Guess The Celebrities' Dad Bods Challenge!

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Moms try to guess celeb dad bods for Father's Day coming up!
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Can YOU Guess That Celebrity Dad Bod?


Published on


Jun 15, 2019




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Comments 1 086
REACT 4 months ago
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n ziom
n ziom 4 months ago
Weird episode,but I hope you do Algeria food reaction.
Mohmed Mahmood
Mohmed Mahmood 3 months ago
Next time .. dads matching mom bods lmao
Mickey 3 months ago
i want more mom's club!!
A. Van Toor
A. Van Toor 3 months ago
Heh, they ALL got Leo DiCaprio right.
Influential Topic
Influential Topic 3 months ago
Go ahead and do this to men because it's obviously not an issue! Turn the tables around with women and it'd be a whole different story.
Azea Stevens
Azea Stevens 3 months ago
Influential Topic I thought the same thing
Ulaş Önal
Ulaş Önal 3 months ago
Yeah FBE, cause it's alright when WOMEN *OBJECTIFY* MEN
عبدالله الكثيري
I gagged
Mister Udon
Mister Udon 3 months ago
Should’ve rated the dad bods instead of guessing the ppl it belongs too
Keishauna's world
Keishauna's world 3 months ago
why tf does vin diesel look pregnant
NoComment 3 months ago
Why tf does that matter?
Lysh Bennett
Lysh Bennett 3 months ago
Adam Sandler can get it
Paw Printz
Paw Printz 3 months ago
The only one I got right was the one everyone got wrong.
aneesa 3 months ago
lmfao these mums’ reactions
Amir Rasuli
Amir Rasuli 3 months ago
Kristine did not get that last one right...
Aneley Ivaldi
Aneley Ivaldi 3 months ago
If this was made about women, it would be highly criticized
Chicken Nugget
Chicken Nugget 3 months ago
Aneley Ivaldi very true
Incredible Mr.E
Incredible Mr.E 3 months ago
I feel more confident for my body, thanks ladys👍
Janet L Doolittle
Janet L Doolittle 3 months ago
Will Ferrell has a distinctive crease on his right ab side that gives him away...I knew right off...
haveasliceofmypie 3 months ago
Janet L Doolittle I’m sure he’d be happy to know you know him so well 😂
maseyohe 3 months ago
Faith and trudi lmaoooooo
The Lone Funrir
The Lone Funrir 3 months ago
Jamayla was on the game show Awake on Netflix
Isis Watts
Isis Watts 3 months ago
0:01 wow i wanna wrap my arms around that
Rose 4 months ago
elders lyric breakdown YUNGBLUD?
Mikkel Berthelsen
Mikkel Berthelsen 4 months ago
You gave Kristine a point too many. She guessed the last one wrong but you gave her a checkmark and a point ;o
Hana O
Hana O 4 months ago
I feel kinda weird, i guessed all of them O.o'
Nova Lova
Nova Lova 4 months ago
Hana O Nope! 🤣
omar 3m4
omar 3m4 4 months ago
this was so good for my mentality
Dream Promkunya
Dream Promkunya 4 months ago
Erinn is definitely a fan of dad bods
Weirdo 4HGSA
Weirdo 4HGSA 4 months ago
some pple will always find sth to whine about no one objectified anyone if anything moms were embracing the dad bods so u need to chill with the whining
Anders 3 months ago
Weirdo 4HGSA Even if they liked the bodies, it's still objectivation. Objectivation isn't only when people are being negative and if it's not ok when men do it to women then it's not ok when women do it to men. Either it's wrong for men and women, or it's ok for men and women
Semi Wohlgemuth
Semi Wohlgemuth 4 months ago
i knew will and vin
Nova Lova
Nova Lova 4 months ago
Semi Wohlgemuth Same, but I also guessed Adam and Leo
Barnowl Hoots
Barnowl Hoots 4 months ago
Childless and in my 30's... slowly deteriorating into dadbodness. I love ice cream.
thenumber1trooper 4 months ago
This is how cool Kristine is, she got Leo wrong 😂 and she still got a point
Bento 4 months ago
Cheuk Yee Lui
Cheuk Yee Lui 4 months ago
do more of these
Nova Lova
Nova Lova 4 months ago
This video needed to be longer, we need more dad bods next time. 🤣
Salem 4 months ago
Its funny how in the comments, men are offended. Demanding to 'guess that mom bod game' Dudes. Chill. These ladies arent body shaming. They're literally embracing thicc dad bods and beer bellies. Meanwhile you men continue to body shame women, till this day.
Nova Lova
Nova Lova 4 months ago
Salem I know right? I feel it may be because women see men as all individuals and a lot of men view women merely as a collective for their own pleasure alone.
Aspek _
Aspek _ 4 months ago
How ironic. 😂😂😂
mari 4 months ago
almostfamous99 4 months ago
I need Trudi and Faith to have their own channel or podcast or something. Love them!
sophie 4 months ago
there’s enough objectifying of women in media already… get ahold of your fragile ego’s
Anders 3 months ago
novia An eye for an eye makes us all blind - Ghandi. It's a shame that you're taking this approach
Shelby Alejandrino
Shelby Alejandrino 4 months ago
That’s so funny 😂
KAGANI 4 months ago
Faith and Trudi are just the funniest pair.
Charles Sparkenbaugh
I just think chris pratt for all of them
Marcelo Conejeros
Marcelo Conejeros 4 months ago
Kristine got the last point even though she wrote C
Marya Ashique
Marya Ashique 4 months ago
8:46, y did Enza get a point? Erinn was the one who said it.
Ninja Asna
Ninja Asna 4 months ago
Marya Ashique yea but before she said the answer enza agreed it was Leo? I guess idk
will n.
will n. 4 months ago
Faith cracks me up!
Brittany Brown
Brittany Brown 4 months ago
Do Beatles fans react to the movie Yesterday!!
Sappy Noypi
Sappy Noypi 4 months ago
All people complaining probably haven't lived long enough to know women have been objectified since time immemorial.
I Like Trains
I Like Trains 4 months ago
Because two wrongs totally make a right. Foh
Mumtaas Mohamud
Mumtaas Mohamud 4 months ago
n ziom
n ziom 4 months ago
That's still wierd episode also if it's bad for Women that doesn't make it okay for man too
Skye Foreman
Skye Foreman 4 months ago
I saw the title and I got so happy 😂
Skye Foreman
Skye Foreman 4 months ago
Francisca Andrea
Francisca Andrea 4 months ago
"i was literally gonna say: wow, he looks great for having 4 kids. HE DIDNT DO ANYTHING!" LMAOO i thought the same
TheOne AndOnly
TheOne AndOnly 4 months ago
Yeah now do a video of mom bods with the dads reacting to it.
Silvan Tara
Silvan Tara 4 months ago
I mean, Christian Bale is so skinny
Carly 4 months ago
I got a fair amount right but mistook Leo for Jason sedeikas before they even gave the options lol weird that they had him on there haha
Stephanie Violante
Stephanie Violante 3 months ago
Carly same happened with me I guess Jason Segel before they gave options because I knew it looked familiar so when he was the first option I was like ha knew it till they said Will Ferrell and I was like oh wait no it’s def him lol
SitDown Dusty
SitDown Dusty 4 months ago
Dont know if its a bad thing lol but i got all but one
Smaya69 3 months ago
Who did you get?👀
Kayla's Korner.
Kayla's Korner. 4 months ago
are men doing a guess that mom bod for mothers day?
Seo Yuna's
Seo Yuna's 4 months ago
9:22 kristine guessed C but it was A and she still got a point?????
Andrew Byrne
Andrew Byrne 4 months ago
Loved this episode and everyone in it! 😍
Daniel Karlsson
Daniel Karlsson 4 months ago
Faith and Trudi were great! :D
Luciel Eairth
Luciel Eairth 4 months ago
Is Leo a dad !?
Shane G
Shane G 4 months ago
no, just a dad bod
XxPBJxX 4 months ago
React to oliver tree
BLeigh1130 4 months ago
James Van der Beek has 5 kids, & how did Kristine get a point at the end she didnt guess Leo right she put C which is Jason Sudekis. 😖 #fail
Camila Cabrera
Camila Cabrera 4 months ago
2:57 is everything!!!! Yessssssssss!
Shannon Lawson
Shannon Lawson 4 months ago
The Vin picture went viral n I remember him on FB saying something about it.
NonConDon 4 months ago
How come women are allowed to do this but men can't? I'm all for body positivity for both sexes, but I don't get why one is off limits.
Nova Lova
Nova Lova 4 months ago
It could be because in history on average men with heterosexual tendencies aren’t about genuinely appreciating and empowering women and were more about using and objectifying women, perhaps? Whereas this is just a fun, loving and flattering game where you had to guess someone’s identity and not only compliment their body for their own enjoyment.
Geroj Mendez
Geroj Mendez 4 months ago
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