Greatest Ever Finish to a Cricket Match

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Comments 80
college student hari haran
Jaddu is rocks
Chavanraj Raj
Srishanth bad bowler in Kerala
Moyeen ur Rahman
Why jadeja couldn't do it in world cup semi-final?😤
Kanishka Nirman
Watch Anjelo and Malingas finish
no one
no one 2 days ago
Baseball 2.o .......no
Salim Hossain
Salim Hossain 2 days ago
amer to mone hoy je INDIA salara chor ampire gore taka khaway ar ampire gor ray sob somoyINDIA erpokkai jay
RANJIT Sing 2 days ago
Vai ye to manna parega ki jab India Newzeland ki against match khelega to jadeja a66ahi khelega....or lena pare ga newzeland ke khilaf....kon kon mante ho ye bad.... like or comment koro
pawan kumar singh
No 1 all-rounder in Indian history in persent time
Virudhai U-tuber
Virudhai U-tuber 3 days ago
The great love story between jadeja and nz❤
Palm Tree
Palm Tree 3 days ago
For me ,New Zealand has won this match. Jadeja should have walked out if knew he was out.
Luke Milburn
Luke Milburn 3 days ago
If they went to a super over india would be the winners
Shweta Tiwari
Shweta Tiwari 5 days ago
look at the class 7:10 🔥
SG's Channel
SG's Channel 5 days ago
Ashwin seems to be an all rounder
SG's Channel
SG's Channel 5 days ago
Well Jadeja had around 4 chances of getting out
SG's Channel
SG's Channel 5 days ago
Who else saw this match live in 2014?
विनायक कुलकर्णी
Fahim Khan
Fahim Khan 7 days ago
Sir Viv Richard Ahswin
Munawar Hussain
Munawar Hussain 7 days ago
Pakistan zindabad Indian mor da bad darty country
LOVE YATRI 7 days ago
Jio Guru Jadeja and Ashwin
RAJKUMAR V 8 days ago
msd fans please like here
Akshay Devaraj
Akshay Devaraj 9 days ago
Where is dk?
kishan rana
kishan rana 10 days ago
Aj or bhi recpect bdh gyi paa ji tuade liye
Pawan Pratapsingh
Pawan Pratapsingh 10 days ago
The Rock
The Rock 11 days ago
Dhoni or unki purani team ko bahut miss karta hu mai..
Lachhaman Naik
Lachhaman Naik 15 days ago
Afzal Shabir
Afzal Shabir 15 days ago
What a match ian smith😍🔥😻
Vishal Kumar
Vishal Kumar 15 days ago
Aswin and jadeja ki ye pari dekh kar dil khush ho gaya 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻🌈👍🙏👍🙏👍🙏👍
Satyajit Ray
Satyajit Ray 16 days ago
Very good
Karthick karthick
Karthick karthick 17 days ago
We can see the master plan from Dhoni. He promoted R.Ashwin and Jadeja came into play in last 12 overs to finish🔥🔥🔥
Ricky Powell
Ricky Powell 17 days ago
KOHLI spoiled the combo just by removing these two duo alrounders from the team & brought kulcha inplace. How it is comparable ???? Now Jaddu is back in the team....Pity that Jaddu had to prove again and again n in everygame that he is worth for the team...Does he really need to do that ???? Did he play less than kohli/yuvi in this match as a finisher. Dhoni knows....He is not the believer of one man show....
Praveen Kanagaraj
Praveen Kanagaraj 18 days ago
Let’s all shed a tear for Sanjay Manjrekar at this fine moment.
c v shah
c v shah 18 days ago
all newziland player are over 75 years old
Elnino Lanino
Elnino Lanino 19 days ago
O my gosh ..wat an outstanding Drama/ thriller . Guys wake up ..its nt Kohli / Sachin / anyone else ... every member like Dhoni/ Ashwin/ jadeda ... pulled India to victory .
niraj dubey
niraj dubey 19 days ago
Good match #googlyspeed
Thanjai Single
Thanjai Single 20 days ago
Bro give your channel plz i give money
Tanuj Singh
Tanuj Singh 22 days ago
Ashwin sbse best khela
yugeshwar yugeshwar
Hii f
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Abhinav Kumar
Abhinav Kumar 25 days ago
Everyone accept ashwin 's inning was better than jadeja
Dipak Ray Ray
Dipak Ray Ray 25 days ago
Shashiranjankumar889966 Kumar
DILBAHAR Khan 26 days ago
Raguveer Chauhan
Raguveer Chauhan 27 days ago
Raguveer Chauhan
Still India lost the series by 4-0
Romesh Kanth
Romesh Kanth 28 days ago
Change the title. Greatest finish is by dk against Bangladesh 😎😎😎😎
Deepak Gupta
Deepak Gupta 28 days ago
न्यूजीलैंड बहूत पसंद है जड्डू sir को 😀😀😂😂😂😎😎😘😘
Sanjay Vinayak
Sanjay Vinayak 29 days ago
Tuk tuk dhoni as usual
HBL PSL 2020
HBL PSL 2020 29 days ago
HBl psl new channal please subscribe .. Ess channal pr all psl 5 highlights or New Cricket News mela kry gi Thnks you !!!!!!
DT chanal
DT chanal 29 days ago
Subcuib please
TEAM CREATIVE 29 days ago
Who is the duk duk king It's our grandpa dhobi 😂😂😂 World's greatest finisher can't finish a shit Get ur sorry ass out of here grandpa fans
Jaddu 💪
vishal sharma
vishal sharma Month ago
Nz know realize that jadeja is more dangerous than dhoni
Balwant Kushwaha
B. K
Prabhu Dayal Yadav
Jitesh Meena
Jitesh Meena Month ago
My favourite player Ravindra Jadeja
Pooja Sharma
Pooja Sharma Month ago
Dhoni i missing you Iike dhoni
Bhojaram Gurjar
Bhojaram Gurjar Month ago
Top beating
Ful fun
Ful fun Month ago
How collect information and make video
arunkumar arunkumar
jadeja is king maker...
Manoj Mobile
Manoj Mobile Month ago
kamal kamal
kamal kamal Month ago
Excellent cricket
Bhargav RBK
Bhargav RBK Month ago
ruvid.net/video/video-QTboZ2cBllM.html This video of most countries won matches
Sumit Yadav
Sumit Yadav Month ago
if there was a super over then i will surely win the match
MS means master of fixing
kannadiga free fire games channel
King Rahul kohli
Jeyakumar jk
Jeyakumar jk Month ago
Who’s here after World Cup 🏟 final thinking 🤔 why no super over in this match ❓❓
Gigglygoonj Month ago
Oh Dude!
Oh Dude! Month ago
We saw that match live we are like,everybodys hands and legs got sweat after that jaddus six we shouted sooo loudly all our area ppls came threateningly that moment is unforgettable in our life😂😂😂
Adarsh Rana
Adarsh Rana Month ago
Ravindra Jadeja best allrounder in the world
Faseer Faseer
Faseer Faseer Month ago
Good cricketer Jadeja
Rahul papu
Rahul papu Month ago
Awesome game playyed by Zaddu boss..
Sona Shrivastav
Sona Shrivastav Month ago
Best all-rounder in the world in ravindra jadeja
umpire is too old to hear that sound.
kkaysayz Month ago
2:09 was a No Ball
Rajesh Kumar
Rajesh Kumar Month ago
Hi jadeja
Hrishiraj thakur
Super jadejaa Bhai
Best inning sir Jadeja
Naveen sanagasetti
What a match, I missed live. From loss to almost win and finally its tie. Terrific performance by ashwin & jadeja
Shivaji Thalekar
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