Growing Up George

Oklahoma City Thunder
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"You could say we had a friendly rivalry..." #family
馃幀Growing Up George featuring Paul and Teiosha George




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Comments 80
Gabriel Gonzales
Gabriel Gonzales 2 days ago
0:00 Grove Street home
Evanjan Banerjee
Evanjan Banerjee 3 days ago
My sons coach coached paul george
Navakid Productions
No one: Absolutely no one: Me: Kobe Mcragy George and Lebron are my favorite all time players.
Nba Player
Nba Player 6 days ago
Now he鈥檚 a nba all star
Lebron Adam Tolentino
Its grove street holmes home of the Johnson's
Francisco Vaz
Francisco Vaz 9 days ago
Go me channel
Jackson Croswell
Jackson Croswell 10 days ago
PG a byte goat
Jackson Croswell
Jackson Croswell 10 days ago
Sorry I was typing to fast and messed up. I meant to say PG u the goat
Holographic Hands
Holographic Hands 11 days ago
This is like my 3rd time watching this馃槀
Ley Gavan
Ley Gavan 11 days ago
Wait why isnt pg in gta sa he lives in grove st.
Y脝 Dubs
Y脝 Dubs 11 days ago
0:01 GTA SAN ANDREAS, oh the memories 馃様
啸啸啸 AMAT袝UR S袝啸 VID袝O - 小LI小袣 袧袝R袝
馃敟 *very nice* 1:16 馃敟馃幀 馃憞 馃憞 馃憞馃挓
Choir Panda
Choir Panda 12 days ago
For a second when I saw his face I was like Kyrie oh ok it鈥檚 Paul
啸啸啸 AMAT袝UR S袝啸 VID袝O - 小LI小袣 袧袝R袝
馃敟馃敟馃敟馃敟 *love play basketball馃弨* 0:59 馃挋 馃憞馃憞馃憞馃憞馃憞馃А
G鈥檚 YouTube etiquette
Oh, I thought this was like some apple company commercial for a second
Firas Elmiger
Firas Elmiger 15 days ago
Why is nobody talking about his great mom???
啸啸啸 AMAT袝UR S袝啸 VID袝O - 小LI小袣 袧袝R袝
馃敟 *Nice play馃弨* 0:37 鉂p煄 馃憞 馃憞 馃憞 馃憞馃挋
Arjan Nijjer
Arjan Nijjer 15 days ago
Did anyone notice the black mamba logo for Kobe on the ambulance?
Aaron Mathis
Aaron Mathis 16 days ago
Good job Paul George
Kids' Gaming
Kids' Gaming 16 days ago
I had one of his shoes: PG3 menta green 馃憤 if you have...
Kids' Gaming
Kids' Gaming 16 days ago
啸啸啸 AMAT袝UR S袝啸 VID袝O - 小LI小袣 袧袝R袝
馃敟馃敟馃敟馃敟 *just amazing* 0:38 馃挓馃挌 馃憞馃憞馃憞馃憞馃憞
Logan Garbo
Logan Garbo 20 days ago
He on clippers
SportsKitchen Entertainment
A very good piece touching on a few of life's circumstances and the drive to win always. True champions!
Tha Gilly Policy
Tha Gilly Policy 23 days ago
*The Thunders YT on Paul George you say*
Alfred Warren
Alfred Warren 23 days ago
thats a great story
Hero Catalayban
Hero Catalayban 24 days ago
And now he is in Sweet's house, the main protagonist of gta San Andreas
Hero Catalayban
Hero Catalayban 24 days ago
Wait..... is that Grove Street From GTA San Andreas?? I think Paul George is the next Carl Johnson (CJ)
Sean Fernandez
Sean Fernandez 25 days ago
0:00 gta
啸啸啸 AMAT袝UR S袝啸 VID袝O - 小LI小袣 袧袝R袝
馃敟馃敟馃敟 *beautifull game* 1:31 馃帴 馃憞 馃憞 馃憞馃挴
Sean Edwards
Sean Edwards 25 days ago
Then now Paul catches bodies
Kiyvonna Chestnut
Kiyvonna Chestnut 25 days ago
Aww Paul George looks so cute
Farzaan Ali
Farzaan Ali 26 days ago
Mr. Mewtwo
Mr. Mewtwo 26 days ago
Me : **sees the intro** Also me : 馃槑......... *GTA SAN ANDREAS*
Michael Oliphant
Michael Oliphant 27 days ago
Zavi Nat
Zavi Nat 27 days ago
Nobody: Future: 1:17
bruhmomentgang! 17 days ago
dude he sounds exactly like him
chriiisclm 28 days ago
0:00 That's the hood safari in GTA V lmao
Get Rekt
Get Rekt 10 days ago
its grove street from gta sa and gta 5
Smoothie Clips
Smoothie Clips 29 days ago
Does that mean
Grove Street, home... At least it was before I fucked everything up.
Music central Acc
Music central Acc 29 days ago
I feel you
Vasilije Un膷anin
Vasilije Un膷anin 29 days ago
Fucking Gorve Street omgggg
denitra mcdonald
this is a very good life story I watched this last year
Fnaf bros
Fnaf bros Month ago
Your life us better now George Paul馃檪馃檪
BULLETCLUB 72 Month ago
Thank you paul馃檨
[VIP] DanielX2
[VIP] DanielX2 Month ago
0.8 Grove Street:))
Holiness Barnes
Holiness Barnes Month ago
If you dislike this you are stipid
Aaron and Grace
Aaron and Grace Month ago
This story touched my heart 鉂わ笍 thanks Paul
Orange Features
Orange Features Month ago
Jean-Paul Sartre
Andre Clarence P. GAMBOA
1v1 with my 6鈥4 big bro Me: blocks him and crosses him
Cowboysfan9934 Month ago
SZ AMNESTY Month ago
Me in Indiana thinking that Paul George was born in Indiana
Ana Herevia
Ana Herevia Month ago
Go Fresno state Bulldogs
George Benedict
George Benedict Month ago
Grove street home鈾ワ笍
SRDJAN ILI膯 Month ago
George street looks like gta sanandreas Grove street
Jaden Jones
Jaden Jones Month ago
Is this Lebrun?
Lucas Tiefenthaler
Lilya Ghannoudi
Lilya Ghannoudi Month ago
Les francais svp I am pas compris mdr j'ai regarder que les images 馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槀馃ぃ馃ぃ馃ぃ
Maria.E.R Dela cruz
Trae young plas
Rakan El-Rifai
Rakan El-Rifai Month ago
This is so good
Shifty Aimz
Shifty Aimz Month ago
Shifty Aimz
Shifty Aimz Month ago
Wilson Segura
Wilson Segura Month ago
El mejor yaaaa k pampara
Timur Khamidov
Timur Khamidov Month ago
like a dallas
HAFIZ SENA Month ago
Gta sanandreas house
Aaron Boyd
Aaron Boyd Month ago
Who likes Paul George pg13 like
Alien Guy
Alien Guy Month ago
Cj house (GTA San Andreas)
Lunde Month ago
Yo is that Grove Street from GTA?
Izonicz Gaming
Izonicz Gaming Month ago
I hate paul goergie
Izonicz Gaming
Izonicz Gaming Month ago
Ih ate u olgorgue
Reynold Jose
Reynold Jose Month ago
Me see circle street Ah shit here we go again
LxL Fangsz
LxL Fangsz Month ago
That first place look familiar
FlamXe Month ago
Yo That s lit grove strreet
Free Melly
Free Melly Month ago
How tf does 1000 ppl dislike this
Magicgaming 37 channel
Andigamer Month ago
The first imagr of the city looks like the one from a wrinkle in time(movie)
federal Bureau of investigation
But you live from Grove street
Sky Lewis
Sky Lewis Month ago
Bro this is grove street with my boi ryder and cj
Dr Phill
Dr Phill Month ago
Sponsed by apples
Etterman18 Shen
Etterman18 Shen Month ago
This is inspiring I love it
OwlOz Month ago
Ghazy Adz-Dzikri
This is grove stret
djzueua Month ago
That's Grove Street
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