Growing Up With King Harris: Part 2 (Compilation) | T.I. & Tiny: Friends & Family Hustle

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Big things are poppin’ for T.I. and Tiny’s son as his teenage years have gotten off to an eventful start.
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0:00 - Intro
0:21 - T.I. and Tiny have the “sex talk” with King
4:16 - Things get heated when King makes his case for homeschooling
7:34 - King and T.I. come to an understanding on homeschooling
9:12 - King’s small business idea pitch to his parents doesn’t end well
11:47 - Tiny gives King some tough love
14:43 - King hits the stage for his first concert performance
17:54 - King is back from tour with groupie tales
19:36 - Tiny is not ready to hear about King’s activities on tour
22:20 - Tiny lays down new road rules for King
24:21 - Tiny makes a surprise visit on King’s tour
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Growing Up With King Harris: Part 2 (Compilation) | T.I. & Tiny: Friends & Family Hustle ruvid.net/u-VH1


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Jul 20, 2019




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Comments 100
VH1 4 months ago
Watch the best of Deyjah Harris now! ruvid.net/video/video-MCRZf1xTacw.html
heaven Month ago
VH1 the BEST
Lucinda Maria Smith
VH1 wer
froggyplayz 4 months ago
.grew a a a 5 to s try 4rt
kkem life millz
kkem life millz 4 months ago
Omg lol
Tayshun Smith
Tayshun Smith 5 hours ago
Ti is a good loving husband and father
Jakaiden35 Horn
Yo ti is to harsh on him
Jennifer Gonzalez
18:53 illuminati confirmed (🤘hand signal, baphomet) Black and white checkerboard on king We see you T.I, he's your sacrifice to the music industry.
Patricia Smith
Patricia Smith 2 days ago
Keep up the good work King.!!!!
Patricia Smith
Patricia Smith 2 days ago
KING, is something else, in a GOOD way., 😊👍
Rasstone Speaks GWC
Japanese Doc ruvid.net/video/video-Q-Qp5AjNZyQ.html
selena bol
selena bol 9 days ago
Trevon Xl
Trevon Xl 11 days ago
Tinnell Edwards
Tinnell Edwards 16 days ago
Dag king be killing it go show!!!
lil_jay422 lil_jay422
20:08 20:11 I’m dead look at his face the way his face changed broo
Bradley D
Bradley D 18 days ago
No matter how rich I get, I’ll never spoil my kids to the extent that they disrespectful 🚮
O’Jayla Ty’Nisha
Man king is not a cry baby that’s just every Virgo we get emotional when we feel too much on us 😣
Nz QWK 25 days ago
King actually sucks
kendallxo 25 days ago
bro messiah is a wholeee mood
Toni Twitty
Toni Twitty 25 days ago
I luv this family and both grandmamas and we all miss Tip's sister ❤
Chanda Archuleta
One problem is tiny need to step aside and let his dad have a man on man relationship. Men speak to men differently. No woman in the world can raise a boy to be a man. No matter how strong they think they are.
Elijah Britton
Elijah Britton Month ago
My mom does the same thing yells at me and I get pissed and I cry of anger but king cryed because of stress I think Fucking mom I swear😠
RxzarAU Month ago
Kings my bestfriend
krishna tiwari
krishna tiwari Month ago
who else thought that was an alien on the thumbnail... 👽😂
Wildhoney Month ago
TI look like he ain't had sleep in years, dem dark circles.
Wildhoney Month ago
TI first son is very handsome but King....King is...😬
Pinky Bless
Pinky Bless Month ago
Tip on top of his boys but the ladies sinking into king 🤴 when he's crying 😢 😭 because he get his way...
Bruh the last part where he says say hey to his beautiful mother and they hugged as they walked off the stage was hella heart warming 😭
Rasstone Speaks GWC
ruvid.net/video/video-IvUFMUJuVrk.html ruvid.net/video/video-Ssh6j9HJdZE.html ruvid.net/video/video-yopZyF2ueso.html
Shaniqua Glass
Shaniqua Glass 2 months ago
King does not look like TI... I just don’t see it😭 he doesn’t seem interested in school he’s still trying to find himself this damn dog leash around his neck blonde hair like what happened to king
blaxiez Playz
blaxiez Playz 2 months ago
Literally 99% wont see this but stay safe and have a blessed day 🥰
Chad Gossman
Chad Gossman 2 months ago
Tiny says tough love will kill her son energy and she still putting him down for crying. Bitch u better start acting right n treat ya son better thats messed all the way up talk in king like that. TF
Chad Gossman
Chad Gossman 2 months ago
"It was a risk" hahahahahaha king is hilarious
Luke Ubz
Luke Ubz 2 months ago
King gonna be the hardest crying gangster rapper of all time... 🤣
Charly B
Charly B 2 months ago
That is one funny looking emotional boy
Trevor Mabry
Trevor Mabry 2 months ago
T.I. Is right! His's father's words are 100 percent rt!
Uner Lew
Uner Lew 2 months ago
King need to chill he got people and connects waiting for him.
Foreign family Familia
Is it just me but I think king is cute
徐徐涛 2 months ago
paternity court
Sa'lands Stuart
Sa'lands Stuart 2 months ago
I agree with t.i.p
Lil Lance yes sir
Lil Lance yes sir 2 months ago
Is ski mask still in members only
Sam Clark
Sam Clark 2 months ago
At 20:26 the mom have a dab pen
StraightGoated 2 months ago
Diffrent emojis for the kids Guess them pls Im only doing three!! Lets go Guess- 👑 Guess- ⚾️ Guess- 💵 I dont know the other one... My bad! ☺️
Trenest Conner
Trenest Conner 2 months ago
Shut up
Paskinomi Mills
Paskinomi Mills 2 months ago
Ti is something else he mad cool
Chinyere Anyawu
Chinyere Anyawu 2 months ago
I hope you get to read this King. .....listen to everything your parents and adults around your life tell you...for your own good...you are just being stupid and remember you are still a CHILD
Kendra Clarke
Kendra Clarke 2 months ago
I just love the way y’all come together for the sake of the kids!!!!
Hope Tawney
Hope Tawney 2 months ago
I so agree about the gucci and the black face, so wrong
Dot Chicski
Dot Chicski 2 months ago
It's definitely different than what other talent got to go through to get there. Hey, that's breakz, I wish you the Best King, Give it all you got. Just keep that spark in you and don't let no body fade that shine on ya. God Bless Son. I'm routing for ya. Kids grow up so fast. It's amazing how much .😇💗
Chris Jones
Chris Jones 2 months ago
See the double standard in how men treat their sons vs their daughters when it comes to sexual activity? 😂
Jordynn M
Jordynn M 2 months ago
king is VERY emotional!!
EJ Mal
EJ Mal 2 months ago
Tiny made that monster. I never thought he would be the one to start crying. I guess it worked when he was younger.
Hakim Hasan
Hakim Hasan 2 months ago
So he’s the sad gangster. A reverse Pagliacci..
Jae Kay
Jae Kay 2 months ago
Having that talk in a public place,should be just as inappropriate.As T.I talking about Deyjahs virginity. But ain't nobody ready 4 dat.
Rasstone Speaks GWC
Rasstone Speaks GWC 2 months ago
Rasstone-Topic ruvid.net/video/video-mqIQ4ehF8VQ.html
carlos knight
carlos knight 2 months ago
When king said poor it on him YAHH!! i nearly died
AavantiRah Inclusive
They all should get together and record because that would be a great platform for them.
AavantiRah Inclusive
I love Tiny. Her hair game is bomb. She is a really sweet person too. She has stayed herself, personality wise, from the beginning.
yemaya Alexander
yemaya Alexander 2 months ago
omg same]
Malena Lee
Malena Lee 2 months ago
Isaac Hayez
Isaac Hayez 2 months ago
King just ain't ready for show business. He is under the impression he can do this all by himself but he got to realize its okay to listen to others, it up to him to take what he need, use it and go on but its not okay to hurt other's feeling. He has to be patient and let others speak and listen to criticism, don't be too defensive. He can be great.
Isaac Hayez
Isaac Hayez 2 months ago
I applaud TI in raising his kids, espec>ally his boys. As much as I love Precious & Tina, but they need to calm down and let TI do what he needs to raise productive positive young men.
Jovanni2kallday 2 months ago
From covid
Jovanni2kallday 2 months ago
At least he can be home schooled now
Alvina Davis
Alvina Davis 2 months ago
🤣👎👎👎👎👎👎 whack
Alvina Davis
Alvina Davis 2 months ago
It is you you're your worst enemy stop crying so goddamn much I'd damn crybaby so when some don't go your way you going to cry are you serious
RAAD Eleven
RAAD Eleven 2 months ago
I love how his parents accept him, he’s very unique
Dixxx Enormous
Dixxx Enormous 2 months ago
King has black privilege and don’t even know it
junior 2 months ago
Major nin got big
Rashaad McClenton
Rashaad McClenton 2 months ago
Boy you did that 💯 🔥 ! :)
Demario Harris
Demario Harris 2 months ago
Hope he don’t ever go to prison lol smh .
Kellis Squad
Kellis Squad 2 months ago
"no, no what are you saying"😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Jan 3
Jan 3 3 months ago
20:15 dude said ya and looked scared asffff😂😂
THE DRL GANG 3 months ago
#kingharrisfunnymomments #number1fan
Jordan Strong
Jordan Strong 3 months ago
king need a good whoopin fashoo thats how i learned to be respectful
Michael Martinez
Michael Martinez 3 months ago
Super cringie
Jazmine Williams
Jazmine Williams 3 months ago
Ti u r expeditiously an awesome dad salute
•Anti Powder•
•Anti Powder• 3 months ago
Ik im not the only one that likes that chocker and that chain (whatever u wanna call it) he has around his neck
Alyssa Jefferson-Cooper
The way. She. Changed her face. Was funny
Lesego M
Lesego M 3 months ago
Never seen a 14 year old that cries as much as this lil homie
Lesego M
Lesego M 3 months ago
TIP IS A KING. He got it straight out the mud... this kids are depriving themselves of a lotta raw knowledge
rose solorio
rose solorio 3 months ago
King is a Damn. Crybaby
Destiny teslashea
Destiny teslashea 3 months ago
His style is killing me !!! He looking like a wanna be Jayden Smith or uzi vert
DJ Keytronikz
DJ Keytronikz 3 months ago
If T.I. does his own biopic, he gotta let Messiah portray him like Ice Cube and his son O'Shea Jr did on Straight Outta Compton
Brooklynn Banks
Brooklynn Banks 3 months ago
So..... no ones gonna talk about the fact that Messiah is 😍😍
Brooklynn Banks
Brooklynn Banks 3 months ago
He wants to be in the music industry but doesn’t wanna be “controlled / told what to do” that’s what the music industry is🤦🏽‍♀️😭
Kia Manning
Kia Manning 3 months ago
Also His him
Miss Me me
Miss Me me 3 months ago
Lejoyy Lisa
Lejoyy Lisa 3 months ago
Yo feeling like you being controlled and not understood is the worst
Marquis Lewis
Marquis Lewis 3 months ago
King look and sound like Tiny.
Anne Eli
Anne Eli 3 months ago
You guys are awesome parents ❤️
Sun Blieths
Sun Blieths 3 months ago
King is def influenced by X
Fabrice Marie
Fabrice Marie 3 months ago
That's right its harder at the top,,
Lisa Hunter
Lisa Hunter 3 months ago
Tiara Devaughn
Tiara Devaughn 3 months ago
That was funny when Tiny said tip knows all about that may be he should be taking his own advice 🤣🤣🤣😭😭😭😭
Toro Davis Jr
Toro Davis Jr 3 months ago
All y'all shut up
April Gordon
April Gordon 3 months ago
King is me 💯💯💯💯💯💯💯
Sofia Martinez
Sofia Martinez 3 months ago
See how different he treats his son it shows 🤣I feel so bad for his daughters in every way
armoni chaffin
armoni chaffin 3 months ago
Not khan academy💀💀
cupcake 1125
cupcake 1125 4 months ago
Messiah is like tips twin
Nevaeh Newman
Nevaeh Newman 4 months ago
He was jumping hard
Austin Soks
Austin Soks 4 months ago
Police 💔💔💔😭
KAYKAY- SLAY 4 months ago
William Rodriguez
William Rodriguez 4 months ago
This albino lookin boy creeps me out
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