Greatest Sports Bloopers 2017 | Part 1 (funny)

Savage Brick Sports
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This took a while to make
this is only part 1 of many
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Dec 16, 2017




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Savage Brick Sports
Part 2 out now: ruvid.net/video/video-tP3t4DB-c0I.html
Fast Fred
Fast Fred Year ago
balao lian
balao lian Year ago
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Miguel Vargas
Miguel Vargas Year ago
@Liêm Nguyễnyyf arts sax à°2▪ gy. tg gym.
Gary Leist
Gary Leist 4 days ago
If you were a scented candle they'd have to call it Perfectly Imperfect (and it would smell like summer).
Jeff Fox
Jeff Fox 15 days ago
Very disappointed in the bloopers video. Spend too much time in replays. To be a blooper it's supposed to make people laugh, the only one me and my buddies laughed at was the catcher getting hit in the balls and that was the shortest clip. Sorry but we all give two not one but two thumbs down !!!!!!!
Exie Wareham
Exie Wareham 17 days ago
'Ơ, sao đã thành giáo viên khác rồi?
Izaya Wilhite
Izaya Wilhite 18 days ago
87 YARD LOSS?! my goodness ive never seen a play like that before!
Corey Somers
Corey Somers 19 days ago
This first time a team has ever had to punt on 4th and goal 🤣
7:30 dead
Williy From Philly Rev. of Truth
With that softball ump.. he told the pitcher that the ball is still in play.... and there has to be some type of interference with that play.. that ball was gone and a new one appeared?!? I call b.s. ump should be fined and a written apology should go to that player.. plus the score should be changed back to its original score which means the playbook record if they lost that game should be corrected...
Maximisers06 Broph
‘American sports bloopers’’
Joseph Izzo
Joseph Izzo Month ago
A fastball to the dick. That my new flub line.
Lyndsey Jackson
Lyndsey Jackson Month ago
8:03 are the refs blind? That was so a strike
Sapphire Moon
Sapphire Moon Month ago
All the football!! 0:34 3:18 6:01 9:15
Daremo6969 Month ago
Granted she jumped over the plate, but it looks like the umpire handed the pitcher the ball and told her to tag her out. Wouldn't that be interference?
Mike P
Mike P Month ago
Save the soccer clips for a video that has gay in the title or something. Gay follies would be a good title and you should just pile all the soccer and maybe golf clips there. Just a suggestion.
T- Dog
T- Dog Month ago
my name jeff
freeyourmindtc 2 months ago
Turned it off, to many soccer bloopers. Dont watch the shit, not even for a second.. Bye, Bye.
Niklas 2 months ago
2:01 oy vey, gonna get mi sheckels.
bsherder 2 months ago
When a person intentionally flops the way they do in soccer, their team should get an automatic penalty. If the person is really hurt and it wasn't just some flop than remove them from the game to give them medical treatment and penalize the opposing team. I can guarantee that *flopping* would stop.
Chicken_nugg123 2 months ago
3:24 I thought that wasn't actually in the game :'D
Ian Siadak
Ian Siadak 2 months ago
ZACHARY FRENCH 2 months ago
If this guy gains or loses any subscribers im gonna be mad
Badger0fDeath 2 months ago
6:30 girl in the white top realised straight away that her team mate hadn't touched homebase, but all the screaming girls blocked her from saying anything until it was too late.
American Nobody
American Nobody 2 months ago
5:40 sounds like Muttly, the Red Barons sidekick, laughing!
American Nobody
American Nobody 2 months ago
"I'm not laughing at him" Ahhh-hahaha! (Replay 5 times) Rrrrright! You sure weren't laughing with him, because he wasn't laughing. I swear, basketball players should win Oscar's for their theatrics! The things they will do for a foul is downright redonculous! I've seen them barely get bumped into, and the next thing you know they are sliding across the court backwards with their hands up like "come on ref, did you see that?!" At the end of each game they should hand out awards for most ridiculous self-launch in order to get a foul! Who knew they were such fragile people!? This guy though, he should get the award for the most ridiculous over-acting! Same for that soccer player! Wtf?
dakota 2 months ago
I love the muttly laugh as the pitch hits the family jewels at 5:42😅
Tae Kim
Tae Kim 2 months ago
@7:50 - was this filmed for the Asian/Korean version of Men in Black? hitter starts to drop his bat and look up like he saw an UFO
Tae Kim
Tae Kim 2 months ago
@5:19 - the person that was hit...the teammate (on right) was like...bro you a man...that's messed up man
Michael Summers
Michael Summers 2 months ago
Women Fast-Pitch Softball game on the home run - The Home Plate Umpire made a bad call. The ASA rule says if the batter-runner misses a base on a home run, in this case, the home plate she can go back any time to touch the base in reverse order. If she goes into the dugout without touching the missed base in the right order. At this time the head-coach or his assistance has to make an appeal to the home plate umpire and then the Umpire can make the call. High Schools, colleges, and the Olympics all go by the ASA rules for Fast-Pitch. The batter never went into the dugout. I got chewed out by the State ASA UIC because I made the same bad call.
Michael Summers
Michael Summers 2 months ago
Furthermore, the home plate umpire was out of uniform. All base Umpires were wearing their jackets and the plate Umpire wasn't. ASA rule state's all umpires has to dress the same way if they are working in the same game.
srats56 2 months ago
that intro and outro music is godawful
Aysha Roberts
Aysha Roberts 3 months ago
3:25 biggest fake of all time
Kuran Kishi
Kuran Kishi 3 months ago
0:57 *When you press the pass button but the game lags*
Austin Roberts
Austin Roberts 3 months ago
homerun should be a dead ball that's so wack lol what is this fourth grade?? Should probably sprint around the bases then in case a fan throws the ball back and you get tagged out. Cant believe they took that homerun away it wasn't even the same ball lol wtf.
King Eris
King Eris 3 months ago
You got to love the commentators comment on the last one. First he says “Hang your head in shame”. Then he says “i think if he tried that 100 more times he wouldn’t hit the target once. 0-100. He’s a pro football player I think he could do that a few more times if given 100 tries lol . Talk about a double insult.
Looseel Scott
Looseel Scott 3 months ago
7:41....he was beheaded with a samurai sword after the game.
Ben Adams
Ben Adams 3 months ago
5.00 that's what happens when you try to play football with your hands
choid2614 3 months ago
The guy at 5:57 should take up soccer... as a spectator.
Nixxy 3 months ago
How do u fucking miss home plate?
SSJNomad 3 months ago
Out if flags?? No worries, throw yo hats up!! 😂
Dominyk Lerma
Dominyk Lerma 3 months ago
Bill Malloy
Bill Malloy 3 months ago
01:05 the basketball player should have been ejected for delay of game and unsportsmanlike conduct.
Alfonso Gutierrez
Alfonso Gutierrez 3 months ago
Proof that sports are fake, it's all acted, police can be corrupt, politicians can be corrupt, presidents can be corrup but oh no people say sports are real, lmao
Mr. Eugene Abernathy
Softball players are legit ogres
gohdux 3 months ago
Oregon player Brooke’s was not flopping he was trying to protect an injury. He was trying to jump back as to not turn the ankle. It was so unfair to play it nationwide and say he was flopping.
Rockstead-E 3 months ago
2:05 what are those little hats gonna do? They won't keep anyone dry
David Invenio
David Invenio 3 months ago
6:30 HAHAHA FATTY BOOMBLATTY too stupid to actually touch the plate!!! BWAAA!!! Must have been thinking of the celebration ice cream and pizza!!!!!
Bookem Danno
Bookem Danno 3 months ago
Beltre doesn't get a pass because of who he is or what the score is. You're delusional if you think so. He deserved to be tossed, period.
Eddee What
Eddee What 4 months ago
I watched the female that didn’t touch home plate quite a few times. The girl playing home plate watches the girl cross home plate. The umpire give her the ball and tell her she didn’t cross home. Lol funny as el. The punter tried to kick it throw it push it. Lollollol😂
TheDeVoiDAnGel 4 months ago
3:24 I know they are all actors when playing soccer, but that guy should NEVER quit his day job, idiot, and the ref totally saw his fake bullshit....
John Bee
John Bee 4 months ago
1:25 The writer that called it a full body dry heave stole that from the Seinfeld show season 8 episode 4 The Little Kicks. That plagiarist bastard.
Matt529 4 months ago
My teammates in madden 4:18
Matthew Blackshaw
Matthew Blackshaw 4 months ago
Manz was so happy to have the flag
Anthony Cutt
Anthony Cutt 4 months ago
Gotta love a player getting one in the balls.
Orella Minx
Orella Minx 4 months ago
0:42 Those black and white uniforms should be banned. Looks like refs are running down players, fucking ridiculous.
progmanrob 4 months ago
Whichever southern "belle" said "OHHH MY GAAAAAAWD" at 4:42 should never be allowed in a sporting event ever again.
QueenMyPawn 4 months ago
"What a finish that is"
EternalSlimjim 4 months ago
0:57 ive done that lmao
Juicer 4 months ago
how can you tag someone out after they hit the ball over the fence?
Michael Mason
Michael Mason 4 months ago
When she fails to touch each base (including home plate) in order when advancing or returning to a base. Either the runner or the missed base may be tagged. If it is a homerun - The team can appeal to the ump and get a ball.
Kyle Harrison
Kyle Harrison 4 months ago
Stumblin Bumblin. Lmao.
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