Guess the Food Challenge! / 9 Edible Pranks

Troom Troom
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Do you like Challenges and Prank with food? Then the new video is for you! After all, we made an edible challenge with very unusual and funny tasks.
Supplies and tools:
• Ground beef
• Eggs
• Salt
• Pepper
• Cupcake mold
• Mashed potatoes
• Food coloring
• Pastry bag
• Cherry tomatoes
• Chicken breast
• Cream cheese
• Basil
• Blender
• Ice cream scoop
• Waffle cone
• Rye bread
• Mozzarella
• Tomato
• Gelatin
• White chocolate
• Sponge cakes
• Strawberry jelly
• Hazelnuts
• Small Portobello mushrooms
• Liver paté
• Nutella jar
• Apple
• Sugar
• Ground cinnamon
• Corn flakes
• Pre-made yeast dough
• Vanilla sauce
• Stock cube
• Carrot
• Ice cream bowl
• Mixer
• Flour
• Baking powder
• Whipped confectionery cream
• Canned peach
• Can of olives
• Can opener
• Dark grapes
• Hot glue gun
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Jan 22, 2020




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Troom Troom
Troom Troom 9 months ago
Like the video? Don't forget to subscribe! ;-) More funny ideas: ruvid.net/video/video-o0I09ap5ZJg.html ★ Let's be friends: Facebook | facebook.com/troomhands Pinterest | www.pinterest.com/troomtroom Instagram: instagram.com/troomtroom
Rachel Churchman
Rachel Churchman 5 days ago
'll lol lol ok ppl lpp Ohio
Natalea Williams
i love you're vids
Swapna Devi
Swapna Devi Month ago
Hi you troom troom ha ha ha ha ha ha
Swapna Devi
Swapna Devi Month ago
I like troom troom
Swapna Devi
Swapna Devi Month ago
I like troomtroom
Marcelino Archuleta
dum fat girl vs bad boys for life
summer the God of destruction
Shes getting cocky
Djdylan Ramdeo
Djdylan Ramdeo 2 days ago
I love my red Hat
Trent Rickard
Trent Rickard 2 days ago
keisha aristide
keisha aristide 5 days ago
i know the cheesecake had's no cheese.
Psycho Princess
Psycho Princess 5 days ago
And why so many comments people just kidding 😇😅
Psycho Princess
Psycho Princess 5 days ago
Nikita Sane
Nikita Sane 5 days ago
So yummy
Jenny Barnette
Jenny Barnette 8 days ago
So stupid cuz that woman was holding a bad guy!!! :/
crafty crafts
crafty crafts 9 days ago
Is the snakes are real
Grace Mackey
Grace Mackey 10 days ago
I😍your videos very much😁
Grace Mackey
Grace Mackey 10 days ago
Hi i,m lovely
Grace Mackey
Grace Mackey 10 days ago
Love it
Shenni Jose
Shenni Jose 13 days ago
That's real snake
Jian Laure
Jian Laure 14 days ago
💙💙💙💙💙💙i love the toom toom po👯👯👯👯👯💙
Shamira Harris
Shamira Harris 15 days ago
LOVE it ❤️
Preethi Sundar
Preethi Sundar 17 days ago
Is this really snake
Gretti the Bunny
Gretti the Bunny 19 days ago
I HATE THE GIRL THAT CHEATED im not subcribing enymore
Mahanadi Master mind
Are the snake real
Mushraf Shaik
Mushraf Shaik 23 days ago
I love you channel❤❤.
Treesa Vinod
Treesa Vinod 26 days ago
Real snake
Raga Dreams
Raga Dreams Month ago
is that a real snake
Daishoya Kelsey
Daishoya Kelsey Month ago
Attique Mufti
Attique Mufti Month ago
are they real snaks
Shahida Salah
Shahida Salah Month ago
Kushal go on flow
This video is not audible audio edition is a good time
Rain Zhang
Rain Zhang Month ago
I’m hungry
Blessing Lebari
Blessing Lebari Month ago
Wow that girl is nasty. 😅😅😅😅
The brant Family
His movs are good
The brant Family
Lilia Seward
Lilia Seward Month ago
Are those real snakes
ryzee summer seldoni
I like your vedyous
Melissa Harripersad
I like the show I subscribe to it
narrator: wheres my prize? me: you do not get one because you cheated!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Rajan Anjaneya
Rajan Anjaneya Month ago
This is video is amazing
ADA serban
ADA serban Month ago
Lakenya Brown
Lakenya Brown Month ago
Brooklynn wenstrand
I do like snakes
Brooklynn wenstrand
But that was funny he looks afraid of the snake
kavitha karthick
ryzee summer seldoni
Hahahaha so fanny bat gros and good
Gladys Show
Gladys Show Month ago
I like it👨‍❤️‍💋‍👨
Elena Zheng
Elena Zheng Month ago
ruvid.net/video/video-i_8xyNkbhfw.html sister guess the food competition
Elena Zheng
Elena Zheng Month ago
Winter Cherrie
Winter Cherrie Month ago
0:03 ... And thats how mafia works
Rojohn Palacio
Rojohn Palacio Month ago
... Lol
Swapna Devi
Swapna Devi Month ago
I have a tree a mango tree 👍❤️😍
Swapna Devi
Swapna Devi Month ago
You like at
Ira Wassgood
Ira Wassgood 2 months ago
laura Bajric
laura Bajric 2 months ago
That girl his win im not like supcribe😎
Kaye Borja
Kaye Borja 2 months ago
We check the life hacks and they are fake
Monica Elbarepus
Monica Elbarepus 2 months ago
Red ranger Red
Red ranger Red 2 months ago
Shut up
Abhijith Abhirami
Abhijith Abhirami 2 months ago
Abhijith Abhirami
Abhijith Abhirami 2 months ago
dipti garg
dipti garg 2 months ago
dipti garg
dipti garg 2 months ago
Anita Munyasya
Anita Munyasya 2 months ago
You guys are on likee right😒
Dipa D
Dipa D 2 months ago
Your all videos are too bad
Ellysa Abao
Ellysa Abao 2 months ago
rakhi datta
rakhi datta 2 months ago
Is the snake real or not?
Christelle Melele-Simo
it chould be the mr.because the girl cheat.and him dint so he win.no but.done.😐👺
Jazz Liwag
Jazz Liwag 2 months ago
I am very scared their a snake
lucy ochieng
lucy ochieng 2 months ago
meat cupcake
kvr kothuri
kvr kothuri 2 months ago
Are the snakes poisnes.
jewel alekzie clanza
She is feeling very well today but she is a bit different from the last couple
strawberry crafts
strawberry crafts 2 months ago
Is that a real snake!!!!!???? 🐍🐍 🐍
jayanthi M
jayanthi M 2 months ago
Hi I am from India I love your videos
Empress Dee the Dj
Empress Dee the Dj 2 months ago
But she cheated😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡
saluus teaching & vlogs
idiots do you play with snakes bad video
priti Gupta
priti Gupta 2 months ago
jahzara kercado
jahzara kercado 2 months ago
I feel like she is sofi
Lilith Corns
Lilith Corns 2 months ago
I like the last post of a mestjes!!!🤣🤣🤣
Melody Ugwoke
Melody Ugwoke 2 months ago
it sweet
Michelle Gillings
Michelle Gillings 2 months ago
Rosa Mullins
Rosa Mullins 2 months ago
THAT'S A PROJECT ZORGO MASK and project zorgo is trying to take over RUvid
shewaa aa
shewaa aa 2 months ago
Mary Beth Skinner
Mary Beth Skinner 2 months ago
How to make a jolly rancher the sword make it dry lentils and put a secret ingredient can it so that and then I'm trying to get your teacher to guess it
Heather Deatherage
Heather Deatherage 2 months ago
hi nice cook
chad chhin
chad chhin 2 months ago
The week is going day week for day or day week day day or week week
Denosh Gowdy
Denosh Gowdy 2 months ago
I subscribed
Viktoriq Vasileva
Viktoriq Vasileva 2 months ago
Asiya Mohamed
Asiya Mohamed 2 months ago
Lusinda is cheating she sprayed perfume to the food to confuse him. Not cool 😡😡😡
Denosh Gowdy
Denosh Gowdy 2 months ago
MC Captain
MC Captain 2 months ago
I hate the housewife
Maggielauren Vasquez
Snakes why😨 im scared of snakes
Bryceu Wright
Bryceu Wright 2 months ago
I’m not watching video
Kyla Paige
Kyla Paige 2 months ago
i hate you
Kalyani S
Kalyani S 2 months ago
How they put real snake on the colar😥😥😥
Kalyani S
Kalyani S 2 months ago
But my real name is kalyani.s
Alastair Valyocsik
Alastair Valyocsik 2 months ago
Sujatha Gopalan Those are harmless snakes.
Rangan Purna
Rangan Purna 2 months ago
Do you know woohoo
Mia Juarez
Mia Juarez 2 months ago
Mia Juarez
Mia Juarez 2 months ago
Arnulfo Ayco
Arnulfo Ayco 2 months ago
It's so very nice and very funny
arriane Santos
arriane Santos 2 months ago
Okey troom troom 🦄🦄🦄
pink lucky lucky unicorn 123
As see if he needs to get in and get it to him but I know I have been trying for a hour 🤣☺️☺️💝☺️
ADA serban
ADA serban Month ago
teamatchison Month ago
That made no sense 😕
pink lucky lucky unicorn 123
Project zorgo you have the mask are y'all wanting them what pz are you
Johane Exume
Johane Exume Day ago
Do you know thats fake?
pink lucky lucky unicorn 123
Did you know
Yara Shashaa
Yara Shashaa 3 months ago
I love your channel
Mohammed Nesru
Mohammed Nesru 3 months ago
Empress Faith
Empress Faith 3 months ago
Maria Colon
Maria Colon 3 months ago
I once had a snake on me it was heavy
Israel Awoleye
Israel Awoleye Month ago
@Maria Colon hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm i will see
Maria Colon
Maria Colon Month ago
@Priscilla Awoleye I actually had a snake on me it was at my friends bday party
Maria Colon
Maria Colon Month ago
@Priscilla Awoleye no I am not
Priscilla Awoleye
are you jk
NOT_ gachaclublay
NOT_ gachaclublay 3 months ago
Can we know all three name's?
Minister Kelly Ngendo
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