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FIFA 19 Ultimate Team, Guaranteed TOTS SBC, Ligue 1 TOTS SBC,
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Jun 18, 2019

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Comments 553
Harrison Green
Harrison Green Month ago
Delort spelt backwards = troled
john carey
john carey Month ago
Should I do it for 60k
ScoobySkreep Month ago
I got Pepe... so that’s where my luck’s been all year
Gini Wijnaldum
Gini Wijnaldum Month ago
Hey guys its me nepentez the whale here👍
Havoc Month ago
I got Mendy out the ligue guarantee pack
Kurby 160
Kurby 160 Month ago
I got Di Maria
robin lindblad
robin lindblad Month ago
the single reason that the gold2-guy gets good rewards is for other players to think "aah i can get that too" but in reality they cant. Ea wants u to buy more packs, and if they give every player good packs people would stop buying the packs after they achieve a certain team, if Ea gives one player a superteam every other player will keep buying packs thinking that they will get just as lucky. Big companies constantly gets exposed for lying to their customers, what makes u think EA is any diffrent? Whenever theres a problem with the game, they lie by saying "no its not our fault" or "try restarting your router" even tho they know that the servers are down. They can keep telling me that i have a 10% chance to get a team of the season player in a pack but after 19 of them with a max of 84 im pretty sure its bullshit. The game is no longer about winning a football simulation, its about getting packs, we might aswell watch replays of other games guessing whos gonna win and as long as we get packs for it people will be happy, the majority of the playerbase just dont care anymore, ea will keep slashing quality of the game in favor of more money for aslong as players keep buying the packs, its the same everywhere where money is whats important, when robots can takeover simple jobs making it cheaper to create stuff, companies will still charge the same price even tho the cost has been cut, and people will keep buying whatever they are selling. What is needed is a big NO from the players, until the playerbase is mature and ready to say NO, we will continue seeing a downwards trend in quality, thats how it works nowadays, cut costs until we cant cut anymore, and then start selling what can be sold and in then cashout. whoever comes after EA to produce the nr1 footballgame will do the same thing but will for sure be claiming that they wont. Wall of text, sorry but im mad.
Thim 22
Thim 22 Month ago
when nep been mad at Thauvin and me got fkn Khazari
Max Poole
Max Poole Month ago
I’ve had two Ligue 1 blues. Maignan and fucking Khazri
christ Franck
christ Franck Month ago
I got di maria . its an amazing player . score all the time and its fast
عبدالرحمن محمد
where the draft 2 glory nep ???
corwyllie Month ago
I got maignan
Dennis Tijsmans
Dennis Tijsmans Month ago
In 10 upgrade packs and my guaranteed ligue 1 pack: 6 walkouts, 1 naldo, 5 off them Jose Fonte.....
Curtis Spilsbury
Got Cavani in mine do I swap flashback ibra our for him?
OW 9
OW 9 Month ago
I got Mbappé
Ross Tudhope
Ross Tudhope Month ago
get a life
Heatolo X
Heatolo X Month ago
Don’t say stam, say stamina
Oliver Murat
Oliver Murat Month ago
I got Mbappe 🙌🙌
fifagod926 1
fifagod926 1 Month ago
Like I got onana in the Dutch league sbc then I got Mancini in the serie A one and now I got benetiz like how
MK 06
MK 06 Month ago
Miniminter pack Neymar
Henk Snoei
Henk Snoei Month ago
F juf idh
Ur Mum gay
Ur Mum gay Month ago
Dont say it: Dont say it: Ive warned you DIGNE
Joe Welsh
Joe Welsh Month ago
Hahahahaha I got fonte too
Jope Month ago
Why are you gay
matthijs veninga
Is future star de Ligt 92 any good??
TheLandDud Month ago
Been like 2 years now and I just realized RUvid unsubbed me from you. Actually fml
Football TV
Football TV Month ago
Hatschi Month ago
I got cavani
Saf :
Saf : Month ago
I got neymar
Slim Jimm
Slim Jimm Month ago
I got khazi:(
Lenny Faceee
Lenny Faceee Month ago
I got Benitez :((
_pReTtYbOiSwAg_ Month ago
Got that shitty French striker, I was so triggered
Anthony Castellanos
The way I see veratti is a better version of torreria
Alfie Smith
Alfie Smith Month ago
Got pepe!
Hans Krautwurst
Hans Krautwurst Month ago
I got Khazri Yay ha. Ha. Ha
Kade Huerta
Kade Huerta Month ago
Crafted one 81+ and got marquinos
RoyaLP Month ago
I got the 88 striker i already put in the sbc (to get him another time)..thx ea
Harrison Baker
Harrison Baker Month ago
I got mahrez!
Lyov Month ago
the guy at 16:48 has to be the luckiest untradeable packer ever
Ginger Ale
Ginger Ale Month ago
Mate got Neymar out of this he is fucken flying he is that happy lol
Linker Kinker
Linker Kinker Month ago
So i got mbappe 🎉🎊
Liverpool 6 times
Congratulations on the car Nep , I've not played fifa since Saturday been playing GTA because fifa is that shit now
andy tuti
andy tuti Month ago
I packed pepe !!!!!!!!!!!!! He's so opeeee
Ryan Fletcher
Ryan Fletcher Month ago
I am so pumped I got kazri
I got Thiago Silva and I'm happy because I needed an upgrade for 89 Marquinhos!
Nathan Wilsford
Nathan Wilsford Month ago
don’t worry, i got maignan to take that stress off your back
Gio Toshua
Gio Toshua Month ago
I got CAVIN!!!
connor mckearney
Unpopular comment but I really wanted verratti or Thiago Silva 👌
Phil M.Crack
Phil M.Crack Month ago
my guarenteed packs: BPL: Alisson Super lig: Goalkeeper LA liga: Parejo Serie A: Koulibaly Ligue 1 : Maingan LATAM: Gignac
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