GTA 5 Child Friendly Edition Released! (Family Friendly GTA 5)

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GTA 5: Child Friendly Edition! - GTA 5 Family Friendly Mode Released to GTA 5 Storymode! (GTA 5 News)
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Mod: it.gta5-mods.com/scripts/family-friendly-free-roaming




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Comments 80
very wet bread
very wet bread 4 days ago
This is for the kind of parents that kiss their kids on the mouth
TummyThum B3ar
TummyThum B3ar 11 days ago
Im nine and i wanted it but I one I was to young but now i can yay
Jovan Miljenovic
Jovan Miljenovic 14 days ago
Whats the point playing an "explicit" game just to be suppresed
Bexzu cruz
Bexzu cruz 16 days ago
But can you play it online
JackCreation 20 days ago
This is too kid friendly
Xerox 29 days ago
Family friendly But where are the children?
foxyslayer the pirate
Kids like to play killing games to
Ill have a number nine
No guns=no gta
Ill have a number nine
Gta vice city was hte only one I was allowed
Thingz Month ago
I’ll just stick with roblox jailbreak
Daily life routine and cooking In Uk
Nought: let’s talk about kid friendly stuff Nought:cuses 24/7
Leigh Coloma
Leigh Coloma Month ago
Can you play this on PS4?
Channel Will
Channel Will Month ago
how do you get the mod
Husky Prime
Husky Prime Month ago
thank u so much!!!!!!
Ian Holt
Ian Holt Month ago
I’m a kid an I play it 😎
DriftLegend_379 Month ago
I like this but the only thing I don’t like is no guns
Cristinel Ok
Cristinel Ok Month ago
Do you get sharks
Isaac bluewolf
Isaac bluewolf Month ago
Thank you
Aland Luqman
Aland Luqman Month ago
I'm a kid but I don't want to play on that mod
Nomvelo T
Nomvelo T 2 months ago
Thanks it helped how can I do that on ps4
Lean 2 months ago
OBOY 2 months ago
What if the kid would remove the mod. That would be legen wait for it..... Dary
Aidanthegamer824 2 months ago
Then the game wouldnt even be fun then
Azza Omer
Azza Omer 2 months ago
Then whats the point of gta
Sharkwill88 Gaming
Sharkwill88 Gaming 2 months ago
Who else is playing Xbox when gta is free on the game pass and has just got it
See Turtlez
See Turtlez 2 months ago
Yeah I wish this was on console like Xbox but they made it so it had guns but no blood gore or sexual content
xX-shane -o-Xx
xX-shane -o-Xx 2 months ago
Take a drink everytime he says mature or explicit content. But make sure you drink water, not alcohol because alcohol is mature........
theking ninja
theking ninja 2 months ago
I'm nine and have GTA 5 I got it when I was 8
Doggo 123
Doggo 123 2 months ago
For x box
Kermit The Frog
Kermit The Frog 3 months ago
do they change the loading screen when your loading in to the game pls respond
Aruun Subavarathan
Aruun Subavarathan 2 months ago
Kermit The Frog ye mate
Cindy Sensor
Cindy Sensor 3 months ago
Umm I like it but can it be on Xbox one? I hop you say yes dude please please I and dying of wanting this game
Twitch.WixGeers 3 months ago
Cindy Sensor No.
POSTER BEATS 3 months ago
Cheers for actually telling us how to do it... Dick
Viebuffy 3 months ago
Bruh my dad lets me play call of duty but not gta
is there any way to remove the sexual content, but leave in the violence, and missions, and explosions?
Lol it me ya boy uhhh skinny ******
Can you put the mod on ps4
donivyn cleusman
donivyn cleusman 3 months ago
donivyn cleusman
donivyn cleusman 3 months ago
And you don't need a PC to play GTA
donivyn cleusman
donivyn cleusman 3 months ago
I'm and my dad let ed me play when I was 3 and I'm 9 now so
Fortnite Gameplay
Fortnite Gameplay 3 months ago
Any thing for Xbox?
comrade 3 months ago
Um Simpsons hit and run?
Camarox 15
Camarox 15 3 months ago
Because everyone plays GTA v on pc
Caden 3 months ago
If I get it I'm gonna play on pc with Controller
ChuckITown 4 months ago
It should be call Grand theft of your flipping fun
yadhira ugalde
yadhira ugalde 4 months ago
How can you download in my hp computee or how can you get it
S Lopez
S Lopez 4 months ago
It will not be the same in tell you can turn all the stuff on like drugs guns can pain strippers and all that stuff tell you can have every thing on
theonewith hot sauce
Just remove the strip clubs ok 👌🏻
Caden 3 months ago
AARON716 soto
AARON716 soto 4 months ago
I'm too young to play
Wicked Eats and Gaming
To play kid friendly version download Lego worlds finish the 3 missions go in sandbox mode then go in a seed with a city and boom
Jason Maultsby
Jason Maultsby 5 months ago
Prefect option for my 12 yr
CC 5 months ago
Nice, something few people wanted and nobody needed!
EthanSparty _123
EthanSparty _123 5 months ago
Is this available for PS4? I wanted this game but my parents didn’t let me get it because if it’s content
preston912 5 months ago
Whats next, animal jam m rated
Zachary Raddatz
Zachary Raddatz 5 months ago
Can you do one rated teen?
Troy Tucker
Troy Tucker 5 months ago
Cant you just... Idk, Make No Blood, Or Cussing, Or Adultery? BUT THE GUNS AND EXPLOSIONS!?!?! THAT TAKES THE FUN AWAY!
Tim Williams
Tim Williams 6 months ago
I'm just kiting
Tim Williams
Tim Williams 6 months ago
I'm 7 and I play gta
BatTech 6 months ago
It should be an Adult Rating not Mature
Min3cr4ft_ St3v3
Min3cr4ft_ St3v3 6 months ago
*It's not Rockstar's fault if a father is irresponsible enough to buy this to kids under 16 at least.*
Alfie_Gamez 6 months ago
Is there a mod that's like this but there is guns, cars exploding and police chases? I want to play but I'm too young :(
CoolGamer Kid
CoolGamer Kid 6 months ago
GAMER 1O1 7 months ago
Why would let you kid play in the first place and also who watching in 2019?/2020?/2021?/
Exploiter Xploits
Exploiter Xploits 2 months ago
no one.
Yuan Alfred Manzano Biolena
Yay I Can Finally Play Gta 5 Cause Their Is Kid Friendly
snakey ro
snakey ro 7 months ago
Does it have a PS3 version?
Wasn Alsaeede
Wasn Alsaeede 7 months ago
so no weapon that's just sh**
Twy Guy
Twy Guy 5 months ago
No it's better
Im a New Zealander
Im a New Zealander 7 months ago
Its not gta it is grand friendly game (gmg)
Derby Harrington
Derby Harrington 7 months ago
GTA 5 - GTA =5 This game's name is 5.
Robert Dixon
Robert Dixon 7 months ago
this will ruin GTA kids should not be playing this game it is for adults only
louisolivarri 7 months ago
Yo I'm 7my mom and dad let me play bro
فايبر viber
فايبر viber 7 months ago
I rather stay in the onlien gta
Pvt. Ryan Louis
Pvt. Ryan Louis 7 months ago
I think the driving part maybe for fun if you have a bus people could get in just imagine the things you would do with the peds.
Magma game studio
Magma game studio 7 months ago
Also it’s not the same but LEGO city undercover is good it like a kid friendly LEGO GTA only you a cop
Gerald Giraffe
Gerald Giraffe 7 months ago
I CAN ACTUALLY PLAY GTA 5 NOW!! (because i'm only 9)
Goten 7 months ago
This is great if I Show this to my parents they will let me use the usb drive to put the mod on the game
MGGMO BEAST 8 months ago
Does it work on PlayStation 4
wartem 7 months ago
PC only
Beatriz Oliverio
Beatriz Oliverio 8 months ago
I'm a kid I want to play gta I want to be friendly but I can, t because it's a fiolent mode on the game!!
Mohammed bush
Mohammed bush 8 months ago
Is this allowed for Xbox
Robbie Dixon
Robbie Dixon 8 months ago
This ruins gta 5 kids should never be allowed to play this game
YT Fxrusla
YT Fxrusla 8 months ago
The sneak peek... That was me yesterday
San fiero
Mikledeepikle -
Mikledeepikle - 9 months ago
Grand theft Norway
hotcake8 9 months ago
In America you can play gta 5 at 17 not “ *18* “ like in Europe
Raul Stan
Raul Stan 9 months ago
Is it available on ps4?
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