Guardians of the Galaxy Awesome Mix Vol 1 Vol 2 Full Soundtrack

Felipe Thiesen
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Oct 18, 2017




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PA1N Husxy
PA1N Husxy 2 hours ago
Red bone I'm 9 the 80s
Big Lambeau
Big Lambeau 3 hours ago
The perfect music mix doesn’t exi...
Big Lambeau
Big Lambeau 3 hours ago
NYKIGM 7 hours ago
Lori Smith
Lori Smith 8 hours ago
shorturl.ca/lovesex135kisscatm ස්වර්ණාභරණ පසුම්බි විට පිටතට ගෙන සියලු
parviz par
parviz par 9 hours ago
new rockstars
Raimondo Bailo
Raimondo Bailo 12 hours ago
Great soundtrack.... I love it
Lynn Johnson
Lynn Johnson 21 hour ago
I'm listening to this right after watching Guardians of the Galaxy 2 instead of sleeping, because this is better than sleep. And I love sleep.
That One Kid
That One Kid Day ago
I'm sitting here jamming while I'm bored at home 🙂
GoodFellas YT
Y de repente pum, ¡Un comentario en español! ¡¡¡¡Esta lista esta genial!!!!
Stan Hendrickx
who the fuck dislikes this?
Dylan Helbers
i listen this when im on my next levekl depression and im having tears and its 1 am and i want to hit things
TS Night
TS Night Day ago
*Gaudians of the galaxy has one of the best soundtracks ever*
Vasilis Zikas
- So, he's an idiot - Yes..
Barbara Darnutzer
My Love music
jmbcr7 Day ago
this is top song
DuckGamesNL/ DGNL
LISTENING WHILE STUDYING!!! Thanks for making this, keeps me from getting distracted by my phone!!!
Eggplant Day ago
“Now this. *Puts a smile on my face.”*
Tyler McLaren
Tyler McLaren
Invisible Chid
CoMe AnD gEt YoUr LoVe CoMe AnD gEt YoUr LoVe CoMe AnD gEt YoUr LoVe Rhodey: ........so he's an idiot Nebula: yeah
This isn't the full list
어문 Day ago
Anastasia-Faith Smith
I watched this movie with my mum and as soon as she heard the first song she lit up. These were popular songs when she was a teen so she was so happy.
Dawn Embraced
so good
Justin Waldrop
Moxie Who
Moxie Who Day ago
Sitting in my car literally outside my neighbors garage chilling , having a few for up coming 4th. Capture the late 70s amazingly in NY
Moxie Who
Moxie Who Day ago
This is such a bad ass musical SCORE❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😂🍭
Shea Mooney
Shea Mooney 2 days ago
I agree too
Zac Incz
Zac Incz 2 days ago
Best music ever!
Michael Laxton
Michael Laxton 2 days ago
I agree
Darkest Dayz
Darkest Dayz 2 days ago
Hey everyone this music is from the best FLIPIN movies in the heckin world
ninja star
ninja star 7 hours ago
@ACE7O2 $l qq Wes was n waa K aww nqe y
We know
ACE7O2 Day ago
you mean the galaxy
김병찬 2 days ago
No ad 54:44
Fai Lee
Fai Lee 2 days ago
Star Lord you are my hero!
yolo swagger
yolo swagger 2 days ago
Guadalupe Rangel lll
Because I want to win krillin.. becuses I need too.. Kaioken
Guadalupe Rangel lll
Guadalupe Rangel lll
Vegeta everywhere.
Guadalupe Rangel lll
So Loudone in comic uses every bit of his villains victims.. Yes he do eat them 🤘 But no they eat things no need for,,other things like skins perhaps be used,,the company makes legs and arms so Loudone eats them,,and uses the insides to save people that need thing's,,like Oregon's whatnot skin grafts and stuff..even brain,,well especially that and it's useful to man kind not hell.so yain the right setting I can ninja another piece of somebody else's brain on to your head to make sure that you're whole again before you leave the trauma room, after a car accident..like the tall man putting brains in the small orbs except I'm giving pieces to whoever I can👍🥇🤘 Well yes his joker's..some are too much,, other's have info..like the experiment stands keep an evil dooer or two just to be hittler(aka learning is best/you see in my comic nothing is guaranteed,,even advanced technology there's still some people that we can't really help just because of how they were born more less now in the 20th century"like not being American or not actually having certain things or being a certain person types; it's still a science thing y Loudone keeps a villain or two,,like it's most common in Japan and Amrica for something even to get everything..but it still common in a sense common In the world .
Guadalupe Rangel lll
I told a kid one day when he's older it won't be different..he still be the same..he's just know more.
Guadalupe Rangel lll
@Dylan Helbers you'll still be you,,I promise you🙏🏼🙃
Guadalupe Rangel lll
@Dylan Helbers na I I'm just saying the will to live and bevyou will forever be there..no matter what u learn son..like don't ever believe you can't teach your old dog new tricks
Dylan Helbers
thats one fucking lie
Guadalupe Rangel lll
Loudones weakness, his kryptonite.in my comic Wemon,,he don't like confirmation,he does deal with it, Salt water and ocean creatures"they dont hert him hes just scared; most not like kryptonite cuz it makes him stronger:"so scard he can flip out"to be in water he can be so hot like the 🌞 (aka weird reason y cuz he's like the snn more in the water breathe life together with the water almost too much for most life! so fish just die and people boil; when Lou done is scared in the water). And like all parents when his kids are in danger(like a Mama 🐻/he could almost kill anything)
Itachi Uchiha
Itachi Uchiha 2 days ago
chris d'elia
Erin Jamieson
Erin Jamieson 2 days ago
Did u know that come and get ur love is sang by red indians
Kirk Jones
Kirk Jones Day ago
Yeah so? We're not supposed to like music or sumpin? I'd like to dope slap that Aricira though
Scott Ross
Scott Ross 2 days ago
I love these movies😍!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Lorelei Catherine
So I was jammin by my back door yeah? And it’s open. I’m in my own world dancing and saaaangin like a fool right? I stop dancing and realize there’s an actual bird, a Robin, stopped in its tracks straight staring at me. Little jerk was judging me. He didn’t even move til I told him to stop judging me. Rude. Update: still jammin, still by the open back door, the robin is back, but on the rooftop next door staring at me AGAIN. We fittin to throw hands....wings? ....we finna fight.
Crash skidmark
Crash skidmark 2 days ago
Fuck Tik tok
Louise Barrie
Louise Barrie 2 days ago
Mr Blue Sky by ELO will always be one of my favourites! It's in the 2nd movie which I loved but not as much as the first. I regularly try to dance off with friends and family! Keeps life interesting.
Mr Cool
Mr Cool 2 days ago
Kids songs
Sallie Planty
Sallie Planty 2 days ago
My nightly fix. A day without these songs is a day without sun.
Brad Vander s
Brad Vander s 2 days ago
Love this bit in film when Chris Pratt has a dance of with Ronan 🇬🇧🇬🇧💎💎👂👂🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿
sleepy hollow
sleepy hollow 2 days ago
I was trying to listen to the song and then started getting distressed wondering if I'm crucial to the timeline
Becks Formisano
Becks Formisano 2 days ago
Jhonatan David
Jhonatan David 3 days ago
who likes queen
Thales Venâncio
Thales Venâncio 3 days ago
so nice
Jude McAteer
Jude McAteer 3 days ago
Y is ther ads?
Brooke Peterson
Brooke Peterson 3 days ago
Yojana Pokhrel
Yojana Pokhrel 3 days ago
I can still feel peter's vibe when i listen to these songs 😂❤
Jaxson Holloway
Yes. So can i
Kathy Solorio
Kathy Solorio 3 days ago
Not bad when keeping busy on stay home orders ok. Getting things done putting a story to every song what I had done during those songs...,😵😄😄😂
Chris Teney
Chris Teney 3 days ago
2020 on lock down, nothing but listening to these old school songs, and heading off to the beach⛱️🏖️come kick some sand and waves with me...ew ew baby🎶🎶🎶
David Elliott Hauschild
Right there on the Jersey Shore...
juan diego Garrido
Yəhya Tannır
you right
izverg play
izverg play Day ago
I am russia
izverg play
izverg play Day ago
linda holmes
linda holmes 3 days ago
Brilliant films and soundtracks
micheal Shelton
micheal Shelton 3 days ago
nintendo direct
Harri Webb
Harri Webb 4 days ago
no lie this is the best for lockdown rn and the kids who dislike have no taste in music
Rohit Singh
Rohit Singh Day ago
Jaxson Holloway
"Dance of bro, just you and me." : peter quill (star lord)
Sam Dihm
Sam Dihm Day ago
Manuel Cazzaniga
Manuel Cazzaniga 2 days ago
misty6823 4 days ago
takes me back to my childhood. i love this soundtrack :)
GKAMONTAGE 4 days ago
So ein scheiss RUvid, nur Werbung 👎👎👎👎 gute Musik 👍👍
Saba Beig
Saba Beig 4 days ago
great soundtrack! it actually is the full soundtrack!
soulblade 4 days ago
808's have my floor shaking 😱 💰
The Kids For Kids
Sherek is god Ye
Sherek is god Ye 4 days ago
For some reason I play this before I go to bed every day for like a week now and it has beeen good days ever since this
Eleanor Billing
Eleanor Billing 4 days ago
Love The First One So Much
Tristan Padilla
Tristan Padilla 5 days ago
Wait this video is a thing
chi_va5171 5 days ago
This is catchy
pjotermanq !
pjotermanq ! 5 days ago
Cj Palwa
Cj Palwa 5 days ago
You know that groot dance is the best
Jessen 5 days ago
Day 1 of being to lazy to listen to this for a year
Simone Maria Martins dos Reis
Great songs
Charles McCulloch
(Me thinking of a good way to say hello to my crush) My Crush: Hey Me: (Thinks I am saying what I thought of earlier) Reality: Oogachaka Oogachaka Ooga Ooga Oogachaka Crush: Okayyyy (Runs away)
Hayden McCartney
Hayden McCartney 4 days ago
Charles McCulloch that’s why you learn basic human skills
love genna
love genna 5 days ago
bohemian rhapsody
Luis Ceja
Luis Ceja 5 days ago
Yes! I like piña coladas!
Eduardo Barros Lamblém
Eu gosto desa musica
TerrorSpatz 6 days ago
Fantastic songs... all of it..
Cameron Bakke
Cameron Bakke 6 days ago
The best playlist in the galaxy!
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