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Guess Along with Ellen and tWitch: Who Is ‘The Masked Dancer’?

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Noting the success of new hit show “The Masked Singer,” Ellen introduced a hilarious, brand new game called “The Masked Dancer” - and they’re going to keep playing it until the FOX lawyers stop them.




12 янв 2019

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Evey Elizondo
Evey Elizondo 3 часа назад
Omg I knew right away when he started talking! I freaking love him! 😆
Wil Barnes
Wil Barnes 4 часа назад
I thought it was Adam Levine
Idalia osorio
Idalia osorio 5 часов назад
I love this play this more
Michelle Isiekwena
Michelle Isiekwena 5 часов назад
The breathing made me so uncomfortable
ken 6 часов назад
A Savannah
A Savannah 7 часов назад
Sean Hayes had hat hair from the mask 🐸
Just Alisha Marie
Just Alisha Marie 8 часов назад
So totally need this multiple times a day
Cassidy A
Cassidy A 8 часов назад
This should become a regular segment
Karen Brown
Karen Brown 9 часов назад
Oh my gosh, I guessed it!
SpacePirate 11 часов назад
I thought it was Austin Powers 😂
Kathleen Dugan
Kathleen Dugan 11 часов назад
This is so funny. This needs to be on all the time
Jen Ye
Jen Ye 15 часов назад
I guessed Ashton Kutcher.
Fady Jajo
Fady Jajo 18 часов назад
3:33 what did he say ??
Manda 18 часов назад
Ha! My first guess! I’m so proud of something so useless.
Dulce Melody Orozco
Dulce Melody Orozco 19 часов назад
White men can’t jump or dance 😂🤪
Ritah Delrio
Ritah Delrio 20 часов назад
Ellen pliz make t a real show ts so great
Ana Trujillo
Ana Trujillo 20 часов назад
I thought it was Jimmy Fallon
Gypsy Taylor
Gypsy Taylor 23 часа назад
Hilarious 😂 Great idea Ellen !!!
Cora Johnson
Cora Johnson День назад
Melissa Plett
Melissa Plett День назад
Paul Rudd needs to be a contestant!
Anahi Rodriguez
Anahi Rodriguez День назад
I love you ellen 😍♥️
Anahi Rodriguez
Anahi Rodriguez День назад
Please make more videos of the masked dancer please ellen
Annie Ryan
Annie Ryan День назад
👋 ‘just jack’ 👋
jaiizwaii89 День назад
Loves Ellen’s laugh
very good stylist
very good stylist День назад
Woo pie Goldberg would be hilarious in this game!! Lol
Reina Arana
Reina Arana День назад
Aailyah Ragland
Aailyah Ragland День назад
was it obvious to anyone else that this was sean?
Lucy Parker
Lucy Parker День назад
I hoped it was Dax lol
Orsy Godri
Orsy Godri День назад
2 for 2. Both masked dancers I guessed. Not sure what that says about me :P
Anne McSistant
Anne McSistant День назад
Please do this segment more
I Am Sarah
I Am Sarah День назад
Rachel Jackson
Rachel Jackson 2 дня назад
Omg I love it. Can you do this more?
Kimberly Schatz
Kimberly Schatz 2 дня назад
That was my guess
Reign Lhyt of Gratitude
Reign Lhyt of Gratitude 2 дня назад
It's JACK! Get Karen next, lol. Wait she's somewhere Slinging it😀
Evan Samo
Evan Samo 3 дня назад
i thought it was r kelly at first
Lana Oren
Lana Oren 3 дня назад
Omg I love him!!
mspinkytee 3 дня назад
I knew the person was white, due to the dancing.
Annmarie Ross
Annmarie Ross 4 дня назад
The dance moves alone I knew it was sean
Beyoncé Knowles
Beyoncé Knowles 4 дня назад
The breathing sent meeee 💀💀💀
Devon Ambrose
Devon Ambrose 4 дня назад
“This thing is really hot, so if you could speed it up.” I started crying laughing as the video continued at this point. He really just wanted them to guess at that point 😂😂
Heather Hudson
Heather Hudson 4 дня назад
I thought It was starrkeshia
Angel Lin
Angel Lin 4 дня назад
Ellen + the masked singer = awesomeness
AKA Izzy
AKA Izzy 4 дня назад
1000x better than the panelists on the MS.
Mel Pask
Mel Pask 4 дня назад
Way better than the Masked Singer.
Destiny Rios
Destiny Rios 4 дня назад
I’m dying can they please do this more?💀
Oakleythe Fox
Oakleythe Fox 5 дней назад
The frog cracked me up
Mike Thomas
Mike Thomas 5 дней назад
tWitch ? Shamefull pushing witches
Sharon 5 дней назад
I knew it was him a few seconds into the dance!! 😂😂😂
JuanYang7 5 дней назад
Ellen should be on the real masked singer causes she's good at guessing who is behind a mask
silver buyer
silver buyer 5 дней назад
Typical liberal, can't think for herself, has to steal other's thoughts and ideas. What's next, the masked chef? 😒
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