Guess Funny & Inspirational Asian Ads with Unexpected Twist - 6

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Guess Funny Asian Ads:
Part 1: ruvid.net/video/video-MR5QgUVCmiQ.html
Part 2: ruvid.net/video/video-wMJx9C1CMAg.html
Part 3: ruvid.net/video/video-llUVkHJ294w.html
Guess Funny Japanese Commercials:
Part 4: ruvid.net/video/video-rezKl3LGD2U.html
Part 5: ruvid.net/video/video-3T84wlXFta0.html
Use following time-stamp to move to next puzzle:
00:00 Scared son | Funny Thai Commercial
00:48 Rich Son-in-law | Funny Chinese Commercial for Didi
01:52 No trespassing for fat & oil | Funny Thai Ad
05:45 The power of Makeup | Funny Korean Commercial
06:47 Daughter's boyfriend | Funny Thailand Commercial
07:45 Mera naam hai Jugaadu | Funny Indian Ad
09:20 The loyal dog | Inspirations Thai Commercial
12:00 Do you know what the meaningful life is? Motivational Thai Advertisement
Asians have a cool, funny and weird sense of humor compared to western sensibilities. This is reflected in highly popular, funny and inspirational commercials from Asian countries like, Thailand, India, S. Korea, China and Japan. In this video, you have to guess the product before the advertisement ends. Are you crazy and creative enough to guess these ads??? Find out in the part 6 of “Guess the funny Asian ads” by Epic World.


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Jan 14, 2019




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Comments 1 265
EPIC WORLD Month ago
Guess More Funny Ads: goo.gl/JXgdCK
Joe&Joe by Joe
Joe&Joe by Joe 4 hours ago
dat hair gel sound, always my favourite
Injy Wasfy
Injy Wasfy 6 days ago
I had already seen the ad before the last one and it was so emotional
Batur Serter
Batur Serter 8 days ago
Who knows the beautiful music on the red "guess the product" section? If anybody knows please write here...
Batur Serter
Batur Serter 8 days ago
+EPIC WORLD God bless you. Thanks a lot... :)
EPIC WORLD 8 days ago
Search and Rescue :)
Randim007 8 days ago
The last one was pretty nice though...
Randim007 8 days ago
Lol a video about ads, with ads.
Yanyan Xu
Yanyan Xu 10 days ago
who can tell me the meaning of this cute sentence in Korean 6:00
T'challa 10 days ago
Japanese ads are harder to guess.
Marshal General
Marshal General 13 days ago
0:10 i thought he's gonna laugh lol
govind kumar raj
govind kumar raj 15 days ago
Dog ad was good and joogad
Justa Youtuber
Justa Youtuber 18 days ago
* swipes * "Oily face" "your face cannot enter either" 😂
rizkipratama ramadhana
Wtf burger!!!!!
Mentari Pagi
Mentari Pagi 18 days ago
9:22 where to find the dog like that.. please i need
I am the hope of the Universe
WTF, there was air in the injection
StopFear 18 days ago
I don't think many people in asia realize this, but I think most asian americans or asian brits/aussies should understand that many of these ads are making asian people as a whole into dumb comic characters. Many of these people in commercials are ugly as well. It is very bad.
Juju Larue
Juju Larue 19 days ago
feels like no other life can make your better... make yours worth it
Juju Larue
Juju Larue 19 days ago
I like the fat trapped, hope real thing
Every thing
Every thing 19 days ago
I want that supplement ...
taehyungieee kim
taehyungieee kim 20 days ago
the first one is the most funny!!!😂🤣🤣🤣
Lo Ló
Lo Ló 21 day ago
Hanna nanana
Hanna nanana 23 days ago
You must see go-jek ad hahah 😂
Artistic fromdarkness
Rayzod 27 days ago
it might be a crazy idea, but the ad that would propably stick out most in japanise tv would be a normal one
Sally Villarreal
Sally Villarreal 28 days ago
Two things about the “Sure” diet supplement : 1. It’s super obvious what this commercial is about. 2. All that trapped fat goes down the road marked “toilet”. So if you eat a lot of fat you get oily diarrhea. So it’s not like you get to eat all the fat you want, unless you don’t care about oily diarrhea. The diet industrial complex wins again.
nunya 29 days ago
Have never seen a cooler dog man best friend...........lmfao
anime videos
anime videos Month ago
Just so you know 00:00
Kevin Ignao
Kevin Ignao Month ago
The last one 🌹
Vetin Month ago
7:23 Didn't expect that 🤣
Luna Sari
Luna Sari Month ago
Atelier Nyx
Atelier Nyx Month ago
I guessed some, looks like these ads haven't reached Japanese Level of Complete eccentricity.
Serin Rima
Serin Rima Month ago
The diet pill was so funnyy i love it😂
Morticia Adams
Morticia Adams Month ago
what did that one have to do with her face coming off??? wth am i watching?
CarryScary Month ago
I love your funny videos, thanks my friend
Alice M
Alice M Month ago
a bit dark side is, that dog planned everything for the young man include damaged that girl's car!
Camille Lee
Camille Lee Month ago
Bartek Rybakowski
Well at least I guessed right that it wasn't milk
Agung Mahendra
Agung Mahendra Month ago
The dogs ads its so inspiring
boots10000 Month ago
Hahahaha >xD
Thai people are really fun
Alpha Beta
Alpha Beta Month ago
That tablet add was super creative
Catalin Month ago
DiDi is so pathetic now that all they did in a commercial is to explain they do perform the security clearance (like every other taxi service companies’ regular) to prove they ain’t just hiring a bunch of predators and criminals as drivers. Yet 2 passengers got raped and murdered in one year.
risingsoul Month ago
hahaha...the second ad...XDXD and that supplement ad...ROFL, but the Korean advertising was best pure irony, on the korean beauty mania XD
Ala Muslaeni
Ala Muslaeni Month ago
Your face cannot enter either😂
Ella Erickson
Ella Erickson Month ago
gets an asian ad ok.
Gabriella Eller
Gabriella Eller Month ago
I wish my country had Ads like these.
- GoldnSugaKookie -
*Pandora* 4915
*Pandora* 4915 Month ago
🇮🇳 India is famous for जुगाड़ 😂😎😎😎😎😎'Make it work'
*Pandora* 4915
*Pandora* 4915 Month ago
These ads are idiotic
Lemon Month ago
Are these questions for kids or for people with mental problems?
Sarthak Sharma
Sarthak Sharma Month ago
what the heck
Irish Laguador
Irish Laguador Month ago
7:24 I just laugh
Nandita Saha
Nandita Saha Month ago
Irish Laguador
Irish Laguador Month ago
2:22 so genius
Retro Month ago
Despresso Month ago
Its like they are *a completely different race*
사나이 사나이
Fat delivery man 🚚: “Well this road I travel, I’ve never seen you before. Do you have any reasons? Where did you come from?” Fat patrol aka the pill 💊: “I came from mouth. Fat delivery man 🚚: Whose mouth? Fat patrol aka the pill 💊: Woonsen. Fat delivery man 🚚: Which Woonsen? Huh? So that’s how Woonsen is so skinny and beautiful!
Laxmi Biswas
Laxmi Biswas Month ago
색벽 Month ago
The second one made me laugh hard😂
LunaNightshade Month ago
The 2nd on is too real
Ruby Heart
Ruby Heart Month ago
Aaawww😍🤗, I relating in the LAst part (dinner means love,he must really loves you then your parents Fed you for many years I think they obviously loves you more) But That ad is not related in their product😑😑😑😑
Just Choi
Just Choi Month ago
For people who don’t get the Korean burger ad. On the ad, it literally says in Korean, ‘Too much makeup may fool you, but our burger is honest’ It means they don’t lie about ingredients of the products or they don’t show too much exaggeration on ads. First of all, South korea is still full of lookisists compared to other countries. Lookism is a new term meaning of discrimination or prejudice against people based on their physical appearance. Second of all, we have a big tv programme about reporting restaurants where they have poor hygiene system and use illegal or expired ingredients in south korea. It’s very interesting to see ads from various countries because it always contents their society issues or their cultures.
Blanca Star
Blanca Star Month ago
Just Choi Thanks for explanation...This one ad was confusing...I see that Beauty Standards are so high in your country....I hope that it will change in the future....😀
Dayana Prato
Dayana Prato Month ago
K I'mma drop this here *"Do you know what a meaningful life is? It's a life that can make other lives better"* BEAUTIFUL!!! T.T
zaida g
zaida g Month ago
Thailand ads.. Love them, funny creative.
Ruby Heart
Ruby Heart Month ago
What?!!!!!, huh?!!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 6:26 the answer__________ ...
malaika sabrina
malaika sabrina Month ago
my mom and me love to wach this make more plzzzzzzzz i love epic world if you agree then like
EPIC WORLD Month ago
cool :) Thanks
Md Jamil Parvej
Md Jamil Parvej Month ago
a add hai ya comedy???
twas brillig
twas brillig Month ago
love the inhaler commercial, brilliant
manit gurung
manit gurung Month ago
That dog ad give me tear..i have also a dog who always be with me🤗🤗🤗🤗
Arooj Tajallah Ali
10:27 lovely ad
woocasoutsold Month ago
black fonts -_- cant even read properly
Rbbit_ Studio
Rbbit_ Studio Month ago
13:40 Thailand?
Bob Guerio
Bob Guerio Month ago
The Thai are the best
NovaRanger Month ago
watch it in 0.25x at 4:17, he said elephant can enter :D
Ray Month ago
I hate the thumbnail
NovaRanger Month ago
The 3rd one.. WOW XD
Mitchell Udell
Mitchell Udell Month ago
I think is spelled tires and not tyres... Did I win the quiz?
sholehuddin alek
I gave stray cat a food. And then he came with death rat.
MetaLNadia Month ago
Why has no one mentioned the N word at 11:53 with captions
Soap Month ago
Neli Chairi
Neli Chairi Month ago
I love that dog🤩🤩i love animal
Mira Month ago
9:59 Is it ŠKODA Fabia? Made in Czech republic? :-D
Minh Tam Vlog
Minh Tam Vlog Month ago
so funny!
Alberto KMFDM
Alberto KMFDM Month ago
Bro this is a good drug!!! THANKS FOR THE VIDEO FOLKS 👌🏻
쿠오 라Quara
쿠오 라Quara Month ago
Travis Heck
Travis Heck Month ago
Can't read black subtitles
Sandra Irenee
Sandra Irenee Month ago
These are so easy to guess 😂😂 but the ads are litty
Sandra Irenee
Sandra Irenee Month ago
Nvm. I have been played. The burger one was random af
Spring day
Spring day Month ago
Sorry but the thumbnail girl looks like the small kid from ice age 😂😂
a Month ago
I had RUvid English captions turned on...😯. Tsk tsk. Some people’s kids.
Hitokirihoshi L
Hitokirihoshi L Month ago
Awesome collection and game. I enjoy the entire video ;)
Dani Du_Soleil
Dani Du_Soleil Month ago
My heart sunk when he threw that book down. Oof 😵
FLAMESIS Month ago
Dude had a whole degree waiting. LMAO noooo lol im done
Punk Ugou
Punk Ugou Month ago
12:50 he looks like ji suk jin
Naima Belfadel
Naima Belfadel Month ago
Qua8o n
Mr. StarZ
Mr. StarZ Month ago
virgo comes from V
that dog was sooo cute I want one like that
virgo comes from V
that sports car ad was the best.......temple with father in law aka sir LOLOOL
virgo comes from V
5:56 lol the girl looks like IU
virgo comes from V
I saw the first ad when I went to Thailand lol
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