Gravity Visualized

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Dan Burns explains his space-time warping demo at a PTSOS workshop at Los Gatos High School, on March 10, 2012. Thanks to Shannon Range from the Gravity Probe B program for creating the original demonstration which he shared with Dan in 2004.
Information on how to make your own Spacetime Simulator can be found here: ruvid.net/video/video-2JOf1ub9US0.html

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Mar 10, 2012




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Comments 53 638
John Urwin
John Urwin Hour ago
this is all bull sh
Paul Hansen
Paul Hansen Hour ago
Yes the orbiting is nice, but I have a question. Gravity is explained as "objects following the curvature of space" but curvature alone cannot cause acceleration. In this simulation the downward force of gravity causes objects to orbit -- this would not work on the ISS. Isn't a force necessary to make objects accelerate in curved space?
Chad Gainor
Chad Gainor 2 hours ago
"I'm repairing a rip in the fabric of spacetime."
Prime-V 5 hours ago
You guys know you lie man has never left orbit and you know that is truth. I hope you come to repentance and speak truth because our time on earth is very short.
Jean-Christophe Comte
Very good !
Graham Rathbone
Graham Rathbone 11 hours ago
36,000 people cried because they were shown an explanation when they don't have one.
Ian Claudio
Ian Claudio 13 hours ago
is this like the coloris scam?
Glitchy 13 hours ago
the 36K dislikers live in 1687 (only smart people will get that joke)
Jeeva Veda
Jeeva Veda 17 hours ago
but i have a doubt sir , the more massive object bend the space more , is that right sir in this clip you are moving the marbles towards the the star ,but in reality what moving the objects towards star , and if you keep the marble without disturbing is will go in straight line towards the star , and what force preventing it from merging, please give me an answer sir .than you.
Amit Mathur
Amit Mathur 17 hours ago
The experiment is flawed. Most of the things happening on the blue sheet are influenced by earth's gravity.
Santo Rosario
Santo Rosario 18 hours ago
Question? If an object like earth bend space, in which direction the space is bend? In the video the space is bend downward which make sense if the space is flat like a lake.
Makayla James
Makayla James 19 hours ago
i love you
kekoswave 20 hours ago
this guys a fucking retard NASA never went to the moon stop lying to students an their is no GRAVITY if newton new about magnetics he would of never wrote the THEORY OF GRAVITY !!! wake up ppl nasa is the biggest lie there is THE SAME NASA THIS RETARD IS TALKING ABOUT GOING TO THE MOON JUST CAME OUT AN SAID THE SUN AN STARS ARE MADE OF WATER PRETTY FUCKING SURE YOU WOULD HAVE FIGURED THAT OUT IF YOU EVER BEEN TO SPACE
Puberty Assosiation of New Mexico
alright dude get your points straight and you can actually attempt to make a change
Shaw Baum
Shaw Baum 22 hours ago
Man COOL TEACHER!!!😀😄👍📈📖✏📐📏🔬📚📇📊📋📆🔭🍎
Walid Abdurazik
so is the universe two dimensional?
KaiTMR Gaming
Is this Einstine's theory of general relativity?
Michael Queen
great now explain dark matter making up for the excess gravity in existence that is unaccounted for with light matter alone, please?
The Analog Kid
Ye but, iz de urf flat? 🤔
Corey Marshall
This demonstrates gravity? Really? Are we all fucked in the head? Can we not see that this doesn't explain how gravity pulls from all directions and not simply from the top down?
Puberty Assosiation of New Mexico
+Corey Marshall yeah i get your point
Corey Marshall
Corey Marshall 21 hour ago
+Puberty Assosiation of New Mexico But it isn't an accurate visualization then. Is this the best demonstration? It's lame af.
Puberty Assosiation of New Mexico
dude its not accurate it's only a very simple way to visualize gravity it isn't to scale.
Noah Rodriguez
they look so interested😳
jake Day ago
6:50 wait ... i see the moon and sun where close together ... haha
Afaq Azmat S.
I learned just one thing that the he has got many marbles... Btw Am sry .....I m not a flat-earther!!!!
He dont know what he talking about. You need learn more sir.
Puberty Assosiation of New Mexico
firck nvm you're right
Puberty Assosiation of New Mexico
Evidence please.
payam sari
payam sari Day ago
only god knows the science behind this Orbiting Balls, I throw my balls at the WiFi modem and now they are Orbiting RUvid lol
'Objects are not influenced by gravity, but follow the curvature of spacetime.' Not true. All the objects in the video are influenced by real gravity. If you tried this experiment in a zero gravity situation, it would not work.
Lew South
Lew South Day ago
There are at least 2 reasons why this “demonstration” actually fails to demonstrate anything about the nature of gravity. First: The balls wouldn’t “attract” each other if not for the local gravitational field, i.e. exactly what we’re trying to “explain”! The demo obviously wouldn’t work at all in so-called “zero gravity” (i.e. freefall). Second: The “explanation for gravity” is NOT that “matter bends space”-as said at the start of the video-but that matter (etc.) curves *spacetime*: This distinction is crucial. The term “spacetime” may be used throughout the rest of the video, but no notice is taken of the fact that the curvature of the elastic sheet is purely spatial. Additionally, I must point out that the dark energy illustration is just nonsense. Dark energy does not curve spacetime (or space) “in the opposite direction” from anything else-in fact, that’s not even meaningful. (See intrinsic vs. extrinsic curvature.... Hmm, come to think of it, confusion of those two is a 3rd reason that the whole thing doesn't work.)
Franny Ward
Franny Ward Day ago
Very Interesting.
crabtrap Day ago
"SMITHER'S !!! have this balding galatic hippy removed by force!"
DJ ROACH Day ago
This is a freaking joke! Gravity is nothing but a theory that can't be proven! The Earth does NOT spin a million miles per hour! We live on a stationary plane!!!
yank one
yank one Day ago
yank one
yank one Day ago
yank one
yank one Day ago
yank one
yank one Day ago
yank one
yank one Day ago
yank one
yank one Day ago
So how come we don't fall out into space from all directions?? And if we spin how come smoke from a volcano won't leave a trail like a plane..?? And if the plane flew the opposite way why doesn't the smoke follow ??
Puberty Assosiation of New Mexico
I hope you're joking tho or this is gonna be the biggest wooosh I've ever experienced.
Puberty Assosiation of New Mexico
First, very immature commenting "FLAT EARTH" over 5 times. But anyway I'll debunk your points. The reason we do not fall out into space from all directions is that gravity overpowers the spin of the earth. Second, everything is spinning with the earth, including the air. Volcano smoke doesn't leave a trail because it's moving with the earth.
yank one
yank one Day ago
Why am I watching someone playing with his balls
jdmazz Day ago
Fantastic demonstration!
PoisedPlaymaker 12
Why the frick does this video have over 50 million views?
Ibit Menamena
Ibit Menamena 2 days ago
Does that mean the Earth and all the bodies orbiting the Sun will one day be sucked up by the Sun?
Nemo D123
Nemo D123 2 days ago
most retarded explanation and example. Yeah sure, whatever you say.
Aniano Hernandez
Aniano Hernandez 2 days ago
try the same on the other earth hemisphere...
Whoopsie Coochin
Whoopsie Coochin 2 days ago
the students don’t look liek they wanna be here.
Memo Guapo
Memo Guapo 2 days ago
Why he sound like Rick 😂
Kris Krys
Kris Krys 2 days ago
If this is true then our earth would hit the sun ,
Jose Luna-Bojalil
Not true. www.quora.com/Gravity-Why-doesnt-the-Earth-fall-into-the-Sun-or-the-Moon-fall-into-the-Earth
LectronCircuits 2 days ago
Audience appears bored; per chance their space-time is warped. Cheers!
Erika 2 days ago
Lets watch it now
HIDE 2 days ago
I have a very stupid question for anyone familar with cosmophysics, which I have always been curious about. I know there is no up and down in the universe. Then, I have to guess gravity is supposed to affect materials, in any possible directions (correct me if I am mistaken). So, my question is: Are the planets in our solar system revolving around the sun "concentrically", in a way that the sun and all the planets can be drawn 2-dimensionally? Or are the planets revolving around the sun like electrons revolving around an atomic nucleus? This video seems to be showing the former is the case, but why? Add: To clarify, I understood what the professor is explaining. But I still don't understand why the gravity of the sun (or of any other greatest star in their own system) distorts the space in that particular direction, thinking that there is no up and down in the universe.
Jose Luna-Bojalil
You are right that gravity affects objects in all possible directions. The reason planets orbit the sun in a 2D plane has to do with how the planets were formed. This article explains it well: www.forbes.com/sites/startswithabang/2018/03/01/why-do-all-the-planets-orbit-in-the-same-plane/#50f8b57856c6
Tea King
Tea King 2 days ago
So space is flat ?
USMAN_KHAIR 2 days ago
Y is tht chinese dude drunk
USMAN_KHAIR 2 days ago
Y does this vid has so many views as compared to other astronomical based vids
Ali Nazari
Ali Nazari 2 days ago
Does that mean one day all universe will collide back to 1 single point!?
Jeff Mullinix
Jeff Mullinix 3 days ago
I can see one theory that Mr Bern's dont have right . When Mr Bern's said that objects rotate around an object in different directions 90% of the time they all end up going in the same direction ! That may be true only if all the objects are the same size and the same mass . Here is the problem when masses and sizes to become different then Mr Bern's theory dont count . As in his demonstration @ 7:52 . So here is the proof . If your largest and heavest mass was going counter clockwise and the lightest and smaller object is going in the op direction and if they both hit each other dead on the the heaviest object will dominate the direction . The only time when a smaller mass and size will ever to over rural the larger mass is when the smaller mass has a faster speed in relitive or = to the mass of the heavier object . So if the heavier mass is four times the height of the lighter mass then the lighter mass has to achieve at lest 4 times of speed of the heavier mass . Then there is another equation the size differences have to be accounted for . Sorry to bust Mr Bern's theory but hell . It dont talk some one smart to figure the problem . It's pretty much like this . If you let a 400 pound man punch you right in the face with his fist and then you have a 40 lb person hit you with his fist in your face ! Which one of those fist going to hurt worse and do more damage ? Einstein is not that smart at all and still he did not prove anything . The Germans had it right before Einstein ever thought about it .
Gabriel McCune
Gabriel McCune 3 days ago
fake news!!! You are using gravitational mechanics to explain the concept of gravity. You are wrong and the worst. (P.S the 3rd dimension is not real we are 2d projections on the face of a black hole. Get rekt libtard!
Rohit Saini
Rohit Saini 3 days ago
Where the hell this video was hidden !! Explored tons of data on Gravity, Space but never found this and suddenly its in recommended list.
Jarl Carl
Jarl Carl 3 days ago
So which way is the "gravity". It's should be bulging as much from the other side than from this side. Or is that too complicated to figure out. This might work if there is a universal law that the gravity is just one-sided. Something is flawed with this theory.
Jose Luna-Bojalil
This is just a simplified analogy so that students can understand. The 2D fabric is supposed to represent 3D space, so you're correct that it should be bulging from the other side as well, that's just much more difficult to visualize.
Miguel Almanza
Miguel Almanza 3 days ago
Saw this video was 9 minutes 57 and thought "OMG, a boring video of just talking", but then I watched it and by 9 minutes and 56 seconds, I was hooked. Thank you, Mr. Burns! (random youtuber from Houston TX)
PunchShot 3 days ago
The flat Earthers are mad
Prashant Jha
Prashant Jha 3 days ago
He is just playing with marbels and using jargons!
Nash Fenol
Nash Fenol 4 days ago
space is a sheet of spandex
MustbeThankful 4 days ago
weight = heavy or light ,
ThunderStation ثندرستيشن
الكيس العظيم
Adam David
Adam David 4 days ago
The love this video but at the part where he asks if god likes things moving in the same way, I hope he was saying thar in the colloquial sense. Would be a shame for a scientist to talk that kind of bollocks.
SPΞΞDУ 4 days ago
Great demonstration.
zefereater 4 days ago
Aadhar Wasti
Aadhar Wasti 4 days ago
He did the direction thing twice and both the times the smaller ones went clock wise. Why is that?
badsubnet 4 days ago
Is there some fourth dimension influence in gravity. Like this works with force downward (3d influence).
KaiTMR Gaming
KaiTMR Gaming 23 hours ago
There is no way for a three dimensional being to infiltrate the fourth dimension. Therefore there is no way to see what happens during the influence, or if there is any influence at all. QUANTUM MECHANICS ARE CONFUSING!!!!
momo daro spongbob
I was watching SpongeBob and I fall asleep IDK how I ended up here
Griffin Kowash
Griffin Kowash 5 days ago
I'm confused by his explanation at 2:45 for why all the bodies in the solar system orbit in the same direction. I thought this had to do with conservation of angular momentum during the Sun's formation--all of the infalling matter formed a rotating circumstellar disc, after which the planets and asteroids and other bodies coalesced. His demonstration makes it seems like all of those discrete bodies formed traveling in different directions. Can somebody help clear this up for me?
이준서 5 days ago
i haver one question: the iron beads moved because there is gravity. but if there is no gravity the beads are stop. From the point of view of space there should be another force pulling the planet around sun.
Jim Dulpe
Jim Dulpe 5 days ago
Isn't this like describing red using the word red?
john williams
john williams 5 days ago
The only thing i understood was the smoothness of that cloth
Dhimanadan Mandal
wait ..now do it removing the gravity .
Something Random
Something Random 5 days ago
Wau... What a New thing
Muhammad Ibn Wahid
I have a question. Here, these masses following the curvature of that sheet because they are attracted by earth. But, in space, why masses will follow space-time curvature?
Holly And Claws
Holly And Claws 5 days ago
so half of the planets in the solar system got obliterated by the earth? nice
hu huu
hu huu 5 days ago
Doesn't this demonstration require gravity. How does the curvature in space time work when you have no gravity on a demo?
Tim Moody
Tim Moody 5 days ago
But what keeps them apart
Jordy V.
Jordy V. 5 days ago
this has been in my recommended 4 times now. Why does RUvid forget my views?
Mastaman Zeller
Mastaman Zeller 6 days ago
there is no gravity.... there is only matter, some matter weighs more than other matter this is a flat earth eco system, get used to it
Satu Satu
Satu Satu 6 days ago
Earth is flat. Case closed.
shafir zamos
shafir zamos 6 days ago
Isn't this experiment affected by our own earth's gravity? I dont think this example would work the same on other planets
Aníbal beer
Aníbal beer 6 days ago
El pelotodo no podia tener la caja con objetos mas cerca???? Mucho cerebro para la fisica pero poco para la lógica ...
Murad Alm
Murad Alm 6 days ago
Please, why don't objects lose their power in the space and still orbiting around????
Net Ded
Net Ded 6 days ago
no friction in space
ADOLF SHITLER 6 days ago
Andrian Gorohovschi
But it's a 3D object moving on 2D surface. Space is 3D
Net Ded
Net Ded 6 days ago
why do maps exist?
Miguel Melchior
Miguel Melchior 7 days ago
THANK YOU professor and uploader, i finally got a bit of this shit show..
mohammed sohaib
mohammed sohaib 7 days ago
What's wrong with RUvid recommendations these days .? They provide it way after publishing
M W 7 days ago
Ironic, Time brings context to scientific history, time is religion and not of space or G. Space is not a place where nothing exists, existence offsets its existence, nothing is exclusively relative in an abyss of space. The one thing that was sensible is when he said the marbles do what they want, this contradictory abstraction implied real failure of relativity in space time.
Alka Diena
Alka Diena 7 days ago
I m from indonesia this good video
johnnyf99 Music
johnnyf99 Music 7 days ago
So its kinda like a cat scan.. It is just a 2 dimensional slice. Its very effective. But, of course, thinking about it in a 3 (or more) dimensional universe is the next epiphany for the students mind.
DIEFE 7 days ago
36k dislikes come from butthurt brain dead Flat head community
thedr00 7 days ago
What an inspiring teacher.
John Smith
John Smith 7 days ago
Does this mean that the earth will eventually crash into the sun?
Ali Gator
Ali Gator 7 days ago
What a hoot. He is not demonstrating attraction between any two of those balls, nstead between any ball and the center of the Earth. The second ball simply creates a path which has a vertical component, so the first ball can move. If the table was covered with a glass top whose normal vector points to Earth's center of gravity, then nothing will move, yet the gravitational pull still will be exerted on each ball.
Holo Graphic
Holo Graphic 7 days ago
That's pretty damn cool.
Dark Matter
Dark Matter 7 days ago
But space is 3D, so it warps around a heavy object in every direction, whereas in this demonstration space is 2d and warps only in one direction, towards the base of the heavy object; which is why the smaller orbiting objects can only orbit on one plane (the surface of the flat 2d sheet of Lycra). In 3D space, what determines the plane of the orbiting objects? How come they all still orbit on the same plane around the heavy object as opposed to orbiting around its equator or from pole to pole?
iam mrgrandaddy
iam mrgrandaddy 7 days ago
This is so bullshit look at helical scentric model and come back and explain to me what the fuck you mean with this gravity and models fuck off
J-G 7 days ago
Flat earthers watch this and become flat universers 😕
J Misael
J Misael 8 days ago
Pinche madre, me gustaria entender al dunald trump but no entiendo nada :,v
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