Groom Forgets To Bring Trousers To Wedding! | Countdown To I Do

Say Yes to the Dress
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It's Karina and Darren's wedding day, and while getting ready, the groom realises he's forgotten to bring trousers for one of his groomsmen.
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Oct 5, 2019




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Comments 44
Henna du plessis
Henna du plessis 12 days ago
low-class cheapskate people and wedding
Paranormal Activity
Love the bridesmaids dresses. The colors are awesome
Ess Jaaayy
Ess Jaaayy 4 months ago
Thumbs up for the groom and the groomsmen. Gosh what Circus complete with clowns
bobby bee
bobby bee 8 months ago
Marcos Ramirez
Marcos Ramirez 8 months ago
Them eyebrows look tuff
CHODY Poop 9 months ago
I will watch wedding videos until my sisters wedding day in two years😂(I’m a bridesmaid)
Ladakh Woods
Ladakh Woods Month ago
Wow tell your sister congratulations 🥳
claire trhytche
claire trhytche 9 months ago
For me, the best part is where her dad kissed her goodbye 😭
Coco Butter
Coco Butter Month ago
As they said that, I saw your comment❤
L 9 months ago
is nobody gonna talk about 3:14 ?
Ess Jaaayy
Ess Jaaayy 4 months ago
I saw it a mile away and I think it’s a grower
Baby Doll
Baby Doll 9 months ago
They all look beautiful
Lulu_A 9 months ago
Who's a girl and detests dresses and skirts? 🙋🏻
Farhaan Khan
Farhaan Khan 9 months ago
Why do I want to get married now😂😂😂(jk) I’m only 14
AestheticLady 10 months ago
Legit my dream wedding 😍
Jenny M
Jenny M 10 months ago
The vicar is a little rude. I mean, there’s A LOT to do on your wedding morning and I’m sure no one plans to be late but things happen. He needs to be patient like everyone else.
loretta davis
loretta davis 10 months ago
Absolutely whimsical and beautiful bride. Loved her vision. Congratulations to.your marriage. I loved your true fairytale wedding.🌺🌺🌺
Eloise Odom
Eloise Odom 10 months ago
Im already stressing about my wedding y'all im so stressed out right now im 18 years old single with no man in the near future AND IM STRESSING OVER MY WEDDING.
Jenny M
Jenny M 10 months ago
Eloise Odom These shows make out that the wedding is so important, but it’s not. The important part is the person you’re marrying and your future together. Please try to have some fun while you are young and single, enjoy being you. And if or when you meet someone super special, it won’t matter how you get married or how much it costs. 💖💕
Kay Lamar
Kay Lamar 10 months ago
I didn’t love their style of dresses at all, but I wish them the best!!! Congratulations!
Midnight Sonnet
Midnight Sonnet 10 months ago
"Last day of being single!" No, dude, you stopped being single the moment you asked her to be your girlfriend. I swear, any time I hear someone say that before they get married, red flags start to pop up. Even my own fiance gets annoyed when he hears that, lol. When you're with the right person, you feel like you have MORE freedom than when you were single. :) Also, her family should not have gone into debt for that wedding. Every decoration looked like a massive dollar/pound sign. What was up with those couches? o_O It's cool to be unique and make the wedding more personal, but be reasonable. Hell, my fiance and I are planning to add some dork stuff to ours, but we're probably gonna mainly use what we already own as decorations, so long as it's not expensive and we wouldn't mind it being stolen.
Midnight Sonnet
Midnight Sonnet 10 days ago
@Drucilla Bready Meh, not sure. I don't time my posts.
Drucilla Bready
Drucilla Bready 11 days ago
i only have 1 questuon how long did it take u to type this tldr
lil keyla
lil keyla 7 months ago
I really never understand the whole: last day of being single- Like- were they not together years or months before
A Round Orifice in Nothingness
Maybe a dingo ate your baby!! Also...."single" is a legal status. You are single until you are married.
Dima Ramazan
Dima Ramazan 7 months ago
Well its there wedding and they dont care what 'youre fiance' is doing. Let them be happy
Louve Rousse
Louve Rousse 10 months ago
That is a Fairy tale dress and she looked gorgeous in it !
Rayne Speer
Rayne Speer 11 months ago
Her dress and hair are stunning! 😍😍 personally I would hold a small wedding and set a budget and use most of the money to travel for a honeymoon but not judging! ❤
agnosticprophet 11 months ago
what a beautiful church!
Diane Nartey
Diane Nartey 11 months ago
So who else came to watch this episode because of the title ??? 🤣🤣🤣
Aloqix 28 days ago
Diane Nartey me
Lulu_A 9 months ago
Diane Nartey me
Janny Meeuwissen
Janny Meeuwissen 11 months ago
OMG !! the bride's shoes. I wonder where she got them, they are adorable............
maddy k
maddy k 9 months ago
Ikr I want themmmm
Susan McRae
Susan McRae 11 months ago
The gown is lovely, but looks like it doesn’t fit right through the bust.
Janet Lowden
Janet Lowden 11 months ago
That was lovely to Watch!!!
kitty 11 months ago
Love the lavender bridesmaid dress, but is this really what people are interested in? I usually skip the wedding scenes at the end of the full show, i only want to see the dresses
Mo And
Mo And 11 months ago
Giving this marriage a 5% chance of survival. Smdh
Mecca S Johnson
Mecca S Johnson 11 months ago
Her dress is stunning!
Wilma Knickersfit
Wilma Knickersfit 11 months ago
What a stunning dress!
Wilma Knickersfit
Wilma Knickersfit 11 months ago
Why did the bride have to get up at 5.30am?
muriaal 11 months ago
I got up around 5am for my 11am wedding 😅
Racoons Lord
Racoons Lord 11 months ago
Makeup,hair,preparations are time consuming so she had to get up early
Samiyah Ahmed
Samiyah Ahmed 11 months ago
Hi hope you have a lovely life together and man you have a beautiful girl so look after her.
Dee Lg
Dee Lg 11 months ago
Wow well said
Betty Watson
Betty Watson 11 months ago
You're a grown woman getting married with unicorns and lollipops as decorations. What are you mentally, like 8 years old?
Betty Watson
Betty Watson 11 months ago
Samiyah Ahmed
Samiyah Ahmed 11 months ago
@Betty Watson No maybe you should go learn some manners
Smileyrie James
Smileyrie James 11 months ago
Who cares if she indulges her princess fantasies? It’s her wedding - she can do what she likes. No need to be rude to her or other people. Perhaps you could use a few more sparkly unicorns & lollipops to brighten your outlook on life up a bit 🤷‍♀️ 🦄 ✨ 🍭 ✨
ilovesparky13 11 months ago
Fuck off. Who cares if she likes unicorns and lollipops? It's not hurting you in any way. Besides, what kind of pathetic person doesn't like candy and animals?
Betty Watson
Betty Watson 11 months ago
@Samiyah Ahmed grow up!
PeaceMakerDJ 13
PeaceMakerDJ 13 11 months ago
30 minutes late?
V C 11 months ago
You can see she lowered her standards in the dude she agreed to marry.
Hoodie 4 months ago
Attacker43s Girl That’s a bit rude, don’t you think?
ReneeDeborah 10 months ago
Selena Cabrera: Nice. Classy, too. :-(
Selena Cabrera
Selena Cabrera 10 months ago
She's not pretty either so it's a good match
ReneeDeborah 11 months ago
@Tuxedo Cat Wow! Do you know the bride or groom? I sincerely hope no one ever makes such comments about someone you love...or about you!
SweetPhantom 11 months ago
Tuxedo Cat Some just simply want to be married that they will settle for anything. All that just to say that they have a ring and “my huussssband!”
Jenette Merlini
Jenette Merlini 11 months ago
Finally 😁😍 a princess bride 👸🏼💐
S u n n y v i b e s
S u n n y v i b e s 11 months ago
Stunning dress and wedding !!!
Rica Macatangay
Rica Macatangay 11 months ago
The dress is soooo aaaammmmaaaaaazzzziiiiinngggg😍😍😍😍😍
Cath C
Cath C 11 months ago
That dress looked so amazing, I love it 😍
Addya Pathak
Addya Pathak 11 months ago
Tye groom was riding an audi and the bride’s family was broke What kind of relationship is this
Betty Watson
Betty Watson 11 months ago
They went broke paying for the wedding. How selfish can a girl be to expect her parents to go broke or go into debt to pay for a wedding. Either go to the courthouse or pay for it yourself. If your family can afford it, great. If they can't, how inconsiderate can you be.
Dania Thomas
Dania Thomas 11 months ago
@Addya Pathak yeah but I'm pretty sure a one day rental is cheaper than leasing the car no?
kitty 11 months ago
@Dania Thomas almost every car in the uk is like that. If you have money or not. People literally go into debt just to be seen as welthy or hard
Addya Pathak
Addya Pathak 11 months ago
Dania Thomas the groom needs money to pay for the rental too
Dania Thomas
Dania Thomas 11 months ago
it could be a rental
Mehnaz Ahmed
Mehnaz Ahmed 11 months ago
That is one beautiful dress!! Stunning bride :)
aluriyaa Month ago
Coomans Sarah Sorry, I didn’t know you were the Simon Cowwel of THEIR special day.
Grace Taylor
Grace Taylor 4 months ago
Mehnaz Ahmed it’s dress not dress
Coomans Sarah
Coomans Sarah 11 months ago
tacky make-up, tacky hair, tacky shoes, tacky much.
Clainda Stuart
Clainda Stuart 11 months ago
Yep. She looked amazing!
Briannie Blake
Briannie Blake 11 months ago
Sundus Rida
Sundus Rida 11 months ago
Lily Creaghan
Lily Creaghan 11 months ago
Tajalla Nabizadeh
Tajalla Nabizadeh 11 months ago
Sankari Squad
Sankari Squad 11 months ago
ReneeDeborah 11 months ago
Adeline Tan : I so wish I understood this need to declare ones self “first”. Is there so little sense of achievement in their lives that they must seek satisfaction by declaring themselves first - or second or third - in something of no consequence whatsoever? Jeez!
Adeline Tan
Adeline Tan 11 months ago
Good for posting "First". Now the door is thataway... --->
Bee 11 months ago
Tajalla Nabizadeh
Tajalla Nabizadeh 11 months ago
Avon Mass
Avon Mass 11 months ago
Next videos