Grubhub Sound Bites: Anderson .Paak + The Free Nationals

Anderson Paak
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I'm LIVE for Sound Bites delivered by @Grubhub. 🎶 Tune in now to catch my performance followed by a Q+A after the show. Help us raise money for the Feed The Soul Foundation to support Black culinary entrepreneurs. #GHSoundBites


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Feb 12, 2021




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thetxpenguin 14 hours ago
44:47 “My favorite collab? You guys haven’t heard it yet. […] But - it’s comin’. It’s gonna be sick!” This is gold. #silksonic
Amro Drady
Amro Drady 15 hours ago
DBR 3lyaaaaaaa
Markus Nielbock
Markus Nielbock 18 hours ago
Some of the best music I have heard for some time. Amazing talent in every corner of this room. Impossible to sit still an listen to it.
Chhoti Maa
Chhoti Maa 22 hours ago
Amirah Al Sarraj
The only thing that could have made this better was Andre 3000 popping by. Flawless. I’ve seen it way too many times.
Ty Avolio
Ty Avolio Day ago
This is all kinds of juicy goodness. If this guy looked like Prince or (ironically) Bruno Mars he'd be HUGE.
Cheri Paris Edwards
@Amirah Al Sarraj Agree. Some older folks (like myself) can't get past his use of the "N"-word. I can, though. *lol* Additionally, .Paak's sound is fusion and that's hard to categorize, unlike Bruno and Prince who both found some success as Pop artists. I sure hope he stays true to that style of music along with the collaboration with Silk Sonic.
Amirah Al Sarraj
Imo he already has the looks, great smile, dance moves and energy. Just unlucky that neo soul and funk haven’t been super trendy for a while. And he’s not afraid to be risqué so it probably loses some people. I see eager Silk Sonic fans getting a huge shock when they land on his NxWorries album or some of his videos.
Hope Kassandra
Love this guy!! He takes me back to old school R&B, funk, and soul!! Thank you, Anderson .Paak!! Signed, An Oldhead 💜💜💜🎶🎶🎼🎼
Asbjørn Søborg
Shannon S
Shannon S 2 days ago
Half of these views are just from me.
Michelle Sines
Michelle Sines 2 days ago
Gonna hold you to that promise! If you're this great on RUvid, I can only imagine how awesome a live show would be!! ❤️
Greg Hodgdon
Greg Hodgdon 2 days ago
That was sick! My teenage daughter walks in on pit me through, “isn’t this faster than normal?” I’m like, ohhh no, wait till u hear lockdown!
MegaGearsX 2 days ago
bruh why is this so good lol?
Quinland Anderson
🚂 Come Down > Tints > King James 💨
Marc L. Lyndon
Marc L. Lyndon 2 days ago
Many happy returns!
guigs Oo
guigs Oo 2 days ago
Genius Musicians ! Should see them in a music festival in Paris, F@*k COVID,
Lazy Islander
Lazy Islander 2 days ago
bruhh........ the talent on display here
AJT153 2 days ago
44:50 thats gotta be Silk Sonic
Mary Bugg
Mary Bugg 2 days ago
Bless you for your blissful work on behalf of others. You have empathy because you have been there! You got the chops, Sir!
gormen 3 days ago
would like again if I could.
J1-1M 3 days ago
Very groovy
Andrea Piacentini
81 people have ears lined with asbestos
Marc L. Lyndon
Marc L. Lyndon 3 days ago
The funkiest and sexiest music and musicians of our days (at least in my opinion) Anderson .Paak and the Free Nationals. And here better than ever. And yes lawd, here also because of the brilliant trumpet and the background vocals. Could you please tour to Europe when ever possible again. I, we would come! Please!
Dulce O
Dulce O 3 days ago
Love IT!! just vibin in the zone!! You can just tell the love you all have in doing your craft! AMAZING!!! Bad Ass ! Just makes my heart Happy! Grateful for your creations they make me feel ... well shouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Philip Hall
Philip Hall 4 days ago
Got Dayum!
CallmeEm 5 days ago
How I ended up in here I don't know, but boy do I love this shit...
CallmeEm 5 days ago
That setting though. Mad respect to Paak and the boys and girls
Alberto Chandia Salazar
Excelente mezcla de sonido, funkysoulpop
Marina Santos
Marina Santos 5 days ago
Que delicia de som 😍
Helese Smauldon
Helese Smauldon 5 days ago
best set I've heard them do, this and tiny desk
SavingGraceTV 5 days ago
Such a talented crew, with all members knowing their roles and playing them supremely, grooves, melody & vocals are tight, they are in the pocket, very very impressive!!!!
Stuart Baynham
Stuart Baynham 5 days ago
Can't wait to see you in the UK. Just discovered you.
Piero De Candido
Piero De Candido 6 days ago
for all the .Paak lovers out there: at 6:00 starts a song with the "Gipsy Woman" sample..it's actually a Paak/Free Nationals song??
star craft GO
star craft GO 6 days ago
I have been listening to this for the past week and im in love with it the groove is hard keep it going 💯
fulosophy 6 days ago
I like how they are all wearing the same Vans shoes.
Georgia De Los Reyes
Soooo sooo good. 🤯🤯🤯
Al odessa
Al odessa 6 days ago
g r e a t !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jan-Meyer Verhoef
lazy ass backup singers. can't believe Anderson had to ask you to dance on his music
TSV eftapsixos
TSV eftapsixos 7 days ago
jacobsfire77 7 days ago
so fucking cool 😎
Horace Neal
Horace Neal 7 days ago
The Free Nationals' bass player is in the pocket like Verdine White of Earth, Wind & Fire.
Rico Roman
Rico Roman 7 days ago
Coco Druben
Coco Druben 8 days ago
Xone7 8 days ago
Beyond brilliant!!
Mara Raquel Moraes
Brazil, listen to this. Crazyyyyy
A nita
A nita 9 days ago
Hungry? Keep on !!!
The Original Jon Major
So epic
Celeste Ledesma
Celeste Ledesma 9 days ago
Señor...usted me ceba una bandaaa!!!! le amo
tappanmusic 9 days ago
wowww love it!!!
Mark McCoy
Mark McCoy 9 days ago
This so good
Selma Coelho
Selma Coelho 9 days ago
Amazing !
Manoela Silva
Manoela Silva 9 days ago
Dammn, I've already listened to this more than my brain is able to count, GOD! Anderson, you need to understand that you and.... Ok, so I don't have words to express how I really feel 'bout this...
Diego MORENO 9 days ago
Very good, Greetings from Argentina!
Some Person
Some Person 9 days ago
I can't believe I just now came across your personal channel. All love! Ideal show: Tanerélle > Little Dragon > Anderson Paak FWIW, if it's in Prague, I can help make it happen!
Spaceghost4201 9 days ago
If I could press that like button more than once, I would.
Jessica Candido
Jessica Candido 9 days ago
10:04 .. uhhh nice music.
Sophia Marquis
Sophia Marquis 9 days ago
law black
law black 9 days ago
Pure musical genius.
Jonathan Gajardo
Jonathan Gajardo 9 days ago
Dwight Banks
Dwight Banks 10 days ago
How is he making the trumpet sound like multiple instruments?
gozee1 10 days ago
ABSOLUTELY AMAZING PERFORMANCE!!! Now we know what Colab he is taking about
Ann Jones
Ann Jones 10 days ago
Angela Jackson
Angela Jackson 10 days ago
Justen Brewster
Justen Brewster 10 days ago
Legitimately might be the best live show on RUvid.
Tassia Tostes
Tassia Tostes 10 days ago
This's sooo good!!! Reminds me of Jamiroquai, Incognito...
Jose Ricardo Leon
Jose Ricardo Leon 10 days ago
I love how they mic'd the drums so that they retain that big open hall feel
Carolyn Land
Carolyn Land 10 days ago
The all around Musicality of this set is sick...how the songs run into each other and on top of that the Honey Paak and the beautiful blending of the trumpet player!!! Simply Amazing...can't get enough ❤
Bárbara Jadeh
Bárbara Jadeh 11 days ago
Eugênio Cezar
Eugênio Cezar 11 days ago
i guess now we know his favorite collaborator is bruno mars hehe
Roberto Damasco
Roberto Damasco 11 days ago
Please someone release that Lockdown version, it’s out of this world
janice brown
janice brown 11 days ago
Pure Talent Loving il 💯✊🏾💚🖤❤💪🏾💯
Ursula Goodwin
Ursula Goodwin 11 days ago
I didnt think i was going to watch the whole thing... and then you bet I fuking did oh fuck yes
Patrice Wallace
Patrice Wallace 11 days ago
Really enjoy your music.......
Marcos Mascarenhas
Marcos Mascarenhas 11 days ago
Sem dúvidas o maior músico da atualidade , um fenómeno chamado Anderson Paak e esta banda The Free Nationals só feras !!! Sensacional, já curto a alguns anos !!! Parabéns !!!
João Pedro Carvalho Castilho Bento
happy birthday late :)
Diana Flores
Diana Flores 11 days ago
Long time waiting for a new live show video from Paak, great playlist, sound and place. Just, I would like to watch choristers being stand. Everything else was great as always
Diana Flores
Diana Flores 11 days ago
Long time waiting for a new live show video from Paak, great playlist, sound and place. Just, I would like to watch choristers being stand. Everything else was great as always
Dan Otero
Dan Otero 11 days ago
Sad I missed this live. Its so good!!! YAS LAWD!!!
KRaczJewelry 11 days ago
Happy Birthday!!!
William-K 12 days ago
Singing whilst drumming ain't easy be he does it with such ease. And that lockdown transition tho
Ayrton Varela
Ayrton Varela 12 days ago
Anna M
Anna M 12 days ago
Oh My!!! Insane amount of talent in one room!!! Absolutely incredible 🌹🌹🌹🌹
Karin Palmer
Karin Palmer 12 days ago
I can't quite exactly explain but He's The Total Honor To Musicians That Came Before Him And Struggled To Achieve Bringing Music To R Lives !! Obviously Iam Saying this Like A DUH !! MY family All musicians.... Is All can say. He's lncredabile.
Melonny Wilson
Melonny Wilson 12 days ago
This is one of the best at-home concerts I have ever seen!!! GREAT!!!
Carla Greene
Carla Greene 11 days ago
It's amazing, smh
Felipe Esquijarosa
Felipe Esquijarosa 12 days ago
Con mucho respeto el Jin Braun intrumentista bocalista
abundancia prosperidad
Anouk Verbruggen
Anouk Verbruggen 12 days ago
This is the answer to whatever question!!!!! That 6:07 and their fun, wohaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!
DANIELA GÓMEZ 13 days ago
Me encanta!!!!!
Rui Silva
Rui Silva 13 days ago
takuro nishiyama
takuro nishiyama 13 days ago
what a awesome band!!!
Bandith Thach
Bandith Thach 13 days ago
yall played Put Me Thru faster than usual and i thought i left my playback speed at x1.25
Mark Husbands
Mark Husbands 13 days ago
Off the hook!!
Josepa blunt
Josepa blunt 13 days ago
now we know which collab he was talkin bout
Ayooluwa Kolawole
Ayooluwa Kolawole 14 days ago
44:56 Godamnit he was right.
Adonfffunk 14 days ago
❤️ ❤️ ❤️
Coach Iya Karade
Coach Iya Karade 14 days ago
Transcendental funkinization!!❤️🔥 I love it and I’m almost 60! Thank you Suns and Stars keep churning through the universe.🙏🏾💫☄️⚡️🪐✨🌟🌍
Adam Proverbs
Adam Proverbs 14 days ago
You guys are amazing! :D Hope to see you live someday.
Marco Casiglia
Marco Casiglia 14 days ago
just wonderful
Jean michel Di Lucas
🥢🔥🔥🔥👍💯 Magic
Joel Mahay
Joel Mahay 14 days ago
my god, that snare in that room. glorious
Roberto Leoni
Roberto Leoni 14 days ago
after seeing TDC I never think to absist a such performance and so many bonus trak
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