Guess Funny Japanese Ads with Unexpected Twist - 4

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Guess Funny ASIAN Ads | Part 1: ruvid.net/video/видео-MR5QgUVCmiQ.html
Part 2: ruvid.net/video/видео-wMJx9C1CMAg.html
Part 3: ruvid.net/video/видео-llUVkHJ294w.html
Are you crazy and creative enough to write copies for the Japanese commercials? The land of Sushi, Sumo and Anime has a totally different approach in marketing which looks weird, funny and cool to the western audience. This video is a compilation of the best of such Japanese commercials including that of Mouse laptop, Gin no Sara sushi, Windows 8, Mets Lychee from Kirin and shiseido makeup. Hope you enjoy the Part 4 of Guess the Funny Ads with unexpected twist at the end!!!
Use following timestamp to move to the next puzzle:
00:00 Gatsby Face Wash
00:20 Guess the Funny Swollen Foot Ad
01:30 Guess the Non Blinking World Record Commercial
03:40 Guess Piano with Ping Pong TVC
04:40 Guess the Chalk war Matrix Fantasy
05:20 Guess Couple in white and red paint commercial
06:00 Guess the Dominos Falling Ad
06:40 Guess the Girls' Invasion Commercial
07:20 Guess the Panchi Dog Ad
08:00 Guess the Mafia War TVC
08:35 Guess the Farting in elevator ad
Bonus: No Guessing, Just Funny, Cool & Weird Japanese Commercials
08:40 Mouse Laptop Commercial
10:22 Shiseido commercial




25 дек 2018

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Dandelion White
Dandelion White Месяц назад
World outside Japan: "It's an ad break! Change the channel!!" Japan: "Ad break is finished, change the channel!!!"
Parrotshootist 11 дней назад
+roy 78 Go give it a try some time. Its ... illuminating.
roy 78
roy 78 11 дней назад
+Parrotshootist i have not watch tv for 3 years...
Sai Kuroha
Sai Kuroha 17 дней назад
Parrotshootist 29 дней назад
Try not watching TV for a few years then wandering into a pub where they have tv on. The last time that happened, well for one I laughed, later I lamented ..
Dennis Thiha
Dennis Thiha Месяц назад
Dandelion White underrated comment😂
Fou Fou Bro
Fou Fou Bro Час назад
I got all wrong yeah really werid and twisted too XD
Ezequiel Cordova
Ezequiel Cordova 12 часов назад
Very kawaii :3
Mr noob gamer
Mr noob gamer 17 часов назад
Better than tim Tok ads
Abdul Ghani
Abdul Ghani 18 часов назад
fak!1 torappu janai desu ka?!1 ending wa :v
Captain stark
Captain stark 23 часа назад
Skipped an ad to watch ads
Farhan Imtiaz
Farhan Imtiaz День назад
What's the name of the song of the last add? Where all the boys makeover as girls? 🤔
Anggi Tambunan
Anggi Tambunan День назад
serizawa. is that you??
TeubuTae Mmm
TeubuTae Mmm День назад
The way they sing mouse Mouseu!!!
スーパーサイヤ人 День назад
Deejay Garimi
Deejay Garimi День назад
:3 al but the first one, tho one was just an out there guess (domino skit)
Nguyễn Thiên
Nguyễn Thiên 2 дня назад
Soundtrack name, please
Nguyễn Thiên
Nguyễn Thiên День назад
+EPIC WORLD send me link, please :))
EPIC WORLD День назад
search and rescue
M Goode
M Goode 2 дня назад
Best channel ever !
shiva maharjan
shiva maharjan 3 дня назад
great man.japanese know how to attract viewers
Vanvan Persie
Vanvan Persie 3 дня назад
Ai dont like
Taylor Thompson
Taylor Thompson 3 дня назад
Dude that last add was sooooooooo cool!!!
aqua 0429
aqua 0429 5 дней назад
I died laughing at this!!
haruo Seriki
haruo Seriki 5 дней назад
😱😱😱 I actually fell in love with the girls at the last ad
вιαикιкαч 5 дней назад
Dwy Jukamia
Dwy Jukamia 6 дней назад
I already stopped guessing from first ads and just enjoy the madness :'D
Bach Nguyenxuan
Bach Nguyenxuan 6 дней назад
Clair de Lune - Debussy at 3:10 :D , Mozart - Rondo Alla Turca at 3:55 ♥
Eliza Be
Eliza Be 6 дней назад
Last One😂😂
JenOfArC 6 дней назад
These are smart, funny and creative Ads! :)
Yunia 20
Yunia 20 6 дней назад
The last ads omg😳
Stand United
Stand United 6 дней назад
The last one shows why society is all mental now...dressing boys up as girls. Reminds me of a story called something like..."Sodom & Gomora" I think it was called.
Aditya Sai
Aditya Sai 6 дней назад
So people watching TV literally think something but at the end it will be something else
jacki zhou
jacki zhou 6 дней назад
Gotta say, that was some hardcore traps...
Vera Sodai
Vera Sodai 7 дней назад
this is what ads should be
Ivan Cipta
Ivan Cipta 7 дней назад
11:07 I fell in love with....... Him?? Bro, this is fucked up
Felisa 72
Felisa 72 7 дней назад
Her eye.
the7thwreck 7 дней назад
The last one was BEAUTIFUL!
Alfito nahzar
Alfito nahzar 7 дней назад
Guys song on 11.00 is spa nova - wanna leave a like for thanks to me h3h3b3
the7thwreck 7 дней назад
This game is hard!😂
Gender Does Not Matter
Gender Does Not Matter 7 дней назад
Prashant Akhare
Prashant Akhare 7 дней назад
Omg japanese are so creative
Dude Ashley
Dude Ashley 7 дней назад
The "mouse" was the cutest
Knightwing 7 дней назад
3:11 biggest fart ever
Shook Weaves
Shook Weaves 7 дней назад
5:01 *wow..*
Fillype Farias
Fillype Farias 7 дней назад
They are really strange people with joke taste (not necessarily bad)
Goi Goi Boy
Goi Goi Boy 7 дней назад
7:20 ........What in Christ name ?
Sach ya Jhoot
Sach ya Jhoot 7 дней назад
That Philips ad is not Japanese. I know all other ads coz saw on tv in real time. That man in ad doesn't looks like Japanese either.
DIYer Homemade
DIYer Homemade 7 дней назад
I am planning to copy aka steel some Ideas for my business soon.
Chryssanthemum Spinnaker
Chryssanthemum Spinnaker 7 дней назад
the classical music... 1..claire de lune ... 😊 2...is that fantasie? or another ...cuz it sounds like that ringtone in nokia 3210i 3..air on a G😍😍😍😍 love them alll
Chryssanthemum Spinnaker
Chryssanthemum Spinnaker 7 дней назад
and after consulting with a very reliable person in my contact list.... no 2 ... is mozart's sonata a major.😄 i can sleep now😎
Lollipop Mania
Lollipop Mania 8 дней назад
*damn* *i* *can't* *skip* *this* *ads*
Hawkodile and unikitty anamations :3
Last one was the unexpected one... ...then I’m gonna pick another one bisides mouse ads
Hawkodile and unikitty anamations :3
Oh my god
Abidolbontot 8 дней назад
6:20 this is the only normal one and the one i guessed right
Thong Truong
Thong Truong 8 дней назад
11:45 Wakanda
AlexTremo DelNorte
AlexTremo DelNorte 8 дней назад
The most fun thing you can do in life is harming Niggrs.
Aiman PG
Aiman PG 8 дней назад
R B 9 дней назад
last one ad .i dont understand
VO BAO TRUNG TRAN 9 дней назад
I got 4! Yay. The last ad is...how to say, if put in a right context, then quite inspiring! Otherwise...
Nicole Zia
Nicole Zia 9 дней назад
Who'd agree with me that the guy at 12:07 is hot as hell also the teach at 12:27
HGT 9 дней назад
i knew last one was a trap....
Yummy Kriangsak
Yummy Kriangsak 10 дней назад
Plaese send link of soundtrack in this video (guess answer) ..thank everyone
Renald Music
Renald Music 10 дней назад
*Asian fever has now reached maximum level*
Raccoon Loves Rice
Raccoon Loves Rice 10 дней назад
Last commercial’s camera angles were even better than japanese GIRLFRIEND band angle...
Jun Cheng
Jun Cheng 10 дней назад
the last one is so creative!
Melkiy582 10 дней назад
The last one like VRChat
Masuma Batul Noshin
Masuma Batul Noshin 10 дней назад
Nata9 Plus Nine
Nata9 Plus Nine 10 дней назад
3:18 :O
Billy Hutabarat
Billy Hutabarat 10 дней назад
10:22 i hate you..
risingsoul 10 дней назад
best ads ever! the girl is kabedoning the guy..absolutely good-looking boys/girls ^^
Sēìlah Ryōgetsuten
Sēìlah Ryōgetsuten 10 дней назад
Am I stupid that I got it all right?😂😂
praveen sharma
praveen sharma 11 дней назад
GOOD STUDENT 11 дней назад
10:33 name song please🙏😅😅
Wilie Christ
Wilie Christ 6 дней назад
Spa Nova - Wanna
Jardine K
Jardine K 11 дней назад
09:33 - 09:52 - 09:59 On the right. Damn.
Dai NanaHanSuki
Dai NanaHanSuki 11 дней назад
I only managed to guess the milk and the konsome flavoured chips...😂 God! The creativity IS actually out of this world...😎😍
fin yyy
fin yyy 11 дней назад
12:19 just me or u guys too cuz ik its all guy from the start ●_●
Aksh Sarma
Aksh Sarma 11 дней назад
Departmental store ad
Guilherme Giacomini Teixeira
Guilherme Giacomini Teixeira 11 дней назад
music music
music music 11 дней назад
Mahwsah mahwsah
a good place to die
a good place to die 11 дней назад
if they aired these in canada, they'd be banned for being "racist"
DJ Doppler
DJ Doppler 11 дней назад
While many of those were a little, um......STRANGE, there were a few that I thought were absolutely brilliant.
Kathy Ho
Kathy Ho 11 дней назад
Me: gosh these girls kinda look like guys Me: gosh I am such an asshole Me: .... Wait
Sandy Alexander
Sandy Alexander 11 дней назад
wait what ?
George P
George P 11 дней назад
Girl group is Nogizaka 46 and "Mouse", is the computer brand.
Psycandy 11 дней назад
well they could be a lot more concise but they make sense. i figured the non-blinking girl ate the choc and was so surprised her eyes wouldn't close, but i guess it was something else, then, with a pretty good battery.
ichsan ilyas
ichsan ilyas 12 дней назад
moreno franco
moreno franco 12 дней назад
Bloody Awesome. I ma in the Ad Industry for over 40 years. Japanese advertising has always been edgy, surprising, tongue-in-cheek... Because they have ZEN! Something us whiteys and every one else has no clue about!
BunBun Sugar
BunBun Sugar 12 дней назад
If i were the teacher i wouldn't teach switchy class xDD I'd forget who they were everytime they switch
Suman Mukherjee
Suman Mukherjee 12 дней назад
wow i guess in the first one he had elephants(athletes)foot!
jhay _vine
jhay _vine 12 дней назад
these people zre crazy😐😐😐😐
Wibbysana Dewantara
Wibbysana Dewantara 12 дней назад
aw my eye
green daliana
green daliana 12 дней назад
lily of the valley
lily of the valley 12 дней назад
The make up one....os crazy
Ainne Miguel
Ainne Miguel 12 дней назад
The last one was indeed epic. But it actually feels strange after looking at their faces.
keshanizm 12 дней назад
last one was awesome hahah
Mak Na
Mak Na 12 дней назад
some of them are not Japanese,guess which .
R E X 12 дней назад
They had so much much fun during shooting ?
Pak De
Pak De 12 дней назад
12:00 "Don't worry, it's not gay to have sex with an Asian guy" (The Hangover Part 2)
Diane Loraine Nombrado
Diane Loraine Nombrado 12 дней назад
I guessed 5 times 😂 I'm weird like that 😂😂
unhappiness 12 дней назад
0 out of 0 correct
Hera Esuedria
Hera Esuedria 12 дней назад
12:06 he looks like Do Kyungsoo😍 ❤❤❤
Electric Field TV
Electric Field TV 12 дней назад
10:49 beautiful
Incognito ONE
Incognito ONE 12 дней назад
Cool ads!
Kairose Writes
Kairose Writes 12 дней назад
It took me so long to get the ad😂😂😂😂
Moon 12 дней назад
Glenna Rose Galanza
Glenna Rose Galanza 12 дней назад
Robert Denham
Robert Denham 12 дней назад
Whatever that mouse is, I'll take two.
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