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Guess the marvel character from the quote. Are you ready.


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Jan 14, 2019




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The TopSpot
The TopSpot Year ago
Like This Challenge? Here's A Similarly Hard CHALLENGE With Wider MOVIE QOUTES: ruvid.net/video/video-76BbzgUdX2Q.html
Big iron man fan Momo
I got a 15/15
Henry Malburg
Henry Malburg 2 months ago
Way too easy
Christine G
Christine G 5 months ago
Soooo ezzz I did all of them in the first 2sec
Kaushik .M
Kaushik .M 5 months ago
Jason Johnson
Jason Johnson 5 months ago
I got 11
Erwin Santos
Erwin Santos 3 hours ago
Aleksa Vujanovic
The easiest one was fifteen😏
Savannah Peak
Savannah Peak 2 days ago
any other mcu or comic fans here during school
Prashant Patel
Prashant Patel 2 days ago
Captain America
E E 3 days ago
I can see tony getting angry at Loki for stealing his “we have a hulk” line
Fazbear Adventures
Captions: (6:27) “Did I step on your mom”
Carissa King
Carissa King 4 days ago
Dude I could do this in my sleep
abdullah sajid
abdullah sajid 5 days ago
The end got me good 😂😂
Big iron man fan Momo
That was easy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Asoldier Gaming
Asoldier Gaming 9 days ago
I said kneel has both two options Hela and loki
Asoldier Gaming
Asoldier Gaming 9 days ago
You didn't showed Loki's option for the first one
Mesud Bekri
Mesud Bekri 9 days ago
This was easy I only failed in two. the "ghost" part and the "vengeance" part.
Ryan Fisher
Ryan Fisher 10 days ago
I can do this all day
Malformedvirus5 11 days ago
I’m writing my answers before I see the correct one 1: Tony Stark 2: Captian America 3: rocket racoon 4: Thor 5: Nick Fury 6: Doctor Strange 7: Loki, hela also said this, but I said Loki 8: Adult Groot 9: Black widow 10: Spider Man 11: Falcon 12: Shuri (kek lol) 13: Korg (Loki fades away, korg kicks walls) 13(again apparently) Thanos 14: Black panther in civil war talking to the Russian man who wants the avengers to fight each other 15this better be hard or I’m going to punt this mans grandma: ........ Honestly to ez
Benjymasters Gaming
I already clench my butt geeks so thanos can’t crawl out of my butt
Roberto Bastida Ramirez
5:20 Jesus question was so hard I failed it 10 times before getting it right
TheDeadender 13 days ago
Caps voice keeps on getting low pitched in this statement I can do this all day
aamar mcdougald
aamar mcdougald 15 days ago
I can do this all day
aamar mcdougald
aamar mcdougald 15 days ago
I can do this all day
Legend 15 days ago
I gave it a like cause I laughed at the end! 🤣
Roshan Jacob
Roshan Jacob 16 days ago
0:11 "Here's How it works" I thought it was a quote
Yaakov Baars
Yaakov Baars 17 days ago
so easy
Sasidhar Chodavarapu
Ain't like me accept me -rocket raccoon
Mia .D
Mia .D 18 days ago
Jazzer Gaming
Jazzer Gaming 18 days ago
Smart Art
Smart Art 19 days ago
I got 8
Arsha Khoshgard
Arsha Khoshgard 20 days ago
If you dont get queston 2 right you are not a fan
Adeeba Quadri
Adeeba Quadri 21 day ago
Scored full
Okkie 23 days ago
Funny thing is iron man said “we have a hulk” to loki and loki in infinity war said “we have a hulk” to thanos
songs songs
songs songs 25 days ago
5 wrong
songs songs
songs songs 25 days ago
rip Chadwick bosman
Aesthetic Lemon Tart
when it said be ready and it said i am iorn man: me THIS IS SOOOO EASY Also me seeing memes: I need to put this in the comments
:sparkles: Month ago
R.i.p Loki 🥺😭
Kian Leslie
Kian Leslie Month ago
I actually clenched my buttcheeks when he said to Lol
Kian Leslie
Kian Leslie Month ago
Kanha Goel
Kanha Goel Month ago
Kanha Goel
Kanha Goel Month ago
Rocket raccoon
Kanha Goel
Kanha Goel Month ago
Captain America
Kanha Goel
Kanha Goel Month ago
Tony stark
Cheech Forever
Cheech Forever Month ago
The ones I got wrong were 3 6 and 12
Tharuni Elamaran
The last question . ................ I am pissed 🤔
MINT BAWSE Month ago
I got 14 correct😀😀
bryston stop motion animations
How answered in 2 seconds then had to wait
WildWolfDRA Month ago
“ANOTHER!” I love that line 😆. Also isnt it “I could do this all day.” Not “I can do this all day”?
JGoalScorer 73
JGoalScorer 73 Month ago
I don't down get the point in why people dislike videos, because they watch the whole thing after if you don't like it don't watch it
Stavstav :D
Stavstav :D Month ago
To easy
Abdul Moiz
Abdul Moiz Month ago
Hella also say thor to kneel who agree hit like
Zak Chafin
Zak Chafin Month ago
gaming pro
gaming pro Month ago
Finally lol😂😂😂
Jackie Holley
Jackie Holley Month ago
How did I know that the last one was going to say I am Iron Man ! I mean it was honestly so predictable 😑 ... smh EDIT : Also the one on the top right should have said TONY STANK P.S. During the video I was commenting on how other characters said some of the quotes And then I started laughing about the quote “I can do this all day” because I remembered that Steve Rogers said it to himself in endgame and future Steve was like “yeah I know” 😂😂
Ashutosh Kumar
Ashutosh Kumar Month ago
1. Tony stark 2. Captain America 3. Rocket racoon 4. Thor 5. Nick fury 6. Peter 7. Hela 8. Adult groot 9. Falcon 10. Spiderman 11. Black panther 12. Ned 13. The wasp 14. Thanos 15. T'challa 16. Tony shank
Dans The man
Dans The man Month ago
I loved the end because I paused the video to take a moment and appreciate the characters 😂😂🤣🤣
reese wang
reese wang Month ago
I like that last part!!!
extra enigmo
extra enigmo Month ago
everything right this is ez if you are big marvel fan
Elizabeth McKinley
Can you do this next time but harder🥰😍
margarete kishore
This was THE most easiest quiz I have ever answered!!!!!!😂
Liz Olivia
Liz Olivia Month ago
Those children keep scaring me with “yaaay”s
Peyton Taylor
Peyton Taylor 2 months ago
I got them all right good luck too all who are doing it
Dakota H
Dakota H 2 months ago
Weird Mamastay
Weird Mamastay 2 months ago
I got 7 0-0
Kelly Barraclough
Kelly Barraclough 2 months ago
I got them all
Jhetman bhenggoy
Jhetman bhenggoy 2 months ago
loki😂we have a hulk
Emma Ludovica Taschini
vid: hwo said "waht are those me: shuri vid:shuri me :yay vid blach panther : and wat is this shuri : the real question is what are those me :noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo he's the king the KING
Elisa Stoker
Elisa Stoker 2 months ago
All these quotes are seriously the characters moto, or something.
Faisal Shaheen
Faisal Shaheen 2 months ago
The end haha XD
the convict
the convict 2 months ago
the last one hahahaha
Trevor Lee
Trevor Lee 2 months ago
Only one wrong
CORBIN BUEHLER 2 months ago
I got 14 out of 15 cause I am a true marvel fan
Austin Cooper
Austin Cooper 2 months ago
The only one I messed up on was the second to last one with black panther when he was in Captain America Civil War
HydraX Jr.
HydraX Jr. 2 months ago
HydraX Jr.
HydraX Jr. 2 months ago
HydraX Jr.
HydraX Jr. 2 months ago
And also I got all of them right
Magima Janani
Magima Janani 2 months ago
4:06 really is this a question every girl/boy who think cap is cool(and Handsome) knows that answer😉
Life with Moll!e and Caleb
🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 that ending tho
nigel de leeuw
nigel de leeuw 2 months ago
The ‘Ain’t no nothing like me, except me’ is a qoute only one of the gaurdians could say, it’s just their personality
Seema Khusha
Seema Khusha 2 months ago
i got all of them except the one where korg said piss off ghost lmao i though it was wasp
HydraX Jr.
HydraX Jr. 2 months ago
oohoo number 15 is going to be super hard :screen shows Stefan strange and I Ron man and rad skull and tiny stork Oh me dumb
Julia Nova
Julia Nova 2 months ago
I don't know the last answer.Please tell me. Who said it?
Sihlenis Bayeni
Sihlenis Bayeni 2 months ago
Iron man
Kushaal ms
Kushaal ms 2 months ago
I got all answers correct 😀👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌this video was nice
Knuffiges Einhorn
Knuffiges Einhorn 2 months ago
the last question: Nick Fury said it...
TGP Aiden
TGP Aiden 2 months ago
Aced all of them except for the t'challa vengeance one I thought it was wanda and I'm not even going to count that last one soooo
RayDaLizer 2 months ago
6:03 sorry for being a nerd but it’s (your) not you’re otherwise the sentence would’ve been “sorry did I step on your are moment?”
Person Human
Person Human 2 months ago
I'm having trouble figuring out that final 1 can anybody help me
Monkey acc123
Monkey acc123 2 months ago
I got ten
MJS Educational Technology
I won
Onsi sherawat
Onsi sherawat 2 months ago
last question 😂😂😂😂
Rachit Aggarwal
Rachit Aggarwal 2 months ago
This quiz is for amateur
briar patch
briar patch 2 months ago
All these quizzes are way too easy.
Pavan gowda ch
Pavan gowda ch 2 months ago
Captain America
Pavan gowda ch
Pavan gowda ch 2 months ago
Chandra Guptha
Chandra Guptha 2 months ago
All are easy. Would've gone some deep!
The talkative Lance
The talkative Lance 3 months ago
Did anybody realize he did 12 the second time?
Elíseo Gonzalez
Elíseo Gonzalez 3 months ago
Elíseo Gonzalez
Elíseo Gonzalez 3 months ago
I don’t
Sharla Schalla
Sharla Schalla 3 months ago
I got 12 correct
Renee Taylor
Renee Taylor 3 months ago
Who the heck was perfectly balanced as all things should be wrong if u did u r DUMB
Renee Taylor
Renee Taylor 3 months ago
Do we have a video with a quote the mixture would be an abomination
WAHLUIGI TIME 3 months ago
Umm heal said kneel too
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