Grimes - My Name Is Dark (Audio)

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'Miss Anthropocene' release date: February 21st: grimes.ffm.to/missanthropocene
Written, Produced, Performed, and Engineered by Grimes
Art by Popovy Sisters
Creative Direction by Ryder Ripps


Published on


Nov 29, 2019




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Comments 2 275
Ziya Abdull
Ziya Abdull 4 hours ago
S.K. 5 hours ago
Love it! I will be playing this on repeat all day err day
Markovich Gilbert
Markovich Gilbert 6 hours ago
Those who still do not understand her dedication to music *tisk tisk* she's a perfectionist n a true artist. Elon musk you are a lucky bastard
papuan black
papuan black 10 hours ago
Grimes and Elon Musk are the same person emitting different magnetic waves from atonal perspectives. This creates a cacaphony of interference and results in indifference.
Fantasize Reality
Fantasize Reality 20 hours ago
This song means so much to me
"I never trust the government and pray to God for sure" Facts
Mad Tad
Mad Tad Day ago
Chorus is banger!
mmatt Day ago
Yep. This is it. This is my favorite song of all time
Yohan Scoobuko
This is what adderall sounds like
TheVampyre Day ago
If I could listen to this song 24 hours a day I would. Thank you grimes
Cohesive G-unit
I was view #1 million!!! Love it!
___void___ Day ago
now is the right time
electra loverloverlover!
Android 18
Android 18 Day ago
Grimes, I may have to stop listening on you on this one. I like your other songs but this one got me hooked for two nights but righ after that, I started having nightmares and bad thoughts. I realized that the lyrics are very disturbing. Not gonna listen to this song anymore
Daisy G
Daisy G 17 hours ago
Android 18 you’re not alone, I also started having intrusive thoughts, and intense weird dreams. I feel like it’s somewhat demon. The lyrics seem to be about a ghost/demonic, “partying at night” “refusing to speak” “a song I wrote in the dark” “underneath the bridges” “no sleep” and the title is pretty obvious Playing with Fire might refer to her being reckless by contacting the other side (like playing with oujia board) Its been found that music can change water’s structure.. our brain is literally made of water, we’re 70 percent water, so I wouldn’t underestimate the effects this song can have on us
Wandering Stars
Wandering Stars 2 days ago
I wish Grimes would stop putting her body in the pile. The Orcs don’t need any more bodies. They need to starve and die. 🗡 🗡 🗡 🔥 🔥 🔥 💀 💀 💀
Ashwati Khanduri
Ashwati Khanduri 2 days ago
reminded me of sleep party people
George Lianoudakis
This song is instant addiction! I'm playing it on repeat for over an hour. I can't escape...
LiL BO WEEP 2 days ago
u killed this
Tarathorn B
Tarathorn B 2 days ago
Is this what caring a child feels like?
Vision L
Vision L 2 days ago
That moment you run through reality to an alternate
Ricardo de la Rosa
That scream when she says fire is so magical
Nipsicles 2 days ago
It took me a while to put my finger on it. Her songs are like dream theory. This tone/beat brings me to.... this time, this deep feeling, and mindset. Her lyrics paint the picture, her sound is the canvas
Maria Arce
Maria Arce 2 days ago
Plot twist: the angel of death behind her is after her inner demon .... baby
iotaultsch 2 days ago
Disappointing track. Reminds me of a kid I knew who used to take crystal meth and get violently psychotic. She was murdered by one of her drug buddies. Glorifying meth use is fucking selfish. Grow up Grimes!
ruby kelly
ruby kelly Day ago
iotaultsch its not really meth specific tbh
DerFaustus 3 days ago
Half life 3 soundtrack by grimes ehh? It's gonna happen
Sean Williamson
Sean Williamson 3 days ago
i love your art, its beautiful much love
Jenathen T
Jenathen T 3 days ago
I need an A.G. Cook remix of this track ASAP !
sarah celestiia
sarah celestiia 3 days ago
I'm just really ready for her new album 😭
Sh'Ē is v't
Sh'Ē is v't 3 days ago
Sh'Ē is v't x'Ē She[Venus X'tr]! is in my self too. *Yoy|Froy[[X]] o y f r ,,
jorge 3 days ago
Spongepants Squarebob
Opening Bull in the Heather?
Andrada Alexia
Andrada Alexia 3 days ago
2:02 oh god
Turan Jabbarli
Turan Jabbarli 4 days ago
The first part of this song sounded like the beat of the song " Kwabs-walk", but a darker version
Chrisy Nova
Chrisy Nova 4 days ago
came here from genius. lmao
Seraphim 4 days ago
When the ice cream machine broke 0:44
alex task
alex task 4 days ago
Excellent. still lov u.
BloodLine 4 days ago
This is garbage #dontgjveaf #disappointed Fuckery
Kelsey Kreek
Kelsey Kreek 4 days ago
Trent Rezner vibes. Love it
awokenlux 4 days ago
damn, now that i watched the genius interview this kinda hits harder.
Adam Smith
Adam Smith 4 days ago
The beat and drums are bad. The reverb and vocals aren't that bad.
santiago daneri
santiago daneri 4 days ago
Benjamin Fisher
Benjamin Fisher 4 days ago
From Angels to Demons
alexis 4 days ago
still the best song ever
Benjamin Fisher
Benjamin Fisher 4 days ago
How much reverb u want?
Sofea 4 days ago
"Written, Produced, Performed, and Engineered by Grimes" talk about talents!
Ivo Dollanger
Ivo Dollanger 5 days ago
Stan Grimes Stan Loona
ThatKid SoShy
ThatKid SoShy 5 days ago
Nobody gonna say it fuck I will, THIS SHIT HOT GARBAGE
SKRAPE 4 days ago
The only garbage I see here are your videos.
Alasdair Clark
Alasdair Clark 5 days ago
1:02 - 1:09 is my favourite part and it never exactly repeats. You end up subconsciously waiting for something in the chorus that isn’t there, and it’s not until you listen to it again that you realise what was missing.
ARO A 5 days ago
Alasdair Clark Ah you are right. Every chorus in the song is slightly different. The screams get heavier as the song progresses
Nathan Alves
Nathan Alves 5 days ago
Edward Simmonds
Edward Simmonds 6 days ago
All of the sounds on this recording were fired directly onto the tape, via a pink laser beam, emanating from my third, or ajna eye: soundcloud.com/esimmonds/all-into-space
Miguel Bregolle
Miguel Bregolle 6 days ago
Radek Necek
Radek Necek 6 days ago
she is bigger than Greta Thunberg
daniela little monster alpert
Why would you compare these two great women?
Skyla And josh
Skyla And josh 7 days ago
gossip is poison
Under The Blue/ take me in
She WILL take over the World......there's SOMETHING IN HER MUSIC........can't stop listening to it !!!!!!
Kathleen Chae
Kathleen Chae 7 days ago
이노래 들으며 퇴폐미를 뿜어내고 싶다
Jan 8 days ago
I like its feels
cleudy p
cleudy p 8 days ago
like she is so underrated man
PLAY VHS 9 days ago
Please rate my clip! ruvid.net/video/video-HgbvFevoYEM.html
The Dude
The Dude 9 days ago
Crazy some chick from Canada who just tries to be true to herself and goals, lands one of the richest entrepreneurs in the world. She is cute sexy and weird in her own way. Elon Musk could of choose any blond bimbo with fake tits and a tan in Hollywood but he reached out to her because of a tweet. Imagine being pursued by one of the most Influential men in the world right now. Kudos to her just shows what happens when you do not try to impress anyone but just do what you want !!!! Well done C formerly Claire
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