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Tried to stop train in GTA 5, GTA 4, GTA San Andreas, GTA Vice City,. GTA 3, GTA 2 and GTA 1 just for fun !
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Dec 10, 2019




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Comments 1 008
Onespot Gaming
Onespot Gaming Month ago
Which train is more difficult to stop?
twenty one arctic foxs
Gta train
Aazad Ahmed
Aazad Ahmed 2 days ago
In gta 5 use stickybomb ti stop
Ali.Ahwaz Ali.Ahwaz
xx matela
xx matela 4 days ago
gta san andreas get the treen fast BOOM
Hüseyin Korkut
Hüseyin Korkut 4 days ago
Dunno But easiest way to stop the train is stealing it *APPROVED BY ME*
Monster ka Pankha
Monster ka Pankha 13 hours ago
Who think GTA IV tank look like brdm only pubg player know this
Kishan Pipple
Kishan Pipple 16 hours ago
You can try thanos in gta5😂😂😂
Elijah Grier
Elijah Grier Day ago
Get millions of people in front of the train to see if it stops it
Shahbaz Baloch
Ukkie Channel
2:48 eugh
Scary Day ago
*Best part* 5:32
Rizvan Rizvan
Inn ntha vishuva
Syrup Face
Syrup Face Day ago
Well a train in gta is impossible to stop It’s not a entity like a car or a truck It’s basically an animation that must be there and it’s not go through
fck you
fck you Day ago
Use the cheat code in GTA San Andreas so when you touch the train it flies
Emperor Palpatine
Scuderia Ferrari
Scuderia Ferrari 2 days ago
But still CJ can drive the train
Dito Sachaleli *
Dito Sachaleli * 2 days ago
All we had to do, to stop the damn train Onespot Gaming
Janine Reyes
Janine Reyes 2 days ago
Not bragging, but i managed to get that train out of its rail on gta sa on Android
Rohit 007
Rohit 007 3 days ago
I just came here to see gta vice city train😂😂
Eric Manso
Eric Manso 3 days ago
5:42 no Hancock was just a movie
El Crack
El Crack 3 days ago
El tren de Gta San Andreas, si se descarrila si vas ah muy alta velocidad
Mahmoud Sawi
Mahmoud Sawi 3 days ago
Vice city No train 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Sefa Adar
Sefa Adar 3 days ago
Why best gta san andreas because you can stop the damn train
Sujal Belwal
Sujal Belwal 3 days ago
Train: I am man of steel
Bullets & Blades
Bullets & Blades 3 days ago
The sound of that RPG from GTA sa brought back some good old memories! You guys can check my channel out if you want some more nostalgia. Thenks
armoredplacoderm 4 days ago
It appears the trains cannot be interacted with.
goku black
goku black 4 days ago
Everyone gangsta till cj stop the train with a sniper rifle
NoName 5 days ago
All we had to do was follow the damn train
Amit Malik
Amit Malik 5 days ago
2:47, I felt that.
Munknasan Nasanbat
Call spiderman
Magdy Abdo
Magdy Abdo 5 days ago
*all we had to do was stop the dam train onespot gaming*
Jedna Budala
Jedna Budala 5 days ago
Why GTA 4&3 just 1 tank lol
marandi mostafa
marandi mostafa 5 days ago
The RPG explosions in gta 4 is way more realistic and impressive than V
Djz3bra 6 days ago
ThatGuy67 6 days ago
arod9393 6 days ago
e-WARNET dotCom
e-WARNET dotCom 6 days ago
Anime N Music
Anime N Music 6 days ago
Everyone gangsta until Train kun shows up
Illya Laurette
Illya Laurette 6 days ago
CJ: *does anything to stop the train* Train: "Ah shit here we go again"
Syteanrics Scenes
Arthur Morgan stops the train...
Affankhan2001 AffanKhan
0:30.... Capt@in America was controlling that tank cuz he can do that all day
Toxic Gamer
Toxic Gamer 6 days ago
Vice City: :,C
Cody Moore
Cody Moore 8 days ago
Hey everyone why do he got gta vice city in here instead of gta Chinatown wars because I seen gta Chinatown wars got a train in there
Shashank Vaibhav
Shashank Vaibhav 8 days ago
Ah shit here we go again!
yogender mishra
yogender mishra 9 days ago
Cj is one of the most strongest person in GTA
OptiMaz Prime
OptiMaz Prime 9 days ago
I'm assuming they will make the train stoppable in GTA 6 or maybe even explodable
QAPPA 10 days ago
*Can You Stop The Train?* CJ: Ah, Shit Here We Go Again
Erfan Alipoor
Erfan Alipoor 11 days ago
Only smoke and cj can stop train 😂😂😂
Alice Akosuta
Alice Akosuta 11 days ago
I have become train don't try n stop me fool
Latin Coco
Latin Coco 12 days ago
Mom: Gta has drugs and violence no one should play it! Me on GTA :
Thomas Tzikopoulos
Thomas Tzikopoulos 12 days ago
In San Andreas you can just kill the driver and the train will stop ..
HAPPY ? 12 days ago
0:24 wait that's illegal
AvoidThatVoid 12 days ago
4:00 Mission Passed!
faris ahmad
faris ahmad 12 days ago
Lol no train
Indhu Kalidindi
Indhu Kalidindi 13 days ago
My brain is like the train in GTA Vice City...
KZN Jay 14 days ago
Actually.. The Tram in San Andreas is Unstoppable
Mr.Krabs— Official Channel
Creators: let’s make the game seem realist- Train: *NO*
aswin subhash
aswin subhash 14 days ago
Train is nothing ruvid.net/video/video-Ty4dLUkAEEY.html
ッSevenMeteorGG 14 days ago
6:29 oof
Azza Frazza
Azza Frazza 14 days ago
PLUS ii loved how you could derail the GTA SA train by going TOO FAST.
Azza Frazza
Azza Frazza 14 days ago
I managed to land a 747 on the train bridge that leads into tthe tunnel through the mountain in GTAV and waited for the train to PUSH the fuselage of the 747 INTO the tunnel in the hopes that it may stop the GTAV train, the train pushed the 747 body (with no wings) into the tunnel, but it glitched and the train kept going but i stayed inside the cockpit in the ruined body of the 747.
Nubychuris Gacha
Nubychuris Gacha 14 days ago
If CJ can't stop that damn train no body can
S.hunt42 14 days ago
Gta IV RPG's are actually better than from Gta V
Mario Greculescu
Mario Greculescu 15 days ago
Train in San Andreas ; Blows up 10 tanks with ease Also train in San Andreas when driver gets shot
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