Guess Who's Had Plastic Surgery (Katalina) | Lineup | Cut

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Lineup Guess Who's Had Plastic Surgery (Katalina) | Lineup | Cut
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Published on


Jan 18, 2019

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Comments 3 856
GoldMCLegends 6 hours ago
Katalina is fineee 😍😍😍
Lilly Lewis
Lilly Lewis Day ago
Who else thinks Kat looks like Merida from Brave?
Areej Abd Al-nabi
I have to say I have been watching some videos and this girl is fun
Lauren Conrad
Lauren Conrad 2 days ago
paige auxier
paige auxier 3 days ago
dude literally says he got his breast removed she still doesn’t realize he’s transgender 😂
Dani can gacha too UwU
4:28 you know those two twins like helena and ethan or something idk isint that the mom ?
EGd GeM 4 days ago
6:43 That's NOT FoR ScIEnCE
lunasthetic 5 days ago
she reminds me of merida or brave oOo
Diplume 5 days ago
2:00 wait shes the one that went on the blind date with the black guy and they made out right?
Chanel chaff
Chanel chaff 5 days ago
She looks like isla fisher
Alien 7 days ago
Katalina looks like Merida💕💞
Abbie Massaquoi
Abbie Massaquoi 8 days ago
The girl on 5:50 was in another episode
Gigi Apella
Gigi Apella 9 days ago
anybody else thought Curtis was Twaimz
Carly Wolfe
Carly Wolfe 9 days ago
I remember Kurtis! From the kiss lineup
JacketLady _
JacketLady _ 10 days ago
Welp that intro made new gay
Tiffany Purtlebaugh
3:44 she looks like Ethan mom off kids try anyone else?
Diamond jae
Diamond jae 12 days ago
Nooooooo her nose is fine
joyria 12 days ago
the trans guy is literally so hot omg sksksk
Random Pan Person
Random Pan Person 13 days ago
Go Trans folk!
Lucy Catherine
Lucy Catherine 13 days ago
Omg the trans girl is beautiful and funny! She’s defo the kinda person I would wanna be friends with! She seems so lovely and genuine x
alanna hayden
alanna hayden 13 days ago
7:14 is she fucking dumb wth? lmfao
Abril_ Slayyy
Abril_ Slayyy 13 days ago
2:59 i was dead 💀 😂😂
MexicanPenguin 15 days ago
I JUST realized I have the same shoes as her!
Bean ii
Bean ii 16 days ago
The last guy: I had my breasts removed. Her: Why? Him: (I swear to god, she gonna make me explain?)
Chelsi Marie
Chelsi Marie 17 days ago
That last one was kinda cute ngl😂
twolonelystars 19 days ago
dude the trans guy passes so well, i didn't even see the scars omg i hope he's doing well :,)
Rio Zeta
Rio Zeta 20 days ago
3:34 A lot of people just laughed
Vanessa M
Vanessa M 21 day ago
She kind of reminds me of Jena marbles
WinnieThePooh Lin
Is the 1:55 a girl or a boy
D4RK Galaxy
D4RK Galaxy 21 day ago
That red head was so cute. But im under age 😢
Gacha Wolf
Gacha Wolf 23 days ago
Kartis and kartina i ship them
Silver WinterWolf
Silver WinterWolf 24 days ago
Is it just me or does that first guy have a long tongue?
RuBiK MaN 25 days ago
0:00 well I’m boutta become the next Newton gurl
Nicholasvlogclips Fazbear
Touch my dick for science bitch
Garkillack -
Garkillack - 26 days ago
I hate this plastic surgery wave. I don’t think it should be popular and praised upon. No matter how big it is I prefer all natural any day
Skinny Jeans
Skinny Jeans 26 days ago
The dude at the end is fine though
gramps2matt 27 days ago
6 months after this was posted and I hope it's not too late to tell Katalina she should not get plastic surgery. You do not need any improvements or enhancements.
Boni 29 days ago
7:24 make no sense because everyone borns as a female.
S l e e p y
S l e e p y Month ago
Omg she does not need plastic surgery she’s beautiful!
ECZELOVE shiniii
Tbh she doesn't need plastic surgery..she cute
Re_Do_Mi _A_
Re_Do_Mi _A_ Month ago
5:50 I think that this woman has done plastic surgery and Infront and at the back and at her face. This butt is 100% fake!
Marley Love
Marley Love Month ago
oi the 2 girl has thos shoulder tho
Emily Boo
Emily Boo Month ago
Isn’t she the Gemini girl?
my wolf Nguyen
my wolf Nguyen Month ago
For the last one I was like oh shit theres np way like its amazing no one would no and it's so good how happy he looked
I kick life's ass
Can I kill you for sience
Abteilol Month ago
vaginal what?
Natasha ASMR
Natasha ASMR Month ago
Can someone leave me the last persons instagram 😍 so fineee
Thegooob95 Month ago
I see hot red head gurl I like. I click. Easy.
_indica speece_
_indica speece_ Month ago
The trans guy at 7:29 I feel like would be attractive as a Male and a female!!!
Outfit Squad
Outfit Squad Month ago
The man-I have had plastic surgery I got rid of my breasts- Her-why?- Me- ...bruh
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