Green Velvet Tech House DJ Set From Groove Cruise in Mexico

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Oct 13, 2017




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Comments 1 501
DJ Mag
DJ Mag 7 months ago
Thanks for watching! Let us know what you think below and be sure to subscribe 👉bit.ly/1Une01T
Rolando Espinoza
Rolando Espinoza 2 days ago
Rola del minuto 11?
klein garay
klein garay 4 days ago
Se viene con todo en este resistence lima 🤪
pab/o palacios
pab/o palacios 3 days ago
Terrible zapateo se viene mano 🤼🏿‍♂️🤼‍♂️
July43p 5 days ago
11:39 the best part of the video!!!!
Aaron Cid
Aaron Cid 7 days ago
que grande
Олег Шишков
Интересная публика, утренник похоже.
Br turas
Br turas 9 days ago
3000 Deep
3000 Deep 10 days ago
Vicious Tech Music Venezuela
B R U T A L ♫♪♫
Kaio Aguiar Nascimento
I loved the deep house touch at the end, guy is a genious
Jonathan Tsou
Jonathan Tsou 12 days ago
Velvet hangin with Doc Martin at 1:16:07 :)
Rodolfo Argüello
Rodolfo Argüello 14 days ago
This set revives every single festival that I have ever been to! The chills maaan!
tuchiko kawaga
tuchiko kawaga 16 days ago
Que se armen los pinches chingadazos
Shenzano Lava Music
Kloß im Hals
Kloß im Hals 17 days ago
I love it so much!!!
Gina G
Gina G 19 days ago
What is the DJ name ?????
Hassam 20 days ago
EDC Orlando gonnn be littyy
micsway 21 day ago
how have I only just discovered this guy, brilliant!
Ignis Solus
Ignis Solus 22 days ago
When youre bumpin it so hard you turn into a chicken 1:25
lokiyo principito cerati
Máster de este pedo,lo recuerdo bien en el extinto toreo de cuatro caminos por allá del 2002..
andres maestry
andres maestry 22 days ago
Ñ1q Llop
Billy Idol
Billy Idol 22 days ago
he fuking suks big fukin tyme, still milking his 30 year old hit, fukin edm affirmative action
Omid roshan
Omid roshan 23 days ago
Would love to see a b2b set with Carl Cox or Joseph Capriati
EddyBoy 21 day ago
Omid roshan that would be insane, I’ve seen Carl Cox and Joseph play together!
Michael Fishwick
Michael Fishwick 24 days ago
The tune that drops just after 35:00 mins is massive, goosebumps the lot!!
Dan Palates
Dan Palates 26 days ago
Green Velvet is fucking genius!
Steven Moore
Steven Moore 29 days ago
LUL Billy Kenny
EdBad Month ago
I think Billy Kenny in the back is a pretty cool dude🤙
r.gross Month ago
I love Mr. Velvet. I love him so! But I wish he wouldn't have become so judgmental after his "incident." If we insist on judging others, we should initially judge ourselves equally. In his recent songs, he only judges others. "II's not a Fucking Phase," he insists, but please let it be! His immense musical importance will only increase in proportion to his acceptance of "us."
Fernando Sanchez
Necesito una buena Cocaine para este track...
Fernando Sanchez
Dale like si lo estás bailando sólo...
AlexA. WieruszewZsky
MEGA. Gefällt mir...
Jerzy Stebnicki
Jerzy Stebnicki Month ago
Jerzy Stebnicki
Jerzy Stebnicki Month ago
SERVUS ruvid.net/video/video-NSdLXfjjLOU.html
Jerzy Stebnicki
Jerzy Stebnicki Month ago
yoh mo
yoh mo Month ago
Estera Kowalczyk
ZAC REN Month ago
pozdrav diđeju i meni
Francesco Fantozzi
agreguen el track list completo
Eugenia Saffer
Eugenia Saffer Month ago
bradley lewis
bradley lewis Month ago
all good to have our L plates,but really using a computer not even beatmixing,no wonder the yanks can't rave!
DiceSlice 22 days ago
bradley lewis you dumb
bradley lewis
bradley lewis Month ago
sorta sounds like a fatboy slim set???
d.j. scooter
d.j. scooter Month ago
Anthony Corbett
Anthony Corbett Month ago
Seriously good set!!!
3000 Deep
3000 Deep Month ago
djsweetpea1 Month ago
Jimmy Glass
Jimmy Glass Month ago
from 24:14 you can sit and just watch my man going with the flow, awesome sounds! keep dancing
Maria Larsen
Maria Larsen Month ago
What a set. You go Green Velvet ❤️ come to DK #Bossrightthere
Jua-k-an Canales Donoso
Que fomes para bailar con green velvet uno estaria bailando hasta por si a caso..🕺🕺
Michail ak
Michail ak Month ago
Август 2019go
Henrik Bartelds
Henrik Bartelds Month ago
Dmitry Nik
Dmitry Nik Month ago
the motherfuckerhouse! yeah
Keith Month ago
not a good combo....liquid by the equipment
Adriatical Month ago
38:32 majestic sight there
Elkin Castiblanco
En serio que es buenisimooooooooo!!!!
Henry Marsh
Henry Marsh Month ago
used to love edm then and dislike techno, now since ibiza i have completely switched, edm seems so aggresive and all mashed together, techno is like more detailed gets your juices flowing slowly and you appreciate the drops ect
Henry Marsh
Henry Marsh 18 days ago
@Dalu100 i'm just saying in general really, this set in particular is a mixture but one thing for sure is it is not edm
Dalu100 20 days ago
Henry Marsh you know this ain‘t techno right?
Frazer Gray
Frazer Gray Month ago
Weird how people think this is a rave 😂😂😂 utter shite haha
Gheico German
Gheico German Month ago
freakys party? LOL!
J. Sz
J. Sz Month ago
Ashley Preston
Ashley Preston 2 months ago
I watched green velvet live last weekend just after fisher and he’s way better you can’t even say he’s not
Jere Olano
Jere Olano 2 months ago
Te amo
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