Green Day: "Boulevard Of Broken Dreams" - [Official Video]

Green Day
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Jan 8, 2013




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Comments 80
Green Day
Green Day 5 months ago
Listen up motherf🦄🦄🦄ers Father Of All... is out now! Play it loud and play it on repeat 🤘GreenDay.lnk.to/fatherofall
Real JavaGm
Real JavaGm 2 hours ago
Fuck you
DaH_Slay 11 hours ago
Kim T
Kim T Day ago
I'm in love with this song -Me {An American Idiot}
Isa Fremay
Isa Fremay Day ago
Soy de argentina pero te dije eso en ingles porque si XDDDDDD
Isa Fremay
Isa Fremay Day ago
^^ U
Marvel Ronaldo
Marvel Ronaldo 32 minutes ago
Who's watching this in 2020 while self quarantine in home? ☝
Sivarajan sam
Sivarajan sam 51 minute ago
When you see others winning and you don't win anything. (In my case )
Hitesh Kumar
Hitesh Kumar Hour ago
When you constantly get rejected in job interviews and then you establish a startup
Charles K Mathew
Still one of ma Fav
Jezel Solania
Jezel Solania Hour ago
codfish beatbox and sing this
Rifky Fauzan
Rifky Fauzan 2 hours ago
Indonesia kumpul sini
Kristina Denger
Kristina Denger 2 hours ago
Plague Jr.
Plague Jr. 3 hours ago
“I walk alone” *two people walking next to him*
kanay Jaidee
kanay Jaidee 3 hours ago
I love you
Supreme Ninja
Supreme Ninja 3 hours ago
Imma OG Green Day fan
John/Jenna Sequa
John/Jenna Sequa 4 hours ago
Some times I do wish.....some one up there would find me. Till then I'll truck alone (long haul trucker).
IrfanZ 0316
IrfanZ 0316 4 hours ago
When all your homies pass but you need to stay another year.
Luis Vasquez aliaga
exelente exito sigue asta ahora 2020 suena bien desde la paz BOL
2ne f0rest
2ne f0rest 5 hours ago
gue jdi ngeri anjing
papper 6 hours ago
This isn't burger king
Lisa Taylor
Lisa Taylor 7 hours ago
Every. Time. Listen to Green. Day. It reminds me of son I. Set down. An. Cry. My. Heart. Out. I Lost. Him he. Went. Heaven. I. Cry cry everyday. Miss. U are in my. Heart love u son. Mom
Bass Cashew
Bass Cashew 7 hours ago
When your mom tells you to go get the milk which is on the other side of the store
hilol 9 hours ago
When your mom leaves you alone on walmart :
Savage_israel 530
Savage_israel 530 9 hours ago
This is what I listen to when the homies aren’t around😔
Ely Pinkman
Ely Pinkman 9 hours ago
Carlos Colon
Carlos Colon 9 hours ago
When you’re a Trump supporter
Cyril Castaignede
Cyril Castaignede 10 hours ago
Cyril castaignede
Clara Quattrocchi
Clara Quattrocchi 11 hours ago
motorway the autobot
This song fits fallout a lot
How To Make Things
How To Make Things 12 hours ago
🇧🇷 :)
hayato. 6 hours ago
br tbm
Vegeta Genkidama
Vegeta Genkidama 12 hours ago
I'm here because of codfish ! Who else ?
Chewit 14 hours ago
When you spend 30 minutes to try and find a comment that doesn't say 'when you'
Fisherman Seth
Fisherman Seth 16 hours ago
Why do you guys were makeup
Damshu 16 hours ago
Alguien en el 2020?
ThE aLeRt KiD
ThE aLeRt KiD 16 hours ago
The dislikes came from the people who did not walk to burger king.
Юля Арбиева
ne shadow
Юля Арбиева
not green
Mirzan Zackrose
Mirzan Zackrose 17 hours ago
Its july 2020 and still listening
Romandzhiooo 18 hours ago
I walk to burger king then i walk to home from burger king
Jorge Emilio
Jorge Emilio 18 hours ago
Don't descend any further into the comments or the mold may consume you
Akihito Muzaqi
Akihito Muzaqi 18 hours ago
When your squad left you
Gamer Senpai
Gamer Senpai 19 hours ago
Soaps : Kills 99.99% of bacteria Remaining 0.01% :
Patty Parent
Patty Parent 19 hours ago
My youngest son used to say this is his song/life. Sad. But not anymore thank god. He now has a purpose in life.
DraftTiger 19 hours ago
I walk to Burger King.
Rogx Brutal
Rogx Brutal 19 hours ago
When you decide to be studious and ask teacher doubt but get ignored.
Drill YT
Drill YT 19 hours ago
Fajar Sidiq Ginting Suka
Fajar Sidiq Ginting Suka
Fajar Sidiq Ginting Suka
Gabriela Morosan
Gabriela Morosan 20 hours ago
Steven Syn
Steven Syn 21 hour ago
ShadowMaskplayz 30
ShadowMaskplayz 30 21 hour ago
Who likes to sit at the back of the class and do noting raise up your 🖐 and don’t like talking if your a true emo dreamscape 009
christianne rookie
christianne rookie 21 hour ago
I really don't know why the 'motor bear' made sense... I still wish it could find me....because til then, I will walk alone.
Tedious 21 hour ago
press 1 in your keyboard to skip the intro
Nahual Mazorquista Trejo
Ai guacalon ai guaca
Ojo izquierdo
Ojo izquierdo 23 hours ago
Vengo por la parodia de antonijocker
ガチくん 23 hours ago
Karlá Medina
Karlá Medina 23 hours ago
Y yo aquí porque estaba leyendo boulevart en wattpad 😂
Cyber_Lynx Day ago
I used to walk alone. I think I preferred those days. No, I don't want to go back. I love my girlfriend, and my friends. But things were simpler back then. I didn't have to worry about screwing up a relationship, because it was just me.
Tsundere Chan
Bin ich der einzige Deutsche, der von Taddl kommt?
em Day ago
are we all getting the urge to listen to this song at the same time ?
Cyber_Lynx Day ago
Just listening to sad rock songs at 3:00AM for a good crying session.
avacado gaucamole
love you green tea
Taemin's Nose Mole
I was 14 and in my freshman year of high school when this came out 🖤 It began my Green Day obsession. I know it all, their entire discography. All the way back to 39/Smooth :)
I am stoopid
I am stoopid Day ago
Am i the only one that is here bc of codfish
bluesmokerH1 Day ago
I walk to Greasy King, then I go back home from Greasy King?
Cade Desmarais
When your parents say you can't go the party when you already told your homie yeah
the gamer potato
When you're the only one online
Jay Restrepo
Jay Restrepo Day ago
And oldie but will always be relevant in our lives... no doubt friends 💯
TardexSlayer of Braincells J
When the quiet kid has no friends
Gamer Jmoney
Gamer Jmoney Day ago
This song is so popular 7 years later that green day is posting advertisements in the comments.
Why do I Have to have a name
When your second grade girlfriend breaks up with you
jordan hall
jordan hall Day ago
This song just randomly pop into anyone else’s head? Now here I am jamming
Christopher Hodkinson
I walk to Burger King, the I go back home from Burger King
sergeant H
sergeant H Day ago
😕just trying to make it through another hard part of my life
AsianGamer Day ago
I have no idea how I remembered this song after listening it on my dad’s MP3 5 or 6 years ago
i walk to burger king and then i walk back home from burger king
Campbell Twitchell
“I walk alone” the 2 guy 👁👄👁
Christian Saimon
green day mi banda favorita hermosa cancion inolvidable chimbote peru hinchas
Joey Rodriguez
Bro this is cool men
JD Savage
JD Savage Day ago
When u leave the boys to have a chance with the girl u like
ergo proxy
ergo proxy Day ago
I walked to Burger King Then I walked back home again
MSX98FMDnB Day ago
When you realise the discord server you’ve been active in is no longer active anymore
Jude Beatty
Jude Beatty Day ago
This is an experiment of how fast my comment can get likes on a 7 year old video
Brendon Perter
On the fence at recess
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