Gucci Mane Goes Sneaker Shopping with Complex

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Gucci Mane goes Sneaker Shopping with Joe La Puma at Stadium Goods in New York City where he talks about weight loss, wearing sneakers in jail, and his days of drug dealing.
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Season 3
Episode 10
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Oct 10, 2016




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Comments 100
obidi anudokem
obidi anudokem 10 days ago
I resented that
Roblox Media Gamer
Roblox Media Gamer 12 days ago
Can you plz ask the real Gucci store why they kick you put for recording Complex?🤞😕
Shannon Stevens
Shannon Stevens 14 days ago
#shutout'guccimaneGOAT🗣🗣 .
CURRY BULLY CAMP 19 days ago
Imposter that's not Radric Davis.
Dedos Del Manos En El Medio
If Gucci Mane had his own shoe store what would it be called?
preet inderjit Singh
Gucci man
Keven Lee
Keven Lee Month ago
We are manufacturers contact me, we have enough sneakers
Raphael Collins
Raphael Collins Month ago
The video is very amazing and very action
kHalloe Miles
kHalloe Miles Month ago
wHy tHe nike silver and gold prices cHange? wHen from $175...to $800 & $650. THe J's price cHanged also. smH
Josh Lowe
Josh Lowe Month ago
If they showed the liquid golds as like around $150 when they were talking about them, how come gucci paid like 800?
Toe Nail
Toe Nail 10 days ago
Josh Lowe that’s the price when they first came out
SistrunkTV Month ago
I thought gucci was about to say whomever said i was a clone guwoppppppppppp is backkkk at the end.
James Bray
James Bray Month ago
Gucci got dat underbite
John Platta
John Platta Month ago
Plz try to get snoop dogg
Eureka Simply Wellness
sigh always jordans, no taste
GirlGirlTV 2 months ago
He should have placed the money in her hand. I may be sensitive but i can’t stand when a customer does that
Nicholas Davis
Nicholas Davis 17 hours ago
He did that on purpose and the bitch was blushing lol cause its gucci mane
Kai Lester
Kai Lester 26 days ago
I said the same thing and she has her hand out
Chaperz 2 months ago
Thought Gucci would have dropped like $50k+ only spent $2500 :O Juice wrld dropped $40k haha
Chaperz 2 months ago
Wonder why they selling shoes for $69 in the pen xD
Media Test Centre
Media Test Centre 2 months ago
how come nike air max liquid gold is $175 and the receipt says $800 at the check out, things not adding up
obidi anudokem
obidi anudokem 2 months ago
What's happenig.
Conrad Davis
Conrad Davis 2 months ago
Mr. Nope
Mr. Nope 2 months ago
And he says ‘thats all?’ Lmao
Hoobering 2 months ago
gucci mAN
Grant Clifford
Grant Clifford 2 months ago
gucci mane got that drip
Deanna Green
Deanna Green 2 months ago
Carla Helson
Carla Helson 2 months ago
You shut the fuck uo
Blossom Virus
Blossom Virus 2 months ago
Future 2 months ago
Rappers be on here getting robbed
Raul Garcia
Raul Garcia 3 months ago
Gucci ain’t the same , used to be a fool wit it, don’t even give out intimidating vibes now
Marcus Anark
Marcus Anark 3 months ago
Gucci Mane has style.
Has Ham
Has Ham 3 months ago
Hi everyone ghost are real they are called shatian jinn jinni djinn S.A.B.E.R chapter 72 in the Quran. The Quran talks about them they are UFO dummies S.A.B.E.R they posses people in secret and hide. They can talk through people mouth they are also called devils garbage S.A.B.E.R
Chris O donoghue
Chris O donoghue 3 months ago
Why couldn't he just hand the money to her instead of throwing it on the table .his mother thought his dumbass no manners
B W 3 months ago
Gucc was like ok that's all😏👍
10,000 Subscribers with 0 videos
Gucci *man* goes sneaker shopping
Young Fella75
Young Fella75 3 months ago
Why tf u ask that man about jail? Ur a bozo for that!! He don't wanna reminisce about that shit! U should ask him about his wife wearing sneakers fuckin bozo!!
Caden McMullin
Caden McMullin 4 months ago
3:12 That one dude in the background though 😂
David Diaz
David Diaz 4 months ago
Gucci Mane the G.O.A.T.
Chapo 4 months ago
JJ STUDIOS 4 months ago
"the one with the wings"
4pf Javen
4pf Javen 4 months ago
Ik she got wet went Gucci drop that bag on ha
Adam 4 months ago
'what's more original than what you put on your feet?' ... lots
Oscar Egan
Oscar Egan 5 months ago
Spring Breakers Passion
obidi anudokem
obidi anudokem 5 months ago
What's happening?
obidi anudokem
obidi anudokem 5 months ago
Wow, I didn't even noicited that guciece is also sneaker shopping.
Rolltide39594 5 months ago
Gucci thought joe worked for Stadium goods hahahahaha
Tj MVP One life
Tj MVP One life 5 months ago
Sebastian Ryes
Sebastian Ryes 5 months ago
He clone I seen him at bonaroo and it not him old Gucci wore Gucci speachial made air Forcees and j ones at it nothing else the tat and he never left Bart behind I no him in STL not him
obidi anudokem
obidi anudokem 5 months ago
What's happening
obidi anudokem
obidi anudokem 5 months ago
RUvid what happening?
Daron M.
Daron M. 5 months ago
I wonder if niggas still believe this is a clone of Gucci lmao
Who Said dat
Who Said dat 5 months ago
I never get these it said it was 175 and then it turned into 800 ?
obidi anudokem
obidi anudokem 5 months ago
What's happening
obidi anudokem
obidi anudokem 5 months ago
What's happening?
RhlmAngel 5 months ago
What's the girls name she cute asf
wummzy 5 months ago
Preston Curtis
Preston Curtis 6 months ago
"shneakers " gucci mane "-2016
JDub 44
JDub 44 6 months ago
I wore opposite shoes colors in elementary school. Pat Ewing Adidas
Wilens Galette
Wilens Galette 6 months ago
Mauricio Rubschlager
Those Air Max Liquid Gold were a third of the total amount for all the shoes WITH tax! LOL
Brandon Moore
Brandon Moore 6 months ago
Gucci is like the only person who spent cash instead of using a card
Giuseppe Di Cicco
Giuseppe Di Cicco 6 months ago
6:50 She gets horny
obidi anudokem
obidi anudokem 6 months ago
What's happening
Tom Knümann
Tom Knümann 6 months ago
Sum heat
J Bizo
J Bizo 6 months ago
Fuck the shoes I want the cashier!
andy p
andy p 6 months ago
so obnoxious how we says " is that all " to the cashier. He doesnt know anything about her, that could be so much money to her. fucking idiot.
Siberius the Sleeping Serpent
I got them slime green 95 air maxs... kill the game ere wer
Tiffani Rouse
Tiffani Rouse 6 months ago
That guy at 3:!8 is me but im at home watching this on youtube instead of out the window of the store lmao
Mike deems
Mike deems 6 months ago
What ??? Im from the bay i only went to santa rita for a week but all we had was some orange slides..
obidi anudokem
obidi anudokem 6 months ago
What's happening what's happening what's hsppeong?
micheal khatar
micheal khatar 6 months ago
That's how u buy with cash not card
I made dis account 2 comment I dont Need no subs
I feel like im gucci main in 2006
ZabeiruFPS 6 months ago
I feel like Gucci mane in 2006
pudus sunflower
pudus sunflower 6 months ago
BTS next!
Just Some Aussie
Just Some Aussie 7 months ago
Those are totally false teeth
Ethan Mccord
Ethan Mccord 7 months ago
Man has an ankle monitor
Camden Cochran
Camden Cochran 7 months ago
STILL waiting for the “i feel like i’m gucci mane in 2006” comments
maclac48 7 months ago
I wonder how much Stadium Goods payin for them sneaks before they flip em? 🤔
Evan Borrego
Evan Borrego 7 months ago
I feel like I'm gucci mane in October 10 2016
JME 7 months ago
But I never went platinum do you catch my drift
Zeke Rodgers
Zeke Rodgers 7 months ago
Gucci got his wife some kicks real dude
Mig Ram
Mig Ram 7 months ago
What did Gucci wear in his video first day out?
Geo 7 months ago
One of my Favorite Episodes.
jazz holiday
jazz holiday 7 months ago
obidi anudokem
obidi anudokem 7 months ago
What's happeneing Whats happening, What's happening, What's happening, What's happening, What's happening, What's happening, and What's happening?
Y.K.L Muhammad
Y.K.L Muhammad 7 months ago
6:45 - 6:54. That’s all ? Me: Cool Ass 😭😭😭
Y.K.L Muhammad
Y.K.L Muhammad 7 months ago
2:05 - 2:10 ........ Me: The Whaaa ?
kam enquan
kam enquan 7 months ago
What's the song in 00.07
Zaniyah 7 months ago
" welcome back "
Jonathan Gonzalez
Jonathan Gonzalez 7 months ago
I just lost a few brain cells watching this
obidi anudokem
obidi anudokem 7 months ago
RUvid what's happening?
Triumph ova Tragedy
Triumph ova Tragedy 8 months ago
Show is to keep black kids on materialism
Justin TooSavage
Justin TooSavage 8 months ago
Its gonna be $2,531... Gucci: "that's all?"
Yoshi Azu
Yoshi Azu 8 months ago
my girl youtube trap Channel ( is. gd/wWMW4C )
Dri A.
Dri A. 8 months ago
Bruh he said “that’s all” 😂😂😂 that’s how you know he rich
Chytown74 8 months ago
Thats all!!
Noemyskillz 8 months ago
He got shoes i wouldve nev imagined
Nasir Best
Nasir Best 8 months ago
Goddamn! That mixed girl so fuckn fine! That's mfkn wifey!
Finley Millien
Finley Millien 8 months ago
When i come in foot locker i dont see anything like this!! Fuck😫
rudy griego
rudy griego 8 months ago
Like how went old school mix with new school and I was waiting for a credit card then the bands pop out
zumdidum 8 months ago
Wouldn't it be possible for him to give the girl the cash instead of throwing it on the counter? Disrespectful and cocky.
Space Drank
Space Drank 8 months ago
That’s why he’s Gucci and you not
nullieee 8 months ago
zumdidum don’t be a wimp 😂
Fly Gamer
Fly Gamer 8 months ago
Ganda ng mga sapatos sana Maka bili rin ako
Keith's Place
Keith's Place 8 months ago
wish i had money like that
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