Guess Who's Had Plastic Surgery (Katalina) | Lineup | Cut

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Lineup Guess Who's Had Plastic Surgery (Katalina) | Lineup | Cut
#Cut #Lineup #Challenge


Published on


Jan 18, 2019




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Comments 80
Kylie 5 days ago
wow katalina is literally gorgeous
i don't even know why
She touched everyone
margot 29 days ago
"Do I look stupid?" "Not yet." Lolllllll
storm3016 Month ago
Plastic surgery is such a turn off to me. I personally think there are better ways to deal with your insecurities, especially when you look as fine as this redhead.
kvng.keezy777 Bandlab
That redhead is soo pretty l 😍
Norish Hose
Norish Hose Month ago
Who is the girl who is trans shes is soo stunning
RajunCajun34 2 months ago
Girl says she would love for people to stare at her boobs. Girl also calls cops on guy fr staring at her boobs. This is known as most females and their ignorant insane logic.
Takito Conejito
Takito Conejito 2 months ago
There are more reasons to remove breast apart from transition. My friend's brother had a boob growing (only one) i don't know if he removed it tho
Gregory Dark
Gregory Dark 2 months ago
Katalina is the most beautiful, but by the time we watch this she will look like a plastic blow-up doll.
Bordon 2 months ago
nobody talking bout how much the man at the end looked like a biological man
dim kim
dim kim 2 months ago
Mishter KHALID
Mishter KHALID 2 months ago
one thing I realized, Katalina really likes to show her legs.😅
GoudenDynamietHD 2 months ago
I don't like people that want plastic surgery unless they are like, too ugly.
Joey Gregan
Joey Gregan 2 months ago
she don't know shit. but the real booty got me to.
Johnwickok45 2 months ago
i wish people could realize that they will fuck them selfes up... we judge our selfes harsher than anyone else.
ali k
ali k 2 months ago
Men this world is scary i would never ever could tell that the dude 7:30 was a girl Just imagin you are a guy and you met a girl and you even dont know that she was a men or otherwiese😱
hookstreet.com 2 months ago
Hayley's hot! She'd be perfect to go with to an outdoor music festival on the beach. Wow for science!!!
Paul Hutton
Paul Hutton 2 months ago
I got breast implants, and everyone was staring at my boobs, so I got them removed 🤨
Li Huan
Li Huan 2 months ago
What's the point of this video?? Prompting??
Khalid AlAli
Khalid AlAli 2 months ago
No wonder the American Empire is in decline.
Aws Dk
Aws Dk 2 months ago
Dude ppl are crazy 🤦🏻‍♂️
Moni zanini
Moni zanini 2 months ago
This chick says she wants a lot of stuff done but she is so perfect. I love gingers but also she is perfect the way she is and gorgeous
Vitek Smrkovsky
Vitek Smrkovsky 2 months ago
The blond girl looks like a white twin of Aunjoli o.O What the hell. Both beautiful beyond words tho
Daniel Allmon
Daniel Allmon 2 months ago
1:28 . Has this pick up line ever worked?
Skarlet Red
Skarlet Red 2 months ago
I don't understand why would she want plastic surgery she's beautiful leave your face and everything else alone if you don't want it girl I'll take it
KitttyCat Lover
KitttyCat Lover 2 months ago
“Ow, why?” “Because I was born a female and I transitioned into a male” Awkward!
YT-SirG 2 months ago
6:56 when you blind
Kayla W.
Kayla W. 2 months ago
Honestly Katalina's very pretty, she doesn't _need_ any type of plastic surgery, but if she wants to and can afford it, I'm totally cool with that
lkr 2 months ago
7:24 what’s his instagram tho🙈🙈🙈🤤
KILO993 2 months ago
The blond girl is smokin' hot. And yes, I understood what surgeries she went through.
TerraClutch 2 months ago
Why do girls like fake tits they look like shit and feel like shit
J Yao
J Yao 2 months ago
I think she was one of the most positive/nicest guessers. I felt like she made everyone feel beautiful, plastic surgery or not / correct guess or not. Which is super tricky; I'm impressed. PS: You're beautiful the way you are or with plastic surgery. Do what you feel girl!
K0ng0 2 months ago
Girl you need do nothing, you are really attractive. Coming from a man, most plastic surgery for cosmetic reasons make girls look less attractive than before it was done. Especially nose jobs i have to say.
tiffany 2 months ago
the redhead girl looks like merida from the movie brave she hella attractive goddamn
Aleksandar Ivano
Aleksandar Ivano 2 months ago
Why is this girl always half naked or more ? Is it because she has a looot of self-esteem ?
Michelle Sorge
Michelle Sorge 2 months ago
The trans girl is super pretty! I’ve been through a decent number of hours of electrolysis and laser hair removal myself. April will be my one-year anniversary on hormones as well.
cinnamonbreeze 2 months ago
hahaha 'for science!'
Moise Tibasima
Moise Tibasima 2 months ago
I wonder why she wants plastic surgery she looks great
Psycho Bergmuis
Psycho Bergmuis 3 months ago
Does the beautifull blonde have an instagram or something?
Just_W0910 3 months ago
3:18 lol he's like advertising his lip balm everywhere he goes
Crime Minister
Crime Minister 3 months ago
This was disgusting
C M R 3 months ago
Insecurities insecurities everywhere
2003BMW325i 3 months ago
When she asks him to lift his shirt you can 100% see the scars from the mastectomy I think she was just being nice
Mazen Marie
Mazen Marie 3 months ago
Just eat and exercise well, you can get a thick ass too
no tion
no tion 3 months ago
So can i touch for science
Susan Frank
Susan Frank 3 months ago
Guys she’s beautiful and I also think that she shouldn’t get plastic surgery but it’s her division and she’s has what she doesn’t like
Laureate Armstrong
Laureate Armstrong 3 months ago
Catalina looks like the princess from brave
Jaan Ruus
Jaan Ruus 3 months ago
I feel like every girl has no problem with being gay.
•Sweet Blossom•
•Sweet Blossom• 3 months ago
Lara Stoelinga
Lara Stoelinga 3 months ago
Can someone plsssss tell me where her shoes come from?
Harley Queen
Harley Queen 3 months ago
She looks like she is already 5'7 why does she wants to be taller?🤔
Ultra Instinct Hank Hill
The person with the blonde hair at the start is clearly a transgender guy , lies he would of had a lot more work done then that
HAZA 3 months ago
There’s no such thing as a sex change , wake the fuck up
Hey there demons, It's me, Ya boi
Ahhh she touched the girls butt without asking first! There's another video with the same people but a diff person guessing, and that girl said she hates when people go up and touch her butt to see if it's real or not. I know this is a video where they have to guess, but it still would have been good to ask
Dominique Mathews
Dominique Mathews 3 months ago
Where do people get money for this stuff???
Ana Alexzandria
Ana Alexzandria 3 months ago
Dumb blonde moment at the end lol
WilderCape 3 months ago
Is Curtis in every single one
Dmab77 4 months ago
To be fair males have breasts too, biologically speaking.
Zane Montgomery
Zane Montgomery 4 months ago
I wish Katalina would come back to make another Cut vid
Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ 4 months ago
Nice video except for the few monsters.
BUZZSAW09 4 months ago
That Hispanic lady with the real thick accent what's he Instagram
Maddie Davies
Maddie Davies 4 months ago
That last guy is so unbelievable!!! I can’t believe he is transgender
L3V1 L3M0NAD3 ッ
L3V1 L3M0NAD3 ッ 4 months ago
She was like- ‘why did that man have breasts???? 😦’
Sinermox 4 months ago
Katalina is fine as shit the way she is, why would you want to change what you have. OML.
Evie Weevee
Evie Weevee 4 months ago
Girl just wants the excuse to just feel up everyone’s T&A 🤣
Joy Damabel
Joy Damabel 4 months ago
I still can’t believe that one lady’s butt we real. I didn’t know a natural ass could be so big
Elyssa Poon
Elyssa Poon 4 months ago
"I'm gonna judge you now" Hahahaa
Saf Day
Saf Day 4 months ago
Katalina is so beautiful LOL
Tai Kenneth
Tai Kenneth 4 months ago
Saying that the girl doesn't need plastic surgery is basically as bad as saying that the girl needs plastic surgery. Not that i have a problem with judging a person's appearance, but the hypocrisy though. People keep saying shits like "everyone is a ten to someone", "you're good as long as you feel beautiful" or "Don't listen to anyone but yourself about your own appearance", but when someone doesn't feel good about their own appearance, people start telling the person that she is beautiful, BASED ON their standard. What a bunch of hypocrites
Lina Ling
Lina Ling 4 months ago
Plus she is pretty why does she want plastic surgery?
Lina Ling
Lina Ling 4 months ago
Touching the boobs in the name of science that killed me
lacunarikain2 4 months ago
Man that trans woman still looks better than half the females out there. I'd break my rule if she wanted to go out.
Ryan V.
Ryan V. 4 months ago
The last one was so awkward..
Devonte Cannon
Devonte Cannon 4 months ago
So nobody noticed the black girl had the most fucked up bird nest looking weave
Kal Plays
Kal Plays 4 months ago
At 1:54 is that person a shemale
Catalina Smalls
Catalina Smalls 5 months ago
My name is Catalina with a C. And it's pronounce the same
MrHarris73 5 months ago
I keep coming back to these plastic surgery videos for Rosa (the girl with the curvy body). Her body is amazing.
Jen Jenanluv
Jen Jenanluv 5 months ago
@ 3:45 is that Ethan and Helena's mom?
Samantha P
Samantha P 5 months ago
The girl looks like Jane from Trevor and the Virgin on Hooked
Brian Suttles
Brian Suttles 5 months ago
She is one of my favorites tbh
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