Guess That MARVEL Movie Quote Challenge (Thor, Avengers Endgame, Black Panther)

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Marvel fans try to finish famous Marvel quotes. Challenge yourself and play along #withme
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Guess That MARVEL Quote (Thor, Avengers Endgame, Black Panther)


Published on


Apr 15, 2020




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Comments 100
REPLAY 9 months ago
Is it just me, or are the reactors better at guessing these quotes from home? 👀 We'll know if you cheat! Comment your favorite marvel quote below!
AJ X MHA 4 months ago
It was easy they ain’t marvel fans
Regina Whitten
Regina Whitten 5 months ago
I have more than one "puny god" and "I love you 3000" and "are you Tony Stank" and I have been falling for THIRTY MINUTES!" and "what you didn't see that coming?" and "I'll do you one better, why is gamora" and " I'M MARY POPPINS Y'ALL!"
Cat 7 months ago
"He's a friend from work!" Thor
Isi Stewart
Isi Stewart 7 months ago
@Daisy Johnson Jn. How did only half of them know it? I was surprised they even included it because I expected it to be too easy, but I guess I was wrong
Unknown 7 months ago
How can I sign up to be on the show?
Wsp Swift
Wsp Swift 11 days ago
Wilbert Andrade
Wilbert Andrade 13 days ago
This was so easy😂 all these “marvel” fans don’t know shit, they probably don’t even read the comics 🤣
Emmanuela Xiraki
Emmanuela Xiraki 21 day ago
How they missed the lines if you are a real fan you should know that
Daniel Elston
Daniel Elston 23 days ago
Sheila: “I like the movies, I enjoy it! They’re like a part of us!” Also Sheila: does not get a single one right.
Ranti Month ago
How come a so called " huge marvel fan" forgot the "I love you 3000" quote???🙄🙄🙄 That's the line that brought all of us fans together!!!
Påñtšü Mäśtęr
Met Tom Holland but the legend Stan Lee is right next to her... These kind of quotes don’t make the cut???? Come on.
Satta Samura
Satta Samura Month ago
Three people forgot I love you three thousand,that kinda hurt my heart
libby Andrews
libby Andrews Month ago
I did better than them
Zahn Ng
Zahn Ng Month ago
I was just surprised that Sharon is here. No offence to her though
moon Month ago
I know every line🥺✌🏼
Edmark Cobreros
Edmark Cobreros Month ago
What the hell. If I'm of the players, I'll gonna have perfect score.
Jaymart Lumagod
Jaymart Lumagod Month ago
My favorite is "We know each other he's a friend from work."
Jayana Wood
Jayana Wood 2 months ago
Astha Datta
Astha Datta 2 months ago
"Love you 3000" who can forget it 😭😭😭🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺#avengers forever
Rman Nayr
Rman Nayr 2 months ago
UM IT'S I LOVE YOU 3000!!!!!!!!
Skaun Grützefütz
Skaun Grützefütz 2 months ago
Am I the only one who gets mad when she says "I got a photo with Tom Holland" I mean there is Stan Lee in this Picture too. That's waaaaay cooler. 🥺❤️
Body Falcon
Body Falcon 3 months ago
Me and Tom have same chair
Pasta is life
Pasta is life 4 months ago
i have the exact same shirt as tom
NotTrxin 4 months ago
I got all them except the black panther one
Amar Mesanovic
Amar Mesanovic 4 months ago
Who is here after black panther died, rest in power😭wakanda forever😭
ViBe Hxze
ViBe Hxze 4 months ago
I know all of them and I only watched them all once
marvel 3000
marvel 3000 4 months ago
'"These are quotes are so hard" I believe the council has made a statement but considering it is a stupid statement I chose to ignore it. (I changed the quote for this fitting perspective)
Dustin Mayer
Dustin Mayer 4 months ago
One of them didn’t get a single one rightt
Cydney _A_
Cydney _A_ 4 months ago
I got all of these right, puny fans
Roberto Bautista
Roberto Bautista 4 months ago
The kid with the blue jacket being cocky “i am groot” me in my head “ we are groot
Syd Artpix
Syd Artpix 4 months ago
I remember every line I’ve been binging since Quarantine started and when I get done binging I watch it again I’m to the point we’re I know the whole Thor Ragnark movie, infinity war, and endgame I could say the whole script
Sandr Rat
Sandr Rat 4 months ago
"i try to forget" yes will, we all do...
ST Shocker
ST Shocker 4 months ago
Is it just me or they all bad marvel fans they should just get better
ElijahJordan2 4 months ago
This is pathetic. How do you call yourself a marvel fan but not even get “i love you 3000” or “puny god.”
Simp 4 months ago
I didn't know the movies i haven't seen
MUI 4 months ago
We are groot
Ysabel Peji
Ysabel Peji 4 months ago
this kinda hurted ngl
ツGRiYInDIc 4 months ago
Wakanda forever
Migsestrella 4 months ago
"That is America's ass" is my alltime favorite quote from Endgame. It seems as if that quote is just a tad more relevant nowadays, than "I love you, 3000" because of memes and general conversational humor.
Amber Mullins
Amber Mullins 4 months ago
Only one I didn’t get was captain marvel 🙈😂
Draco Malfoy
Draco Malfoy 4 months ago
She dont even know what morgan said
Dogsbodycatsface 4 months ago
It’s nice to know groom has 4 word in his vocabulary me I am groot we are wait that’s 5
Mubinur Rahman Chowdhury
Seriously? You don't get "I love you 3000"?!!
ishan khisti
ishan khisti 4 months ago
Everyone: I am Groot Wtf guys it's the only time he didn't say I am geoot
Yehezkiel Ngantung
Yehezkiel Ngantung 4 months ago
The lady just keep said the wrong speculation
Ragemonkey 010
Ragemonkey 010 4 months ago
Your not a true marvel fan if u dont know stan lee's quote.
Izzie Gonzalez
Izzie Gonzalez 4 months ago
me, I 11 yo knew all of these
lucas 4 months ago
Karen got none right why was she in this video?
Michael Burghard
Michael Burghard 4 months ago
I only forgot captain marvel. I even forgot the whole scene. Such a forgettable movie
Likable Lama
Likable Lama 4 months ago
How dare they not know it was we are groot I know everything about him cuz he my fav
Darius Seow
Darius Seow 4 months ago
r_c_r_o_3_2 4 months ago
Wakanda forever😢
Bernael Hilado
Bernael Hilado 4 months ago
"I love you a million times to mars and back,dad"? where the fvck did that come from??
Myles B
Myles B 4 months ago
The Karen girl was making me mad she was just guessing 🙄 and got none of them right
Helena The Great
Helena The Great 4 months ago
I got em all! I’ve seen all of the marvel movies in the main series so not X-men or stuff,
Ian Porto
Ian Porto 4 months ago
I got 5 coz i haven't watched captain marvel, I've only watched black panther once and i forgot Stanley's line coz i thought it wasn't a word. Haha
Tee Tendo 64
Tee Tendo 64 4 months ago
So called big marvel movie fans barely know the quotes
Noisy Boy
Noisy Boy 4 months ago
The only quotes I won’t know is captain marvel because the movie is absolute dogsh*t
jennifer 4 months ago
me literally knowing all of these quotes 👁👄👁
goocl 4 months ago
like idk how ppl don’t know it
KingDevonDD 4 months ago
KingDevonDD 4 months ago
*I LOVE U 3,000*
scorpman300 4 months ago
and they call themselves marvel fans. groot has more then 3 words it is just perceived by us as i am groot but as the conversations he has with both rocket and thor you know he is not just saying i am groot. 8 for 8.
Atharv Arya
Atharv Arya 4 months ago
These people do not have the right to call these people marvel fans.
Demonking324 4 months ago
I got all these except Captain Marvel...
CWC FAM 4 months ago
In my culture death is not the end
Cooper Hampson
Cooper Hampson 4 months ago
How does nobody get “no we are groot” that was the saddest scene in the movie
Cooper Hampson
Cooper Hampson 4 months ago
This is going to be easy I will edit on the end of the video
DrummerGirl423 4 months ago
Ragnarok was like 80% improv. Its the best marvel movie ever
Brayden Crocker
Brayden Crocker 4 months ago
Cant believe how many got we are groot wrong
3DNessie 07
3DNessie 07 4 months ago
Austin rindels
Austin rindels 4 months ago
I’m a pretty big marvel fan but I don’t think I’ve ever seen captain marvel
Destreath 4 months ago
I love how Will hyped up his Marvel fandom and then bombed the easy first question.
Destreath 4 months ago
2:55 Four words, Brandon? 1. I 2. am 3. Groot 4. we 5. are
Bruh 4 months ago
First one is we are groot
Brayden Payne
Brayden Payne 4 months ago
Kareem Shamroukh
Kareem Shamroukh 4 months ago
i got all of these right LETS GO
James Studley
James Studley 4 months ago
2:59 ... he has 5. Learn how to count brandon😂🤦‍♂️
Eton holm
Eton holm 4 months ago
I got all of them just the black panther
Ajvanwey _
Ajvanwey _ 4 months ago
R.I.P Chadwick Boseman
chikitaybella 4 months ago
Some of them were able to get the captain marvel one right but not I “love you 300”
Eliza S
Eliza S 4 months ago
This was in my reccomended, I haven't watched this video in a while.... R.I.P. Chadwick Boseman. Gone but not forgotten 🕊🙏🏾🙏🏼💔
IisIllusionz 4 months ago
R.I.P Chadwick Boseman
DaSaVaGeKiNg 12
DaSaVaGeKiNg 12 4 months ago
Knew all of them except for captain marvel cause I haven’t seen it
Prestyn Schmidt
Prestyn Schmidt 4 months ago
Rip the king
tyler harden
tyler harden 4 months ago
idk whether i should be happy or sad i got recommended this ..... hint: today is august 29th,2020
QJuice G-Dash
QJuice G-Dash 4 months ago
My favorite quote was from Captain Marvel. "I have nothing to prove to you."
Elizabeth James
Elizabeth James 4 months ago
Who’s watching this after finding out Chadwick Boseman who has unfortunately passed away Rest in peace Chadwick
Charli Arvanitakis
Charli Arvanitakis 4 months ago
If u didn't know already, Chadwick Boseman has died. Rest in peace my king, I wish the best for his family.
Kok Mun Tay
Kok Mun Tay 4 months ago
Rip Chadwick Boseman
Elizabeth Vilchez
Elizabeth Vilchez 4 months ago
This hurt to see
Nateshot 45
Nateshot 45 4 months ago
Bro the Stan Lee one should have been easy rip stan
kppancake 4 months ago
Honestly, you guys need to actually watch the films... 🤦🏼‍♀️
juan gil
juan gil 5 months ago
Yall are a disappointment. These were so fucking easy
Matthew Lozano
Matthew Lozano 5 months ago
“We basically grew up with marvel... oh I took a picture with Tom Holland” doesn’t get any right
Krish 321
Krish 321 5 months ago
Even a Non- Marvel fan can get the "We are groot!" & "Puny God!" dialogues, man!! I literally kept saying that to them.
Liam Snyders
Liam Snyders 5 months ago
am I the only one who remembered everything?😴
Vendy 5 months ago
I knew all of them....I swear I have a social life :D
Etoile2004 5 months ago
“You look pretty too”🤣🤣
Etoile2004 5 months ago
Gough Psmythe
Gough Psmythe 5 months ago
That's 5 words there chief..
Courtney Cortrail
Courtney Cortrail 5 months ago
I wanted to see will's reaction because he was wrong.
Pedro Amaral
Pedro Amaral 5 months ago
Whoever didn’t know about Stan Lee’s catchphrase is not a real fan
I'm StillsadboutMCR
I'm StillsadboutMCR 5 months ago
“This isn’t freedom this... this is fear” Oh this is much better. The costumes a bit much, so tight. But the confidence, I can feel the righteousness surging. “Hey want to have a rousing discussion about truth, honour, patriotism? God bless Americ-“ Actually don’t know where I was going with this but I’m feeling tired and want to sleep now so
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