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Watch the trailer for the next gritty antihero origin story.
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Oct 13, 2019




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Comments 10 182
Evan Lindorff-Ellery
I don’t understand all these new SNL skits that are clearly not acted on a stage. Does the audience just watch a big screen or something?
Michael Herrmann
Amelia Quintero
Amelia Quintero 10 hours ago
Meanwhile Hopper in the Upside Down:
TheLordUrban 10 hours ago
My minor nit picky gripes; Big Bird is a dude, the Count should have been a bookie or loan shark, Grover should have stood in for young Bruce Wayne who then grows up to be super Grover.
Chicken Wang
Chicken Wang 10 hours ago
Can you do me a favor ? Can you Call me The Grouch LMAO I LOST IT THERE 😂
Ozzie Rod
Ozzie Rod Day ago
Abcdefg news 😂
The Artist
The Artist Day ago
I swear this is better than overrated Joker 2019 🤷🏾‍♂️
Val Mid
Val Mid 2 days ago
*What do you get when you cross a green dude with a garbage can that defines him and likes trash*
EternallyHungry 2 days ago
Oh hell no, I don't really care about everyone else but you for real gonna do my bois Bert and Ernie like that 😂
TheWORstFan 3 days ago
From the twisted minds of Sesame Workshop. Hilarious!
ExplorerDS6789 3 days ago
David Harbour would definitely win an Oscar (pun intended).
Andrew Penny
Andrew Penny 3 days ago
Alice return to wonderland got nothing on this.
Andrew Penny
Andrew Penny 3 days ago
Wait Elmo was a girl mind blowin what next spongebob is bisexual I would love that.
William Cunningham
Best trailer music ever.
hannah star
hannah star 4 days ago
Pleade snl make this is a movie
Joyce Di
Joyce Di 4 days ago
When will this be released?!?!?!? Cant wait. Really.
sophia 896
sophia 896 4 days ago
The Ernie and Bert scene made me laugh SO HARD
william lydon
william lydon 4 days ago
I'd watch this...
Telanii Anoai
Telanii Anoai 5 days ago
I'd watch......hands down
Shreks Box
Shreks Box 5 days ago
This movie was brought to you by the numbers 666, and the letters F-U.
Erfan Akbar
Erfan Akbar 6 days ago
Tzar Anubis
Tzar Anubis 6 days ago
Am I the only person that legit want to see this movie?
How do you go from this to "Joaquin Phoenix skinny skinny"
Jeffrey Ren
Jeffrey Ren 7 days ago
Michael Stroman
Michael Stroman 8 days ago
Snl fucking sucks ass!!!
Joe Leal
Joe Leal 8 days ago
you get what you deserve
Aria Blaze
Aria Blaze 8 days ago
Snuffy:Bitch. You better shut Your damn moutha cuz.
Where We Go 1 We Go All
Big Burd: messin with my seed is like messin with my emotions
Ayantex 8 days ago
They need to make a movie bout this
Dexter's Dad
Dexter's Dad 9 days ago
2:47 Scram!!!
Zoe Helmsley
Zoe Helmsley 9 days ago
Why don't you bite me!
celestia mclane
celestia mclane 9 days ago
Damn Oscar, why you such a grouch, man?
GodofEvolution 9 days ago
I’d so watch this
TheBlueFox_ Rech
TheBlueFox_ Rech 10 days ago
This parody is gold! Lol
DissentingReaper 10 days ago
That "people gettin' killed over nothing" line is pretty badass.
Selina Torres
Selina Torres 10 days ago
Mr. Ybarra
Mr. Ybarra 10 days ago
Omg one of the best skits
Deadpool: Regenerate Degenerate
This isn’t the movie we deserve. It’s the movie we *need.*
Pete DJPJ Paraskevas
SNL You really did a great job at this! You have to make a full feature of it! Great creativity in adapting the Sesame Street characters in this parody film trailer! Keep up the good work.
Andrew Deliganis
Andrew Deliganis 10 days ago
Best parody goes to Tim Dillon’s Megan McCain bit and the runner up Is whatever the hell this is hahaha so good
T Clark
T Clark 11 days ago
Does anyone under 40 get this?
Tracey Barry Hunt
Tracey Barry Hunt 11 days ago
i need this movie
anthony caramihai
anthony caramihai 11 days ago
Welp that’s 3 minutes and 1 second I won’t be getting back
Overly Dramatic Panda
So this is utterly hilarious and all...but we all know we would definitely go and see this if it was a real movie. In fact, the only way this could have been better would be if the orchestral 'Sesame Street' theme had been transposed to a minor key as well as being slowed down.
ulllaaaklara 11 days ago
Fine China
Fine China 11 days ago
"You wanna see this big bird Dann?"
Jackson Gibbs
Jackson Gibbs 11 days ago
It was David Harbour (not the regular writers) who suggested this sketch.
VelloreM 11 days ago
They shouldn’t have deleted the Slimey the worm scene! 😂
EB A 12 days ago
Brilliant! Oscar-worthy!!!
assmane999 12 days ago
Genius idea and perfect execution
kyle comerford
kyle comerford 12 days ago
Its a shame that this isn't cannon.
Climate 12 days ago
No Sesame All Street
Cody 12 days ago
More original than what it's based on.
icspps 13 days ago
Who played Oscar?
George Washington
George Washington 13 days ago
I don’t like ads.
crannbeathadh 13 days ago
mjfreaklove 13 days ago
Even Joker parodies are Oscar worthy...this is how good Joker was!!!
RANDOM CAST 14 days ago
I liked this actually mostly do to the fact that Joker was trash
geraldine woods
geraldine woods 14 days ago
1 2 3 3 PILLS FOR ME *overdoses on pain killers
Thomas L
Thomas L 14 days ago
Way better joker
blythe Winchester
blythe Winchester 14 days ago
1:14 Erine: hell no bitch *Ernie gets stabed by a knife* Ernie: oh!! *dies* Bert: no! errrrrrnieeeee! 😥😢
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