Grunge Aesthetic (how to be tumblr grunge girl)

Maya Zaya
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Grunge Aesthetic 2018(how to be tumblr grunge girl)
Music: Moscow Rain
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youtubeee YouTube j
Kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk rindo até o apocalipse
Мария Правдивая
Saschino リアン
If you want to do sfs, my instagram profile is @sono.desiderato!
twdg lover
twdg lover Month ago
How to be a grunge girl Step 1. Be skinny Step 2. Be rich
Heyyy...ya'll don't have to be "skinny" to look good in those! You're beautiful just the way you are
Šhïvâ 2 months ago
Not grunge dude....
LEGO Yoda Movies13
LEGO Yoda Movies13 2 months ago
More like how to be a poser
「 Soulless 」
「 Soulless 」 2 months ago
I love vintage grunge, any fashion tips?
adrxnaline. bulletz
adrxnaline. bulletz 3 months ago
My parents won’t let me get skirts or fishnets :(
D W 3 months ago
I just watch these types of videos because I'm bored but if your genuinely watching these because your trying to be a certain aesthetic that doesn't come naturally to you then your automatically trying to hard. Sorry not sorry. 😂
No Nochu
No Nochu 4 months ago
The music playing reminds me of regular show lol
somegrill 4 months ago
Seulgi grunge girl
Telterio 4 months ago
b-but I have black wavy hair--
「Still Cryinq」
「Still Cryinq」 4 months ago
Ummm don’t be mad be are they the same to e girls ?
Remember Me
Remember Me 4 months ago
If y’all wanna be grunge don’t look perfect, look shitty but cute
Esme 4 months ago
I'm 11 but I think I'ma find this aesthetic 👍
belle here
belle here 4 months ago
This is 4 me because I have short hair and I always wanted long hair
Laura Peralta
Laura Peralta 4 months ago
is almost the same thing as a e-girl is just they are kinda more girly than e-girls
Wrath the Furious
Wrath the Furious 5 months ago
whose the artist of the song?
Tilda J
Tilda J 6 months ago
who else hates this music?
Emma Grabar
Emma Grabar 6 months ago
Poor is my tipe of aestetic
Em _
Em _ 6 months ago
i honestly love the grunge aesthetic so much
Nikole 6 months ago
Que está pasando con la sociedad
dad 6 months ago
i’m thicc tho??
Dummy 7 months ago
this is not true love, this is shit, i love normaly girls with respect who love me too
Eric Cartman
Eric Cartman 7 months ago
I have mom jeans on and a bunch of chained necklaces and a shirt with a under sleeve shirt* is that grunge LOL
Hell Boy
Hell Boy 7 months ago
More like a Egirl😍🥵
TwentyØnePøtatøs 7 months ago
Icky Doe
Icky Doe 7 months ago
Esto no es grunge, grunge es pasar una semana sin bañarte, todo pandroso y tirado a la mierda, no estás mamadas jajajajaja
Карина Скворцова
На заставке Горбатова? Охренеть
Blake ZmrD
Blake ZmrD 7 months ago
And now just wait till grunge will be dead again for you not to feel like a mainstream bitch.
sunhaae 7 months ago
step 1: *be skinny*
Bella Marietta
Bella Marietta 7 months ago
Who is the girl in the thumbnail
c a s s
c a s s 8 months ago
Mintor94 8 months ago
1st step: be a fucking attention whore
Rose Corpse
Rose Corpse 8 months ago
Listen to grunge rock.
Christina Espinoza
Christina Espinoza 8 months ago
dammit i have light brown hair😫😫😤
Hatti vatti
Hatti vatti 7 months ago
you can still be tumblr grunge girl
sf b
sf b 8 months ago
yağmur 9 months ago
Bu da grungeyse ben de orospu çocuğuyum
Alma Plana
Alma Plana 9 months ago
angelina 10 months ago
what if I have curly hair? my hair is like really curly although it is like a little past my shoulders, and it’s so much work to straighten it, so will it still look good if I just put my hair in a low bun or low ponytail or some sort of hair style like that?
Hatti vatti
Hatti vatti 7 months ago
its ok ❤️
Dimfieee 10 months ago
I skip the hair and makeup😂 i never wear makeup lol, and im scared to dye mah hair...
The Radical Reject
The Radical Reject 10 months ago
Jelly Bean
Jelly Bean 11 months ago
*I just need money and I'll be slaying in to time sis*
Min Yoongi
Min Yoongi 11 months ago
Jelly Bean same lmao
carona virus
carona virus 11 months ago
1:04 I just left because I realized that I can't balenciagas lmaooo
Queen Affirmations
Queen Affirmations 11 months ago
Your hair doesn’t have to be straight to be grunge 🙄
Marlou Month ago
I love my curls
{ kale }
{ kale } 3 months ago
I have dumbass curly hair but I like it
Lilly Rosanna
Lilly Rosanna 7 months ago
c h e r r i c o l a no lol
Hatti vatti
Hatti vatti 7 months ago
i'm happy that i have straight hair
sub to pewdiepie
sub to pewdiepie 7 months ago
I wish i had straight hair lol
ovenstove Year ago
im like a soft grunge
Viltė Aleksandravičiūtė
this is so basic i can't even
ivona đurović
that music was giving me anxiety.
LEGO Yoda Movies13
LEGO Yoda Movies13 2 months ago
Yeah it just screams poser
sub to pewdiepie
sub to pewdiepie 7 months ago
Same lol
black. rxses
black. rxses Year ago
Imma grungy indie boho girl who has a girly side she sometimes shows
Didar Özsönmez
how to be grunge: first step: be pretty.
Güsš Gûss
Güsš Gûss Year ago
*iM NoT lIkE OtHEr GiRLs!!*
localanimegf Year ago
Why does the hair have to bed short and straight
Zion Centauri
Zion Centauri Year ago
wOw I bEliEve iN gOd aNd WeAr tHis StyLe I believe in pagan gods and wear this, is it something that matters? Or? Lmao tf
giu_xxerror Year ago
@namjesus HOW TO BE A TUMBLR GRUNGE GIRL First step: have blue or grey eyes :/
Hatti vatti
Hatti vatti 7 months ago
i have green but it does not matter :) ❤️
sub to pewdiepie
sub to pewdiepie 7 months ago
Not really
sunny Year ago
I think my aesthetic is grunge, and a bit indie pale :P
itsa1yssa //
itsa1yssa // Year ago
i’m really sad because i want platinum hair (not fully platinum like my roots will be my regular hair color) but everyone is saying “tan people can’t have that” “it will clash with your skin tone” “you can’t get it because of your skin color” and it hurts because it’s coming from my family. i really want platinum/grey hair. idk what to do :C
Melissa Lonla
Melissa Lonla 7 months ago
Go ahead. Platinum actually looks GREAT with tan skin.
Peachy Rose
Peachy Rose Year ago
actual alyssa tbhhh dude just do it fucking own that shit
_ willowzstuff _
found it
i love snakeu
i love snakeu Year ago
*e girls*
Saleth Calderon
What about the pants chains? 🤠
意地悪 Year ago
Saleth Calderón that’s an e-boy/e-girl thing now
Ranae Sumoba
Ranae Sumoba Year ago
Lol I sorta just...throw clothes together and whatnot. My style is kinda uncoordinated and messy but I kinda dig it tbh lol. Really love flannels, beanies, and platform shoes 👍
Britt K
Britt K Year ago
I literally have most of this stuff
Meows Red
Meows Red Year ago
Whos the girl in the thumbnail
Ella Year ago
And leather jackets
Zosia Pazera
Zosia Pazera Year ago
First of all you have to be skinny as fucc
Charlotte Toong
u use inshot to edit
Woody Cowboy
Woody Cowboy Year ago
ɪᴍ ᴀ sᴏғᴛ ɢʀᴜᴅɢᴇ ᴘᴇʀsᴏɴ ʙᴜᴛ ɪ ʟɪᴋᴇ ʟɪɢʜᴛ ᴄᴏʟᴏʀs
Kidkrhiekke Yikes
1:02 he is so fine who is he????
Gray oder so
Gray oder so Year ago
I just wanna know from which artist this song is haaalp
Nexy Cazares
Nexy Cazares Year ago
This video is so good
bleak wxnd
bleak wxnd Year ago
Okay first of all grunge is a fckn music genre frlm the 90s. Not a fashion style or something. If you wanna be grunge listen to the music. If you wanna be a wannabe edgy poser then follow the steps in the video. :)
Kay OT
Kay OT 8 months ago
No, it was a music genre first and foremost. The subculture was derivative of the music. Grunge was anti fashion. It was anti capitalist, anti consumerist. It was a giant middle finger to middle class America, an FU to societal pressures, ambition. You don’t learn grunge from a RUvid tutorial. You can’t apply grunge. It comes from within, from deep self loathing, angst, futility. It was born from despair, and it was never cool. If you’ve found yourself here to emulate the look then you just don’t get it.
Pretty Rat
Pretty Rat 9 months ago
grunge is a subculture, you idiot.
Lynn Msmxo
Lynn Msmxo Year ago
Where can I get so cool overalls 😨
Sophia Shch
Sophia Shch Year ago
I’m a mix of grunge, vintage, minimalist, and art hoe
Aida Edwards
Aida Edwards Year ago
so... how am i supposed to be a tumblr grunge girl if i dont have straight hair...?
Hatti vatti
Hatti vatti 7 months ago
it does not matter If you have curly or straight ❤️
Lamb Sauce
Lamb Sauce Year ago
Who else calls themselves a wannabe grunge girl because you know you're trying too hard but don't care?😂
LEGO Yoda Movies13
I call those posers
Candy 122
Candy 122 Year ago
Memilka Year ago
Memilka 1 sekundę temu I love it so much, But I'm so short that I can't find clothes like that which would fully fit me lol. And as much as my parents wouldn't mind it even though I'm just 14, my school would throw stuff like " If "YoU wAnT To USe MaKeUp ThEn FiND aNoThEr sChoOl oR yOu WiLl LeAvE ThIs OnE wItH YoUr PaReNtS aND pOlIcE" (the school's psychologist actually said this and let me tell you- I lost my shit from laughing). I'm so happy I'm leaving this shit soon, Imma do sum exciting stuff about the way I look the second I'll run from there ;> +I love the fact that they care about makeup so much, but when girls my age OR YOUNGER wear skirts shorter than my hoodies they act as it's nothing lol
Mei Year ago
you forgot something: be very skinny.
Pixel Pxerella
Pixel Pxerella Month ago
I'm a stick dressed in grunge and I'm so insecure about it, I even get bullied at school by guys because they claim only "pretty curvy girls can pull off that look" 😔😔😔
TotallyTrash 2 months ago
you see, layering clothes look gorgeous on skinny ppl, but do that on a thicc person(aka, me) it looks like I'm 40+ lbs overweight.. but you do you, if u are confident, ROCK IT!
Remember Me
Remember Me 4 months ago
Grunge is kinda in there with heroin chic so being skinny does help with the aesthetic, but people can do what they want ig
rat 4 months ago
@N A H Yo,Yo,She doesn't have to be skinny for her style now shut the fuck up.
carrot_fam 4 months ago
@im sad like me
WAWI WAWI Year ago
Girl I cant afford this😂🥵
Calineczka Zuk
Hatti vatti
Hatti vatti 7 months ago
its ok ❤️
Jayden 10 months ago
Worst Username In the World I LOVE YOUR PFP
Parasitessa 11 months ago
I'm chubby too which is why I chose grunge as my style, i mainly wear 90's grunge and its more lose so it doesn't show as much :)
seo Year ago
rock that shit anyway, you don’t need a certain body type for this!
Worst Username In the World
Even if you're a thicc girl (ok calling someone else thicc sounded weird to me), anyone can look pretty if they can be able to work with it, I'm sure you can be able to pull off this look 😊
чушка какае то
Maya Zaya
Maya Zaya Year ago
чушка какае то ну да
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