Gravity Visualized

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Dan Burns explains his space-time warping demo at a PTSOS workshop at Los Gatos High School, on March 10, 2012. Thanks to Shannon Range from the Gravity Probe B program for creating the original demonstration which he shared with Dan in 2004.
Information on how to make your own Spacetime Simulator can be found here: ruvid.net/video/video-2JOf1ub9US0.html

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Mar 10, 2012




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Bryan Dantis
Bryan Dantis Hour ago
If the massive objects bent the space-time? then why is our Galaxy or any other galaxies pictured in as a straight line? The Super-massive Black hole at the centre of our Galaxy- Sag A* must have bent the entire galaxy end to end, right? It should be in the shape of "V"(stretched on both top ends) instead of a horizontal line. Does it make sense at all? sorry if it doesn't
Harold jensen
Harold jensen 5 hours ago
The inherent error in this analogy is that the rubber sheet gets stretched into 3 dimensions. Imagine the opposite wherein space/time is slowed and densified around the "heavy" bodies. Now as light and other stuff approaches, trajectories are slowed and bent in the region of density (gravity well) toward the "heavy" object. Refracted in essence as light is bent as it passes into water. This would play havoc with the "speed " of light constant but so much more fun in the structure of the universe.
ThisIsMyName 6 hours ago
im pretty baked but this is neat
Fahad Ali
Fahad Ali 11 hours ago
He sounds just like saul goodman
RoiOfTheSuisse 20 hours ago
I've heard that this visualization is a VERY BAD, yet very popular one. It makes people believe that they understand what actually happens, except they don't. According to Einstein's theory of general relativity, there is no such thing as a gravity force: things don't fall to the Earth because spacetime is bent, but because Earth is accelerating upwards. The curvature of spacetime due to masses exists, but it makes objets (slightly) repel each other instead of attracting each other. Objects fall because Earth accelerates toward them. Why do Earth accelerates upwards? Because it's very dense and contains many little collisions due to electromagnetic forces. It's pushed outwards by some "pressure" (represented by the Stress-energy tensor in Einstein's equation). Electromagnetic forces suffice to explain all these motions that we tend to relate to an illusory gravity force. ruvid.net/video/video-AwhKZ3fd9JA.html
Dennis Destro
Dennis Destro 21 hour ago
Did anyone realize that this visualization proves the falsehood of the presented model of the universe and the behavior of objects in it?!
720 Day ago
Pratibha Shere
But why don't I get such videos when I actually search for them😅😓
If you believe this BS you wil believe anything!!!!!!!!
ShadowClone Jutsu
I feel like I learned nothing more than I already knew.. thought I was gonna come on here and get my mind blown or something
A G Day ago
What is gravity if not some invisible force?! If you understand how it works you can control it! Matter and time and just limits of our mind. Image if we could control it...
tzunammi shadai
tzunammi shadai 2 days ago
This still does not explain to me how water sticks to a ball... #IJS
Agnostic Atheist
The same way anything else sticks to a ball. Through constant force pulling you down. Not that difficult.
PowerOf One
PowerOf One 2 days ago
total bullshit.
Marki Faux
Marki Faux 2 days ago
This isn't even close to reality. First, there's two gravity wells. One at the bottom of the Earth & a inverted gravity well at the top. However, the top gravity well curve isn't as pronounced as the bottom gravity well. The Earth & gravity wells are spinning West to East. Second, the Earth travels through space in very enlongated loops much like a corkscrew. The Earth is also traveling at over 66 thousand miles per hour. This is bullshit. This dude should have his ass kicked so hard he'll be wearing it as a hat. This isn't even worth watching. So don't waste your time. The IDIOT doesn't say anything about the inverted gravity well. It's obvious and the SOB doesn't mention it. iOver 66 million views and the sob doesn't get it right. Talk about pathetic.
Ch3m1 2 days ago
I may be wrong, (Only watched it once, along with being a highschool freshman) but here's my take on it: Once the black object was put down, it was a pull force to smaller objects. As the object pushed down the plane to make a circular dent, it caused the smaller objects to orbit around. Untouched, the fabric of space has no pull, but once mass takes form, gravity is applied and it affects the entirety of the fabric. Then an object of the same mass and density is added and it creates two factors of pull that can pull in more mass, and whichever one gets more mass first is the factor of pull that becomes stronger and eventually will consume the object that was originally equal in mass and size. I see this as how as a planet grows in space, its field of gravity becomes stronger and stronger and pulls in more into its area, like a black hole. That's how I see it
Lundqvj RL
Lundqvj RL 2 days ago
Why have not earth spiraled in to the sun yet? Are we getting closer? 🤔
Agnostic Atheist
Yes we are.
kine moon
kine moon 2 days ago
* - Surat ya' ssin - * aya 38-39-40 And the sun runs [on course] toward its stopping point. That is the determination of the Exalted in Might, the Knowing And the moon - We have determined for it phases, until it returns [appearing] like the old date stalk. It is not allowable for the sun to reach the moon, nor does the night overtake the day, but each, in an orbit, is swimming.
Sowmya somi
Sowmya somi 2 days ago
I dont even understand single thing still I watch cuz it's satisfying 🤩
DP Ent.
DP Ent. 2 days ago
His Head Is Brighter Than My Future 😂
Enio META 2 days ago
Yu Shi
Yu Shi 3 days ago
Very stupid explanation of gravity...Try it in 3D
James Vaughn
James Vaughn 3 days ago
I appreciate the concept to demonstrate gravity, but it's lacking a critical component: a 2nd plane. Space is 3D, so using only *one* plane (the horizontal spandex sheet) only shows how gravity works in 1 dimension. To illustrate more accurately, we'd need a vertical sheet of spandex *intersecting* EACH object. But of course, we can't do that with materials like this, and because it's not a gravity-free environment (which is ironic). In fact, even two intersecting planes wouldn't be accurate -because space is spherical. So it annoys me that scientists are still using this visual model of a single, horizontal plane of "space-time fabric" when obviously that's not an accurate representation. But I have yet to find such a model that demonstrates gravity as a spherical model.
James Vaughn
James Vaughn 2 days ago
Right, thanks for pointing out the 2D part. Wrong terminology on my part. This video demonstrates the planets in our solar system move in 3D as a VORTEX: ruvid.net/video/video-0jHsq36_NTU.html So this adds another direction they move in as the sun pulls them along on its orbit around the Milky Way. I'm interested in finding out if this means our planets and sun create a space-time torus similar to the EM field surrounding the earth? This video explains how Conservation of Momentum turned the cloud of dust and gas that formed planets, moons, etc. into a plane (Accretion Disk) before these bodies formed: ruvid.net/video/video-qFJ14DZfKG4.html And, of course, the Milky Way is in motion as well. But as spheres, gravity is acting from ALL angles, which makes me wonder about gravitational dynamics between spherical objects in space.
Ryan Trevett
Ryan Trevett 2 days ago
_"Space is 3D, so using only one plane (the horizontal spandex sheet) only shows how gravity works in 1 dimension."_ 2 dimensions: length and width. As orbits are 2 dimensional, that's sufficient. Bonus: The depth of the sheet as it's pushed down by the various weights can represent the curvature of spacetime, rather than a physical distortion.
well mybrow
well mybrow 3 days ago
The moon circles the earth twice a day ,that is why it can be seen during the day.
well mybrow
well mybrow 3 days ago
Show how gravity works on a sphere .On a sphere where is up and down ?
Jordan Henderson
Jordan Henderson 3 days ago
Why did he not have all the things he needed rather than go off camera all the time 😂😂 shoes
This is pseudoscience exemplified perfectly. Einstein didn’t even believe his nonsense. He did marry his double cousin though.
Ryan Trevett
Ryan Trevett 3 days ago
The universe isn't obliged to make sense to you.
Patrick Shank
Patrick Shank 4 days ago
They use a fabric to illustrate their claims because they can't replicate orbits in real life. The truth is 99% of the universe is made of plasma, and when you expose plasma to a magnetic field (like earth's) it will automatically circle the poles. The physics of plasma trump the attraction of mass fairytale. Look up the "JK magnetics experiment", it's possible the man gave his life to bring you this information. He passed away not long ago.
Patrick Shank
Patrick Shank 3 days ago
@Ryan Trevett wow lol
Ryan Trevett
Ryan Trevett 3 days ago
@Patrick Shank Still trolling? You must be desperate for attention.
Patrick Shank
Patrick Shank 3 days ago
@Ryan Trevett let this be a reminder to all globeheads, if you want to replicate your claims of bending the fabric of space/time make sure it's polyester LMFAO!
Patrick Shank
Patrick Shank 3 days ago
@Ryan Trevett that's your argument? call me a troll? hahaha ok mister can't prove his ideas lol
Ryan Trevett
Ryan Trevett 3 days ago
@Patrick Shank Sorry. Didn't realise you were a troll.
Sumi 5 days ago
How old is this video for you to see 2 old ass Apple computers
Because of reasons lol
Flat earthers be triggered😂
GamerLifeYT 5 days ago
can he AHEM
Hunter Christenson
9:39. Listen closely
Mikkelsen 5 days ago
what if earth isnt spinning, it's everything else moving in on us
Ryan Trevett
Ryan Trevett 3 days ago
Then you'll have a fuckton of explaining to provide for literally everything we see in the sky and observable effects we can see here on the surface of the Earth. I'll let CHL lay it out for you: ruvid.net/video/video-wyRJZbNmC7U.html
Kránicz Lajos
Kránicz Lajos 5 days ago
Hey -stupid- You! Tre reality is not this! Not two dimensional flat! The Space is curved in real, and much more complexed! ;-) This is just an introduction to the extended reproduction of stupidity!
Ryan Trevett
Ryan Trevett 3 days ago
Orbits take place on a two-dimensional plane in three-dimensional space. As such, we can observe the length and width of an orbit in the examples shown here, but height instead can be replaced with higher dimensional spacetime.
Hamza Abbasi
Hamza Abbasi 6 days ago
Thomas Kallmyr
Thomas Kallmyr 6 days ago
The UFO we saw was Definitely a TIME-Machine,20.13 it Flew over the Sea,easterly direction,disturbing the Athmosphere such a Way that ALL ELECTRIC in Cars/Houses/Tunnel-electric was Down-Called ELECTRO MAGNETIC PULSE = E.M.P. and a Red Swirly Ruby Lighted Cloud-in the East some hundred Meters in Diameter Flakes Glittering Like Nail Polish Gigantic Clouds-and some Seconds Later a Dark Blue Star Further away East-some 100.000 Feet away,apeared-Four Tagged Star-like a Compass-when it went out of Light-the Red ruby swirling Cloud Also in seconds Disapeared........the UFO was long time (Seconds before) gone....But NO LIGHTS on the Houses-they where Dark....No Electric for several Minutes. 20.13 until 20.35.......
Eve Marie Post
Eve Marie Post 6 days ago
I love that when he is off screen you can hear him just rummaging around. Reminds me of like a stereotypical eccentric teacher from cartoon
Eve Marie Post
Eve Marie Post 6 days ago
I can just picture him throwing things behind his back with the cat being struck sound effect lol
Sribimo El
Sribimo El 6 days ago
so.. the one who make all things goes chaos, its that black things on the center....
Pugsley Bear
Pugsley Bear 6 days ago
This isn’t science. It’s a grabbler playing with balls.
Pugsley Bear
Pugsley Bear 3 days ago
Ryan Trevett ok it’s a visualisation of a theory. An unprovable theory that has no basis in science. Agreed it’s not a proof. BUT it’s kind of presented as a proof - I’m guessing he’s the professor and they are students. It’s misleading. It’s a trick
Ryan Trevett
Ryan Trevett 3 days ago
@Pugsley Bear Yes, it's a visualisation. That's it. It demonstrates how an object that isn't moving relative to the Earth will be forced down to it, but an object with sufficient velocity will simply zoom around it over and over. It also demonstrates how orbiting bodies in conflicting orbits will eventually disrupt each other until only the few remaining pieces from the dominant orbit remain. Like I said though, it's a tool for helping people visualise what's going on. It's never intended as a proof.
Pugsley Bear
Pugsley Bear 3 days ago
Ryan Trevett it doesn’t explain anything. Space is a vacuum, this is marbles on flat piece of lycra with random balls sometimes being attracted and sometimes not. The experiment does not represent what he’s talking about at all. Not at all. He’s just playing
Ryan Trevett
Ryan Trevett 3 days ago
@Pugsley Bear How?
Pugsley Bear
Pugsley Bear 3 days ago
Ryan Trevett it’s a trick
Rameshchandra Patel
This shining diamond head is fooling us. It was posted on 1st April and he successfully fooled 600k people. Oh wow! Congratulations, it's a bigger number. But still less than DONALD TRUMP😂😂
Daniel Leal
Daniel Leal 7 days ago
Im probably the only one who watched this as a kid
Person I think
Person I think 7 days ago
Imagine if mr burns still taught at our school-
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