Green Day: "Boulevard Of Broken Dreams" - [Official Video]

Green Day
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Comments 80
Green Day
Green Day 2 months ago
Listen up motherf🦄🦄🦄ers Father Of All... is out now! Play it loud and play it on repeat 🤘GreenDay.lnk.to/fatherofall
Abigail Wells
Abigail Wells 12 hours ago
I just listened to it on repeat🤘 completely unrelated but I just figured out how to play this song on my bass guitar🤘love you guys!!!
Nichol Motorsports Race Team
Been listening to it since it came out
Wolfly 12
Wolfly 12 Day ago
Green Day I will don’t worry BIG fan
Tristan Houle
Tristan Houle 3 days ago
I play this song on beat saber XD
McAwesomeYT Yo
McAwesomeYT Yo 3 days ago
Green Day don’t call me a motherf🦄🦄🦄er, but you’re music is amazing
Luis Fernando Macias
Sandi F
Sandi F 2 hours ago
Hope corona loses 2020 still here
BIGGAMERJET Gamez 3 hours ago
This guy reminds me of Joey from friends
Second-Hand Dan
Second-Hand Dan 3 hours ago
Before they turned into a weird indie rock band
Tahis L.M
Tahis L.M 5 hours ago
Boulevard :c
Owen McVey
Owen McVey 5 hours ago
Ok can we appreciate that Billie looks like the mood of a 5 year old after not getting a toy?
Comentario latino: Esa guitarra es épica para ese grandioso himno.
Aidan Spencer
Aidan Spencer 6 hours ago
He do look like young Jack sparrow
Zedd Vantablack
Zedd Vantablack 7 hours ago
You know it's a good song when you've played it for 8219 times and it still hugs your soul
Master Subazaki
Master Subazaki 8 hours ago
basically me waking up to get a glass of water in the middle of the night
avacado cheese
avacado cheese 9 hours ago
It's corona time
Askur Tagle
Askur Tagle 9 hours ago
alguien que lo escuche en esta epoca
Ariatna Estrada
Ariatna Estrada 9 hours ago
Naydelin Crisanto
Naydelin Crisanto 9 hours ago
Chida cansion ✌️✌️😍♥️
Gabriel 504
Gabriel 504 9 hours ago
Hace 7 años que la pusieron en you tube y desde ese entonces no me la puedo sacar de la cabeza
JulianDrawsYT 10 hours ago
Hey everyone I want to say something. I was born in 2006 and I love Green Day so don't bully the kids that didn't grow up listening to this. I didn't choose to be born in 2006 but I want to happily listen and enjoy this people saying stuff like ohhh you didn't grow up listening to them, you aren't og, etc. So *please* let younger people enjoy this without people saying that bullshit. Thanks
Jeffrey Whiteside
Jeffrey Whiteside 10 hours ago
if you dont like the music, dont come here
Jeffrey Whiteside
Jeffrey Whiteside 10 hours ago
its wasting your time, i like it tho, not saying i hate it
Priscila Lima
Priscila Lima 11 hours ago
Essa faz a gente viajar pelo ensino médio *------* ai que saudade!
Anjuman Razzaque
Anjuman Razzaque 11 hours ago
DrFruedienslipJr 11 hours ago
Rock On Dude !!
Sxar_ 12 hours ago
BrickMaster 12 hours ago
All these quarantine comments are gonna be pretty outdated come 2022
Emilia Durán
Emilia Durán 12 hours ago
OMG I was so in love in Billie. Well I’m in love in Billie haha
NM Mafi
NM Mafi 12 hours ago
I walk alone. Walks with two other guys*
andrew turner
andrew turner 6 hours ago
also the other people in the town
Abby Stroh
Abby Stroh 13 hours ago
everyone’s making fun of the vid but i just wanna say that this is genuinely such a good song
Lucas Eduardo
Lucas Eduardo 13 hours ago
Ouvindo na quarentena.😷
Arrested Memes
Arrested Memes 13 hours ago
[Jojo refrence]
eagle safet
eagle safet 13 hours ago
tenha um pokpo de jizo, viu mal educado, tei gente, ainda aqui emcasa
Slllyy 14 hours ago
Honestly a good representation of depression even if they didn’t know it
anouar el martaoui
anouar el martaoui 14 hours ago
dean moriarty
Joseph Hevener
Joseph Hevener 14 hours ago
So is it just me or would the theme song for Pheneas and Ferb sound AWSOME if it was done by green day
Nadia Alfonso
Nadia Alfonso 14 hours ago
Fadhil Noor asp
Fadhil Noor asp 15 hours ago
Hasan Faiz Alatas
Hasan Faiz Alatas 15 hours ago
now like
Haruhiro Walker
Haruhiro Walker 16 hours ago
Cheguei pelo Codfish
Anny Mohamed
Anny Mohamed 16 hours ago
Who is watching this Quarantine 😭😭😭💕💕💕
Valm Stringa
Valm Stringa 17 hours ago
priti jalit
priti jalit 17 hours ago
The solo is amazing
Liam Donnelly
Liam Donnelly 18 hours ago
What ever happened to this band the last video they posted was 7 years ago.
Vasy Pollsky
Vasy Pollsky 18 hours ago
I walk a lonely road The only one that I have ever known Don't know where it goes But it's only me, and I walk alone I walk this empty street On the boulevard of broken dreams Where the city sleeps And I'm the only one, and I walk alone I walk alone, I walk alone I walk alone and I walk a My shadow's the only one that walks beside me My shallow heart's the only thing that's beating Sometimes I wish someone out there will find me Till then I walk alone Ah ah ah ah ah Ah ah ah ah ah I'm walking down the line That divides me somewhere in my mind On the border line of the edge And where I walk alone Read between the lines What's fucked up and every thing's all right Check my vital signs to know I'm still alive And I walk alone I walk alone, I walk alone I walk alone and I walk a My shadow's the only one that walks beside me My shallow heart's the only thing that's beating Sometimes I wish someone out there will find me Till then I walk alone Ah ah ah ah ah Ah ah ah ah ah I walk alone, I walk a I walk this empty street On the boulevard of broken dreams Where the city sleeps And I'm the only one, and I walk alone My shadow's the only one that walks beside me My shallow heart's the only thing that's beating Sometimes I wish someone out there will find me Till then I walk alone
black ninja
black ninja 18 hours ago
L.I.O.N 19 hours ago
Настальгия 👌👌
Anthony Mosley
Anthony Mosley 19 hours ago
Gabriel Marino
Gabriel Marino 19 hours ago
0:26 Is when the song starts
Alok Rai
Alok Rai 19 hours ago
That's called the real pop. In the 2010s there are only a few artists who make this kind of music. The other artists like Billie Eillish and Lil nas x Just suck. If you talk about the 2010s then the artists like One Direction, Ed Sheeran, Lewis Capaldi, James Arthur, Passenger, Zayn and Other 1D Boys, Katy Perry, Sia Furler and Taylor Swift are only there who make good music like it was at that time.
Sean Vogt
Sean Vogt 20 hours ago
*When you start playing Green Day in a classroom full of Beiber fans*
Jisan Islam
Jisan Islam 20 hours ago
This is my favorite song and you....
Cricket Lovers
Cricket Lovers 21 hour ago
No. Literally No body.. I came from Codfish Boot's N Cat's ❤️
Marlon Esposa
Marlon Esposa 21 hour ago
Omar Arellano
Omar Arellano 22 hours ago
Gladson Kbiji
Gladson Kbiji 22 hours ago
Future of us right there guys!!
Jamey Highfill
Jamey Highfill 23 hours ago
Green Day clearly doesn’t understand social distancing.
終壱 23 hours ago
Holiday → Boulevard Of Broken Dreams I’m Japanese. I love Green Day.
Trista Miles
Trista Miles Day ago
*quarantined people has joined the chat*
Swifty .-.
Swifty .-. Day ago
4 stage of rejection sing a song
Likha Huto
Likha Huto Day ago
Quarantined days made me want to listen to my old playlists and I'm here drowning in nostalgia
MichaelAngelo Taylor
Just saw* him singing a solo of this song, playing on his acustic guitar, awesome job... figured why not watch the video again 😎
Denys Araújo
Brasil 🤘
Joseph M. Lizotte
Great song
Once Ex
Once Ex Day ago
Me estoy olvidando del sonido de tu voz, luke!
Christopher Orozco
I want to go out and find a girlfriend and after listening to this song I realize that I am just blessed to have my shadow follow me. Heading up in LIFE
Defne Aydin
Defne Aydin Day ago
Inside a lonely home Quarantine is all I've ever known Cannot meet my bros So it's only me and I stay at home
dumb_kid _AF
dumb_kid _AF Day ago
best fricking band ever
dumb_kid _AF
dumb_kid _AF Day ago
by the way, i played this song on the drums
BrandonBlox Day ago
When 2 million people signed up to raid area 51 and your the only one that showed up:
Aurora Nemesis
Billie... one of the few dudes that still looks the same decades later. Never ages at all....
Hisyam M. N.
Hisyam M. N. Day ago
i still listen to this song in 2020, did anyone same as me?
Diego Leveroni
en cuarentena escuchandolaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Maria Do Bairro
Nostalgia da quarentena ! ❤️🇧🇷
rahim boulfekhar
Holiday is at the beginning
akshay kannan
After all these years I am realizing that this video is the continuation of Holiday.
Kamarul Hisham
This song realise when i was five Me at age 12 thinking why addicted To this song
Kami draws a lot
Is it bad that i came here cuz of my favourite jjba character? 😳👉👈
RM NINJA Day ago
Faltou a tradução
Satvik Gupta
Satvik Gupta Day ago
When your comment get no likes.......😢
Trainguy15 Day ago
VENUS Day ago
this song is too beautiful to be true
Pradyumna Mundhe
True fans know tune of which song actually plays in the intro:-)
Владимир Шутихин
Are there Russian people?
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