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Comments 80
Pika Spot
Pika Spot 2 hours ago
so this is why Jackscepticeye hasnt posted a video about the casino heist
TriKraken 64
TriKraken 64 15 hours ago
I so much want to tell them what to do but it’s funny watching them doing it wrong
Avery Hrubes
Avery Hrubes 2 days ago
Vanoss making a joke about SARS, a coronavirus, and then Covid-19 starts up in the western world a little over a month or two later. Did he see the future?
Robet? 3 days ago
7:47 but there's no SARS warning tho...
Jaidon Bevan-German
Jokes on Delirious because I got no windows in my house and no door
Roach Head85
Roach Head85 10 days ago
Delirious your vids of gta5 have made quarantine for the past 4 weeks bearable..... Keep it up dude thanks for the laughs!
Dion Noskiye
Dion Noskiye 12 days ago
Vanoss: YOU ARE F**S
Kieran Woods
Kieran Woods 13 days ago
I'm just happy vannos likes south park
fishy nippie
fishy nippie 13 days ago
is it or did some one call delirious brain
Alejandro Lizardo
Alejandro Lizardo 16 days ago
Corona virus is coming
Julian Andrews
Julian Andrews 16 days ago
Robbae 16 days ago
7:48 foreshadowing
Sophie Gaming
Sophie Gaming 16 days ago
Finally another youtuber that play GTA 5 on a Xbox I feel alone 😂 love halls vids ❤️ there hilarious
The Fantasy Yasmin
The Fantasy Yasmin 17 days ago
*This is for my dog* yes yes yes dog needs stacks of cash mind giving me some for mine? XD
Kevin Zhuang
Kevin Zhuang 19 days ago
Is it 3mil cash?
lilmax _2k
lilmax _2k 19 days ago
Hey yt
Wat 22 days ago
20:18 are we judging going to ignore that both groups lost the cops at the same time
ReaganFurmack 22 days ago
The game saw you as the money guys not bugstars
kahner Levi12
kahner Levi12 24 days ago
8:50 the game glitched you into the other scenario which that you suppose to go in the vault to Deliver chips
Buds Romulo
Buds Romulo 25 days ago
Use the snoball
H02BradUltra 27 days ago
It has has been done 👍 like
Regina Michalkeviciene
Moo and clearly seen the Delierious
Javier Mendoza
Javier Mendoza Month ago
Javier Mendoza
Javier Mendoza Month ago
Delirious can you play tomorrow on on GTA V online
J Month ago
5th comment
Froster Cannon
Froster Cannon Month ago
Why is there no comments lol😂
Catto _
Catto _ Month ago
papaki2121 Month ago
I was the 3rd to comment
Mrjs .
Mrjs . Month ago
Thair was a ez way to do that but you mess it up
Ryan Mitchell
Ryan Mitchell Month ago
Destroy the shipments they go to the guards and when you destroy them it makes the guards weak
Jens Kristian Jensen
They had also done absolutely no setups so that doesn’t make it easier..
Beatriz Tejada
Beatriz Tejada Month ago
O You going daowen smaks car hahaha
Arizona Harvey
Arizona Harvey Month ago
The fact that Delirious and Terroriser were so high with Delirious was because they are DILF's basically.
Kingslayer_0628 Ps4
Hi h2o delirious I’m a really big fan
MC AlphaRoche 2.0
i love that the game is glitching out with the grouppe 6 version of the game
Icy Cat
Icy Cat Month ago
I’ve got that glitch before you don’t have to kill anyone
Love Trolling
Love Trolling Month ago
24:57 😂😂😂
Xbox vs tolling
Xbox vs tolling Month ago
The Dark Elite
The Dark Elite 2 months ago
Jaboogie 2 months ago
I would have had that car if my fucking wifi didn't act up
Venix The Dark Angel
14:40 That wheeze tho XD
jordanthesketch 2 months ago
3 wheezes At 8:02 And 14:42 Also 23:47
Morten Jensen
Morten Jensen 2 months ago
7:45 that aged well
Mark Crowley
Mark Crowley 2 months ago
❤️❤️😍😘🤠🤠🤠😈🎤👍😍🤧😂😂🤣zombies look like you lots and you get it you lots and then get.
Mark Crowley
Mark Crowley 2 months ago
Wow wow wow wowyoor
Mark Crowley
Mark Crowley 2 months ago
Yes please call the office and see you later 👋 is your time 🦔🦔🦔🌿☘️🌲🌞🌞
Mark Crowley
Mark Crowley 2 months ago
Goblin- Clappy
Goblin- Clappy 2 months ago
You guys can get level 2 key cards
AnxiousWALL 2 months ago
The game thought they chose the gruppe sechs approach
σяєσ dяαgχии
I’m still surprised that the approach glitch happened😂
Chin Vlogs
Chin Vlogs 2 months ago
Fck that laugh, it gets me everytime🤣❤️
Monokuma 2 months ago
Prince Ray Ray
Prince Ray Ray 2 months ago
There’s a big ass booty over here
Kevin Frost
Kevin Frost 2 months ago
The wheeze lmao🤣
Itsair Sandoval
Itsair Sandoval 2 months ago
Not being gay with the boys means you are gay
sg gamer
sg gamer 2 months ago
I already won that car a long time ago and it shoots
Xbox Legend
Xbox Legend 2 months ago
That glitched truck is a weed truck
Lost Obunga
Lost Obunga 2 months ago
For some reason your bugstar heist mixed with another big con method, the g6 method, which is really easy, maybe someone at rockstar did help u
Robinson btw
Robinson btw 2 months ago
How do U do cross platform
Mason Nurse
Mason Nurse 2 months ago
Googie Mike
Googie Mike 2 months ago
The side of the armor truck says Group Sex lol
CjThegoat 7
CjThegoat 7 2 months ago
I got that car in 24:14
Zack Moesuckra
Zack Moesuckra 2 months ago
I wish me and my friends still played this. Good times.
ExZackattackaly !
ExZackattackaly ! 2 months ago
I think the plan out switched up to going in as bank guards, but the outfits didn't change
RJ Hachey
RJ Hachey 2 months ago
It’s so horrifying knowing how easy this could have been
Now Presenting
Now Presenting 2 months ago
0:20 The back of my head is ridiculous
Zabdiel Montano
Zabdiel Montano 3 months ago
14:40 I couldn’t breathe lol
Freddking Wilson
Freddking Wilson 3 months ago
Thank God I had a crack in the middle of my screen so I could not see Lester kiss
Mark Snyder
Mark Snyder 3 months ago
4:20 my man used the force on that door
InsaneGhost 45
InsaneGhost 45 3 months ago
already got it sorry but I'll drop alike
DuRuThaKing66 Xxdopekingxx
14:41 That moment you and your girl fight in the middle of the road Me: *remembers* tea is ready
K84 Keanese
K84 Keanese 3 months ago
Baby Kai adventures
Baby Kai adventures 3 months ago
What ur user on Xbox one
Mr. Happy Banana
Mr. Happy Banana 3 months ago
Golden Nails
Golden Nails 3 months ago
If you do duggen shipments they won’t have armor just saying for the next time you do the heist
Marcus Richardson
Marcus Richardson 3 months ago
You and the guys are funny asf it would be awesome to play games with u guys a added you guys on Xbox my gamer tag is EcilpseNex21
Aibilly Qumak
Aibilly Qumak 3 months ago
Guess what delirious gta makers are making gta 6 now
Jayden 3927Fan
Jayden 3927Fan 3 months ago
H20 Delirious: 😅😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣 Terrioster😒😒😒😒😣😣😣😣😣🔫 Vanoss:😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒 Moo:😡😡😡😡🔫 8:00
Lazer Mean
Lazer Mean 3 months ago
davie partridge
davie partridge 3 months ago
i'M just sitting eating a pot noodle right now, big shout out to pot noodle if you are from the UK.
Deadshadows 3 months ago
"if you want this car" Well i don't want it but i already won it from the wheel...
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