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Guess My Ethnicity | Lineup | Cut
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Published on


Jan 23, 2020




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Comments 9 284
Maya Smith
Maya Smith 3 hours ago
Am blasian black & Japanese. People stare & whisper & try to guess my race frequently lol
A fucking leaf
A fucking leaf 3 hours ago
"Regular old white dude" Okay, so if we said regular old black woman... that wouldnt be okay. It is okay to accept that white is as diverse as black.
AlaskanChicka907 4 hours ago
Whoa I was not expecting a to see a athabascan on here! Way to go cut for including Alaska native people on here!
XFishstickX1 7 hours ago
No one: Absolutely no one: The half Chinese guy: your half! Take it or leave it
Kathleen Totten
Kathleen Totten 9 hours ago
I know a girl who’s half Irish and half Korean, she has green eyes, red hair and pale skin.
Kathleen Totten
Kathleen Totten 9 hours ago
I’m adopted too, and I don’t want to know who my birth parents are. I am very happy with my life and everyone in it rn, it would change everything.
Kathleen Totten
Kathleen Totten 9 hours ago
“My dad is white, my mom is from China” This is what my fritura son is gonna say!
ann fernandez
ann fernandez 11 hours ago
the dude with the white dad and the chinese mom same
nicole marie
nicole marie 11 hours ago
This half asian guy just assumes everyone is part asian.
Lara Areiqat
Lara Areiqat 13 hours ago
when she said "Muslim" as an ethnicity 😐😂
INTL Bosslady
INTL Bosslady 13 hours ago
Love this omg! Get asked what I am all the time!
Ir Yackelyn Vasquez
Ir Yackelyn Vasquez 14 hours ago
Why did that one girl keep thinking that having some different or sorta curly hair associated with people black have they not seen Irish gingers or the movie brave
Shakaliah Elisha
Shakaliah Elisha 15 hours ago
Muslim isn’t an ethnicity and did she just say Asian eyes I’m crying she’s wild af😂
Paulo Victor
Paulo Victor 15 hours ago
As a Brazilian I find kind strange this designations "Im Half something and half something", here in brazil almost everybody is mixed, white people have black blood , and black people have white blood too, black and white here is just the color of the skin, not the ancestry, and it doesnt matter that much the color here as in the US
Idk_Im_Ok 15 hours ago
Logic definitely does say the n word in his raps
Jordan J
Jordan J 15 hours ago
why the half Asian guy got so many friends like jeez
Jordan J
Jordan J 15 hours ago
Victoria Emmanuel
Victoria Emmanuel 16 hours ago
Did sis in purple really say "Muslim" as an ethnicity? smh
Vera Correia
Vera Correia 16 hours ago
Possible the most racist video I have ever seen!! However not many white people one it so I guess it's ok 🤮🤮
Secundino Arias
Secundino Arias 17 hours ago
Finally some guatemalan representation
Rocio Quijada
Rocio Quijada 18 hours ago
El Salvador
Kha 6
Kha 6 18 hours ago
to the last girl, pls marry me
Olivia Ganbat
Olivia Ganbat 19 hours ago
giiiiiiiiirl i'm gonna, muslim, "coolest look" i- nvm imma just be quiet
Xavier Varghese
Xavier Varghese 19 hours ago
Bring someone half Indian half Egyptian👨‍👩‍👧
Katy우리코 20 hours ago
Does the last girl (korean/white) have an instagram or something?
Tonio NBA
Tonio NBA 21 hour ago
I swear if i was on this show they would be mad confused cuz NOBODY guesses what i am
Jay Kay
Jay Kay 21 hour ago
The half Asian guesser is so not pc and doesn’t seem to take himself seriously I’d like to be friends with him
Kyrie Eleison
That half Italian half Japanese woman is so beautiful 😍🤭
Lectorn Day ago
idk about ya'll, but some of you should calm down a bit. Using words to describe someone doesn't mean they are offending. It's a pattern that you use to get a starting point. And the muslim is the same thing it's a religion, I get it, but why are you offended? Now look back and tell me that's not why wars did happend
germx x
germx x Day ago
Lmao what a mess
Adriana Garcia
“My names Jamie” “ are you Russian” You could literally hearrrrr the spanish accent lol
Justice Wallace
I hate how some of y’all think that the half white half Asian guy was racial profiling but honestly he was just speaking facts
Natalie Bowen
Why people always say some weird stuff about Jamaica
calla Day ago
6:03 I just did a double take. Eritreans got big booties? *Looks down* Lol I guess that doesnt apply to me
Obi-wan Kenobi
Ok the last two girls be kinda bad tho
Amanda Vo
Amanda Vo Day ago
9:15 Jhene Aiko vibes
Panda Boo
Panda Boo Day ago
I can't guess the lady in cardigan & purple t-shirt ethnicity.
Chaya Figueroa
Okay but shout out to the girl that guessed Eritrean ! Not many people know about us, so that’s pretty cool ❤️🇪🇷😇
Yuan Herong
Yuan Herong Day ago
Enough with the “blasians”, we NEED more half Asian and half Mexican people in this world.
Cheap Coconut
Number 8 is so pretty I swear.
Joanna Vila
Joanna Vila Day ago
Okay but why is nobody talking about how beautiful the last girl is
Spoopy Ghost
Spoopy Ghost Day ago
All of y'all out here complaining about the half Asian guy, but I'm a little peeved over the only white guy (the one who is 1/4th Alaskan Native) not even mentioning his European heritage as anything of note. Are we at a point where German, Swedish, French, et cetera... are not all distinct ethnicities? Is it all white?
Ally JayyLovee
🇸🇻🇸🇻🇸🇻 yaassssss representation! 🤗😝🤗🙏🏼🇸🇻🇸🇻🇸🇻
Dennis Stamey
Can anyone tell me what ethnicity mean?
Cthulhu Day ago
This is one of the most American things. "I'm a my grandfather's grandfather is Korean so that makes me Korean." When I was in the US a waiter literally said to me, "I'm a 16nth Irish so I know what it's like to be European." Does everyone there have an running identity crisis?
I am the Bob God
everybody in the comments hating on the few occasions where the guessers messed somethin up, they were trying to be nice, okay, they were really trying, we do not need to yell at them for every little mistake
-Alexa- The duck
Yay!! A Guatemalan 😂
Lara M
Lara M Day ago
Im the only one "black sheep" 😂😂😂😂😂😂
maria lopez
maria lopez Day ago
oh my god please put me in this no one has ever guessed my ethnicity correctly, EVER. Not even people from my country lmao
Matt Blade
Matt Blade Day ago
The half Japanese girl was seriously cute. So was the first one
Fan Day ago
People needs to know that white is not a race it’s a skin color
c c
c c Day ago
“Saipanese” gtfo bruh 😭😭
Matt Blade
Matt Blade Day ago
The only one that really threw me was the Punjabi girl. She looked so Latina to me
Denae Hayzlett
Louisiana people where u at
Raja Rao
Raja Rao Day ago
Saying someone looks Middle Eastern isn't offensive btw... That's like saying someone looks East Asian.
Raja Rao
Raja Rao Day ago
Y'all tripping over this dude making jokes when a female straight up said "muslim."
Alessia Day ago
im sorry mUsLiM?????? omg
Jon Queen Jr
Jon Queen Jr Day ago
All these beautiful women 😩❤️
Omg hahaha, "I'm Sikh" "So you're Middle Eastern". Painful to watch and to know she's one of those people who thinks she really has it down is even worse
TheLorast Day ago
People need to learn more about EUROPE! If anyone says "white" one more time...
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