Guess Along with Ellen and tWitch: Who Is ‘The Masked Dancer’?

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Jack K
Jack K 3 days ago
There's only been male dancers so far.
Emma The gamer
Emma The gamer 10 days ago
Ok I’ll see who it is but first I’m telling u guys in comments I think it’s Ed sheeran because at the start it said I sometimes wear glasses so that’s wut i think edit:well now I don’t think so cuz his dance moves edit:wow never mind I didn’t expect him
1 Subscriber Challenge
Too happy after removing mask. He still wanna dance actually
Lyndsey Jackson
Lyndsey Jackson 17 days ago
1:40 that’s the thing I see in the corner of my room when I have sleep paralysis
lilithmarleen 24 days ago
Pace, people, PACE!! 🤣
ana231118 Month ago
Average Andy should be one of the masked dancers
Humpty Dumpty
Humpty Dumpty Month ago
It’s inspired by South Korean show King of the masked singer [ Way better than American version ]
Elisabeth SøvikneS
Milky Amy vaporeon look
J Baldwin
J Baldwin Month ago
More of these!
Ammy Cruise
Ammy Cruise Month ago
I was like "that's Rey Misterio"... Short, likes bells......
Darksoul 1489
Darksoul 1489 2 months ago
Sean is a great dancer.
Alona Gieber
Alona Gieber 2 months ago
gonna be me
Haylee Martin
Haylee Martin 2 months ago
I like how his hands are covered 😂
kelvin TY mwaura
kelvin TY mwaura 2 months ago
The best part is the voice SFX of the masked dancer. +254
#anonymous 2 months ago
Ellen is looking like Draco Malfoy
Katiti Sharon
Katiti Sharon 2 months ago
Ms. Floyd
Ms. Floyd 2 months ago
"That's not okay"
Ash h
Ash h 2 months ago
sivasankari ponnusamy
Look at 0:08 it is show as masked singer. If you agree with me give a like.
Mykahl Summers
Mykahl Summers 2 months ago
I was positive that it was Dax Shepard!
Yee Haw
Yee Haw 2 months ago
Lin Manuel miranda!!!!
Christian Kanaan
Christian Kanaan 2 months ago
Kendra Adams
Kendra Adams 3 months ago
alexandra leanne
alexandra leanne 3 months ago
This is seriously funny I need more!!
Rosedits 3 months ago
I want steve Harveyto be here because I wanna see how he dance and what will he wear xD
Stacey Victoria
Stacey Victoria 3 months ago
3:34 his laugh 😂
R A L P H 3 months ago
Love me a fursuit dance on the ellen show ♥️
Dani Gross
Dani Gross 3 months ago
I've seen you in girls like you
Mili Plays
Mili Plays 3 months ago
Dwane Johnson should be next
MrKuul_wK 3 months ago
0:11 masked singer!!!???
Brooklyn Bonino
Brooklyn Bonino 3 months ago
This is so funny 😂😂😂😂
rvpstudioscanada 4 months ago
HA! I thought the same person!! But I said Jack from Will and Grace. Next time, bring someone who is not easy to guess. His dance moves gave it away.
Jalyssa Kerr
Jalyssa Kerr 4 months ago
What was the song to what the masked dancer danced to
Ayan Upreti
Ayan Upreti 4 months ago
SPOILER ALERT This is the guy from 'will and grace' right
Lexi Lover
Lexi Lover 4 months ago
I just
Sean Strobel
Sean Strobel 4 months ago
the costume looks a little funky
the KKs in CA
the KKs in CA 4 months ago
The best part of the show is immediately after the dance when they look like they are about to pass out.
frank velasquez
frank velasquez 4 months ago
4:28 we think you are shawn hayes
Ani Smo
Ani Smo 4 months ago
We need a playlist featuring only the Masked Dancer Videos! 💪🏻😊👍🏻
sophia AKR
sophia AKR 4 months ago
It would've been nice if they mentioned how this started from Korea.
NoirBella QT
NoirBella QT 4 months ago
Sounding like Mike Myers...with the breathing...lol...and started talking on while on helium..🙂🙂
AlizMari23 4 months ago
I'm not all the way through yet and I'm guessing NPH 😂
Lukas Stambaugh
Lukas Stambaugh 4 months ago
fidel carter
fidel carter 4 months ago
Ne-eeed a-iiirrr
Mary Ann Her
Mary Ann Her 4 months ago
Megan Reddy
Megan Reddy 4 months ago
Isn’t this the lizard from magic school bus?
Chantelle sJerger
Chantelle sJerger 4 months ago
Lol what is he an argonian?
Sudipto Kumar
Sudipto Kumar 4 months ago
Make a permanent show, it will be a HIT.
Mr.james13 4 months ago
Ryan gosling!!!!
Os 4 months ago
the funniest part is how their out of breath at the end lol
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