable. It's like kinda rare I guess but those people exist. Don't blame her for being polite enough to ask and not just to assume something. Also he relly didn't look like he was born female at all.
Fidella Saadie
Fidella Saadie 11 days ago
2:44 soo funny
Santosh Kumar
Santosh Kumar 12 days ago
That booty is real 🤣😂👍
Justin Borroum
Justin Borroum 12 days ago
It’s dumb it get plastic surgery cause you have to get it replaced many times cause your cells will think it’s not good so it’s gonna a lot of money
Atziry Mayen
Atziry Mayen 12 days ago
Does anyone know where she got her outfit from?
Каталина Колева
My name is Katalina
Rosie loves Esther
Rosie loves Esther 13 days ago
I'm never going to have any plastic surgery
Lydia Amphlett
Lydia Amphlett 13 days ago
The bitch guessing was hella creepy
Kaesar Sm
Kaesar Sm 13 days ago
That redhead is batshit crazy, no kidding
Shanessa Smith
Shanessa Smith 15 days ago
Her ass is acc disgusting sry
sukanya das
sukanya das 15 days ago
She: that’s the most best skin I ever felt! K-pop: Are we a joke to you?
Azerty Qwerty
Azerty Qwerty 16 days ago
The last guy/girl disgusted me I am so in shock
Diamond Moore
Diamond Moore 15 days ago
U disgust ME
Flxwer 16 days ago
Kat has such a nice personality❤️
alison hutton
alison hutton 16 days ago
For s.c.i.e.n.c.e
Victoria Venus
Victoria Venus 17 days ago
6:40 im sorry this girl ile this butt Is so fake !
Nev Legend
Nev Legend 18 days ago
What’s she talking about her boobs look great 👍
Sasha 19 days ago
the last guy was a cutie aww ❤️❤️
RandomnessArLizu 20 days ago
Isn't she the Gemini?
Sean Kelsey
Sean Kelsey 21 day ago
Can I wife katalina
Layla Deesamer
Layla Deesamer 21 day ago
she allready looks amazing you aint need plastic surgery!
Sarah Müller
Sarah Müller 21 day ago
I love Katalina
Kelsie Gropp
Kelsie Gropp 21 day ago
5:57 her butt looks so fake and bad
ellie 22 days ago
oof it’s a gemini
Flip Booker
Flip Booker 22 days ago
She just wants everything to be plastic surgery......but she’s beautiful 😔
Jijo Esahac
Jijo Esahac 22 days ago
Katalima wants many plastic surgeries but she is SO beautidulu
Smileypie2 Hehe
Smileypie2 Hehe 22 days ago
Her dress is so SHORT
M T 22 days ago
I love her energy
Denae Rodriguez
Denae Rodriguez 23 days ago
Is the cut and hiho affiliated... I see the kids parents on here Lol pretty cool
Mari a
Mari a 24 days ago
That but was 100% NOT real
{ S u n s e t a e s t h e t i c }
Can I touch your boobs? *for science.*
_zulu. .inc_
_zulu. .inc_ 25 days ago
Thats a black WOMAN butt... u normally see that shape aaaaaalllll the way back in the day
El Hariri
El Hariri 26 days ago
Gorgeous gorgeous
El Hariri
El Hariri 26 days ago
Gorgeous gorgeous
El Hariri
El Hariri 26 days ago
The ginger girl judging is hothouse
Eliza Artsss
Eliza Artsss 27 days ago
The Basics
The Basics 28 days ago
Giddy B
Giddy B 28 days ago
Gold Bullet
Gold Bullet 29 days ago
The last one was like they did a amazing job like he look good
just another OTAKU
just another OTAKU 29 days ago
her: that's like the best skin i've ever seen me: bish have you heard of BTS??
khanage360 Month ago
"Can I touch your boobs for science "
rodisdabeast ,
rodisdabeast , Month ago
katilina has some nice ass legs
Saiyan Mewtwo
Saiyan Mewtwo Month ago
This girl has a lot of issues to want to get surgery with already having such a perfect natural body.
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