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Guantánamo Bay: The Hunger Strikes - animation
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In March 2012, reports of a hunger strike at Guantánamo Bay, the US detention camp in Cuba, began to surface. Details were sketchy and were contradicted by statements from the US military. Now, using testimony from five detainees, this animated film reveals the daily brutality of life inside Guantánamo. Today there are 17 prisoners still on hunger strike, 16 of whom are being force-fed. Two are in hospital• Warning: contains scenes some viewers might find disturbing! In this Sunday's Observer read the extraordinary story of the making of Guantánamo Bay: The Hunger Strikes, plus an interview with David Morrissey about why he got involved

Watch Yasiin Bey (Mos Def) go through the Guantánamo Bay force feeding procedure here- ruvid.net/video/video-z6ACE-BBPRs.html

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Oct 14, 2013




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Kadde026 Rågångsvägen sörby big boysen
Puré democracy
Chibi_ Wolfi
Chibi_ Wolfi 4 days ago
I mean, jail is cruel enough, they don’t have to do that!!
mou cheng kham
mou cheng kham 7 days ago
Though the people had done something wrong still its a hard punishment. If they had done the wrong killed many people so that this govt. is punishing but what the govt. is doing with the prisoners... is there anyone to punish the govt.??? Cus' they too are violating human rights...😟
M Goodness
M Goodness 16 days ago
This hurts my heart so much, and the comments I've read hurt it so much more😭
0401412740 24 days ago
Why was he in prison in the first place?
jeshua basco
jeshua basco 3 days ago
0401412740 they assumed he was a terrorist without even having a trial
Rana asad
Rana asad Month ago
Worst then hitler era
Diksha Baruah
Diksha Baruah Month ago
I hope this comes in history books as quick as possible.
Harold Richard Cheeseman
Love it, wish I could work there and be paid to torture these scumbags.
millzi matt
millzi matt Month ago
This guy speaks perfect English.
don't watch anymore
I don't understand this at all!😠😠😠😠😨
saad-717 Month ago
الله يفرج عنهم
Chif6791 F.
Chif6791 F. 2 months ago
You wouldn't be forced fed if you ate you terrorist
hiphopfiend13 2 months ago
So I’m supposed to feel bad for the terrorists??
Mohammad Ali
Mohammad Ali 2 months ago
Some people have harmed others but got away. You haven't ever harmed anyone have you? Everyone I've ever known has looked the other way to torture and attempted murder, nevermind striving to survive.
Ethan Smiley
Ethan Smiley 3 months ago
Oh well 🤷🏻‍♂️😂
jeshua basco
jeshua basco 3 days ago
Ethan Smiley Lmaoo
nightblade14535 d
nightblade14535 d 3 months ago
I'm sorry but in my opinion the men responsible for this vile atrocitie should be hung like common criminals
Leviathan 3 months ago
recently just done this with juice and granola bar that i blended, its not as bad as this guy makes it out to be.
Allen Guerrero
Allen Guerrero 4 months ago
Wow they’ll release the white guy but not everyone else wtf
yxng.farmer 4 months ago
T4LH4 4 months ago
Biggest terrorist organisation in the world is the "USA"
scarvasa 4 months ago
U.s.a = fuckin animals with human clothes
boss stoke
boss stoke 4 months ago
some of them might be innocent.. shame on devil people who have no heart
Reece Yee
Reece Yee 5 months ago
Is this *Bireknau, Auswitchz like wtf*
NADIA CORTIJO 5 months ago
Oh shoot this made me cry
Cyril Melad
Cyril Melad 5 months ago
bunch of goddam liars guys plz understand these muslims are liarssssss. in the cora'an it is written that u can lie to get away from the hands of the infidel (kufar).
Fatih Aktaş
Fatih Aktaş 5 months ago
i have developed a renewed disgust towards the us government today. i was going to write more but i dont want to be survailenced
MR RHINO 6 months ago
That's fucked up
Jo Vallas
Jo Vallas 6 months ago
ANVAR Ali 6 months ago
Translate tamil
Bashart Ali
Bashart Ali 6 months ago
All the shameless trinitarians here supported this cruel torture of innocent people then ask why there are terrorist attacks.. Hey pagans it is because of you..
Noah Bush
Noah Bush 6 months ago
Murica. *Tear drops as eagle screeches*
John D.
John D. 6 months ago
And you see the "6 million" exaggeration.. geee I wonder which side won
Northern Psychological Consultancy Malaysia
America.. symbol of double standard
Stephen Bailey
Stephen Bailey 6 months ago
If you weren't a jihadist you wouldn't be in this situation. You got what you asked for.
Rusty World
Rusty World 5 months ago
@Stephen Bailey if it was evident what they did then there would have been a trial, evidence for and against would have been presented. If you're right then there would have been a conviction, but there wasn't . Muslim or not the same concepts still apply: people are people and should be treated as such. A fair trial and just punishment aren't ment to only exist on paper, and if they're not put into practice then any concept of right or wrong within the law goes out the window. I never mentioned Obama or Trump; it's largely Congress handling these things. If you want my two cents then I'd give Obama credit for at least making an attempt to stop things like this, even if it fell flat. Not that my opinion on the character of the President has anything to do with this.
Stephen Bailey
Stephen Bailey 5 months ago
@Rusty World you don't have to be convicted to know that they're guilty. Those are very nice words written on paper which absolutely means nothing when you know a person is guilty.. It is evident what these people have done and they should stay there until they rot. By the way they got over there on their own let them try and get back on their own. So in "reality" they are guilty until proven innocent. There is no doubt what they did aiding and abetting America's enemies, at least with the anyone who has a brain and is not muslim. Those are the only two sets of people who can have any sympathy for these barbaric Savages. Oh it was under Obama that she lost her citizenship if you want to check it out. Trump is just following through on what was already done.
Rusty World
Rusty World 5 months ago
These people were never convicted. "Innocent until proven guilty" is the basis of the justice system and in this case they're innocent. Even if they were guilty cruel and unusual punishment is against the US constitution so even then it would be a double standard on the part of the American government.
ciana baltimore
ciana baltimore 7 months ago
Why can’t they sue?
John Fraser
John Fraser 7 months ago
Isn’t that mastermind behind 9/11 here?
Nolan K
Nolan K 7 months ago
There not innocent, there terrorist, the usa military wouldn't false imprison someone,
Utkarsh Dubey
Utkarsh Dubey 7 months ago
This is America.
Eleri Tv
Eleri Tv 8 months ago
They can’t take the kids pictures
Diya Ponnu
Diya Ponnu 8 months ago
Hooo god
Wet_donny_gaming :3
Wet_donny_gaming :3 8 months ago
Wow great video ❤️
ياسمين Yasmine
This is the price of what us Muslims have to go through living in the dajal system. Verily the ahkira is much better and more lasting
Abdullah Elmouna
Abdullah Elmouna 8 months ago
And people say the Nazis are bad and Americans are good...
Ianex 8 months ago
I don't care if you do this to legitimately terrorists, but to do this to innocent people is is horrible.
p a n z i
p a n z i 9 months ago
the real terrorists are the u.s. government for punishing innocent people
punani smasher
punani smasher 6 months ago
@Ultimate embodiment of a Knight both. After the detained terrorists are sent to the prison. So are their families.
Ultimate embodiment of a Knight
Isis fighters*
Frederick Röders
Frederick Röders 9 months ago
And the drones just keep repeating.. "Murica is #1"
Rakhman Kazybek
Rakhman Kazybek 9 months ago
The last was released because of racism and still it was 4 late
Christian Anderson
Christian Anderson 9 months ago
I think the terrorists deserve it they kill hundreds of innocent men women and children
Bashart Ali
Bashart Ali 6 months ago
Are you dumb they have been declared innocent by murica courts..such shamelessl trinitarian full of blind hatred
John Franklin
John Franklin 9 months ago
just one thing kids DONT GO BOOM BOOM PEOPLE!!!!
Alysia Dhalla
Alysia Dhalla 5 months ago
Some people were innocent.
Hamba Allah S.W.T
Hamba Allah S.W.T 9 months ago
S Matt
S Matt 9 months ago
USA country of freedom Yea right 😓
Joshua Drew
Joshua Drew 9 months ago
Terrorists would just be shot if not for their information and so they should be
Julie Sunshine
Julie Sunshine 9 months ago
Killary is going to love this place!
jo jo
jo jo 9 months ago
These men had something to do with 911...They need to suck it up...guys.....Just eat..then your stay would be very pleasant...you don't have to work..enjoy your vacation.....
jo jo
jo jo 9 months ago
They are there for a reason....all the guy needs to do ..if it is so painful..IS EAT....If it is true..then you who feel sorry for him get him released and take him home with you..for at least one year..I'll bet you would take him back to Prison in a flash....This guy isn't Good neighbor Sam......if you think he is..Your stuck on Stupid.....OH PLEASE.JUST EAT.....Well...you don't respect America's laws....or religion..so why should they respect yours......Oh Boo Hoo...Your a criminal
Frederick Röders
Frederick Röders 9 months ago
America's laws stop at its borders, you hypocrite. You conveniently twist and turn everything. One moment you think youre world police, the other you only care for your own borders. Dont you realise? You really dont, do you? Put a big wall around the USA. To protect the world from you.
BoussoleFire 10 months ago
I spent 5 years here. All solitary in the hole I was a pilot.
History buff and birdwatching 101
The government makes America look so innocent when in reality they are murderers
DynaMike 10 months ago
Oh boo hoo
Hoodah 10 months ago
Trump should do something about this
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